Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech in 2016 – Over the Last 6 Seasons Paul Johnson Has Averaged Winning 7 Games Per Season…That’s Just NOT Good Enough At Tech and Thus Why Paul Johnson’s Is On the Verge of Having His Ass Run Out of Atlanta….Just Like Sherman Ran the Confederates Out of Atlanta 152 Years Ago!


Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech


9 th season at Georgia Tech

Overall Record (Ga Southern + Navy + Ga Tech):  168 – 83 (.669)

Overall Conf Record (Ga Southern + Navy + Ga Tech):  74 – 30 (.712)

Georgia Tech Record:  61 – 44 (.581)

Georgia Tech Conference Record:  38 – 26 (.594)

The most stunning number when looking at Paul Johnson’s Win/Loss Record at Georgia Tech is Johnson’s overall record since the Yellow Jackets won the ACC in 2009….

42 – 37 (.532)

…which is a Helluva Average record over 6 seasons at a place like Georgia Tech playing in a conference like the ACC where the Yellow Jackets have every opportunity in the world to win plenty of Damn football games.

That would be 42 wins divided by 6 seasons which equals…

7 Wins Per Season

….and we have some news for Paul Johnson and anyone else that gives a Damn about Georgia Tech football…

7 Wins Per Season is just Flat-Out NOT Good Enough at Tech

….and thus either Paul Johnson will post 8-plus wins in 2016 or Georgia Tech will be looking for a new head coach come December….in our humble opinion.


A few years ago at the Coaches Hot Seat Annual Lake Tahoe Clambake…with the 2016 edition of the Clambake coming up very soon….a former pretty well known head football coach showed us in a presentation how one could go about defeating an offense like Paul Johnson’s Flexbone Spread Option that involved putting a defensive player in a specific area of the field on every play AND doing something that would signal the Georgia Tech QB something that was not really true, and Lo and Behold about a year later many teams playing Georgia Tech started doing both of those things and since then Tech has had ONE good season and now Paul Johnson is on the verge of getting his Ass Run out of Atlanta just like Sherman ran the Confederates out of Hot Atlanta 152 years ago!


So let’s get to Georgia Tech’s 2016 schedule and see if there is a chance in Hell that Paul Johnson will win 8 games plus in 2016….

Boston College
At Pitt
Georgia Southern
At North Carolina
At Virginia Tech
At Georgia

Geez…if Paul Johnson CANNOT win 8-plus games with the above schedule then Johnson’s Ass SHOULD be run out of Atlanta!


Bozo the Clown could easily win…

5 Games coaching the Yellow Jackets in 2016

…which means someone like Paul Johnson making $2.5 plus Million Dollars for Damn sure should be able to top Bozo by three games or more and thus right there is Johnson’s goal for 2016 IF he wants to return to coach the Yellow Jackets in 2017…

8 Wins Plus!

On huge issue for Paul Johnson is that as of right now Georgia Tech does not have a permanent athletic director in place in the wake of Tech AD Mike Bobinski’s departure to Purdue for the same position, and no doubt if the Yellow Jackets stumble in 2016 a new AD will more than likely want a new and even more importantly fresh start for Tech football, and for sure the Tech alums we know in the Atlanta area want a fresh start for the football program unless Johnson can do “something…..anything” this season.

Our guess…Paul Johnson and his Georgia Tech football team win 7 games in 2016…and as Average and Pitiful as that is…it might just get him another year in Atlanta.

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