Post Week 12 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Thank You Again Mr. Johnny Cash for Another Great College Football Season and Giving These Hot Seat Coaches Hell!


Post Week 12 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

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Thank You Again Mr. Johnny Cash for Another Great College Football Season and Giving These Hot Seat Coaches Hell!

Post Week 12 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Brian Kelly, Notre Dame – It says a Helluva lot that in your 90 th game as the head coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish that your team gets destroyed by the score of…

USC – 45
ND – 27

….but then those that have been watching Notre Dame football closely since Alabama obliterated the Irish in January 2013 saw this coming and were telling anyone that would listen…most didn’t at first….including us…but we are sure the Hell listening now!

Consider this for a moment…since Notre Dame got stomped-on by Alabama in the Bogus BCS National Title Game in January 2013 the Irish have played…

39 Games Against Power 5 Conference Schools

….and have posted a Win/Loss Record in those 39 games of…

20 – 19!

At…..Notre Dame!

It’s just our humble opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat but….

Brian Kelly of 2016 is not the same Brian Kelly that arrived at Notre Dame in 2010 after nice runs at Cincinnati and Central Michigan and that is because….in our humble opinion of course….

Brian Kelly is not as hungry to win Games and National Titles for Notre Dame as he used to be just a few years ago

…and if that is the case then that is a Helluva bad spot for the Notre Dame Football program to be at in the hands of when by ANY measure we can think of the Fighting Irish have plenty of talent to work with on their campus: Team Recruiting Rankings:

2013 – 3 rd
2014 – 11 th
2015 – 11 th
2016 – 13 th

And in 2016 you post a 4 – 8 record playing 12 games when….

5 of those teams had losing records in 2016?

Geez…what in the Hell is going on at Notre Dame and with Brian Kelly?

Again…it’s just our humble opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat but a few CHS members noticed at the Stanford – Notre Dame game in October that there were a lot of Irish football players fooling around on the Notre Dame sideline during the game against the Cardinal almost as if…

They didn’t give a Damn if Notre Dame won the game or not!

Here’s the Notre Dame 2017 Football Schedule:

At Boston College
At Michigan State
Miami (Ohio)
At North Carolina
NC State
Wake Forest
At Miami
At Stanford

If Notre Dame plays like it did in 2016 or even a little better the Irish will be lucky to win…

6 Games in 2017

…and Oh that must warm the hearts of Irish fans everywhere!


2.  Mark Helfrich, Oregon – We are not sure what is going on with Mark Helfrich at Oregon right now, but the words of an US Navy Admiral are ringing in a few of our ears at Coaches Hot Seat who was asked by one of us over drinks after a round of golf the following:

“Admiral, why did you relieve the commanding officer of “X” ship when the ship was in the middle of the Indian Ocean on the way to Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf?”

Admiral: “Because when you make a decision to fire someone…you fire their ass!”


If Oregon has decided to fire Mark Helfrich…and let’s hope the folks in Eugene and Beaverton are not slowing down this process over a few million bucks which is a rounding error in the grand scheme of things since NONE of us are getting off this planet with ANY money…then Oregon…

Needs to Fire Mark Helfrich!

Hell…almost everyone at Coaches Hot Seat has been fired during their working lives and it’s not very Damn fun to be told your services are no longer needed at this company and you have till five o’clock to get your shit together and get the Hell out of the building BUT getting fired is a very liberating thing…for the person being fired…and for the person doing the firing!


There’s little reason to waste time on the FACT…in our humble opinion…that the Oregon Football Program is now in total disarray with no REAL leadership with the clock ticking on recruiting at this very moment not only for 2017 but 2018 and 2019 as well and with that in mind…

Whoever is making the Firing Decisions relative to the Oregon Football program these days needs to get their ass or asses in gear!

Either Fire Mark Helfrich or tell him he is coming back in 2017 and with many Stanford Football folks at Coaches Hot Seat in mind if Oregon decides to bring back Mark Helfrich we may just…

Throw one Helluva THANK GOD Oregon brought back Mark Helfrich Party!


3.  Tommy Tuberville, Cincinnati – There is nothing that will get your ass on the Hot Seat quicker than…

Losing Your Last FIVE Games

….to end the season which Cincinnati and head coach Tommy Tuberville just did and now Tubs has firmly planted himself on the Hot Seat just like he was during his last years at Auburn which weren’t no bed of roses for Tubs or anyone else on The Plains!

Where does Tommy Tuberville stand with the folks at Cincinnati after FOUR years on the job and these win/loss records on the board?

Overall:  29 – 22

AAC:  18 – 14

We don’t know the answer to that question but we watched Cincinnati play football a few times in 2016 and in our opinion it looked at times like the Bearcats were just going through the motions and not really committed to winning and forgive us but in this day and age if you have a coach …in ANY sport…that isn’t…

Lighting A Fire Under the Asses of His or Her Players

…then that is a coach that as AD we are keeping a close eye on with their employment contract within close reach at all times!

Here are the Goals of ANY Coach we would employ as an AD at ANY school:

Win the Conference Championship

Win the National Championship

The above is what the coaches of ALL athletic teams at Stanford University are given and there is No Damn Reason at all that’s not the same goal at EVERY other college and university in America…including Cincinnati…and if a coach is not driving his or her players towards those goals then…

That Coach Should Be on the Hot Seat and more than likely FIRED!

Just for the record over the past TWO seasons at Cincinnati Tommy Tuberville has posted records of…

Overall:  11 – 14

AAC: 5 – 11

Not Good Tubs….that’s just Not Good Son!


4.  Todd Graham, Arizona State – The 2016 Arizona Football is BAD and with that in mind what the Hell does it say that a BAD Arizona Football Team just destroyed Arizona State in the Territorial Cup game by the score of…

Arizona – 56
Arizona St – 35

It says there is one Helluva problem with the Arizona State football program and since head coach Todd Graham controls EVERYTHING that goes on with Arizona State football there is only once place to go here and that is…


….for head coach Todd Graham.

It’s just a guess but when a team like Arizona State is giving up an average of…


…points per game that is case of DON’T WANT TO among many Arizona State defensive players because there is NO defensive scheme that a competent coach could run at a school like ASU where they have plenty of Damn talent that could give up an average of…


….points per game unless the ASU players just DON’T WANT TO!

Here’s the problem if you have a lot of DON’T WANT TO on your football team since we will assume that Todd Graham actually knows what he is doing with his defensive schemes….

DON’T WANT TO = Players Quitting = The Head Coach Getting His Ass Fired!

Oh…but it’s not just 2016 that this has been going on because we started to notice some DON’T WANT TO among Arizona State players in 2015 and over the past two seasons Todd Graham has posted win/loss records of…

Overall:  11 – 14

Pac-12:  6 – 12

Clearly there’s a serious Damn problem going on at Arizona State and if Todd Graham is going to be brought back to coach the Sun Devils in 2017 we recommend Todd take a good look at himself in the mirror and ask….

“What in the Hell am I doing wrong because it’s clear I am the problem.”

“Is it fun to play football for Todd Graham?”

Ask that question to your departing seniors Todd Graham….go ahead…ask it Son…and tell them to answer the question truthfully!


5.  Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M – It must be one Helluva bad feeling for fans of Texas A&M football to realize that in Kevin Sumlin’s…

64 th Game

….coaching the Aggies that he would lose that game by the score of…

LSU – 54
A&M – 39

….when one would think that by your 64 th game you would be better than your…

12 th Game

…when the Aggies beat Missouri…when Mizzou still had a decent football team…by the score of…

A&M – 59
Mizzou – 29

Yes…the feeling must be settling in by now in Aggieland that…

Texas A&M Football is Average As Hell

….and that Aggies should just go ahead and accept that their football program is….

Average As Hell

….and we also must point out the days of making fun of Texas Football…

Those Days Are About To Come To An End Aggies!

Hell…Buck up Aggies….Kevin Sumlin’s record in SEC play in FIVE seasons on the job of..

21 – 19

…isn’t that bad…that is if you are willing to accept….

Average As Hell!

There’s your slogan Texas A&M and ALL Aggies on the planet….

Texas A&M = We Are Average As Hell and Damn Proud Of It!


Hell..over at LSU where Les Miles posted a record in SEC play over the last FIVE seasons of…

20 – 15

….got his ass fired because….

LSU isn’t willing to be Average As Hell

…and look no further than this score to understand that reality…

LSU – 54
A&M – 39

Get up this morning and Go Be Average Aggies…Because That’s What You Are…



6.  Jim Mora, UCLA – When Jim Mora was hired at UCLA after the 2011 football season a wise friend of ours who watches the game of football very closely across America said to us about Mora…

“Jim will do very well at UCLA…for a year or two…and then it will go straight downhill.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “Why do you say that?”

Wise Friend: “Because Jim eventually pisses everyone off and people quit wanting to work and play for him.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “Hmmmmm.”

Jim Mora’s Records with the Atlanta Falcons

2004: 11 – 5
2005: 8 – 8
2006: 7 – 9

Jim Mora’s Records with UCLA

2012: 9 – 4
2013: 10 – 3
2014: 10 – 3
2015: 8 – 5
2016: 4 – 8

Hmmmmmmmm Indeeed!

To be honest we didn’t think Jim Mora was that much an upgrade from Rick Neuheisel who is a Helluva fun guy to be around and who knows a Helluva lot about football, but who just wasn’t getting the job done at UCLA for a myriad of reasons that we could list here but will not which brings us back to Jim Mora at UCLA who proved us wrong until….2016….and now the question is…

Can Jim Mora right the ship at UCLA which is sinking faster than bowling ball dropped into the Pacific Ocean?

Our guess….unless Jim Mora completely overhauls the UCLA coaching staff and changes the way he interacts with both his coaches and players meaning he needs to act as if…

Jim Mora will be able to be good friends with his coaches and players 25 years from now

….or the UCLA Bruins will sink into the Pacific Ocean faster than a 17 lb bowling ball!


7.  Paul Haynes, Kent State – In FOUR seasons at Kent State head coach Paul Haynes has posted win/loss records of..

Overall:  12 – 35

MAC:  8 – 23

….and any day now we expect to hear that Darrell Hazell will be coming back to Kent State to coach the Flashes and that Paul Haynes will be his defensive coordinator!


8.  Bret Bielema, Arkansas – Really Bret Bielema? Lose to Missouri Son? A Missouri team by the way Son that lost to Middle Tennessee at home just a few weeks back by the score of…

MTSU – 51
Mizzou – 45

….and you really lost to Missouri Bielema?

Really Son?

Now in FOUR seasons at Arkansas Bret Bielema has posted win/loss records of…

Overall:  25 – 25

SEC:  10 – 22

….and by ANY standard we can think of in recent Arkansas memory that kind of record over FOUR seasons in Fayetteville by a head coach….

Gets Your Ass Fired!


Now let’s see here…in Houston Nutt’s last FOUR seasons at Arkansas he posted win/loss records of…

Overall:  28 – 21

SEC:  16 – 16

….and Houston Nutt got his ass run out of town on a rail!

Hmmmmm…what exactly is going on at Arkansas that a coach like Bret Bielema can post such average records like…

10 – 22

…in SEC play and not be under more pressure from the fans and administration at Arkansas?

Oh….it must be just like Texas A&M….

Arkansas LOVES Being Average!

Uhhhh…make that Below Average for the Hogs that they do LOVE!

Oh…Bret Bielema’s record against teams in the SEC West Division over the past FOUR seasons….

7 – 17

Uhhh embrace Below Damn Average fans of Arkansas Football because that’s what you are folks!


9.  Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss – It’s just speculation on our part here at Coaches Hot Seat but a few Coaches Hot Seat members were down in Destin, Florida for the SEC Conference Spring Meeting several months back and we got a good look at Hugh Freeze from close-up several times and it looked then and it looks even more now that the NCAA investigation of the Mississippi Football program was in the Spring and is today having a tremendous negative impact on Hugh Freeze and that negative vibe from Freeze has rubbed off on everyone on and around the Ole Miss football team.


Even after losing a TON of talent in the NFL Draft the 2016 Mississippi Football team has plenty of players to win 9 or 10 games BUT something went wrong after two early losses to two very good teams in FSU and Alabama, and after a loss to Arkansas on the road on October 15 the dam began to break and ended with Ole Miss losing…

5 of its last 7 football games

…and finishing the season at 5 – 7 in what clearly has to be one of the WORST coaching jobs in recent SEC Conference history.

What could have Hugh Freeze done to mitigate the effects of the NCAA investigation of the Mississippi football program on Freeze himself and thus everyone else in and around the team which led in our opinion to a Total Collapse of the Rebels down the stretch of this season?

When something is hanging over any kind of organization such as an NCAA investigation the thing a leader has to do is address the situation head-on…no not with the outside world…but with the folks on the inside and we mean really address the situation as in bursting the bubble totally and more importantly…

Using the THING hanging over everyone’s head as a rallying cry and motivation to prove folks wrong!

Of course…Hugh Freeze on the sideline in 2016 looked a Helluva lot like he look at the Sandestin Resort in the Spring and what did Freeze look like when he walked by a few of us in the hallway…

“Like a dead man walking!”

Hugh Freeze says that he is raring to go for the 2017 season…

Hugh Freeze has been doing his research and making his list, Chuck Rounsaville,

….but Hugh you can make all the Damn lists you like but if you aren’t right personally Son…your team is not going to be right…nor is your staff.

Get yourself right and then get your coaches right and then get your players right or Hugh Freeze…

2017 will be re-run of 2016!


10.  Butch Jones, Tennessee

Memo to Butch Jones: You just took a 10 win team at Tennessee…a team you built through recruiting and won 8 games Son…and that is Damn Outrage in every sense of the words Damn Outrage!

There was just No Damn Excuse for Tennessee to lose to…

South Carolina and Vanderbilt in 2016

…who combined posted a record of…

12 – 12

…..and if you had beaten those TWO Very Average Teams Butch Jones your Tennessee Football team would be getting ready to play Alabama in the SEC Championship Game instead of waiting around to play in some meaningless bowl game.

Clearly, no one at Coaches Hot Seat was at the Tennessee practices in Knoxville in 2016 but watching the South Carolina and Vanderbilt games it was obvious as Hell that the Vols came into both games flat and not ready to play and therein lies the difference between….

Awful – Average – Good – Very Good and Great Football Coaches

….because Very Good and Great Football Coaches DO NOT let their teams in vital games come in Flat and Not Ready To Play and early on in the week they recognize that things are not right and they do something…anything….to get their team motivated and ready to play and bottom-line…

Tennessee WAS NOT ready to play South Carolina or Vanderbilt…PERIOD!

Beyond the AVERAGE records that Butch Jones has posted at Tennessee in FOUR years on the job…

Overall:  29 – 21

SEC:  14 – 18

….and beyond not having the Vols ready to play in many important and not-so-important games over the past FOUR seasons the worst thing of all in our opinion relative to Butch Jones coaching career….

There is No Joy in Knoxville for Butch Jones and the Tennessee Vols

Members at Coaches Hot Seat have had all kinds of coaches in all kinds of sports in our lives and it’s not even close who our favorite coaches were and what they were like…

Our favorite coaches demanded a lot of us but made Damn sure we had fun playing the sports we loved to play

Butch Jones demands a lot of his coaches and players and that is normal as apple pie in America but Butch Jones….life is short Son….and when you look back on your time at Tennessee are you going to think of that time as misery of a high order….or are you going to change now and start having fun coaching the great game of football?

Your choice Son!

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