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NFL Week 9 MUST WIN Games for Head Coaches and Teams – 9 NFL Head Coaches and Teams Facing MUST WIN Games in Week 9

NFL Week 9 MUST WIN Games for Head Coaches and Teams



Leslie Frazier, Minnesota Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys – Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier’s career win/loss record with the Vikings now stands at…

17 – 20

….and it may never get back above the unofficial “firing line” in NFL coaching parlance of a better than .500 record and that is because Minnesota has a tough slate of games still to play in 2013 even as they sit on a…

1 – 6


The Dallas Cowboys at the Jerry Dome are up next for Frazier and the Vikings and a loss in this spot with these games still to play…

At Seattle
At Green Bay
At Baltimore
Philadelphia Eagles
At Cincinnati Bengals
Detroit Lions

…..would probably lead to a….

2, 3 or 4 win season

…for Leslie Frazier in 2013 and we rather doubt that Frazier will be around to coach the Vikings in 2014 unless he puts….

6 Wins Up

….minimum this season.

YES….the Dallas Cowboys is a MUST WIN Game for Leslie Frazier in the Vikings!



Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings – Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys face the 1 – 6 Minnesota Vikings on Sunday and this is not so much a MUST WIN Game as it is…

A Better Damn NOT LOSE Game

….because if Garrett and the Cowboys lose to the 1 – 6 Vikings at home in the Jerry Dome then Jason Garrett will be facing his last season as a head coach in the NFL…..EVER….and that makes this a Very Damn important game for Jason Garrett and an even MORE important game for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who might pull a “Pat Haden” and fire Garrett right on the spot if Dallas lost this game to the pitiful Vikings.

The Minnesota Vikings is a Career Ending Game for Jason Garrett if the Cowboys lose the game and is of course…

A MUST WIN Game for Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys.

Oh, by the way….

The Dallas Cowboys next game is AT New Orleans!


The Dallas Cowboy game after that is AT the New York Giants!

Coach Hard Jason Garrett!



Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans vs. St. Louis Rams – Head coach Mike Munchak and the Tennessee Titans had a week off after the team’s beyond pitiful performance at home in Nashville against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 7 and now the Titans are facing a MUST WIN Game against the…

St. Louis Rams at St. Louis

….in Week 9 and that is because a loss in this spot would drop the Titans record to..

3 – 5

…and way behind the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC North division.

Munchak and the Titans are more than likely NOT going to catch the on-fire Colts in 2013 but if they have hopes of securing a Playoff Wild Card spot come December they will need a .500 record at least and dropping to 3 – 5 in early November would be unadvisable especially with…

2 Games against the Indianapolis Colts left to play
1 Game at the Denver Broncos
1 Game at the Oakland Raiders
1 Game against the Arizona Cardinals at home

YES…the St. Louis Rams is a MUST WIN Game for Mike Munchak and the Tennessee Titans.



Rex Ryan, New York Jets vs. New Orleans Saints – After the Jets 49 – 9 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 8 the BIGGEST GAME of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan’s career arrives in Week 9 with the…

New Orleans Saints

….coming to New Jersey and that is because if the Jets lost this game to the very Damn good Saints team and dropped to…

4 – 5

…on the season with games…

At Buffalo Bills
At Baltimore Ravens

….coming up in the next two weeks then Rex Ryan could know before the end of November that he would not be back to coach the Jets in 2014 and thus why…

The New York Jets BETTER DAMN Beat the New Orleans Saints on Sunday!

Considering that the borderline-average New England Patriots may only win 10 games in 2013 the Jets still have a chance to catch the Pats but they would need to win…

7 out of their last 8 games

….to win the AFC East Division and the Jets would have to win…

4 out of their last 8 games

….minimum to have a chance at a Playoff Wild Cart spot which would be a HUGE challenge if the Saints come into MetLife Stadium and leave with a win.

Oh, by the way Rex Ryan’s win/loss record in 5 seasons coaching the New York Jets is…

30 – 34  (.469)

….and if that isn’t average….then What the Hell is exactly?



Mike Smith, Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers – There is very little chance that Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith could lose his job in a very down season like the Falcons are experiencing in 2013 with a…

2 – 5

….start….BUT….we have heard some rumblings around Atlanta in the last couple of weeks that Falcons owner Arthur Blank is none too happy with the state of his football team and if the losses continue to pile up and things continue to deteriorate it could get very ugly in the unofficial capital of the South for Mike Smith & Company.

Now at 2 – 5 the Falcons face a MUST WIN Game on Sunday against the…

Carolina Panthers

…in Charlotte and then have to face…

Seattle Seahawks
At Tampa Bay Bucs
New Orleans Saints
At Buffalo Bills
At Green Bay Packers
Washington Redskins
At San Francisco 49ers
Carolina Panthers

…and correct us if we are wrong but with that slate of very tough games could add up to a….

3, 4 or 5 win season

….and head coach Mike Smith has NEVER WON fewer than…

9 Games

….coaching the Falcons which means that the 2013 season could become nothing short of a Complete Disaster unless things turn around in a Helluva hurry in Atlanta.

Coach Hard Mike Smith…OR….you will enter 2014 season on a Very Hot Seat!



Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons – Ron Rivera has gotten things going in the right direction for the Carolina Panthers over the past three weeks with three straight wins and now the Panthers will need to keep winning if they want to chase down the New Orleans Saints in the NFC South and if they can’t catch the Saints they will need…

8 Wins Minimum

….this season to have a shot at a Playoff Wild Card spot.

Now at 4 – 3 on the season the Carolina Panthers REALLY NEED to hold serve on Sunday at home against the struggling Atlanta Falcons because of what they will face in the next three weeks of the season…

At San Francisco 49ers
New England Patriots
At Miami Dolphins

….which could very easily be three losses and a loss to Atlanta in this spot could thus be the start of a four game losing streak which would end the Panthers chances to make the Playoffs and more than likely end Ron Rivera’s head coaching career in Charlotte.

YES….the Atlanta Falcons is a MUST WIN Game for Ron Rivera and the Carolina Panthers!



Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles vs. Oakland Raiders – It was reported last week that Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has said that…

Eagles’ priority is finding franchise QB, Marc Sessler, NFL.com

….to which we here at Coaches Hot Seat respond to Lurie by saying…

You Better DAMN find SEVERAL quarterbacks to put on the Eagles roster in the offseason

…..because it is becoming very clear to us that Chip Kelly’s spread-offense being run in the NFL is going to lead to a lot of Eagles’ quarterbacks getting injured and knocked out of games in the coming years (if Chip Kelly makes it past Year 2 at Philadelphia) and that the Eagles might want to consider putting….

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 QBs on their roster in 2014!

Chip Kelly and the Eagles are now…

3 – 5

…on the 2013 season and Kelly is headed straight to the Hot Seat right now which is something he never came close to in his four seasons at Oregon BUT a loss to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday would mean…

Welcome to the Hot Seat Chip Kelly!

Here’s the REAL problem for Chip Kelly and the Eagles…their upcoming schedule….because at 3 – 5 and with these games still left to play…

At Oakland Raiders
At Green Bay Packers
Washington Redskins
Arizona Cardinals
Detroit Lions
At Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears
At Dallas Cowboys

….and with the current QB situation in Philly we would be stunned in the Eagles won more than…

5 Games in 2013

….and if that happens then Chip Kelly will be on a Very Hot Seat entering the 2014 season and coaching for his head coaching job!



Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders vs. Philadelphia Eagles – We don’t know it to be true but a trusted friend of ours in the San Francisco Bay area has told us that Raiders head coach Dennis Allen needs…

8 Wins

….in 2013 to return as the head coach of the Raiders in 2014 and with a record of…

3 – 4

…now on the board and these games still left to play…

Philadelphia Eagles
At New York Giants
At Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans
At Dallas Cowboys
At New York Jets
Kansas City Chiefs
At San Diego Chargers
Denver Broncos

…we are finding it very hard to see the Raiders winning…

5 of their last 9 games

….and if that doesn’t happen it might just be…

Lovie Smith time in Oakland!


Joe Gruden time in Oakland!

YES….the Philadelphia Eagles is a MUST WIN Game for Dennis Allen and the Oakland Raiders!



Gary Kubiak, Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts – Texans’ head coach Gary Kubiak led his football team to…

10 and 12

…win seasons the last two years and into the Playoffs as well and considering that we didn’t believe it when we heard that…

Gary Kubiak could be fired by the Texans if they don’t make the Playoffs this season

….it may indeed be true and now at…

2 – 6

….on the season the Houston Texans better Damn beat the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday at home or Gary Kubiak’s head coaching job will be in jeopardy as the Texans play their remaining games in 2013:

At Arizona Cardinals
Oakland Raiders
Jacksonville Jaguars
New England Patriots
At Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts
Denver Broncos
At Tennessee Titans

We can’t see the Houston Texans catching the Colts this season in the AFC South so a Playoff Wild Card spot must be the Texans goal and that means…

8 Wins Minimum

….and with those remaining games to play if the Texans drop to..

2 – 6

….on Sunday with a loss to the Colts please someone tell us how the Texans would be able to win…

6 of their last 8 games MINIMUM

…..just to have a chance at the Playoffs?

YES…the Indianapolis Colts is a MUST WIN Game for Gary Kubiak and the Houston Texans!

Coaches Hot Seat NFL Quotes of the Day – Saturday, November 2, 2013 – Bobby Bowden

Coaches Hot Seat NFL Quotes of the Day – Saturday, November 2, 2013 – Bobby Bowden


“He doesn’t know the meaning of the word fear, but then again he doesn’t know the meaning of most words.”


“Discipline to me is sacrifice; it’s willingness to give up something you want to do, so you can better yourself.”


“I learned a long time ago that you don’t have to go around using bad language and trying to hurt people to show how macho you are. That stuff won’t get you anywhere, it just shows lack of vocabulary and character.”


“The greatest mistake is to continue to practice a mistake.”


“I wasn’t afraid of nothing. I was concerned that our opponents. Just picture now. We’re trying to recruit this kid out of Tampa. OK, I go down and see him. An opponent coach comes there and says, ‘Hey, you don’t want to go to Florida State. Bobby Bowden’s got cancer. He’s 77 years old, he’s not going to be alive next year.”


“If short hair and good manners won football games, Army and Navy would play for the national championship every year.”


“Somehow, I went from being too young, to being too old. Somewhere in there I must have been just right.”


“Son, you’ve got a good engine, but your hands aren’t on the steering wheel.”


“I am not happy with moral victories. Those things are forgotten.”


“I’ve always said it takes more courage to stand back there and throw a ball knowing you’re fixing to get drilled than anything I can think of in football.”


“To have the kind of year you want to have, something has to happen that you can’t explain why it happened. Something has to happen that you can’t coach.”


“If somebody mistreats you, treat ’em good. That kills ’em.”


“I guess I’ll retire someday if I live that long.”


“He who gets the best players usually wins.”


“Don’t go to the grave with life unused.”


“There’s only about 6 inches that turns that halo into a noose.”


“But he played Miami. (Bowden on what they might chisel on his headstone)”


“You want to know what a real test of faith is? That’s when you go to church and reach into your pocket and all you’ve got is a $20 bill.”


“They look so good to me. I’m amazed they’re not on strike.” Bobby Bowden on Florida State losing to the University of Miami during the NFL strike


“The Good Lord might not want to take me, but He might be after the pilot.” Bobby Bowden, on his fear of small planes

Wikipedia:  Bobby Bowden

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