11 CFB Head Coaches Facing MUST WIN Games in Week 8 Who’s Coaches and Teams Need To Take It To The Limit!


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Butch Jones, Tennessee vs. Alabama – Since there is really No Damn Chance that Tennessee will beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa in Week 8 this is really a…

Let’s Not Get Our Ass Whipped Vols Game

…rather than a MUST WIN Game because we already have the Vols at 3 – 4 on the season with a loss to the Tide and Hell does anyone think Tennessee can beat Kentucky in Week 9? Didn’t think so…which means the Vols will be 3 – 5 by Halloween and no doubt Butch Jones agent Chubby Boy Sexton is over in Memphis right now both working on a deal to get Butch out of Knoxville and into another head coaching job somewhere!

Good Luck against the Tide Butch!

David Beaty, Kansas vs. TCU – We give Kansas NO DAMN CHANCE IN HELL of beating TCU on Saturday in a game which is a…

“Name Your Damn Score Game” for TCU

….which if the Horned Frogs wanted could be 100 – 0 and there’s the problem with Kansas Football…

In Year 3 on the job as the Head Coach at Kansas for David Beaty the Jayhawks are really No Damn Better than they were in Year 1….and Oh by the way…in 2015 Kansas lost to TCU by the score of…

23 – 17

….and in 2017 Kansas will lose to TCU by the score of what exactly…

45 – 17?

Yes…Kansas is a MUST WIN Game for David Beaty and the Jayhawks!

Brian Kelly, Notre Dame vs. USC – Brian Kelly has been able to cool his former red hot rear-end by winning games over…

Boston College
Michigan State
Miami, Ohio
North Carolina

….and now here come the USC Trojans to South Bend and if Kelly wants to totally get his ass of the Hot Seat…for the time being at least…then beating the Trojans is a MUST and a loss in this spot to USC…

Brian Kelly’s ass will be right back in the Top 10 on the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings!

Larry Fedora, UNC vs. Virginia Tech – We aren’t quite sure what is going on at North Carolina to cause the football team to…

Totally Collapse and Fall To Pieces

…but the Tar Heels are now 1 – 6 on the season with only a win over Old Dominion and UNC still has to play in 2017:

At Virginia Tech
At Pitt
Western Carolina
At NC State

Damn….Larry Fedora and his Tar Heels may only win TWO games in 2017 and if you can’t win but TWO games in SIXTH year on the job then what the Hell is the point of Fedora being the head coach at North Carolina?

There is NONE!

Yes….Virginia Tech is a MUST WIN Game for Larry Fedora and those Cheating Ass Folks in Chapel Hill!

Bret Bielema, Arkansas vs. Auburn – In Bret Bielema’s last 16 games as the head coach at Arkansas he has posted a record of…

6 – 10

…and Bielema in the last 10 SEC games has posted a record of…

3 – 7

…and one has to wonder how there is ANY fan of Arkansas Football who could still be supporting Bielema as he slowly destroys Razorbacks Football is beyond us but then..

Bret Bielema is a Funny Guy Who Likes To Eat

…and evidently when you are a Funny Guy Who Likes To Eat you can GUT the Arkansas Football program and no one will give a Damn!

Be Proud Arkansas Football Fans!

Now at 2 – 4 on the year Arkansas has left play…

At Ole Miss
Coastal Carolina
Mississippi State

…and our guess is the Hogs finish with a 3 or 4 wins in 2017 and because Arkansas has a coach that is….

A Funny Man Who Likes To Eat

….he can Totally Destroy Arkansas Football and no one in the state of Arkansas will say a word and we have a few words for folks that will accept…

Below Damn Mediocrity

….those few words are…

Total Damn Morons!

Ed Orgeron, LSU vs. Ole Miss – Luckily for Ed Orgeron the SEC Conference is now full of…

Very Damn Average Coaches

….and Coach O got to play against two of those Very Damn Average Coaches the last two weeks in Jim McElwain and Gus Malzahn picking-up two wins and now the 5 – 2 Tigers have a CRITICAL game at Ole Miss that if LSU does will be…

A Mighty Damn Impressive Win Coach O

….coming off two straight wins.

To get Coach O totally off the Hot Seat LSU will need to win 9+ games in 2017 and now at 5 – 2 with these games left to play….

At Ole Miss
At Alabama
At Tennessee
Texas A&M

….and we don’t see how LSU wins 9+ games this season if they don’t beat Ole Miss on Saturday = MUST WIN Game Coach O so Give those Rebels Hell Coach!

Barry Odom, Missouri vs. Idaho – Barry Odom is now sitting on a very ugly record of…

2 – 10

…in SEC Conference Games in his second season on the job and on Saturday Idaho comes into Columbia in a game that if Barry Odom and the Tigers happened to lose in our opinion…

Barry Odom should be fired right after the game!

Idaho isn’t a MUST WIN Game for Barry Odom and Missouri it’s a…

If you lose to Idaho Barry Odom your ass will be fired right after the game!

Coach Hard Son!

Steve Addazio, Boston College vs. Virginia – Steve Addazio and Boston College beat a now falling to pieces Louisville team which is coming apart at the seams in what looks like to us Bobby Petrino looking for an EXIT out of the Total Damn Disaster that is Louisville Athletics BUT it’s back to Big Boy Football in Week 8 with a game against Virginia that is clearly a MUST WIN Game for the 3 – 4 Eagles.

Steve Addazio is going to need at least 6 wins in 2017 to return to coach Boston College next season….we would expect more out of our head coach in his FIFTH year on the job but then we don’t accept Total Damn Average like Boston College clearly does…and at 3 – 4 the Eagles still have to play….

At Virginia
Florida State
NC State
At Syracuse

In our opinion there’s not a chance in Hell that Boston College gets 6 wins in 2017 UNLESS they beat Virginia on Saturday so Yes this the Cavs is a MUST WIN Game for Addazio and his Eagles!

Lovie Smith, Illinois vs. Minnesota – In the continuing saga of…

Why in the Hell is Lovie Smith the head coach of Illini Football

…2 – 4 Illinois plays at Minnesota in Week 4 and we fully expect the Illini to be 2 – 5 after Week 8!

Here’s Lovie Smith’s records in 2 seasons at Illinois…

Overall:  5 – 13

Big Ten:  2 – 10

….and we are thinking by the end of the 2017 college football season most Illini football fans are going to be saying…

What in the Hell is going on here?

Yes….Minnesota is a MUST WIN Game for Lovie Smith and Illinois and we will be interested to see if Lovie actually shows-up to the game awake, alive, and giving a Damn if Illinois wins the game or not because in our opinion…he doesn’t REALLY care and in FACT we here at Coaches Hot Seat sitting in San Francisco…

Care A Helluva Lot More if Illini Football is Winning than Head Coach Lovie Smith does!

Pitiful…Just Damn Pitiful!

Todd Graham, Arizona State vs. Utah – Yes…Todd Graham and Arizona State had a nice win over Washington in Week 7 but America is about…

Have You Fed the Bulldog Lately?

…and Week 7 is over and now it’s on to Salt Lake City and a game against Utah in Week 8.

We checked this week with our friends in Tempe and with the win over Washington on the board Todd Graham could get away with 7 wins in 2017 and hang onto his job but with a record of 3 – 3 and these games left to play…

At Utah
At Oregon State

…does anyone think the Sun Devils can win 7 games in 2017?

Didn’t think so which means YES Utah is a MUST WIN Game for Todd Graham and his football team!

Jim Mora, UCLA vs. Oregon – The reality is Jim Mora in his last 20 games as the head coach of the UCLA Bruins is sitting on a record of…

7 – 13

….and in case folks don’t know it EVEN at UCLA that is a Total Disaster and that is why the 3 – 3 Bruins MUST get a win over the Oregon Ducks at home on Saturday.

With these games left to play….

At Washington
At Utah
Arizona State

…there is a Very Damn Real Chance that UCLA doesn’t win another game in 2017 and even with a $10 million-plus buyout Mora would have to get his ass run right out of Westwood if the Bruins finished with a sub-.500 record in Year SIX on the job…right?


Don’t lose to the Oregon Ducks Jimmy!

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