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Week 3 NFL MUST WIN Games for Head Coaches and Teams – 8 Head Coaches and Teams Facing MUST WIN Games In Week 3

Week 3 NFL MUST WIN Games for Head Coaches and Teams


Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys vs. St. Louis Rams – We are now in entering the potential…

“Beginning of the End”

….of Jason Garrett’s head coaching career because things will get Very Ugly – Very Fast if the Dallas Cowboys lose to the St. Louis Rams at home on Sunday in the Jerry Dome because the next two games on the Cowboys’ schedule would also probably lead to losses as well….

At San Diego

….which means that the Rams game is a…


….for Jason Garrett and Dallas.


Leslie Frazier, Minnesota Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns – Leslie Frazier saved his head coaching career in 2012 by putting up a…

10 – 6

…record and taking the Vikings to the playoffs BUT this is the NFL which is the ultimate…

“What Have You Done For Me Lately?”

…place on Planet Earth and after two close losses to start the 2013 season on the road at Detroit and Chicago the Week 3 Game at home against a floundering and now it seems “giving up on 2013” team in the Cleveland Browns is not so much a MUST WIN Game as it is a…

Better Damn NOT Lose It

…game for Leslie Frazier and Minnesota.



Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans vs. San Diego Chargers – Mike Munchak and the Tennessee Titans are a win in overtime away over the Houston Texans from starting the 2013 season at 2 – 0 and in Week 3 they host a San Diego Chargers team that is game the Tennessee Titans…




…because a loss in this spot would make the Week 4 game at home against the New York Jets a game that could put Titans head coach Mike Munchak job on the line very early on in the 2013 season.

Oh, after games against San Diego and the New York Jets at home the Titans will have to face…

Kansas City
At Seattle
At San Francisco
At St. Louis

….so that doubly make the Chargers game a MUST WIN Game for the Titans.



Greg Schiano, Tampa Bay Bucs vs. New England Patriots – After starting the 2013 season with two games that the Tampa Bay Bucs…


…over the Jets and Saints the Bucs now have to play at New England in Week 3 and this should be a very revealing game for both teams AND a loss in this spot would really turn up the heat on Greg Schiano.

Tampa has Arizona and Philadelphia at home in the next two weeks after the Patriots game so those are very winnable games BUT nobody wants to start  0 – 3 and that is why New England is a ….

MUST WIN Game for Greg Schiano and the Bucs.



Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers vs. New York Giants – Like a couple of other NFL head coaches on the Hot Seat Ron Rivera and the Carolina Panthers could be 2 – 0 on the season instead of 0 – 2 after closes losses to Seattle and Buffalo and that doubly makes this Sunday’s game against the New York Giants a MUST WIN Game for Rivera and his Panthers.

Games at Arizona and at Minnesota are up next for Carolina and a loss to the New York Giants in Week 3 could turn a 0 – 2 start into a 0 0 – 3 start and then maybe a 0 – 5 start with the St. Louis Rams coming to Charlotte in Week 6.

YES, the New York Giants is a MUST WIN Game for the Rivera and the Panthers.



Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions vs. Washington Redskins – Coming into the 2013 NFL season Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had put up…

ONE Winning Season

…and had taken the Lions to…

ONE Playoff Appearance

…but that was in the 2011 season and after putting up a record of..

4 – 12

…in 2012 despite the Lions having talent all over the field Jim Schwartz is fighting for his head coaching career this season and after starting 1 – 1 Schwartz is facing a MUST WIN Game in Week 3 at Washington who are themselves desperate to not start the season at 0 – 3. Games where both teams are desperate to win are often GREAT football games and that is what we expect out of…

Detroit at Washington

….on Sunday and of course this is a MUST Win Game for Jim Schwartz and the Detroit Lions.


Rex Ryan, New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills – After getting a GIFT win in Week 1 over Tampa and a close loss to New England in Week 2 the Jets and their head coach face the….

MUST WIN Game of the Week

….in Week 3 with the Buffalo Bills coming to MetLife Stadium and that is especially true because the Jets have to go on the road to play at Tennessee and at Atlanta in Weeks 4 and 5.

A loss by the Jets to the Bill on Sunday and Rex Ryan might wake-up in a few weeks with a…

1 – 4

…record staring him in the face and that is why the Jets better beat the Bills OR Rex Ryan might want to start thinking about what NFL team he would want to be the defensive coordinator of in 2014 because the Jets head coaching job will be slipping out of his hands.



Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos – The Oakland Raiders almost beat the Colts in Week 1 and beat a woeful Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2 and now the Raiders get the Broncos in Denver in Week 3 and there are some people in the media that believe that Oakland has a shot to win this game against Denver…..

What the Hell?

Oakland might beat Denver and Peyton Manning on Sunday?

Please, if Peyton Manning is motivated the Raiders – Broncos game is NOT close BUT a loss to Denver is nothing to be embarrassed about and that means the next games after the Broncos will probably determine Raiders head coach Dennis Allen coaching future:

San Diego
At Kansas City

If Oakland leaves Denver at 1 – 2 they have a decent chance to win a few of their next FIVE games so Dennis Allen has an opportunity to turn things in Oakland BUT as always when you are talking about the Raiders the optimum words are…

“Just Win Baby!”

“Just Win” Dennis Allen OR you be fired just like the previous TEN head coaches at Oakland were fired in what now can be called nothing less than a NFL head coaching graveyard.

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