20 CFB Head Coaches Facing MUST WIN Games in Week 9 Who’s Coaches and Teams Need To Take It To The Limit! – Thanks Randy!


20 CFB Head Coaches Facing MUST WIN Games in Week 9 Who’s Coaches and Teams Need To Take It To The Limit!

Thanks Randy!

Jimbo Fisher, Florida State vs. Boston College – Jimbo Fisher has won a Helluva lot of football games at Florida State posting an overall record in EIGHT years on the job of…

80 – 21

…..but the 2 – 4 Seminoles suddenly look like a Very Average football team and FSU still has to play this season…

At Boston College
At Clemson
Delaware State
At Florida

…and with a loss to BC we rather doubt FSU can get 6 wins in 2017 so YES Jimbo…beating Florida State is a MUST Son!

Steve Addazio, Boston College vs. Florida State – In a season where Steve Addazio needs 6+ wins to return to coach Boston College in 2018 the Eagles have won 2 straight games to get to 4 – 4 on the year with games still to be played against…

Florida State
NC State
At Syracuse

….and it’s going to Damn Hard for BC to win 6+ games this season unless they beat Florida State on Saturday = MUST WIN Game!

Jim McElwain, Florida vs. Georgia – We are not quite sure what is going on in the mind of Jim McElwain but it looks to us like he is cracking-up under the pressure of coaching at a place like Florida where the expectations are HIGH and those expectations should be HIGH for Gators Football and from talking to our Florida-alum friends there is a Helluva good chance that Florida will have a new head football coach in Gainesville in 2018.

Yes…it has gotten that bad in Gainesville and the 3 – 3 Gators play Georgia on Saturday with then games left against…

At Missouri
At South Carolina
Florida State

…and it looks like there is a Helluva good chance that the Gators don’t win 6 games in 2017 in McElwain’s THIRD year on the job that even without Jimmy cracking-up….in our humble opinion…would get your ass run right out of town!

Lovie Smith, Illinois vs. Wisconsin – There is Damn Idiocy and there is Idiocy That Cannot Be Measured and that Lovie Smith has a…

$16.5 Million Dollar Buyout

…at Illinois when the guy had NEVER won a football game on the collegiate level when he was hired by the Illini is…

Idiocy That Cannot Be Measured

….and Smith now sitting on records of…

Overall:  5 – 14

Big Ten:  2 – 11

….with a 2 – 5 record in 2017 and these games still left to be played…

At Purdue
At Ohio State

….the Illini might not win another game this season!

$16.5 Million Dollars…..Oh the world is full of Damn Morons!

Larry Fedora, North Carolina vs. Miami – The best argument we have seen in years that there is a God is now the Total Crack-Up of the North Carolina football program in the wake of the NCAA letting the Tar Heels athletic department get away with its student-athletes commit MASSIVE academic fraud and Frankly…we hope the North Carolina football program continues its descent into the toilet with a loss to Miami on Saturday which would be followed-up with North Carolina basketball totally imploding in the upcoming season!

North Carolina is 1 – 7 on the season and still have to play games against…

At Pitt
Western Carolina
At NC State

…and we hope like Hell that North Carolina finishes at 2 – 10 in 2017 so…

Go Canes!

Brian Kelly, Notre Dame vs. NC State – Brian Kelly has done a nice job getting the Good Ship Irish Ship righted but the Irish still have to play games against…

NC State
Wake Forest
At Miami
At Stanford

….and there’s a good chance Notre Dame finishes with upwards to 4 losses in 2017 BUT if the Irish have designs on making the College Football Playoff they better Damn beat NC State on Saturday!

Oh…lose to NC State and Kelly’s ass will be right back on the Hot Seat!

Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma – The folks in Lubbock were none too happy when Tommy Tuberville posted records of…

Overall:  20 – 17

Big 12:  9 – 17

….so one would think the folks in Lubbock are none too happy with Kliff Kingsbury’s records…

Overall: 28 – 29

Big 12:  14 – 26

….and surely if Kingsbury has another sub-.500 record in 2017 his ass will be run right out of Lubbock….right?

Gotta be right!

The 4 – 3 Red Raiders still have to play games against…

At Oklahoma
Kansas State
At Texas

….and if Tech loses to Oklahoma can they win 2 of their last 4 games against the above teams?

Not likely!

Jim Mora, UCLA vs. Washington – Jim Mora and his Bruins got a much needed win over Oregon last week but now here comes a game at Washington for 4 – 3 UCLA who are going to have a tough time even getting to 6 wins in Mora’s SIXTH year on the job with these games still left to be played:

At Washington
At Utah
Arizona State

Yes…Washington is a MUST WIN Game for UCLA but assuming a loss to the Bruins one has to wonder how the Bruins get to 6+ wins in 2017.

Damned if we know!

Todd Graham, Arizona State vs. USC – Todd Graham has done a nice job getting Arizona State turned around with wins over Washington and at Utah the last couple of weeks BUT all that good work would go for naught if the Sun Devils lost to a crumbling USC team in Tempe on Saturday because Graham needs 8+ wins in 2017 to return to coach ASU in 2018 and the 4 – 3 Sun Devils still have to play games against…

At Oregon State

…which means ASU needs to win 4 of their last 5 games so YES beating the Trojan is a MUST for Graham!

Lance Leipold, Buffalo vs. Akron –Lance Leipold won a Helluva lot of football games as the head coach at Wisconsin-Whitewater but in THREE seasons at Buffalo Leipold has records on the board of…

Overall:  10 – 22

MAC:  5 – 15

….and Leipold and his 3 – 5 Bulls need some wins and in a Helluva hurry beginning with a win at Akron on Saturday!

Can Lance Leipold survive 3 losing seasons in 3 years on the job at Buffalo?

Probably not so beat Akron Son!

Bret Bielema, Arkansas vs. Mississippi – It’s hard to imagine there is anyone in the Great State of Arkansas that is willing to tolerate Bret Bielema’s records at Arkansas…

Overall:  27 – 31

SEC:  10 – 26

…but there are some MASSIVE egos who are deeply invested in Bielema and who know they would look like…

Damn Fools

….if they admitted they were WRONG on Bielema, but then anyone that would tolerate these records….

Overall:  27 – 31

SEC:  10 – 26

….is a Damn Fool so folks still supporting Bielema…

You Are A Damn Fool Either Way!

The 2 – 5 Razorbacks who are 0 – 4 in SEC play still have to play games against…

At Ole Miss
Coastal Carolina
Mississippi State

How many games will Arkansas win in 2017?

Our guess…4…maybe 5…Hell…even if they won 6 games in 2017 is a 6 – 6 record in Bielema’s FIFTH year on the job acceptable at Arkansas?

Only to Way Damn Below Average People!

Matt Rhule, Baylor vs. Texas – Will Matt Rhule and Baylor win a football game in 2017? Well, the 0 – 7 Baylor Bears have games left against…

At Kansas
Texas Tech
Iowa State

…and one would think Baylor could beat Kansas so it looks like to us that Baylor will finish at…

1 – 11

…in 2017 and Matt Rhule’s ass will be on one Helluva Hot Seat entering the 2018 season as Rhule tries to put out the MASSIVE Dumpster Fire that Art Briles left behind him in Waco!

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan vs. Rutgers – It’s hard for us to imagine that a Michigan team loaded with talent even without a FBS quarterback on its roster couldn’t lose at home to Rutgers but if Blue did fool around and loose to a very average Scarlett Knights team on Saturday Jim Harbaugh’s rear-end would be scorching come Monday morning so Jimmy….

Don’t Lose To Rutgers Son!

How many games will Michigan win in 2017? Well…with games left against…

At Maryland
At Wisconsin
Ohio State

….the Wolverines could finish with records running from 7 – 5 to 8 – 4 in our opinion and both records would leave Jimmy Harbaugh with a Helluva lot of work to do in the offseason if Michigan still has plans to win Big Ten and National Titles under Jimmy someday!

Bobby Petrino, Louisville vs. Wake Forest – Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino is creeping towards Hot Seat territory with the Cardinals now at 5 – 3 on the season and facing a tough game at Wake Forest on Saturday followed by games against…

At Kentucky

Hell….Louisville might not win 6 games in 2017 and with a loss to Wake on Saturday…

Welcome Back to the Hot Seat Bobby Petrino!

David Beaty, Kansas vs. Kansas State – It’s clear to us that Charlie Weis + David Beaty experiment at Kansas since the 2012 season has been nothing short of a…

Complete Freaking Disaster

…with Weis and Beaty together posting records of…

Overall:  9 – 50

Big 12:  2 – 39

…with current KU head coach Beaty actually having worse records than Weis…

Overall:  3 – 28

Big 12:  1 – 21

The 1 – 6 Jayhawks still have to play in 2017….

Kansas State
At Texas
At Oklahoma State

…and we don’t see KU winning another game this season which surely would lead to David Beaty being fired….right?

Who the Hell knows because after all this is the University of Kansas we are talking about here where Average is not even talked about and…

Bad As Hell and Proud Of It

…is totally embraced!

Kalani Sitake, BYU vs. San Jose State – We have a theory on what has gone wrong with BYU football from the end of the 2016 season when the Cougars finished with a record of…

9 – 4

…and the Cougs now sitting on a record of 1 – 7 in 2017 which could explain a Helluva lot but surely the decision-makers at BYU know as much as we do about their football program which is now…

Falling Totally To Pieces

….with these games still left to be played:

San Jose State
At Fresno State
At Hawaii

Hell, San Jose State is so bad there are high school football teams in the San Francisco Bay area that could whip the Spartans so surely BYU will get a win on Saturday but after that…Heck….BYU might now win another game this season and that is going to leave the folks at BYU with a Heckuva problem to deal with because they can either let the Total Disaster continue or they can act!

Barry Odom, Missouri vs. Connecticut – In two seasons at Mizzou head coach Barry Odom has records on the board of…

Overall:  6 – 13

SEC:  2 – 10

…and with only wins over Missouri State and Idaho in 2017 the last Damn thing that can happen is the Tigers losing at UConn on Saturday which would mean Mizzou would have to win out over…

At Vanderbilt
At Arkansas

…to get bowl eligible otherwise known at Coaches Hot Seat as…

We Are Average As Hell! WooHoo!

Don’t lose to Connecticut Barry Odom!

Butch Jones, Tennessee vs. Kentucky – We here at Coaches Hot Seat have slightly better knowledge of what is happening on the “College Football Hiring/Firing Street” than we have had in the past due to an important new relationship we have forged in the last year who we call “AgentThroat” and the word on the street is that Tennessee is looking at about 6 different coaches to replace Butch Jones in Knoxville and we can say it’s an impressive list of names. One intriguing name for a potential next head coach of the Tennessee Vols we have heard about in the last couple of weeks is Iowa State head coach….

Matt Campbell

….who would be a coach that other SEC head coaches wouldn’t want to see in Knoxville in our humble opinion, but who also has a $9 million dollar plus buyout!

As for Butch Jones the Vols are now 3 – 4 on the season and 0 – 4 in SEC play and they have top players smoking Gunja which says a Helluva lot about how much they care about the team and their teammates as the Vols head this week to Lexington to play an average Kentucky team that in most years a decent Tennessee team would whip with ease.

How many games can this Tennessee team win out of their remaining 5 games?

At Kentucky
Southern Miss
At Missouri

Our guess….Tennessee wins 2 more games to finish at 5 – 7 and the Vols have a new head football coach in 2018 which isn’t much of a Big Whoop prediction now is it?

Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State – Kevin Sumlin has had the Aggies on a nice run since the Debacle in Pasadena to open the season getting wins over….

South Carolina

…with only a loss to Alabama and now at 5 – 2 Sumlin enters the most important stretch of his coaching career because anything less than 4 wins in the below 5 games….

Mississippi State
New Mexico
At Ole Miss

…and the Sumlin era in College Station will come to an end sometime just after Thanksgiving!

Mike Riley, Nebraska vs. Purdue – Now at 3 – 4 on the season with these games left to be played….

At Purdue
At Minnesota
At Penn State

….we rather doubt that even winning out and ending the season at 8 – 4 could save Mike Riley’s job at Nebraska but then does anyone think the Huskers are going to win out?

Didn’t think so and thus Nebraska will be looking to hire a new head football coach in a few weeks and the street is telling us that Scott Frost has or will get an offer soon to be the next head football coach at Nebraska that will make him one of the highest paid coaches in the Big Ten.

Our recommendation to the Good Folks of the Great State of Nebraska on the potential hiring of Scott Frost to be the next head coach of the Huskers:

Don’t Be Cheap!

Pay a market wage with a reasonable buyout on both sides and we have to think Scott Frost will the head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers in 2018!

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