#16 Hot Seat Head Coach – Doug Martin, New Mexico State – #17 Hot Seat Head Coach – Sean Kugler, UTEP – #18 Hot Seat Head Coach – Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech


#16 Hot Seat Head Coach – Doug Martin, New Mexico State

We are not quite sure what Doug Martin would have to do to get fired as the head coach at New Mexico State after four years on the job, but if the below records won’t get Martin fired…

2013:  2 – 10
2014:  2 – 10
2015:  3 – 9
2016:  3 – 9

Overall:  10 – 38

Sun Belt:  6 – 19

….we are thinking it would probably take Martin winning less than 2 games in 2017 AND burning down the Lobos football stadium to get his ass fired!

Doug Martin has coached 11 years as a FBS head coach at Kent State and New Mexico State now…not exactly two FBS power schools…and has an overall career record of…

39 – 91

…and if you do a little back of the envelope math that is losing and average of…


….football games a season and Hell…that is a Helluva lot of losing!

Since we haven’t a Damn clue what the expectations are for Doug Martin at New Mexico State let’s get to the Lobos 2017 schedule and see what is coming up on the horizon down Las Cruces way:

At Arizona State
At New Mexico
At Arkansas
At Appalachian State
At Georgia Southern
Arkansas State
At Texas State
At La. Lafayette
South Alabama

Geez….that’s a pretty tough schedule for Martin and the Lobos in 2017 and we had to guess it looks like another…

2 or 3 win

….outcome to 2017 is coming down the pike and barring Doug Martin burning down the Lobos football stadium even with only 2 or 3 wins this upcoming season Martin…amazingly….might just survive to coach the Lobos in 2018!


#17 Hot Seat Head Coach – Sean Kugler, UTEP

The expectations for UTEP football have never what someone would call “HIGH” but it seems to us that winning SIX games a season in Conference USA is a reasonable standard that the UTEP head football coach should meet every year, and that is a mark that Miners head coach Sean Kugler has missed the last two season and thus why Kugler finds his ass on the Hot Seat heading into 2017.

Let’s take a look at Sean Kugler’s FOUR seasons as the head coach at UTEP:

2013:  2 – 10
2014:  7 – 6
2015:  5 – 7
2016:  4 – 8

Overall:  18 – 31

CUSA:  11 – 21

Make that Sean Kugler has fallen below our standard of UTEP football winning SIX games a season in 3 of his 4 years on the job, and we have to think anything short of SIX wins in 2017 and Kugler will be heading his ass out of the West Texas Town of El Paso!

Let’s take a look at UTEP’s 2017 schedule:

At Oklahoma
At New Mexico State
At Army
Western Kentucky
At Southern Miss
Texas San Antonio
At Middle Tennessee
At North Texas
La. Tech

Now come on…we see No Damn Reason that a head football coach at UTEP in his FIFTH season on the job doesn’t win at least SIX games with the above schedule, and if Sean Kugler falls short of that SIX win mark then the UTEP job will probably be opening up coming early December.

How about a quick look back into time at the 1977 Sun Bowl in El Paso with the Stanford Cardinal whipping the LSU Bengal Tigers with Pat Summerall, Tom Brookshier and Burt Reynolds on the call!


#18 Hot Seat Head Coach – Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech

In our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat the MOST disappointing coach on the FBS level of football in America that has been on the job for 4 years or more is no doubt….

Kliff Kingsbury

…at Texas Tech who opened in 2013 at Tech winning his first SEVEN games but since has posted a record over the past 3+ years of…

17 – 26

Let’s take a look at Kliff Kingsbury’s overall records at Texas Tech over the past 4 seasons:

2013:  8 – 5
2014:  4 – 8
2015:  7 – 6
2016:  5 – 7

Overall:  24 – 26

Big 12:  13 – 23

Man…that 13 – 23 record in Big 12 Conference play by Kingsbury which isn’t exactly a tough neighborhood to play football in anymore is ugly indeed, but even more shocking is Kingsbury’s record against FBS schools the last 4 years at Tech:

15 – 26

Geez….we just cannot imagine anyone at Texas Tech is going to tolerate Average to Pitiful Football to continue on in Lubbock for much longer which brings us to Texas Tech’s 2017 schedule, and one has to think that anything less than SIX wins and Kingsbury is done and Hell entering his FIFTH season in Lubbock anything less than EIGHT wins and his ass should probably be done!

Eastern Washington
Arizona State
At Houston
Oklahoma State
At Kansas
At West Virginia
Iowa State
At Oklahoma
Kansas State
At Texas

With SIX home games and several very winnable games on the road along with one neutral site game against Baylor in our opinion anything less than SIX wins and Kliff Kingsbury should be fired shortly after Tech play Texas in Austin on November 24 and no doubt Kingsbury will be fired with anything less than SIX wins in 2017!

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