Ken Starr Out At Baylor University? It Was No Surprise To Anyone At Coaches Hot Seat That Baylor University Is A Complete Freaking Disaster Under Ken Starr Because Starr…In Our Humble Opinion…Is A Sorry Damn Excuse For A Human Being – Ken Starr’s Whitewater Idiocy and Why It Predicted What Is Now Happening At Baylor – Ken Starr and Art Briles Should BOTH Be Fired….Their Continued Employment At Baylor University Is Now The Responsibility of the Trustees, Alumni, Students and Supporters of Baylor University – Live Up To Your Damn Mission Statement Baylor University…or Strike It Down Now!


There is a Helluva lot that we could write about the incredible Damn mess going on at Baylor University right now and we have already written a good bit in recent weeks on the issue…

After the Latest Bullshit Story Out of Waco, Texas It’s Time…It’s Past Time…For Either Art Briles To Clean-Up HIS Baylor Football Program OR Art Briles Ass Will Be Sent Packing Down the Road and HIS Head Coaching Career ANYWHERE Will Be OVER! – In the Middle of This Damn Mess In Waco, Texas Is That Sorry Bastard and President of Baylor University Ken Starr – Memo To Art Briles…Clean It Up NOW Son Or It’s OVER! – The Great Tom Clancy Surprises Us Again!, Coaches Hot Seat Blog, May 2016

….BUT with reports out of Texas that Baylor president Ken Starr is about to have his Sorry Ass sent packing it’s worth a few moments of everyone’s time to understand just what a…

Sorry Excuse for a Human Being that Ken Starr Really Is

…and why we here at Coaches Hot Seat are not surprised at all that Baylor University….in our opinion mind you..has become a dangerous place for young women to be attending school….that is if they and their parents care about their safety and security.


Let’s go back to the 1990s and remind everyone how Ken Starr made a name for himself and with his actions plunged the American Republic into a tailspin that it’s still spinning downwards from with no end in sight for the….

Complete Damn Idiocy that is Washington DC…”Our”…or rather “We the People’s” Capital!

Ken Starr is another in a long line of Republican “leaders” who was of age in to serve in the US Military the late 1960s…think George W Bush, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump and of course Bill Clinton in Democratic Party…but found a way to get his precious ass out of Vietnam draft (Starr had psoriasis!) and then found his way to Washington DC during the Reagan Administration in the 1980s becoming a member of the US Court of Appeals in 1983 after being nominated by President Reagan. Starr then for some reason left the US Federal bench and became the Solicitor General, the lawyer that argues before the US Supreme Court for the US Gov’t, under George H W Bush, and of course was later named as head of the Whitewater investigation in 1994 looking into a shady real estate deal and a sexual harassment case involving then President Bill Clinton.


Now, let us say this up-front, Bill and Hillary Clinton are…

Two of the Shadiest Damn People to hold elective office in the history of the American Republic

…and we have no doubt that there is all kinds of nefarious Horseshit in both their backgrounds that disqualifies them from holding high elective office in America, but in the 1990s there were a Helluva lot of people in the Republican Pary…including Ken Starr in our opinion…that were willing to do anything to take down Bill Clinton, and Ken Starr on some of the most Bullshit trumped-up charges in US history almost did just that with his Damn Idiocy.

What was it exactly that got the President Bill Clinton impeached by the US House and tried before the US Senate exactly you ask with Ken Starr as the lead investigator causing the whole Damn mess as head of the Whitewater investigation?

It’s all rather Simple and Stupid really….but a quick recap:


Linda Tripp, a friend of Monica Lewinsky and also a co-worker with Lewinsky at the Defense Department, taped conversations between her and Lewinsky which included Monica talking about a sexual relationship she had with then President Bill Clinton, and Linda Tripp then delivered those tapes to Ken Starr head of the Whitewater investigation looking into Clinton. Why did Linda Tripp tape her personal conversations with Monica Lewinsky and then deliver those tapes to Ken Starr who was investigating Bill Clinton? Our opinion…Linda Tripp was just another Total Moron whose pitiful life on this Earth revolved around taking down people in the opposing political party which is MOST of Washington DC today and if you are thinking….

Washington DC is full of LOTS of Sorry Excuses for Human Beings

….you would be right!

What did Ken Starr do with those tapes when he was basically at a dead end looking into Bill Clinton on the Whitewater real estate deal after learning that Clinton was having a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky?

Well, a normal adult would have said something like…

“Why in the Hell would I give a Damn about Horn Dog Bill Clinton having a consensual affair with a young ADULT woman in the White House?”

….BUT Ken Starr took Linda Tripp’s information on the Clinton + Lewinsky affair and set-up what we called then a “perjury trap” with Clinton being called to a question and answer session with Clinton being asked about he having “sexual relations” with Lewinsky. In that Q&A session Bill Clinton did of course lie about his affair with Lewinsky which most men would have done and that led to Clinton being charged with obstruction of justice and perjury and Ken Starr referring the case to the US Congress to impeach and convict the President of the United States for…

Lying about having sexual relations with a woman!


Yes…Bill Clinton is one of the Biggest Horn Dogs to EVER live on Planet Earth, but the entire Monica Lewinsky case and Ken Starr’s involvement in referring Clinton’s lies to the US Congress for impeachment and conviction is our opinion….

A Stupid Move comparable to the Complete and Total Damn Idiocy of the 2003 Iraq War instigated by Trust Fund Boy and Draft Dodger George W Bush and BOTH incidents are to us here at Coaches Hot Seat as folks that worked for Ronald Reagan in the early 1980s in Washington DC…

A Total Damn Embarrassment that did Great Damage to the Republican Party

….and are two pieces of Total Idiocy that have led America down a very bad path over the last couple of decades which now has the GOP nominating for President…

Yet another Trust Fund Boy Draft Dodger in Donald Trump!


OK….you should understand by now that we here at Coaches Hot Seat think that…

Ken Starr is a Complete Freaking Idiot

…who has done Great Damage to the American Republic during his pitiful life on this Earth and of course we wouldn’t hire Ken Starr to Shovel Shit in West Texas, and that brings us to the news on Tuesday that Ken Starr was to be fired from his job as president of Baylor University which the Houston Chronicle ably summarize in an editorial this morning:

Baylor’s Fumble, A sex scandal at the largest Southern Baptist university in the world reflects loss of focus, Houston Chronicle

YES…that’s right…Baylor University is the…

Largest Southern Baptist University in the World

…and yet right now in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat:

Baylor University because of an out-of-control Baylor Football Program Poses A Clear and Present Danger to ANY Woman That Lives with 500 Miles of Waco, Texas

….in our humble opinion of course.

Considering the below for a moment which is the Baylor University Mission Statement:

“The mission of Baylor University is to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community.”

Really? Not quite Ken Starr and Baylor head football coach Art Briles who in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat…

Art Briles does NOT Give A Damn About ANYTHING beyond winning football games…PERIOD!

…and that is a Helluva problem for not only the students, alumni, and fans of Baylor football but even more importantly to ANY woman that finds herself in and around the Waco, Texas area, and might come into contact with a member of the Baylor University football team which according to another part of the Baylor Mission Statement supposed to be following this creed:

“Baylor is founded on the belief that God’s nature is made known through both revealed and discovered truth. Thus, the University derives its understanding of God, humanity and nature from many sources: the person and work of Jesus Christ, the biblical record, and Christian history and tradition, as well as scholarly and artistic endeavors. In its service to the Church, Baylor’s pursuit of knowledge is strengthened by the conviction that truth has its ultimate source in God and by a Baptist heritage that champions religious liberty and freedom of conscience. Without imposing religious conformity, Baylor expects the members of its community to support its mission. Affirming the value of intellectually informed faith and religiously informed education, the University seeks to provide an environment that fosters spiritual maturity, strength of character and moral virtue.”


Please….just as Abraham Lincoln said during the Lincoln – Douglas debates of 1858 that…paraphrased….

“If America is going to tolerate into perpetuity a nation divided between half slave and half free then the very words of the Declaration of Independence declaring that All Men Are Created Equal should be struck from the record.”

…the above words in the Mission Statement at Baylor should be removed TODAY if Ken Starr and Art Briles are going to remain employed at Baylor University….PERIOD!

That is our opinion as Americans that unlike Ken Starr and Art Briles didn’t miss military service and who for Damn Sure haven’t gone around during our lives telling people about our “faith”…


…and then turn around in our opinion not only be Complete and Total Hypocrites but a Damn Embarrassment to themselves and Baylor University as well!

We have called for the firing of less than 5 college football head coaches in the 9 college football seasons that Coaches Hot Seat has been existence, but Art Briles is in our opinion….

Running A Rogue and Out-of-Control Football Program at Baylor University

…and it will be the trustees, alumni, faculty, and students of Baylor that will ultimately be held responsible for what has gone on at Baylor in recent years and into the future if Art Briles is allowed to remain the head football coach at Baylor and with that in mind how could anyone connected Baylor sleep at night with Ken Starr and Art Briles still in leadership positions at the school?

We have No Damn Clue to the answer to the above question.


Memo to Baylor University:  If you are going to keep Ken Starr and Art Briles employed at Baylor University you better Damn strike down your Mission Statement because it is no longer applicable and is a only a cruel joke to the women that have been attacked and might be attacked in the future by the predators on Art Briles Baylor football team.

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