Ron Turner and Florida International in 2016 – Even FOUR Years Later We Still Haven’t A Damn Clue Why Mario Cristobal Was Fired By FIU…and Even Crazier…Why Was He Replaced With Ron Freaking Turner? It’s SIX Wins Plus For Ron Turner and FIU In 2016….Right? Who the Hell Knows…Yes At FIU It’s…Send in the Clowns!


Ron Turner, Florida International


4 th season at Florida International

Overall Record (San Jose St, Illinois, Florida International):  52 – 87  (.374)

Overall Conference Record:  31 – 63  (.330)

Florida International Record:  10 – 26  (.278)

Florida International Conference Record:  7 – 17  (.292)


Not what we here at Coaches Hot Seat or anyone else understood why the last Florida International head coach before Ron Turner, Mario Cristobal, was fired at FIU after the 2012 season when he was sitting on a record over the 2010, 2011, and 2012 seasons of….

18 – 20 at FIU

….which is a minor miracle at a place like FIU which included taking the Panthers to bowl games in 2011 and 2012 BUT if you are going to fire the most successful head coach in school history you are certainly going to replace him with someone better…..right?


In 2012 Ron Turner who then had a career head coaching record in college football of…

42 – 61

….at San Jose State and Illinois, which included THREE straight losing seasons before he was fired by the Illini after the 2004 season, was hired to replace Mario Cristobal and in THREE seasons how many games has Ron Turner won at FIU you ask?
10 Freaking Football Games!

We got to see FIU play parts of a few games in 2015 and we will admit that the Panthers are about 75% of the way back to where they were when Mario Cristobal was fired BUT that is THREE seasons later, and now entering his FOURTH year on the job one would have to think that either Ron Turner gets…

6 Wins

….at least in 2016 or he is done at FIU….right?

Who the Hell knows because we still can’t figure out why Ron Turner was ever hired at FIU!

OK…let’s go US Navy Intelligence here and assume there is at least one human being working at FIU that…

Knows Their Ass From the Side of a Barn


…and that they have already told Ron Turner something like….

“6 Wins Plus in 2016 Ron or you are done come December”

….which brings us to FIU’s 2016 football schedule to see if 6 wins is doable or not:

At UMass
At Charlotte
La. Tech
Middle Tennessee
At Western Kentucky
At Old Dominion

Geez…if anyone out there sees…

6 Wins

…on FIU’s 2016 schedule then please drop us a note because we don’t think there is a…

Freaking Chance in Hell

…that Ron Turner and his Panthers win 6 games this season but then that’s why the play the games….right? RIGHT!

If Ron Turner doesn’t get to at least 6 wins in 2016 that will make it…

12 out of 14 seasons that FIU has played football that they didn’t hit the .500 mark

…and who has those TWO .500-plus seasons coaching FIU you ask?

Well of course….Mario Cristobal.


For some reason Frank Sinatra singing Send in the Clowns seems appropriate in this spot!

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