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2013 NFL Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Let’s Have A Great 2013 – 2014 NFL Season – We Are Americans….Let’s Play Football!

After a long offseason that in many ways has the game of football in America fighting for its very survival off-the-field football has never been bigger on-the-field and as one considers that irony it is time to kick-off the 2013 NFL football season and that means it is time for the inaugural…

2013 Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

…which finds SEVEN NFL Head Coaches on the Hot Seat as we kick this season off!


As we have done for many years now with the college football Coaches Hot Seat Rankings each week we will use the Great Johnny Cash to give it “straight with the bark on” to the Hot Seat coaches and with that we are off and running!

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

Give ‘em Hell Johnny!


1.  Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys – In the No. 1 Hot Seat as the 2013 NFL football season kicks-off is Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett and Garrett is on the Hot Seat for good reason because with the money that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is tossing around these days on players and his football team this fellow….

…could be taking Dallas to the playoffs each season BUT in 2.5 seasons on the job Jason Garrett is 0 – 3 in even getting the Cowboys past regular season play.

Let’s just be honest here…..Jason Garrett’s records at Dallas…

2010:  5 – 3
2011:  8 – 8
2012:  8 – 8

Overall:  21 – 19

Postseason:  0 – 0

…are mediocre at best and downright pitiful at worst and 2013 is THE YEAR that either Jason Garrett will start performing in the head coaching position in Dallas or Garrett will be out of his job and an assistant coach for the rest of his coaching career.

First up for the Cowboys in Week 1 is a MUST WIN Game against the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football at home in Dallas and with the Cowboys listed as a 3.0 favorite by the Vegas Boys this is a game that…

Jason Garrett better Damn not lose

…because IF Garrett loses this opening game at home to the Giants we are going to turn up the heat even more on Jason and put Jerry Jones on the Hot Seat as well because the uncomfortable TRUTH is that the Dallas Cowboys have WON only ONE Freaking postseason playoff game since 1997!

One Freaking Playoff Game since 1997!

Earth to Jerry Jones:  You are more than likely going to need a new head football coach for the Dallas Cowboys soon so how about this time you hire a..


Is that really too much to ask?


2.  Rex Ryan, New York Jets – Oh Boy, this sure has been one Helluva interesting offseason, Fall camp and preseason for Rex Ryan and the Jets and the Mark Sanchez injury after Ryan put Sanchez back into a meaningless exhibition game (Memo to the NFL: YOUR Preseason is Idiotic!) has really put into perspective how close Ryan is to completely losing it in New York and even Rex knows now it is either…


…for Ryan in 2013 and the Jets opening game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is beyond CRITICAL and is verging on….

Defcon FIVE

…because if Ryan loses this opening game to the Bucs the New York papers will be on him like stink on the East River and Ryan’s rear-end will be Roaring Hot!

Uhhhhh…Rex…Good Luck with everything….You will NEED IT!


3.  Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions – Jim Schartz has done a decent job with the Detroit Lions over the past four seasons after taking over a Detroit club that had won 10 games in three seasons under its previous head coach Rob Marinelli BUT a…

4 – 12

…record last season when the Lions should have still been trending up after a…

10 – 6

…record in 2011 has landed Jim Schwartz on the Hot Seat and another sub-.500 record in 2013 will more than likely lead to Schwartz’s firing which might even happen if the Lions don’t make the postseason playoffs.

The Lions open the season at home against long-time NFC Central rival the Minnesota Vikings and as with all head coaches on the Hot Seat what are particularly damaging to their coaching careers is losing HOME GAMES and that means a WIN is a MUST for Jim Schwartz and the Lions on Sunday.


4.  Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers – Ron Rivera has done an OK job with the Carolina Panthers putting up records of…

2011:  6 – 10
2013:  7 – 9

Overall:  13 – 19

…in two seasons on the job but the ownership and the management of the Carolina Panthers expects Rivera to take their club to the postseason playoffs on an annual basis and that means like Rex Ryan the 2013 season is more than likely….


…for Ron Rivera and his football team.

Carolina opens the season at home against one of the hottest teams in the NFL as the 2012 – 2013 season came to a close, Pete Carroll’s Seattle Seahawks, and if Carolina is planning on competing at the highest levels of the NFL this season this is a game that Rivera and the Panthers…


IF Seattle goes into Charlotte and beats the Panthers…

Ron Rivera’s rear-end gets HOTTER!…..Temperature-Wise of course!


5.  Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders – We don’t know anyone that has a CLUE what exactly is going on with the Oakland Raiders this preseason and with Terrelle Pryor now slated to be the starting QB for the Raiders against the Colts on Sunday everyone is about to find out IF the Raiders are still little more than a…

Clown Show


…or if the Raiders can actually give the Colts a game on Sunday and Raiders is actually a…

Football Team

Our guess:  Oakland Raiders = Clown Show!


We cannot see the Oakland Raiders beating the Colts in Indianapolis on Sunday so the seat will just get HOTTER for Dennis Allen in Oakland!


6.  Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans – Mike Munchak has done an AVERAGE job of coaching the Tennessee Titans in his first two seasons on the job…

2011:  9 – 7
2012:  6 – 10

Overall:  15 – 17

…but AVERAGE is just not good enough for the folks in Nashville and that means at minimum Munchak needs a .500-plus record in 2013 and more than likely he needs to put the Titans into the postseason.

Tennessee opens the season at the Pittsburgh Steelers which is a tough place to get the first win of the season which more than likely mean that…

Mike Munchak = Hotter HOT SEAT after Week 1!


7.  Joe Philbin, Miami Dolphins – Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross just gave $200 Million Dollars to his alma mater the University of Michigan…

Michigan receives record-setting $200-milloin donation from Stephen Ross, Detroit Free-Press

…and if Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin repeats the kind of record his Dolphins put up in 2012…

7 – 9

…he should know that will just not be good enough for Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and that means we have some news for Joe Philbin:

Make the PLAYOFF in 2013….OR…you can…

“Turn Out the Lights….the Party’s Over!”



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