Top 11 – 20 Head Coaches on the 2015 Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give These Hot Seat Head Coaches Hell Johnny Cash!

2015 Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

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Top 11 – 20 Head Coaches on the 2015 Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

#21 – 30 Hot Seat Head Coaches on Tuesday – August 25

OK…let’s get to the # 11 – 20 Head Coaches on the 2015 Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings which means let’s bring in the Great Johnny Cash again!

Give ‘Em Hell Mr. Cash!


2015 Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


11. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – Kirk Ferentz has made somewhere around….

$18.5 Million Dollars

…over the last five college football seasons coaching the Iowa Hawkeyes which works out to more than…

$10,000 a day

….and in those last five seasons Kirk Ferentz has put up records of…

Overall: 34 – 30

Big Ten: 19 – 21

…which proves again that PT Barnum was right….

A Sucker is Born every minute

AND that

There are a Helluva lot of Suckers in the state of Iowa!


Please…over $18 million dollars and you have a…

Sub .500 record in Big Ten Conference play?


Get down on our knees and say a prayer that the Idiots behind the hiring and continued employment of Kirk Ferentz at Iowa weren’t on Omaha Beach on D-Day because if they had been we would all be speaking German right now because what is going on at Iowa is just flat-out…

Stupidity + Idiocy! = Total Freaking Incompetence!

We could in this spot go through Iowa’s 2015 schedule but does it really matter who Iowa is playing or if they will win even one game in 2015?

NO is the clear answer to that question so get down on your knees and say another prayer but this time give Thanks to God you are not a fan of Iowa football…that is for all of the people that are not fans of Iowa football…as for the fans of Iowa football…

You are so Damn screwed even PT Barnum would have long ago tired of taking your Damn lollipops and money!

Hell…we just looked at Iowa’s 2015 schedule and Bozo the Clown could win 7 Games so what will Kirk Ferentz and the Hawkeyes do this season?



12. Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia – We suppose there are some people that might think that Dana Holgorsen’s win/loss records in four seasons at West Virginia are acceptable…

Overall: 28 – 23

Big East/Big 12: 16 – 18

….but we don’t have a clue who in the Hell those people are and thus why we have Dana Holgorsen’s ass squarely on the Hot Seat!

In particular Holgorsen’s win/loss records the last three seasons since WVU has been a member of the Big 12 Conference…

Overall: 18 – 20

Big 12: 1 1 – 16

….are particularly troubling but then we actually believe West Virginia should be a serious contender in the Big 12 each year and there seems to be a lot of people around West Virginia but especially in the national media that think…

Pretty Damn Mediocre

…is good enough for Mountaineers football…to which we say good for them BUT not us though!

Here’s the real problem for Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia as the 2015 college football season rapidly approaches….

West Virginia’s Schedule!

Georgia Southern
At Oklahoma
Oklahoma State
At Baylor
Texas Tech
At Kansas
Iowa State
At Kansas State

Seriously…can Holgorsen and West Virginia win more than 7 games in 2015?

If not that will be FOUR straight seasons for West Virginia with 7 or less wins and can Holgorsen possibly stay employed at a school like WVU that was a national player on the college football scene just a few years ago under Rich Rodriguez?

If West Virginia is willing to accept mediocrity then Dana Holgorsen can certainly stay employed in Morgantown but then one must wonder if current WVU president E. Gordon Gee might have a coach in mind to replace Holgorsen?

Hmmmmm…who could that coach possible be?


13. Steve Sarkisian, USC – Unlike the 147 members of Coaches Hot Seat who will speak their mind on any subject that enters their brains…..

We call it to the Steve Spurrier No Damn Filter Approach to Life

….which we happen to think is a healthy way to go about one’s life we like everyone else reading this blog have friends….well-respected friends…friends that are the pillars of their community…and friends that are the bedrock upon which the American Republic rests….and when those well-respected friends of ours say something that is unusual for them it catches our attention in a Helluva hurry and that is happened recently when the subject of Steve Sarkisian came up with an USC alum friend of ours.

As anyone that has read the Coaches Hot Seat Blog over the last eight years knows we have great respect for USC football and a few of us have been going to USC football games at the LA Coliseum and in the San Francisco Bay area since the early 1970s when our fathers first started hauling us along on their football adventures. Combine that with several Coaches Hot Seat members living and working in Santa Monica and the Westside of Los Angeles in the past and even today, and we have hundreds of USC alum friends that we party with and hang out with while having a Helluva time at Trojans football games.


One particular USC alum who has three degrees from the school and now has several kids and even grandchildren with multiple degrees from USC was sitting around with several Coaches Hot Seat members back in the Spring and the subject of Steve Sarkisian came up with one CHS Member making the off-hand and we thought casual comment that:

“If the Trojans don’t get in to the College Football Playoff in 2015 they should have a great shot in 2016 with all the talent Sark is piling up at USC.”

USC Alum and Great Friend: “You shouldn’t assume that Steve Sarkisian will be the head coach at USC in 2016.”

To say the above comment was received with stunned silence would be massive understatement and when our USC Alum friend was pressed he would not go into what might cause Steve Sarkisian to lose his job at USC, but he did finally look across the table at each of us with the kind of direct and confident stare you would love to see from your doctor and said:

“I am telling you boys….Sarkisian better get his personal act cleaned-up or he will wake-up one day and find himself out of a job and his ass out on the street.”

The above comment which is of course just an opinion was made in…

April 2015

We here at Coaches Hot Seat only publish in the Coaches Hot Seat Blog less than 1% of the personal stuff we hear about college head coaches and only do it then when that information is about to be made public in the news media, but we will be honest and say we have been hearing for months that Steve Sarkisian was “a train about to go flying of the tracks” from our USC friends, and thus Sark’s drunken and thus Idiotic appearance at an USC function over the weekend surprised NO ONE here at Coaches Hot Seat.

Memo to Steve Sarkisian: You are Very Damn Close to getting fired son and you better Damn get your act cleaned-up, get the alcohol out of the USC locker room, and start working your ass off in your job as the head football coach of the USC Trojans or you might not even be the head coach at USC when the 2015 football season kicks off! Is that clear Steve? If not, the maybe one or all of the three Coaches Hot Seat members now living in Santa Monica should drive over to USC and light your ass up in person!


Of course the above is our opinion and what we are about to write below is also our opinion….


In our opinion Pat Haden has a list of five football coaches that could replace Steve Sarkisian at USC and that list has been refined and gone over several times in the last few months and although we wouldn’t list the five football coaches that are on that list in this forum at least three of those current head coaches would walk from their head coaching job for the USC job at this very moment.

There will be one easy way to know if Steve Sarkisian is getting his act cleaned up or not….if Sark keeps going up the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings then that means we are hearing the same things from our USC alum friends and that NOTHING has changed.

Is it really possible to screw-up your dream job?

Well…Dumbass Lane Kiffin did it and got his ass run out of USC and another Pete Carroll assistant in Steve Sarkisian may just do the same Damn thing!

Oh, the next head football coach at USC will be one thing for sure…

He will NOT have worked for Pete Carroll at USC.

14. Derek Mason, Vanderbilt – No one will ever be able to accuse anyone here at Coaches Hot Seat for playing favorites because there is not a finer man on Earth and Damn good football coach than current Vandy HC Derek Mason BUT it’s time for Derek Mason to finally and to fully become the head football coach of the Vanderbilt Commodores and if he doesn’t his head coaching career will be over before it really even got started.

In his first season at Vanderbilt after taking over a surging Vandy program from now Penn State head coach James Franklin the Commodores under Derek Mason posted records of…

Overall: 3 – 9

SEC: 0 – 8

…and our friends in Nashville tell us if the Vandy goes winless in the SEC again in 2016 Vandy will be looking for a new head football coach come December.

Vanderbilt’s 2015 Football Schedule

West Kentucky
Austin Peay
At Ole Miss
At Middle Tennessee
At South Carolina
At Houston
At Florida
Texas A&M
At Tennessee

Damn..that is one tough schedule Vandy has in 2015 BUT Vandy has some talent on their team and there is No Damn Reason why the Commodores shouldn’t win…

4 Games Overall


1 SEC Conference Game At Least

… 2015….right?


Coach ‘em up Derek Mason!


15. Les Miles, LSU – Below are the shocking numbers since Alabama beat LSU in the 2011 – 12 Bogus BCS Title Game in New Orleans which was one the most boring football games played in the history of American football and those shocking numbers are….

Les Miles’ and LSU’s SEC Conference Records Last Three Seasons

2012: 6 – 2
2013: 5 – 3
2014: 4 – 4

Overall: 15 – 9

Sorry with the amount of talent that has been on the LSU football team the last three seasons a 15 – 9 SEC Conference record is just…

Not Freaking Acceptable

…and thus why Les Miles now finds his ass on the Hot Seat and might even find his ass run out of Baton Rouge come December $15 Million Dollar Plus buyout or not!

A running conversation piece this Summer at Coaches Hot Seat has been…

How many wins does Les Miles need in 2015 to be safe when December rolls around?

…and when one looks at LSU’s 2015 schedule….

McNeese State
At Mississippi State
At Syracuse
Eastern Michigan
At South Carolina
Western Kentucky
At Alabama
At Ole Miss
Texas A&M

…LSU will only play FIVE teams in 2015 that have Equal of Better Talent that the Tigers…

Mississippi State, Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, Texas A&M

….and thus Bozo the Clown could post 7 wins coaching the LSU Tigers in 2015 which means for Damn sure that Les Miles should be able to put…

9 Wins Plus On the Board!

Less than 9 Wins in 2015 and Les Miles is DONE at LSU….PERIOD.

Hell, the LSU and USC head coaching jobs could open up come December?



16. Tim Beckman, Illinois – We here at Coaches Hot Seat are not quite sure what Tim Beckman has going at Illinois with a few of his players….maybe less than that….complaining about the way that Beckman treated them BUT plenty of us played for football coaches in the past that believed berating and/or embarrassing a football player needlessly was the way to build a winning football team…

It’s Not for any Idiot that believes such Complete Nonsense

….but whatever is going on with Tim Beckman and Illini football ONE thing is crystal clear:

Tim Beckman needs a STRONG 2015 season to return to coach the Illini in 2016

What would be a STRONG 2015 for Tim Beckman and Illinois in 2015?

Our guess….7 Plus Wins and no more off-field issues…anything less and the Illini job will also open up come December.

17. Paul Petrino, Idaho – Like Tim Beckman we are not sure what Paul Petrino has going on at Idaho with his recent run in with a member of the news media but clearly the pressure of being a head football coach is getting to Paul Petrino…as it gets to ALL head football coaches that care about winning which is most of them….and either Paul Petrino will learn how to manage his temper and coach up/motivate his Idaho football team or Paul Petrino will be back on his brother Bobby’s coaching staff soon!

In two seasons Paul Petrino has put an overall record of..

2 – 21

…and we would guess and it is just a guess that either Petrino will find 3 plus wins in 2015 with the below schedule or Idaho will also be looking for a new head coach come December.

Idaho 2015 Football Schedule

Georgia Southern
At Arkansas State
At Troy
La. Monroe
At New Mexico State
Appalachian State
At Auburn
Texas State

Can Paul Petrino and Idaho win 3 plus games in 2015 with the above schedule?

We don’t see why the Hell not since this is Paul Petrino’s THIRD year on the job with the Vandals!


18. Brian Kelly, Notre Dame – As one of favorite TV characters here at Coaches Hot Seat always used to say when he wanted the Facts and only the Facts….


….”Just the Facts Ma’am” we are going to the FACTS about Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly which are Kelly’s win/loss records at the school:

2010: 8 – 5
2011: 8 – 5
2012: 12 – 1
2013: 9 – 4
2014: 8 – 5

Overall: 45 – 20

Sorry…save the one season in 2012 when Notre Dame stumbled to a 12 – 0 record and then got its manhood taken away out behind the barn in South Florida by Alabama in the Bogus BCS Title Game Brian Kelly has been one thing and one thing only as the head coach of the Irish:


Even more troubling to us here at Coaches Hot Seat are columns like the one below from Yahoo Sports Pat Forde which seems to insinuate that Notre Dame is just too Damn tough of a school academically for a head coach to have the Irish at the top of college football anymore…

Brian Kelly has learned what’s needed to succeed at Notre Dame – and what needs to improve, Pat Forde, Yahoo Sports

… which we can only respond to with a one word response —>



If you can win at Stanford you can Damn win anywhere even Notre Dame and it’s time for either Brian Kelly to get Notre Dame back into the National Title hunt every season or for Brian Kelly to take his yelling and demeaning the Notre Dame quarterback after the end of every Damn series back to a lower-level of football where a lower-level and excuse-making head coach can win more games!

Let’s look at Notre Dame’s 2015 schedule…

At Virginia
Georgia Tech
At Clemson
At Temple
At Pitt
Wake Forest
Boston College
At Stanford

…and we will be Damned if we see Notre Dame winning more than…

8 Games in 2015

…and we have some news for Brian Kelly:

If you only win 8 games again in 2015 your coaching career at Notre Dame will be OVER come December with an overall .688 winning percentage coaching the Irish which very simply…

Is just NOT good enough at Notre Dame!


19. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma – Bob Stoops can keep telling anyone that will listen that Oklahoma has “won a lot of games” since Stoops has been at OU but here is something we here at Coaches Hot Seat know for Damn sure Bob:

When the 2015 college football season opens Oklahoma will have MORE TALENT than any other team in the Big 12 Conference…..PERIOD.

Will the team with the MOST TALENT in the Big 12 Conference be the Champion of the Big 12 come December?

More than likely not because of one simple reason:

The fire that used to drive Bob Stoops to coach and win football games is no longer lit and the slowing fading flame of a head coach that enters his 17 th season as the head coach of the Sooners who is already a future…

Slam Dunk Future Member of the College Football Hall of Fame

…..will either be re-lit by Bob Stoops looking in the mirror and deciding that winning games and championships is worth making a Helluva effort for again OR this will be Bob Stoops last season in Norman which no doubt would shortly be followed by Bob going into some kind of sport media career ala Mack Brown who seems to be having a Helluva time no longer coaching the Texas Longhorns!

How will Oklahoma fare in 2015 with the below schedule?

At Tennessee
West Virginia
At Kansas State
Texas Tech
At Kansas
Iowa State
At Baylor
At Oklahoma State

Bob Stoops and Oklahoma SHOULD win at least 9 Games in 2015 but how many will OU actually win?

Our guess = 8 Wins and this will be Bob Stoops last season as the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners because why in the Hell would Bob Stoops keep coaching when his heart is not in it which is just our opinion Bob.

Hell…is it possible that the Miami, LSU, Notre Dame and Oklahoma jobs could all come open in December 2015?

If those jobs did come open that would be some Damn fascinating coaching searches for sure!

20. Norm Chow, Hawaii – No one more than us here at Coaches Hot Seat wants to see Norm Chow succeed at Hawaii BUT in three seasons on the job Norm has put up win/loss records of…

Overall: 8 – 29

MWC: 4 – 20

…and that is just not good enough….even for Hawaii!

Come on Norm Chow…coach up those Hawaii Warriors!

“E ho`omaika`i” Norm Chow which means “Do Well” in The Islands!

Coming Next….Analysis Of….

#21 – 30 Hot Seat Head Coaches on Tuesday – August 25

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