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The Late Great Huell Howser Takes Everyone on A Tour of the Late Great Frank Sinatra’s House in Rancho Mirage, California – Some of Huell Howser’s Greatest California’s Gold Programs From the Last 30 Years – You Are Terribly Missed Huell….Terribly Damn Missed

There are a lot of ways to celebrate the life and music of the Great Frank Sinatra but now almost six months removed from the passing of our good friend Huell Howser we cannot help but think that Huell’s TV program on Frank Sinatra’s home in Rancho Mirage, California seems just about right during this week of American Independence especially since Frank Sinatra and Huell Howser loved the American Republic and American People deeply.


Whether you watched the above Huell Howser program on Frank Sinatra’s house in Rancho Mirage, California or not for most of the people reading this CHS Blog that haven’t a clue who Huell Howser is Huell Howser was the star and producer of TV programs, primarily California’s Gold, for KCET public television in Los Angeles and more than that Huell Howser was a…

Gem of a Human Being

….that lit up every room he ever entered and never failed to make people laugh and smile in his presence. God knows we have laughed with and at Huell Howser more times than we can count!

Check out this picture of Huell Howser with his good friend Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn from the 1970s! Oh MAMA Huell!


If you have interest in seeing more of Huell Howser’s TV programs Huell was generous enough to donate all of his programs to Chapman University in Orange County, California and those archived shows can be found here…

Chapman University Huell Howser Archive

…and below are links to our favorite Huell Howser TV programs over the years some of which are educational, some of which are interesting and many of which that are very Damn entertaining!

Enjoy and visit some of the great places in California that Huell Howser profiles below (put them on “Full Screen” and you can really enjoy these programs):

Golden Gate Bridge – California’s Gold

Ansel Adams – California’s Gold

Yosemite Firefall – California’s Gold

Tuolumne Meadows – California’s Gold

See’s Candy – California’s Gold

Hearst Ranch – California’s Gold

Neptune Pool – California’s Gold

Pt. Fermin Lighthouse – California’s Gold

Coachella Music Festival – California’s Gold

Laguna – California’s Gold

Mono Lake – California’s Gold

Mono Lake Today – California’s Gold

Coit Tower – California’s Gold

Farallon Island – California’s Gold

Glacier – California’s Gold

Ladybugs – California’s Gold

The Lost Golden Spike – California’s Gold

Reagan’s Ranch – California’s Gold

Muybridge – California’s Gold

Nixon Boyhood Home – California’s Gold

Point Sur Lighthouse – California’s Gold

Angel Island – California’s Gold

Of course the theme song for California’s Gold is “California, Here I Come” which was written by Buddy DeSylva and Joseph Myer in 1921 for the Broadway play Brombo, starring Al Jolson and a few years ago Huell Howser went to the Musicians Institute in Hollywood and recorded “California, Here I Come” and like most of Huell’s work we find ourselves laughing at and with Huell which is exactly the way Huell wanted it!

You are terribly missed Huell and as we have said about many of our friends that have passed on….

“If Huell Howser isn’t in Heaven then we don’t care to be there either!”

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