The Main Topic of Discussion for Coaches Hot Seat Members in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida for The Players Championship This Week = Big 12 Expansion – A Possible Solution = Big 24 Conference! – What the Hell Is the Big 24 Conference You Ask? Let Us Explain! – #7 Coach on the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings = Colorado Head Coach Mike MacIntyre


Before we get to the issues that face Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre as he heads into his FOURTH season as the head coach of the Buffs who is now sitting on the…

#7 Hot Seat in the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

….there are a whole lot of Coaches Hot Seat members together in one place this week in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida for our annual trip to The Players Championship and one of the biggest topics of discussion among us the past couple of days has been…

Big 12 Conference Expansion


Columnist Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman has the best explanation for why Oklahoma president David Boren is interested in seeing the Big 12 Conference expand and since the folks in Austin, Texas care little about anything beyond their own Precious Asses forget about the other NINE schools in the Big 12 we think former Senator Boren is right again on this issue just as he has been right on my issues in the past:

Here’s why Oklahoma’s Boren favors expansion, Berry Tramel, The Oklahoma

“And a 12-team league makes a conference network much more viable, because of content. Two extra schools provide more games, more shows, more stories. That’s what we’ve seen from the Big Ten and the SEC, who each have expanded to 14 schools in recent years. Those expansion decisions were based on the network.

Two extra schools mean more distribution points for the network and more content to fill it with.

That’s not the least bit confusing. That’s completely the reason Boren wants expansion. And remember what Boren has said — expansion, conference network, title game, they’re all tied together. Without one, the others are irrelevant.”

The above is certainly correct on the issues around the Big 12 Conference adding 2, 4 or even 6 more teams which we here at Coaches Hot Seat came out for several months ago…

As the SEC Conference Races Ahead the Big 12 Conference “Leaders”…Save One in Oklahoma President David Boren…Say Only One Thing…”Show Me the Damn Money!” – Got There Is No Damn Vision and Helluva Lot of Selfishness In Big 12 Country? YEP!, Coaches Hot Seat Blog, February 18, 2016

…but then the Big 12 expanding doesn’t really solve the problem of the Longhorn Network and the Texas Folks who seem intent on sitting on their Precious Asses while everything burns down around them….in other words the folks in Austin are…

Just Typical Texans!


All of the above got the members of Coaches Hot Seat thinking and at dinner on Tuesday night the issue was thrown on the table….

How would you fix the problems facing the Big 12?

….with one Coaches Hot Seat member who has run his own company for over a decade finally saying….


“What was it Eisenhower used to say? “If a problem cannot be solved, enlarge it.” Thinking it’s time for the Big 12 and the Pac-12 which is also facing some huge problems right now with its TV network and revenue generation to work together to solve both of their problems by coming together. It’s time to revive the deal that Larry Scott tried to put together with four Big 12 teams a few years back…

Oklahoma, Texas talking Pac-16,, September 2011

….and bring the Pac-12 and Big 12 together to form one Super Conference.”

“How in the Hell would that work?”

Simple….merge the Pac-12 with the Big 12 and add Cincinnati and UCF to create the….

Big 24

….which would be a sports conference that would command the American West and be a powerful challenger to the surging Big Ten and SEC.

So…let’s see here…merge the Pac-12 with the Big 12 and add Cincinnati and UCF would have a Big 24 Conference that would look like this….

Big 24 Map


So how would a Big 24 Conference work exactly you ask?

Well, the 24 teams would be divided into two 12 team divisions…East and West:

Big 24 Eastern Division
West Virginia
Iowa State
Kansas State
Oklahoma State
Texas Tech

Big 24 Western Division
Arizona State
Washington State
Oregon State

Then the 2 Eastern and Western Divisions would then be divided down into 6 pods with 4 teams in each pod:

Pod #1
West Virginia
Iowa State

Pod #2
Kansas State
Oklahoma State

Pod #3
Texas Tech

Pod #4
Washington State
Oregon State

Pod #5

Pod #6
Arizona State

Why in the Hell do you have the pods you ask?

For football scheduling reasons and this is how the 6 pods and 2 divisions would work together to create an incredibly intriguing Big 24 football schedule each season that would climax with at…

Big 24 Conference Title Game

…that would alternate being played each year in Dallas in the Jerry Dome and in Los Angeles in the new NFL stadium now being built for the LA Rams.

Each football team in the Big 24 would play the following schedule each year:

12 Regular Season Games
9 Big 24 Conference Games
1 Big 24 Rival Game
3 Games in its 4 Team Pod
5 other Big 24 Conference Games
3 Out-of-Conference Games


For example using Oklahoma…each year the Sooners would play…

1 Out-of-Conference Game
1 Out-of-Conference Game
1 Out-of-Conference Game
Kansas State
Oklahoma State
1 Big 24 Rival Game = Texas
1 Big 24 Conference Game
1 Big 24 Conference Game
1 Big 24 Conference Game
1 Big 24 Conference Game
1 Big 24 Conference Game

Big 24 Conference Championship Game if the Eastern Division Champs

How would the Big 24 Eastern and Western Division Champions be determined you ask?

By the Big 24 Conference Record not just within the division but OVERALL so at the end of the season the 2 Big 24 teams with the best records in their Big 24 Conference Games as ranked in each division would meet in either Dallas or Los Angeles to play each other in what would be an even BIGGER Conference Title Game than the Big Ten or SEC.

Imagine basically the current Pac-12 Champion meeting the Big 12 Champion with Cincinnati and UCF added in what would surely produce some amazing Big 24 Conference Championship Games….but then give some thought to the games within the Big 24 that college football fans would see every few years…

Oklahoma vs. USC
Texas vs. Oregon
Stanford vs. Baylor
TCU vs. Washington
Oklahoma State vs. Colorado

….which we could go on listing for awhile but we think you get the drift by now.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was right….

“If a problem cannot be solved, enlarge it.”

….and with both the Big 12 and Pac-12 facing problems on many fronts in face of the surging Big Ten and SEC it’s time to create the first…

Super Conference = Big 24

…which would have a Big 24 Network which would have the biggest footprint in America.

Oh…what would we do with the Longhorn Network that folks in Austin prize so much?

We would let Texas keep the Longhorn Network deal with ESPN with the Horns being allowed to air one football game each year on their network and the rest of the Texas football games would be put into the package that would be sold into the marketplace with hopefully the new Big 24 Network partnering with a major media company like FoxSports, ESPN, or Comcast to get the Big 24 Network onto as many TV satellite and cable systems as possible before launch so that the new network was on firm ground and generating a Helluva lot of money from Day One.

How much money could a Big 24 Conference and Big 24 Network generate for the 24 schools that would now be sharing revenue with 23 other schools around the country?

A Helluva Lot of Money is the answer to that question but to be more specific we have to believe that with all the cable, network and media deals put together a Big 24 Conference could generate upwards to $1 Billion Dollars annually which would work out to…

$40 Million Dollars Per School

….which is right at the spot where the Big Ten and SEC Conferences are now heading money-wise and right where the schools in the new Big 24 Conference would want to be!

Is there a chance in Hell the Massive Egos in the Pac-12 and Big 12 could possible come together and form something like the…

Big 24 Conference?

Probably not…but certainly anyone in Pac-12 or Big 12 Country that has read Paul Kennedy’s book….

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers


….knows that there are certain fundamental laws of economics that determine whether associations like the Pac-12 and Big 12 will succeed over time and Wikipedia has done a nice job of summarizing the primary thesis of Kennedy’s book:

“Kennedy argues that the strength of a Great Power can be properly measured only relative to other powers, and he provides a straightforward and persuasively argued thesis: Great Power ascendancy (over the long term or in specific conflicts) correlates strongly to available resources and economic durability; military overstretch and a concomitant relative decline are the consistent threat facing powers whose ambitions and security requirements are greater than their resource base can provide for.”

The Pac-12 and Big 12 Conferences are falling behind the Big Ten and SEC Conference who are creating a gap in money and exposure that will only widen in the future and facing that reality its time for the folks in the Pac-12 and Big 12 to come together….to put aside their egos and petty personal concerns…and create the first Super Conference in college sports…the

Big 24 Conference!


Now let’s move onto the Hot Seat status of Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre….

Mike MacIntyre, Colorado Head Football Coach


4 th season at Colorado

Overall Head Coaching Record (San Jose St + Colorado):  26 – 48

Colorado Overall Record:  10 – 27

Pac-12 Conference Record:  2 – 25

We have it on GOOD authority from some friends in Boulder, Colorado who we would classify as….

“Knowing what the Hell is going on at the University of Colorado!”

…..where a handful of Coaches Hot Seat members live and work that…

Anything less than SIX wins by Mike MacIntyre in 2016 and he is DONE at Colorado

….and based upon the FACT that in 3 seasons at CU that Mike MacIntyre is…

2 – 25

….in Pac-12 Conference play we can understand why there are some folks in and around the University of Colorado that are willing to make such a declarative statement because the TRUTH is…

There’s just No Damn Good Reason why Colorado should not be winning 6+ games in a CU head coach’s FOURTH season on the job….PERIOD!

Let’s go to Colorado’s 2016 football schedule to see if Mike MacIntyre has a chance to rally the Buffs to 6+ wins in 2016 and take CU to a bowl game:

Colorado State
Idaho State
At Michigan
At Oregon
Oregon State
Arizona State
At Stanford
At Arizona
Washington State

Geez…based upon what we think Mike MacIntyre has to work with on his Colorado football team in 2016 and looking at the above TOUGH schedule if the Buffs win 6+ games then…

Mike MacIntyre should get an extension and raise as the head football coach at Colorado

….because that is One Damn Tough Schedule!


How many games do we think Colorado will win in 2016?

Guessing…4….maybe 5 games if the Buffs get a few breaks!

Not Guessing…if Colorado wins 4….maybe 5 games in 2016…

Colorado will be looking for a new head football coach come December!

Great Luck to Mike MacIntyre and his Colorado Buffs in 2016….Uhhhhh….they will sure the Hell need it!

For some reason Hank Williams song “I’m So Loneome I Could Cry” sung by the Great B.J. Thomas comes to mind!


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