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Dennis Allen Fired by the Oakland Raiders – NFL Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Oh Mr. Cash….Give It To These Hot Seat Coaches With The Bark On!

Dennis Allen Fired by the Oakland Raiders


Big Surprise…NOT….that the Oakland Raiders fired Dennis Allen on Monday night after the Raiders started the 2014 season at…

0 – 4

Whatever the shortcomings of the Oakland Raiders roster and there are many problems with the Raiders roster who were the Raiders kidding in hiring Dennis Allen three seasons ago because ANYONE with an IQ over room temperature could talk to Dennis Allen and in five seconds quickly realize he was not yet ready to be a head coach in the NFL but then we are talking about the Raiders here…right?


If we were hired to be the general manager of the Oakland Raiders tomorrow here are the coaches we could go after in order to be the next head coach of the Raiders:

Mike Leach, Washington State – The Pirate Mike Leach would like Chip Kelly be a breath of fresh air for the NFL and unlike Lane Kiffin….Mike Leach can coach! Anyone that is old to remember the days of John Madden as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders…and we are….will note the similarities between Madden and Mike Leach and that is a very Damn good thing. One thing about hiring Mike Leach though….the Oakland Raiders ownership and management would need to give him a decent roster and then stay the Hell out of his way.

Jon Gruden – Gotta see if Chucky is interested in coming back to Oakland…right? RIGHT!

Jim Harbaugh – Everyone knows Jim Harbaugh is done with the 49ers even if San Francisco wins the Super Bowl and everyone knows that Harbaugh really respected Al Davis which makes Jim Harbaugh a nice fit in Oakland.

Hue Jackson – Hue did a nice job in his one year as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders in 2011 posting an 8 – 8 record and Hue Jackson might just be who the Raiders end up with as their head coach in the end if the BIG names don’t pan out.

Greg Roman – Greg Roman has done a nice job as the offensive coordinator for Jim Harbaugh at Stanford and with the 49ers and he MIGHT be a good head coach but who really knows….we sure the Hell don’t know!

Sean Payton – Maybe Sean Payton could be so pissed-off about the moves the Saints made in the offseason which gutted his football team that he might just listen to an offer from the Raiders but it better Damn be a big offer that’s for Damn sure!


NFL Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

NFL Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Oh Mr. Cash….Give It To These Hot Seat Coaches With The Bark On!


1.  Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars – We don’t have a good handle on what the expectations are for Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley but when you are sitting on an overall win/loss record of…

4 – 16

….in your second year on the job one has to think that there is a “X” number of games that Bradley will be allowed to lose before he loses his job and just guessing IF Bradley and the Jaguars don’t match their wins mark in 2013 of…

4 Wins

….Gus Bradley’s job status in Jacksonville will come into serious question later this season.

Now at 0 – 4 on the 2014 season things don’t get any easier with the Pittsburgh Steelers coming to town on Sunday after their embarrassing loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs and with that in mind we can only welcome Gus Bradley to the No. 1 Hot Seat and wish Gus Bradley…

Good Luck Gus…you will need it!


2.  Rex Ryan, New York Jets – We are not even sure if the New York Jets ownership and management….

Really Gives A Damn About Winning or Not

…because Rex Ryan was kept on to coach the Jets in 2014 after posting the following records over the past three seasons….

2011:  8 – 8 – No Playoffs
2012:  6 – 10 – No Playoffs
2013:  8 – 8 – No Playoffs

….so the Jets starting the 2014 season off at….

1 – 3

….may just not be that big of a deal since it seems to us that Rex Ryan could completely destroy the Jets football team and the ownership/management of the Jets…


In our opinion of course!

Now at 1 – 3 on the season Rex Ryan and the Jets have to play on the road against the surging San Diego Chargers on Sunday and a loss in this spot will mean for Ryan and the Jets…


….because in our opinion…

Whether the New York Jets win another football game or not EVER AGAIN is MEANINGLESS!

Just our opinion based upon FACTS of the last few seasons.


3.  Ken Whisenhunt, Tennessee Titans – In our opinion the Tennessee Titans have average to mediocre talent on their football team so we don’t expect to Ken Whisenhunt to take the Titans to the Playoffs in 2014 BUT we do expect Whisenhunt to put up at least….

6 Wins

….in 2014 and with the Titans off to a…

1 – 3

…start and with these games left to be played…

At Washington
At Baltimore
At Philadelphia
At Houston
New York Giants
New York Jets
At Jacksonville

….Ken Whisenhunt SHOULD be able to get the Titans to 6 wins in 2014 or Whisenhunt will find his rear-end on a very Hot Seat for the rest of this season and into 2015.


4.  Joe Philbin, Miami Dolphins – Joe Philbin and the Miami Dolphins got their MUST WIN over the Oakland Raiders in London but beating the Oakland Raiders these days is about like saying you beat….


….and now it is back to Big Boy NFL football with the Green Bay Packers coming to Miami on October 12 after a bye week for the Dolphins.

Our opinion:  Either the Miami Dolphins go to the Postseason Playoffs in 2014 or Joe Philbin will be out of a job come the New Year.


5.  Mike Smith, Atlanta Falcons – No doubt Mike Smith is a very good football coach BUT Mike Smith is in our opinion is working under a very simple demand in 2014:

Either the Atlanta Falcons go to the Playoffs in 2014 or Mike Smith will be out of a job.

On Sunday the Atlanta Falcons lost a tough game to the Minnesota Vikings to drop to….

2 – 2

…on the season and up next for the Falcons:

At the New York Giants.

Uhhhh….this New York Giants game is a MUST WIN Game for Mike Smith and the Atlanta Falcons….PERIOD.


6.  Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints – Surely Sean Payton in his eighth season with the New Orleans Saints understands that the NFL is a league based upon the simple premise that…

What Have You Done Lately?

….is paramount and after watching the Dallas Cowboys destroy the New Orleans Saints on Sunday night we would like to welcome Sean Payton to the Hot Seat and in our opinion Payton can thank the ownership and front-office of the Saints for lighting Payton’s ass on fire:

The Saints Let Go Of A Bunch of Players To Sign A $54 Million Dollar Free Agent, And It’s Coming Back To Haunt Them, Tony Manfred, Business Insider

“The New Orleans Saints went into free agency in March with virtually no cap room.

They came out of free agency with the consensus No. 1 free agent, Buffalo Bills safety Jairus Byrd, who they signed on a six-year, $54-million contract.

They were able to pull this off because of two things: 1) they backloaded the money in Byrd’s contract, which could be crippling down the line, but lets them stay under the salary cap this year, and 2) they traded, cut, or let a number of role players leave in free agency.

The Saints went all in. They decided Drew Brees only has a few years left, the roster is good enough now to compete for a Super Bowl, and the window for this team to win it all is rapidly closing. So they went for it and signed Byrd, salary cap be damned.

Now they’re 1-3 after getting destroyed by the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. History says 1-3 teams miss the playoffs 85% of the time. To make matters worse, some of the role players they were forced to let go of are playing exceptionally well.”

There may not be any former NFL general managers here at Coaches Hot Seat but we have hired and fired thousands of people over the years and our philosophy on talent is very simple:

We have NEVER met anyone that is indispensable or that would be so valuable to our companies that we would have to put at risk the overall success of our companies to sign that talented person to a contract which is why it is ALWAYS very Damn stupid for any company or any NFL team to go all in on ANY football player because there is ALWAYS someone that can play very close to the level of the “star” and thus the BIG contract that might damage the overall success of the team…either financially or mentally….for the “star” is 99.99999995 of the time STUPID and FOOLISH.

Uhhhh…the TRUTH the New Orleans Saints are owned and run by Complete Buffoons and they have landed their head football coach on the Hot Seat!

Next up for the New Orleans Saints:

Tampa Bay Bucs at Home.

Uhhhh….better not lose this game Sean Payton!


7.  Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys – Before Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones start celebrating their 3 – 1 start to the 2014 season they should realize that the THREE teams the Cowboys have beaten…Tennessee Titans, St. Louis Rams, and New Orleans Saints….have a combined record of…

3 – 8

…and in our opinion the Titans, Rams, and Saints will have LOSING records when the 2014 season is concluded so the Dallas Cowboys have posted so far…

1 Loss to a Decent Team in the San Francisco 49ers

3 Wins over Three Pitiful Teams in the Titans, Rams, and Saints

Next up for the Dallas Cowboys:

The 3 – 1 Houston Texans at Home which will be the second Decent Team that the Cowboys have played in 2014 and if the Cowboys lose this game to a team with a FIRST YEAR head coach that took over a Complete Disaster in Houston it will be Jason Garrett on the…

No. 1 Hot Seat come next Tuesday morning!

Coach ‘em up Jason Garrett!

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