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NFL Post Week 3 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – These Hot Seat Coaches Are Already Under A Lot of Stress…Give Them A Little More Mr. Johnny Cash! – Communism Alive and Well in the State of Texas…..YES In Our Opinion!

NFL Post Week 3 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

These Hot Seat Coaches are already under a lot of stress…give them a little more Mr. Johnny Cash!

NFL Post Week 3 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders – The Oakland Raiders played a close game against what looks like a slightly above average NFL team in the 2014 version of the New England Patriots BUT Raiders head coach Dennis Allen needs WINS and quick or Allen may find himself out of a job before we get to the halfway point of the NFL season.

Now at 0 – 3 on the season and 8 – 27 overall in three seasons as the head coach of the Raiders there is a very interesting game set-up this coming Sunday between the No. 1 Hot Seat Coach (Dennis Allen) and the No. 3 Hot Seat Coach (Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin) in London with the losing head coach no doubt ending up in a bad spot that will be very difficult to get off of in 2014 with their head coaching job intact.

Can Dennis Allen’s Raiders team possibly beat the Miami Dolphins on Sunday and then go into the bye week with some time to regroup and get ready for an October 12 game against division foe San Diego Chargers at home in Oakland?

YES….but if the Raiders lose to the Dolphins at home on Sunday we have to think there is at least a 50 – 50 chance that Dennis Allen does NOT coach the game against the Chargers on October 12 which makes this Dolphins game the MUST WIN Game of all MUST WIN Games as it pertains to the head football coach of the Oakland Raiders.


2.  Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars – It is OUR opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that…

Great Football Coaches are Great Football Coaches no matter what team they coach and that a Great Football Coach can make a Bad Team Good, a Good Team Very Good, A Very Good Team Great, and a Great Team a Champion

…..and that is why there is NO Damn Excuse for second year Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley or ANY other NFL head coach to not having his team moving forward in Year 2 on the job and the last time we checked at 0 – 3 as the Jaguars are right now in Bradley’s second-year on the job is NOT moving forward!

With the loss to the Colts on Sunday Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley is now 0 – 3 on the season and 4 – 15 in two seasons on the job and either Bradley will get the Jaguars playing winning football soon or Gus Bradley will be just another NFL assistant coach that couldn’t hack it as a head coach which is a mighty Damn long list indeed.

The BIG problem facing Gus Bradley and the Jaguars is that now at 0 – 3 they have to play at the San Diego Chargers and then against the Pittsburgh Steelers at home up next which to us means the Jaguars are looking right at an 0 – 5 start to the 2014 NFL season with plenty of tough games still to play and a second losing season almost for sure up on the board for Gus Bradley as a head coach.

Can Gus Bradley survive going something like 4 – 12 again in 2014 after posting a 4 – 12 record last season?

Maybe….BUT….Maybe Not so our recommendation to Gus Bradley is to coach like your job is on the line Gus…..because it is!


3.  Joe Philbin, Miami Dolphins – It is OUR opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that the only way that Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin will have ANY chance to coach the Dolphins in 2015 is to take Miami to the Postseason Playoff this season and starting 1 – 2 which included an embarrassing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs at home on Sunday was certainly not the way Joe Philbin NEEDED to start the 2014 season.

Even scarier the Dolphins they travel this Sunday to play the very Damn mediocre Oakland Raiders in London and a loss to the winless Raiders in this spot would really put Joe Philbin and his football team behind the 8-ball especially with the Green Back Packers coming to Miami to play the Dolphins on October 12.

The equation REALLY is very simple for Joe Philbin in 2014?

Make the Postseason Playoffs or BUST which means Joe Philbin and the Miami Dolphins better Damn beat the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.


4.  Rex Ryan, New York Jets – We will freely admit here at Coaches Hot Seat that we always liked Buddy Ryan when he was a coach in the NFL and thus we have always pulled for Rex Ryan to succeed himself BUT it is next to Damn impossible to pull for Rex Ryan when his football plays like it did on Monday night against the Chicago Bears which was very simply….

Very Damn Embarrassing for EVERYONE involved…..PERIOD.

If ANY Coaches Hot Seat member was sitting in the General Manager of the New York Jets on Monday night or ANY night for the last couple of seasons we would be incredibly Damn pissed-off right now because in our opinion…

Rex Ryan is FAILING at the most basic job of being a head coach

…which is getting HIS football team as the Head Coach ready to play each and every game and in our opinion the New York Jets were not ready to play the game against the Chicago Bears on Monday night.

Of course, this is a “sickness” of sorts of head coaches across the NFL that spend so much time on scheme, plays, and other Total and Complete Bullshit that has NOTHING to do with getting a team ready to play and win each and every game BUT this particular “sickness” is especially acute with the New York Jets under Rex Ryan and when a football club is spending Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on players and coaches we for one would…

DEMAND that the Head Football Coach get his teams ready to play and win each and every game….PERIOD.

Sorry Rex Ryan….you may know a Helluva lot about the game of football BUT you don’t know shit about being a head football coach.

Up next for the New York Jets…

The Detroit Lions at home in what is a MUST, MUST, MUST WIN Game for Rex Ryan….IF the New York Jets ownership and management actually give a Damn about fielding a WINNING team that is which in our opinion is an open question right now.


5.  Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys – In the “Disconnected from the Real World and Not Giving A Damn Whether Your Team Actually Wins or Not” that is the Dallas Cowboys football team it probably didn’t matter that the Dallas Cowboys almost lost to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday because does it really matter at all if Jason Garrett and the Cowboys win a decent amount of games in 2014 and make the Postseason Playoffs?

Not really….in our opinion….because Jerry Jones knows that Dallas Cowboys fans are some of the Stupidest Damn People on Planet Earth and will buy tickets, merchandise, and all kinds of other Cowboys Crapola whether the Cowboys are winning or not which makes sense because in our opinion Jason Garrett could hold onto the Cowboys head coaching job forever into future whether he is winning or not….as long as Jason Garrett continues to kiss Jerry Jones’ precious ass….which is also our opinion as well!

Now at 2 – 1 on the season the Dallas Cowboys welcome into the stadium that is filled with those Very Damn Stupid Cowboys fans the New Orleans Saints this coming Sunday night and does it really matter at all if the Cowboys beat the Saints or not on Sunday night?


Congratulations to Jerry Jones….you have done something that we didn’t think possible after President Ronald Reagan destroyed Communism 25 years ago….YOU Jerry Jones have revived Communism here in the United States of America and in the state of Texas to boot because what is a better example of the promotion of Communism than a head football coach with a .525 winning percentage basically being given a free pass whether he wins or not?


Jerry Jones = Sorry Ass Communist…..in our opinion of course and Hell if Jerry Jones ever sued us over our opinion as citizens of the American Republic we would just bring a chart with Jason Garrett’s coaching records….

2010:  5 – 3 – No Playoffs
2011:  8 – 8 – No Playoffs
2012:  8 – 8 – No Playoffs
2013:  8 – 8 – No Playoffs
2014:  2 – 1 – Playoffs?

…..to court and the judge would find in our favor in about 5 seconds unless of course Jerry could get the case into court in the 9 th Federal Circuit in San Francisco which is full of Socialists that no doubt raise kids that don’t keep score in little league games which is the equivalent of what is going on with the Dallas Cowboys right now!

In our opinion of course!

Hell at this rate Jerry Jones there will be MILLIONS of kids in Texas that will believe being Very Damn Average….think Jason Garrett…is something to be celebrated and rewarded and doesn’t that bode well for the future of the state of Texas that might one day have lots of kids that will be wondering why they are constantly getting fired by REAL Americans when they are doing very Damn average work that certainly Damn seemed acceptable to Jerry Jones and the Cowboys!


6.  Tom Coughlin, New York Giants – Believe it or not there was a time not that long ago when the New York Giants beating a team at home with a first year head coach like the Houston Texans would have been no Damn big deal BUT with the Giants looking like one of the worst coached teams in the game of football on any level in the American Republic today the Giants beating the Texans is a BIG deal because ANY win by Tom Coughlin and his Giants team these days is a reason to celebrate!

Now at 1 – 2 on the season the New York Giants travel to play at the Washington Redskins on Thursday night against another team with a first year head coach and thus a Hall of Fame coach like Tom Coughlin should have a team that will win this game against the Skins easily…..right?

Not Even Close!

Our guess….the Washington Redskins will DESTROY the hapless New York Giants on Thursday night who in our opinion will just flat-out quit and give-up if they get behind the Skins early on in the game on Thursday.

Coach Hard Tom Coughlin not that it matter since you are in the Communist NFL where winning doesn’t really matter any more since it is really….ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

In our opinion of course.


7.  Ken Whisenhunt, Tennessee Titans – Ken Whisenhunt posted a…

45 – 51 (.469)

…overall record in six seasons as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals and we are going to hold Whisenhunt to a very high standard in his tenure with the Tennessee Titans and after starting the 2014 season at 1 – 2 we would like to welcome Ken Whisenhunt to the Hot Seat!

With all of Ken Whisenhunt’s experience as an assistant and head coach in the NFL we believe he should be able to have the Titans very close to a .500 record at least by the end of the season and with a game….

At Indianapolis

….on Sunday if Whisenhunt is going to get and keep his rear-end off the Hot Seat he better Damn get a few wins over the next few weeks or things could mighty Hot indeed in Nashville, Tennessee for Kenny-Boy.

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