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Post Week 2 NFL Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give ‘Em Hell Johnny Cash! – Top 7 Head Coaches on the Post Week 2 NFL Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – The Highwaymen, Waylon Jennings and Luckenbach, Texas

After watching the first two weeks of play in the NFL we are again reminded of the words of General Douglas MacArthur as it relates to the difference between winning and losing:

“In war, you win or lose, live or die – and the difference is just an eyelash.” Douglas MacArthur


Little did General MacArthur realize when he said those words but they apply to professional football as well and this past weekend saw teams’ future and fortunes rise and fall on single plays that will no doubt also have an impact on the future employment status of NFL head coaches down the road when one or two more wins would be the difference from being retained or being fired.

With that in mind we present the Post Week 2 NFL Coaches Hot Seat Rankings and we turn to the Great Johnny Cash to get things underway….

Give ‘em Hell Mr. Cash!

Post Week 2 NFL Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

Top 7 Coaches on the Post Week 2 NFL Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers – Talk about close calls in the first two weeks of the NFL season Ron Rivera and his Carolina Panthers have lost by…

5 Points to the Seattle Seahawks who just destroyed the 49ers


1 Point on the last play of the game to the Buffalo Bills

….and therein lies 6 points total and the difference between a head coach riding high at 2 – 0 and a head coach on the Hot Seat at 0 – 2.

The Panthers look to be a little more disciplined and focused team in 2013 over past years but as someone other than Douglas MacArthur once said…

Winning Talks and Bullshit Walks

….which means Ron Rivera and his football team need some wins and fast and they have the 0 – 2 New York Giants coming to Charlotte this Sunday for a match-up between no win clubs that both teams will be desperate to win.

Can Ron Rivera and the Panthers get off the snide this Sunday against the Giants?

The way the Giants are playing the Panthers SHOULD win this game and if they lose…

The Hot Seat will just get HOTTER for Ron Rivera at Carolina.


2.  Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys – Jason Garrett really can’t afford very many losses in 2013 especially to teams like the Kansas City Chiefs which had won…

9 Football Games

…over the previous two seasons and somehow the Chiefs have found a way to get to 2 – 0 under new head coach Andy Reid.

After the loss to the Chiefs Jason Garrett is veering very close to the “Better Not Damn Drop Below Line” which in plain-speak is the .500 overall winning percentage mark as the head coach of the Cowboys and as of right now Garrett’s overall record is….

22 – 20  (.524)

….over the past three NFL seasons and let’s just be honest here there is no one with a working brain….besides Jerry Jones….that doesn’t believe that the Cowboys players coaching themselves could have achieved the same win/loss record if not better!

Above all Jason Garrett NEEDS WINS and must avoid at all costs home losses in Dallas at the “Jerry Dome” and this Sunday the St. Louis Rams are headed to Dallas no doubt smarting from their loss to the Atlanta Falcons this past Sunday.

With the following 5 games up next for the Cowboys…

At San Diego
At Philadelphia
At Detroit

….the game against the Rams is a MUST WIN Game for Jason Garrett and the Cowboys and a loss in this spot….

Let’s just say Jason Garrett will feel like he has been transported to Death Valley!


3.  Rex Ryan, New York Jets – Rex Ryan and the New York Jets played the New England Patriots to a virtual tie last Thursday night but in the end the reason they keep score is to determine a….

Winner and a Loser

…and the Jets got the Loss and the pressure on Rex Ryan just got that much higher….or rather that much HOTTER!

The calculus for Rex Ryan in 2013 is very easy for everyone including Ryan to understand:

Either the New York Jets go to the playoffs or Rex Ryan is OUT OF A JOB!

With that in mind Ryan and the Jets have a MUST WIN Game this Sunday against the surging Buffalo Bills under first year coach Doug Marrone and if the Bills with a rookie coach are able to come into MetLife Stadium and beat the Jets…

Rex Ryan will feel like he has been transported to the edge of a volcano!


4.  Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions – After a nice win over Minnesota in Week 1 Jim Schwartz and the Lions almost got a win on the road against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2 and Week 3 presents another road game challenge for Detroit and this time the Lions get to travel to Washington DC to face the struggling Big-Time…

RG III and Washington Redskins….or Washington Buffoons…..which is the Coaches Hot Seat recommended new name for the NFL team in DC so that the team accurately reflects the “Elected Leaders of the American Republic!”

The Washington Redskins…check that…Washington Buffoons presents a tough challenge for Schwartz and the Lions because the Redskins….check that….Buffoons will be desperate to not start 0 – 3 because that would put the Redskins…check that….Buffoons really behind the 8-ball going forward.

Beat the Washington Redskins…check that….Washington Buffoons and Jim Schwartz might just get off the Hot Seat…but lose to the Redskins…check that…Buffoons and the HEAT just goes up Jimmy!


Hey, we are not married to Buffoons for the new name for the Washington Redskins and any of the names below would work for us as well:

Washington Idiots
Washington Fools
Washington Morons
Washington Dummies
Washington Dumbbells
Washington “I Don’t Have A Clue”
Washington “We Don’t Give A Damn About the People”

OR Even

Washington “I Have To Go To Dinner Now With A High-Priced Lobbyist So I Can Sell Myself Like A Common Street Whore!”

See….we’re flexible!


5.  Greg Schiano, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Because of the lightening delay in Tampa we got to see a lot of the New Orleans – Tampa game on Sunday and the Bucs just flat-out had the Saints BEAT…until of course…”Bucs-Syndrome” kicked-in which it seems that Greg Schiano has caught as well and the Saints beat the Bucs with a field goal in the last minute of the game.

In this second season Greg Schiano’s overall record at Tampa Bay is..

7 – 11

….and the Bucs are 0 – 2 in 2013 and they have a game at the New England Patriots up next and all of that adds up to Greg Schiano heading towards a rendezvous with the Sun itself if something doesn’t change and quick!

The NFL schedulers did the Bucs no favors with the following games after the game at New England on Sunday…

At Atlanta
At Seattle
At Detroit
At Carolina
San Francisco
At St. Louis
At New Orleans

….to which we can only say…OUCH!…and ask the question….does Greg Schiano know a realtor in the Tampa Bay area that can put his home on the market later this Fall?

Next up is the might New England Patriots…who look very beatable…for the Tampa Bay Bucs so start there Greg Schiano and if you lose to the Patriots…..well….



6.  Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans – Just like the San Diego Chargers in Week 1 the Tennessee Titans had the Houston Texans BEAT on Sunday but they let the Texans escape with a win in overtime which is bad news but what may be even worse news is that the Titans barely beat the woeful Pittsburgh Steelers at home in Week 1 which tells us we don’t know how good Tennessee, San Diego or the Houston Texans are right now.

Luckily for all of us the San Diego Chargers come to Nashville in Week 3 to play the Titans and in a critical game where one team will walk out at 2 – 1 and the other team at 1 – 2 this is a game that Mike Munchak and the Titans REALLY need to win because losing games at home in the NFL is the kiss of death and of course usually leads a head coach to the…


With home games against the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs up next….who makes these NFL schedules anyway? 4 home games in the first 5 weeks for Tennessee? What the Hell?…..and a trip to play at Seattle in Week 6 beating the Chargers is very simply…

Very, Very Damn Important

…for Munchak and the Titans. Period.


7.  Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders – The good news for Dennis Allen in Week 2 was they beat the Jacksonville Jaguars but the bad news for the Oakland Raiders in Week 2 was that they beat the Jacksonville Jaguars which is like saying you beat…

Wet Tissue Paper

….and up next for the Raiders is back to big-boy football with a game at the Denver Broncos and if Peyton Manning and the Broncos are motivated to play this game we might see three digits on the scoreboard as in…

Denver Broncos – 100
Oakland Raiders – 0

With two beatable teams at home up next for Oakland in the Washington Redskins…check that…Washington Buffoons…and San Diego Chargers losing to the mighty Denver Broncos will be no shame so play hard Raiders and come next Tuesday no doubt Dennis Allen will still be on the…


Hey about another great song from the Highwaymen and Johnny Cash?  This time with Waylon Jennings as lead singer….singing Luckenbach, Texas!

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