Mike Riley and Nebraska in 2016 – The Expectations for Mike Riley Remain High Meaning….10+ Wins A Season…Because After All This Is Still Nebraska We Are Talking About…Right? RIGHT! – Good Luck To Mike Riley and the Nebraska Cornhuskers in 2016!


Mike Riley, Nebraska


2 nd season at Nebraska

Overall Record (Oregon State + Nebraska):  99 – 87  (.532)

Overall Conference Record (Oregon State + Nebraska):  61 – 68  (.473)

Nebraska Record:  6 – 7  (.462)

Nebraska Conference Record:  3 – 5  (.375)

In his first season at Nebraska Mike Riley’s football team did finish 6 – 7 after beating a…

Hapless and Didn’t Give A Damn UCLA Team in the Foster Farms Bowl

….but let’s be honest here…the Huskers had some incredibly bad luck in 2015 and by our count Riley and Nebraska could have easily posted a…

9 – 3

….record last season but hang on a second let’s assume that Nebraska did post indeed post a 9 – 3 record in 2015….Bo Pelini was just fired at Nebraska primarily because he ONLY won…

9.43 games per season at Nebraska


….and thus not only will Mike Riley have to start posting winning seasons in Lincoln he will HAVE TO WIN …

10+ games a season

…or he will be shown the door in Lincoln as well and a Helluva lot sooner than Mike Riley or anyone else around him thinks is possible.

We here at Coaches Hot Seat are lucky enough to have some Nebraska-alum friends in Omaha where we have been traveling on business for over twenty years now, and the general feeling about Mike Riley out on the plains of Nebraska goes something like this…

“Nice guy…but can he win games, Big Ten titles, and National Championships?”

If not, Mike Riley will be fired…PERIOD, and our Nebraska alum friends are looking at what is clearly a very WEAK Big Ten West Division right now and telling themselves and anyone else that will listen that there is no Damn reason in the world for the Huskers to not be dominating the Big Ten West Division….RIGHT NOW!


With that in mind we would like to relate something that was told to us by a Nebraska-alum friend of ours that lives in Chicago a few weeks ago when a Coaches Hot Seat member was in Chi-Town on business:

“If Mike Riley posts another regular season losing season he will be fired in December.”

With that on the table and realizing the Nebraska fans EXPECT and will even as nice as Nebraska folks are will DEMAND that the Huskers start winning 10+ games as season…

At A Freaking Minimum!

….and that takes us to Nebraska’s 2016 football schedule:

Fresno State
At Northwestern
At Indiana
At Wisconsin
At Ohio State
At Iowa

Well….Bozo the Clown could win…


4 Games Coaching the Nebraska Cornhuskers in 2016

….and thus we4 Games Coaching the Nebraska Cornhuskers in 2016 see no Damn reason at all that Mike Riley doesn’t lead the Huskers to at least…

8 Wins in 2016

….with a lean towards Nebraska getting 9 wins if they can beat Iowa on the road to end the season and after all….

Nebraska SHOULD beat Iowa in most seasons

…because after all we are talking about Nebraska….right? RIGHT!

Oh…Bo Pelini was 3 – 1 against Iowa in 4 seasons coaching the Huskers!

Frankly, we will admit that we hope Mike Riley gets things turned around at Nebraska but also frankly we find it hard to believe that Mike Riley will top Bo Pelini’s…

9.43 wins per season at Nebraska

…and thus why in the end Mike Riley will go down in history as the most curious hire in college football since…

Bill Callahan was hired at Nebraska!


Great Luck to you and the Nebraska Cornhuskers in 2016 Coach Riley!

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