Mark Stoops, Kentucky In 2016 – It’s Put Up or Shut Up Time Meaning Win 6 or More Games Mark Stoops In 2016!


Mark Stoops, Kentucky


4 th season at Kentucky

Overall Record:  12 – 24

SEC Conference Record:  4 – 20

Mark Stoops enters his fourth season at Kentucky in 2016 and the two past Kentucky head football coaches we use as measuring sticks for all UK head coaches are…

Rich Brooks, Head Coach at Kentucky 2003 – 2009


Jerry Claiborne, Head Coach at Kentucky 1982 – 1989


In seven seasons as the head coach at Kentucky Rich Brooks averaged winning…

5.57 games per season

…and in eight seasons at Kentucky Jerry Claiborne averaged winning…

5.125 games per season

…and after three seasons on the job at Kentucky Mark Stoops is averaging winning…

4 games per season

Here’s the thing though about comparing Mark Stoops to Rich Brooks and Jerry Claiborne…

Mark Stoops took over a pretty decent football program in 2013 from Joker Phillips although it was certainly going downhill from the four straight bowl games that Rich Brooks had achieved in his last four years in Lexington and with that in mind 2016 is…

Put Up or Shut Up Meaning Win 6 or More Games Mark Stoops

….or Kentucky may very well go head coach hunting again come December this time looking for an offensive coach that can help the Wildcats shake things up in the SEC East which has been ripe for Kentucky or someone else to take control of in recent years just as UK football has been spinning its wheels going No Damn Where!

Let’s go to Kentucky’s 2016 schedule and see if Mark Stoops can get the Wildcats to 6 wins a bowl game and hang onto his job in the process:

Southern Miss
At Florida
New Mexico State
South Carolina
At Alabama
Mississippi State
At Missouri
At Tennessee
Austin Peay
At Louisville

Well…Bozo the Clown could win….


2 Games

….coaching Kentucky in 2016 and Mark Stoops will need 4 more wins than Bozo to hang onto his job so which other 4 games, besides New Mexico State and Austin Peay, could the Wildcats win this upcoming season?

Southern Miss = Yes!
At Florida = Doubtful
New Mexico State = Yes!
South Carolina = Yes!
At Alabama = NO!
Vanderbilt = Yes!
Mississippi State = Maybe
At Missouri = Maybe
Georgia = Maybe
At Tennessee = NO!
Austin Peay = Yes!
At Louisville = Doubtful

Let’s see here that makes…

5 Yes! Games = 5 Wins Minimum

3 Maybe Games = 3 More Wins Possible

2 Doubtful Games = 2 Not Likely Wins

2 NO! Games = 2 Games Forget About It

In our opinion with 5 pretty sure Wins and 3 Maybe Games there is…

No Damn Reason at all for Mark Stoops and the Kentucky Wildcats to NOT win 6 games in 2016!


Anything less than 6 Wins in 2016 and Mark Stoops is DONE at Kentucky come December…in our humble opinion of course!

Coach Hard Mark Stoops!

Of course, there was another head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats football program who won a Helluva LOT more games at UK than Rich Brooks or Jerry Claiborne meaning…

Paul “Bear” Bryant


….who coached at Kentucky from 1946 to 1953 and posted…

8 Straight Winning Seasons


Averaged Winning 7.5 games a year at Kentucky

….but we aren’t going to waste our time comparing Mark Stoops to Paul “Bear” Bryant…right?


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