Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Yes…There Are A Lot of Coaches on the Hot Seat and That Is Why We Need Mr. Johnny Cash To Help Us Out In This Spot! Give ‘Em Hell Johnny!


Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

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Yes…There Are A Lot of Coaches on the Hot Seat and That Is Why We Need Mr. Johnny Cash To Help Us Out In This Spot! Give ‘Em Hell Johnny!

Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Charlie Partridge, Florida Atlantic – In Charlie Partridge’s thirty-second game as the head coach at Florida Atlantic the Owls lost to Western Kentucky by the score of…

52 – 3!

Oh…after thirty-two games as the head coach at FAU Charlie Partridge’s records now stand at…

Overall:  7 – 25

CUSA:  5 – 15

….and that means that Partridge’s CUSA Conference winning percentage of…


….is way below the very AVERAGE…


….CUSA Conference winning percentage posted by Howard Schnellenberger and Carl Pelini at FAU and that cannot be the kind of record the folks at FAU were looking for when they hired Partridge three years ago.

Now at 1 – 7 on the season FAU has left to play games against…

At Rice
Old Dominion
At Middle Tennessee

…which is two below average and two pretty tough games to finish the season the way the Owls are playing right now we don’t see things getting much better the rest of 2016.

What exactly is the status of Charlie Partridge at FAU right now?

We haven’t a Damn clue except to say that when you are playing in a beautiful football stadium like this…


…you Damn better be winning some football games…in our humble opinion!


2.  David Beaty, Kansas – We really haven’t a Damn clue why Kansas hired David Beaty to replace a hire that was even more bizarre at Kansas…

The Fired Charlie Weis


…..whose eventual firing was as predictable as the hot Sun on the plains of West Kansas in the Summer and who hired both Charlie Weis and David Beaty at KU which are two hires that…

Make No Damn Sense At All?

Sheahon Zenger, the athletic director at the University of Kansas who has hired TWO head football coaches at Kansas that have combined records of…

Overall:  7 – 41

Big 12:  1 – 32

That is what one would call…

Totally Damn Freaking Unacceptable

…and yet Sheahon Zenger is still the AD at Kansas?

Go Damn Figure!

Since we rather doubt David Beaty will EVER get it done at Kansas if were hired to be the AD at KU tomorrow here is what we would do…

We would let David Beaty finish out the rest of the 2016 football season and then fire his ass on November 26 right after the Kansas State game and then we would try to hire one of the following coaches in order of which one we would ask first to be the next Kansas head football coach:

1.  Mike Leach, Washington State
2.  Craig Bohl, Wyoming
3.  PJ Fleck, Western Michigan
4.  K. C. Keeler, Sam Houston State
5.  John Grass, Jacksonville State
6.  Bob Stitt, Montana

Kansas needs someone to Light A Damn Prairie Fire that can be seen from miles….no make that HUNDREDS of miles away….and secondly Kansas needs to hire a coach that gets at least some kind of…

“Son-of-a-Damn Bitch”

….response from the other head coaches in the Big 12 Conference and ALL of the above football coaches would do that!

Next up for Kansas….

At West Virginia!

Got 1 – 20 David Beaty?

You are about to have 1 – 20 Son!

On a related note to the Kansas head coaching job a little birdie tells us here at Coaches Hot Seat that…

Agents for more than one former very well known college head coaches have been trying to get their clients into some kind of shot at the Kansas head coach job IF it should come open in a month or so and if we had to guess what those former college head coaches names are we would guess..

Les Miles
Houston Nutt
Butch Davis
Rick Neuheisel

Would we hire any of the above former college head coaches at KANSAS?

No…not at KANSAS which needs a BIG Prairie Fire Lit…a Very Damn BIG Prairie Fire Lit!


3.  Steve Addazio, Boston College – Steve Addazio’s Boston College team won an ACC game on Saturday which is BIG news since the Eagles last won an ACC Conference Game in…


….but even with that win over NC State the FACT is that Addazio’s record in ACC Conference play in FOUR years at the school now stands at…

9 – 20  (.310)

….and that pales in comparison to the ACC Conference records of the last three BC head coaches:

Frank Spaziani:  13 – 19  (.406)

Jeff Jagodzinski:  11 – 5  (.688)

Tom O’Brien:  37 – 34  (.544)

Can Steve Addazio possible hang onto his head coach job at BC with a potential second-straight losing season on the books and a winning percentage in ACC Conference play of…


We haven’t a clue but we do know this…

Boston College Football is a Total Damn Joke…PERIOD!


4.  Mark Helfrich, Oregon – Truly the Vince Lombardi quote….

“If you aren’t fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.”


…may indeed be apt to the situation at Oregon in a few weeks which raises an interesting question about Mark Helfrich’s time as the head football coach at Oregon.

Mark Helfrich is an Oregon boy growing up in beautiful Coos Bay, Oregon where one of our favorite seafood restaurants on the Oregon Coast is located…

Fisherman’s Seafood Market


…..and he played football at Southern Oregon and was a NAIA All-American and yet at times it seems like…

Mark Helfrich is watching himself coach the Oregon football team instead of COACHING the Oregon football team!

A new win/loss record that we have been toying around with at Coaches Hot Seat for FBS head coaches is…

Win/Loss Record Against Power 5 Conference Schools With .500 or Better Records

….and since Oregon lost to Ohio State in the 2015 National Title Game Mark Helfrich’s record against Power 5 Conference Schools With .500 or Better Records stands at…

7 – 9

….and that is a record that in our opinion will NOT be allowed to stand at a place like Oregon where a head coach has EVERYTHING he could possible want or need to win a Helluva lot of football games, and yet over the last TWO seasons in Pac-12 Conference play Helfrich’s record stands at…

8 – 6


What does the future hold for Mark Helfrich at Oregon with the Ducks now sitting on a record of…

3 – 5

….and still having to play games against..

At Utah
At Oregon State

….and with those games left it makes us think the Ducks are looking at a record of something like…

4 – 8 or 5 – 7

….in 2016?

Our guess on November 2 is that if Oregon finishes at 5 – 7 Mark Helfrich hangs onto his job with the Ducks…BUT…if Oregon only wins one more game or God-forbid loses their last four games which would include a loss at Oregon State on November 26…

The Mark Helfrich –Era at Oregon is OVER!


5.  Butch Jones, Tennessee – It’s impossible to know what is going on at Tennessee without being behind the scenes of the Vols football program, but a couple of Coaches Hot Seat members that made the trek from Atlanta to Knoxville for the recent Alabama – Tennessee game talked to a few folks, poked their noses around a bit, and picked-up enough rumor and innuendo to last a lifetime and reported back what they have thought for awhile about Butch Jones time at Tennessee:

“Butch Jones is a volatile, borderline insane, some would say crazy football coach whose inconsistent live wire act at Tennessee practices and games leaves many players wondering where they stand with their head coach which leads to a very unstable foundation for Vols football which will crack eventually as the going gets tough.”

What the Hell does that mean exactly you ask?

There are many at Coaches Hot Seat that have lived long enough to have been coached by dozens of different coaches in their lifetimes and now coached their own kids teams many times and from all that getting coached and coaching the one thing that has stood out as something that all great coaches have in order to get the most out of their teams is…


That means…

Consistency in Purpose
Consistency in Actions
Consistency in Behavior
Consistency in Coaching

…and it’s our humble opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that Butch Jones sometimes cross the…

Borderline Crazy and Insane Line

…that any successful coach must tread along but NEVER go over because when you go over it…

As Will Muschamp did dozens of times as the head football coach at Florida


…and as Butch Jones has dozens of times as the head football coach at Tennessee you create doubt within your own team not only about the sanity of the head coach that players terribly want to believe in and follow, but even worse crossing the line leads players to ask the most corrosive question a player on any team in any sport can ask themselves:

Does this coach know what the Hell he is doing?

The humble opinion of Coaches Hot Seat is that Butch Jones needs to look in the mirror and see the Real Butch Jones as he is seen by the media, the general public and Tennessee fans YES but even more importantly as Butch Jones is seen by his players at Tennessee and it’s just a guess that if Jones does look deeply and finds what we see he will understand that…

His Inconsistency of Purpose, Actions, Behavior and Coaching

….will be the root of the problems now unfolding at Tennessee which can be easily fixed by following the wise words of the Great Tom Landry:


“Leadership is a matter of having people look at you and gain confidence, seeing how you react. If you’re in control, they’re in control.”

As Coach Bill Walsh used to say behind the scenes and far from his players (paraphrased since so long ago now)…

“I am nervous as Hell and churning like crazy inside worrying about everything under the Sun but I will be Damned if I will let my players see all that!”


As for the Butch Jones tenure at Tennessee after the Total Damn Disastrous loss to South Carolina on Saturday his records now stand at…

Overall:  26 – 20

SEC:  12 – 17

…and even worse Butch Jones records against Power 5 Conference Schools with .500 or better records is…

8 – 18!

Sorry…NONE of the above records are good enough for Tennessee football and we would recommend Butch Jones find a way for his Vols to reach down and win their last FOUR games against…

Tennessee Tech
At Vanderbilt

…to finish the season at 9 – 3 which will get Butch Jones off the Hot Seat heading in 2017 and then between now and next fall Jones can find that…

Consistency in Purpose
Consistency in Actions
Consistency in Behavior
Consistency in Coaching

…to maybe finally get the Tennessee Football program on the level is SHOULD be in the SEC and Nationally.


6.  Charlie Strong, Texas – That was a nice win at home for Charlie Strong and the Texas Longhorns against Baylor on Saturday which raises the Longhorns record to 4 – 4 on the season with these games still left to be played…

At Texas Tech
West Virginia
At Kansas

Question: If Texas won its last four games of the 2016 season would Charlie Strong be the head coach at Texas in 2017?

Answer: Yes

Question: If Texas won three of its last four games of the 2016 season would Charlie Strong be the head coach at Texas in 2017?

Answer: Maybe but Probably Not

The reason the answer to the last question is “Maybe but Probably Not” is that in THREE years as the head coach at Texas Charlie Strong has posted a record of…

7 – 17

….in 24 games against Power 5 Conference Teams with .500 or Better Records and that is just not acceptable at TEXAS under any circumstance we can possibly imagine.

Go win those last 4 games Charlie Strong and then get your Longhorns team ready for 2017!


7.  Rich Rodriguez, Arizona – A Coaches Hot Seat member who was at the Stanford – Arizona game on Saturday night in Tucson reported back that…

“Rich Rodriguez looks about as unhappy as he looked at Michigan which was Damn Unhappy if anyone has forgotten!”

What exactly is going on at Arizona with Rich Rodriguez posting records over the last two seasons of…

Overall:  9 – 12

Pac-12:  3 – 11

….with reports that Rodriguez may have been interested in the South Carolina and maybe Miami jobs at the end of last season if the price had been right?

We haven’t a Damn clue what is going on at Arizona other than from what we have seen of the Wildcats on TV and in-person it looks like a team that is getting AVERAGE coaching at best and Un-Damn Motivated coaching at worst with a sideline that looks about as interested in the football game going on in front of them on the field as we would be interested in shopping with our wives on a college football Saturday!

It’s just a guess on our part but it looks to us like Rich Rodriguez is just playing-out the string at Arizona and taking what comes each day, but that he is not…

Fired With Enthusiasm

….about being the head coach at Arizona and for Damn sure Rodriguez is NOT…

Attacking Each Day With An Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind!

Now at 2 – 6 on the season Arizona has games left against…

At Washington State
At Oregon State
Arizona State

…which looks like THREE more losses to us at least which would leave the Wildcats with a record of…

3 – 9 or 4 – 8

…in 2016 and that would put Rich Rodriguez squarely on the Hot Seat entering the 2017 season….IF….Rodriguez is the head coach at Arizona in 2017!

An interesting sidenoteArizona now has 27 commitments for their 2017 recruiting class which is ranked 14 th in the nation according to which is very Damn interesting in so many ways!



8.  Bret Bielema, Arkansas – Bret Bielema and Arkansas had a much needed bye-week in Week 9 after getting their asses handed to them by Auburn by the score of 56 – 3 in Week 8 and the now 5 – 3 Razorbacks get to finish the season against….

At Mississippi State
At Missouri

We see No Damn Reason at all that Arkansas doesn’t finish AT LEAST…

7 – 5

….in 2016 but then was 7 – 5 what Arkansas fans were expecting from Bret Bielema in his FOURTH year at the school?

We will let a good buddy of ours and Arkansas-alum who lives in beautiful Ft. Smith, Arkansas answer that question for us:

“Why Hell No we were not expecting a 7 – 5 record in year 4 for Bielema! Hell, if Petrino was still at Arkansas we would have at least one SEC title if not more on the board and here we are getting our asses kicked by Auburn while the Damn head coach is filming a reality TV show! This will not stand I tell you..this Horseshit will not stand!”


Memo to Bret Bielema:  Don’t lose to Florida Son….just don’t Damn lose to Florida!


9.  Brian Kelly, Notre Dame – Watching Miami play Notre Dame on Saturday we here at Coaches Hot Seat couldn’t help but wonder….

Is anyone coaching EITHER of these football teams?

….and why wouldn’t one be thinking that after watching the Hurricanes and Irish wallow around in South Bend for a few hours with Notre Dame coming out with a win to raise the Irish record to…

3 – 5

….with games still left against…

Virginia Tech

Now let’s see here…IF Notre Dame had hired this fellow to coach the Irish before the season with the current roster….


…how many games would Notre Dame had won in 2016?

8 Games AT LEAST!

The BEST Brian Kelly can do in 2016 is a 7 – 5 record!

That’s says it all….that Freaking Says It All!

Oh by the way the Irish have 3 wins in 2016 and the combined record of the 3 teams the Irish have beaten is….

11 – 13

Cue the Laughter and Snorting at Coaches Hot Seat!


10. Kirby Smart, Georgia – As Ted Knight playing Judge Smales in Caddyshack would have said after the Florida – Georgia game on Saturday….

“Kirby, Kirby, Kirby, Kirby, Kirby…what in the Hell is going on Son?”

What the Hell is going on indeed with the Dawgs now at…

4 – 4

…on the season and Kirby Smart acting like he has all the Damn time in the world to “turn around” the Georgia football program which we remind Kirby Smart…

Won 49 Football Games the last FIVE seasons

….and in case Smart doesn’t know it we asked what we will call an “influential” Georgia-alum and friend of ours in Atlanta on Monday of this week how much “time Smart will get at Georgia” and his response was…

“I hope Kirby Smart knew before he accepted the Georgia job that he better Damn be winning from Day 1!”

Now at 4 – 4 on the season and with these games left to be played…

At Kentucky
La Lafayette
Georgia Tech

….IF Georgia loses to Kentucky on Saturday there is a very good chance the Dawgs don’t go to a bowl game in 2016 and if that should happen…or NOT happen depending upon where you learned your English growing up….Kirby Smart will find out in the coming months that his ass won’t make it past Year 2 if Georgia doesn’t…

Win A Helluva Lot of Football Games in 2017!

Memo to Kirby Smart:  Don’t lose to Kentucky Son….just don’t Damn lose to Kentucky!

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