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The Miami Dolphins Debacle and Stanford Football Proving to the Oregon Ducks and the World that Stanford Football Players Aren’t SOFT but rather are….TOUGH AS HELL! – Nick Saban To Texas? Please….Nick Saban Can’t Be That Stupid! – Alabama Fans Should Be More Worried About Nick Saban Possibly Headed To……..New York City Rather Than Austin, Texas!

The Miami Dolphins Debacle and Stanford Football Proving to the Oregon Ducks and the World that Stanford Football Players Aren’t SOFT but rather are….TOUGH AS HELL!


We wouldn’t know Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland from Adam BUT if the below story is TRUE then it is our opinion that Jeff Ireland should be fired by the ownership (Stephen Ross) of the Miami Dolphins on Thursday November 7 and if the Dolphins will not fire Ireland then the NFL Commish Roger Goodell should step-in and suspend Ireland but then Roger Goodell is hiding in his office as usual and unwilling to take on the tough problems facing football in America because in our opinion the owners of the NFL teams have muzzled Goodell on many, many critical issues:

Sources: Ireland suggested that Martin confront Incognito physically, Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

Really Jeff Ireland?

That is your solution to Richie Incognito taunting and bullying Jonathan Martin?

Maybe what needs to happen to Jeff Ireland is for some…

Sorry Piece of Crap and Sorry Excuse for a Human Being

…..to threaten Ireland with racist jokes and threaten to kill Jeff Ireland and then see if Ireland is willing to confront that person with that…

Sorry Piece of Crap and Sorry Excuse for a Human Being

….being bigger and stronger than Jeff Ireland of course and in a position of leadership over Ireland as well.


We don’t know exactly what happened with the Miami Dolphins football team, Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin beyond the beyond pitiful and racist voicemail that everyone has heard that Incognito left on Martin’s phone BUT we do know that Jonathan Martin is a Helluva football player and was TOUGH enough for Jim Harbaugh to recruit and to play for Jim Harbaugh at Stanford and that should be good enough for anyone…..save a decent amount of…

Candy Ass Pussy NFL Players

…that believe they are somehow “tough” when the TRUTH is they are…

Freaking Football Players


…..and would be Crying Like Babies for their Mommas if we dropped their Precious Asses into Afghanistan to fight the Taliban and yet they talk BIG about what Jonathan Martin “should have done” meaning confronting this…

Sorry Piece of Crap and Sorry Excuse for a Human Being

…..Richie Incognito….in our opinion…..instead of just coming to work to do the job he was paid to do and hoping that he would find a workplace where the kind of Crap that has evidently been going down in Miami in the last couple of years under Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin?


That is a SICK way to view the world and let’s not even get into some of these Miami Dolphins players making Racists around America happy with the thought that white folks can use the “N-World” if they are seen as “being black.”

Who the Hell even talks or thinks like that in 2013?

Miami Dolphins players that should know better that’s who.

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross must be so very Damn proud of his Dolphins players…..this is going to eventually attach directly to you Stephen Ross and be part of your legacy on this Earth so give that some thought as you consider the Idiocy of YOUR football team!


Beyond this outrageous hazing and bullying of Jonathan Martin it seems that many in the NFL believe that….

Stanford Football Players are SOFT

…..which is something that the Stanford Football Team can address directly against the Oregon Ducks on Thursday night on The Farm and which we believe the Cardinal players will address in their own very direct and special ways.


Come to play hard on Thursday night Oregon Ducks because…

Stanford Football


Stanford Football Players

….have been called out as…


….and let’s hope that the Ducks on that flight back to Eugene late on Thursday night come to exact Damn opposite conclusion of what it is like to play the game of football against…


….which means a Helluva lot more than just winning and losing a game of football and that is something these Candy Ass Pussy NFL players will NEVER understand.


Let’s go Stanford Football….Play Loose, Play Fast, Play Aggressive BUT Most of All….Play Hard and PLAY TO WIN!  Go Stanford BEAT the Ducks!


Nick Saban To Texas?  Please….Nick Saban Can’t Be That Stupid!


Everyone here at Coaches Hot Seat got a good laugh on Wednesday when the following AP story hit…

Nick Saban’s agent says Texas only job in play, AP

…..and the reason we were all laughing was because…

Is Nick Saban really so Damn Stupid that he would take the Texas job and thus be forced to deal with some of the most Arrogant Asses in the world….the Texas Billionaire Boys Club….on a daily if not hourly basis?

Please….Nick Saban is NOT that stupid and if Saban does sometime in the future take the Texas job you can be assured that the TRUTH is actually that…

Nick Saban is a MORON.


Of course, for the former intelligence analysts and Presidential campaign staffers here at Coaches Hot Seat this story….

Nick Saban’s agent says Texas only job in play, AP

….isn’t really about Nick Saban possibly taking the Texas job because of the “special pressure” that $5 Million Dollar A Year Nick Saban is now having to deal with at Alabama which his Total Bullshit BUT rather the above story is about….

Sending A Message to Mack Brown….AGAIN…..that the Texas Billionaire Boys Club would like Brown to step-down from the head coaching job at Texas sooner rather than later meaning later this year and if we don’t get Nick Saban to come to Texas Saban’s agent otherwise known as….

Little Debbie Boy


….here at Coaches Hot Seat has a few other coaching candidates that he now represents and LO AND BEHOLD three or four of them would be….

Very Damn Interested in the Texas Job at $6 Million Dollars A Year!

We happen to know a particular head coach that Little Debbie Boy represents right now that would LOVE to have the Texas head coaching job and who is at this moment among the…

Top 25 Winningest Active Coaches in I-A (FBS) Football, Coaches Hot Seat

….and it is our opinion that Little Debbie Boy will use a potential future head coaching job offer from Texas to get that particular client a BIG raise with his current school or his client will take the Texas job happily and the Texas Billionaire Boys will be disappointed they didn’t get Saban….but not too disappointed since they will have..

Replaced Mack Brown with a Hot Head Coaching Candidate that is NOT…

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles

….who the Texas Billionaire Boys would rather not hire since after all….Briles is the head coach at Baylor!

As for Nick Saban Alabama fans can rest easy that Nick Saban is not Austin Bound BUT we here at Coaches Hot Seat have been poking around the Alabama football program a bit in recent weeks which is quite easy since it is only a 3 to 4 hour drive from Atlanta to Tuscaloosa depending upon how many BBQ places one stops at on the way AND what we have learned is that…

Nick Saban is getting an itch to change things up in his life one last time before he retires from coaching for good

…..and if Nick Saban is now getting the “I might need a new job and new challenge itch” then forget about Texas and start thinking about…

New York City!


We have studied Nick Saban very closely in the 7 years that Coaches Hot Seat has been in existence and it is our opinion that Nick Saban is driven by two things that come from deep inside the man:

A BIG Challenge


A Big Accomplishment

Nick Saban has taken on the BIG Challenge of rebuilding the Alabama football program and achieved the BIG Accomplishment of….

Winning 3 National Championships in 4 Seasons

….and possibly a 4 th National Championship in 5 Seasons in 2013 – 2014 at Alabama AND IF Nick Saban does get that..

4 th National Championship

….in January 2014 then there will only be ONE trophy for Nick Saban to still hoist to be known as one of the…

Top 5 Football Coaches in the History of Football in American in the College and Pro Game

…and that is of course the…

Lombardi Trophy


Our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat is that…..

IF Nick Saban wins his 4 th National Championship in 5 Seasons at Alabama in January 2014


Head Coach Rex Ryan of the New York Jets does not take his football team to the Playoffs


Nick Saban’s agent….Little Debbie Boy….will be presented with an offer in January 2014 from the New York Jets organization for Nick Saban to become the next head football coach of the Jets under the following terms:

5 Year Contract at $10 Million A Year ALL Guaranteed

$10 Million Dollar Bonus if Nick Saban coaches the New York Jets for ALL Five Years

2.5% Percentage Ownership in the New York Jets if Nick Saban coaches the New York Jets for ALL Five Years

Total Value of Offer to Nick Saban from New York Jets:

$90 Million Dollars

$60 Million Dollars if Nick Saban coaches the New York Jets for the entire five years of the contract

$30 Million Dollars which is what 2.5% of the New York Jets is now worth ($1.22 Billion Dollars) according to Forbes

Would Nick Saban IF he won his 4 th National Championship in 5 Years at Alabama take the above offer from the New York Jets in January 2014?

In our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat:  YES.

There are a lot of reasons why Nick Saban would take a BIG job offer from the New York Jets including…

The Challenge of Rebuilding the Jets

The Accomplishment of Possibly Winning the Lombardi Trophy with the Jets

The “Itch” of a New Challenge and the Goal of a New Accomplishment That Nick Saban Must Satisfy To Feel Alive

….but there is something else that connects Nick Saban to the New York Jets in a very personal way and that is Saban is now….

62 Years Old

…which means that on….

January 12, 1969

…..Nick Saban was….

17 Years Old

….and January 12, 1969 was the date of Super Bowl III which is when Alabama graduate Broadway Joe Namath led the New York Jets over the favored Baltimore Colts to victory in that Super Bowl and as big of a football fan that the 17-year old Nick Saban was in the late 1960s that Super Bowl III and Joe Namath surely had a big impact on him as it did most young America men at the time.


Is this the future workplace of Nick Saban?


1 Jets Drive, Florham Park, New Jersey

View Larger Map

Well, the only way you can lift this…..


…is if you are a head coach of a NFL team and if you are going to be a head coach in the NFL why not do it with a team with such a great history and such great potential like the…

New York Jets?

Watch out for Little Debbie Boy to continue to stir the pot as November turns into December and December turns into January and when the musical coaching chairs stop in late January 2014 we just might see Little Debbie Boy with…

4 of his clients in new head coaching jobs

….and with Nick Saban singing this Frank Sinatra classic:

Coaches Hot Seat NFL Quotes of the Day – Thursday, November 7, 2013 – John Madden

Coaches Hot Seat NFL Quotes of the Day – Thursday, November 7, 2013 – John Madden

“Coaches have to watch for what they don’t want to see and listen to what they don’t want to hear.”


“Don’t worry about the horse being blind, just load the wagon.”


“If you see a defense team with dirt and mud on their backs they’ve had a bad day.”


“Self-praise is for losers. Be a winner. Stand for something. Always have class, and be humble.”


“The fewer rules a coach has, the fewer rules there are for players to break.”


“The only yardstick for success our society has is being a champion. No one remembers anything else.”


“The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer.”


“When your arm gets hit, the ball is not going to go where you want it to.”


“A team should never practice on a field that is not lined. Your players have to become aware of the field’s boundaries.”


“You can’t win games if you can’t get first downs.”


“You can’t win games if the offense can’t score.”

Wikipedia:  John Madden

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