Before We Get To The Top 21 – 30 Head Coaches on the 2015 Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings We Must Say That Steve Sarkisian Press Conference On Tuesday Was Just A Complete Freaking Debacle! – Steve Sarkisian Moving Up the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings Again And If This Bullshit At USC Continues and Sark May Hit No. 1 Hot Seat Spot Before The Week Is Out! – Top 21 – 30 Head Coaches on the 2015 Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give ‘Em Hell Johnny Cash!

Before we get to the….

2015 Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Top 21 – 30 Head Coaches on the 2015 Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

….we first must say that after seeing Steve Sarkisian’s press conference on Tuesday…

Not exactly steady as it goes for USC’s Steve Sarkisian, Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times

….we are like Bill Plaschke more troubled than we were yesterday when writing about Steve Sarkisian’s troubles and we are not even going to publish in this blog what a former US Navy Intelligence Officer and Coaches Hot Seat member said that he got from watching Sarkisian’s press conference meaning watching what Steve said, how Steve said it, along with Sarkisian’s body posture because what that former US Navy Intelligence Officer saw and told us is just too Damn stunning to write in this space without knowing more of just what in the Hell is going on with Steve Sarkisian.


Very simply….we hope Steve Sarkisian is getting the help he needs and that Pat Haden and the folks at USC are doing what is best for Sarkisian AND the USC Football Program going forward and with several Coaches Hot Seat members having met and been around Pat Haden many times over the last couple of decades we can only imagine that Haden is doing just that.

Oh…after watching Steve Sarkisian’s press conference and after some internal discussion on Tuesday here at Coaches Hot Seat we moved Sarkisian further up the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings to the No. 5 Hot Seat and if this Bullshit continues at USC he may be in the No. 1 Hot Seat spot before the week is out!


On the topic of the USC football program several Coaches Hot Seat members were talking at Lake Tahoe today about the first USC football games that their Dads took them to in the 1970s when they would often take trips on Fall Saturdays to Los Angeles and the LA Coliseum to see USC play teams beyond Stanford and Cal and one of those trips that three Coaches Hot Seat members made with their Dads that is seared into their memories is the…

1977 Alabama vs. USC game at the LA Coliseum

We have written in the Coaches Hot Seat Blog before about this game and how the three Coaches Hot Seat members snuck down on the field of the LA Coliseum before the game to the side of the field where Alabama was warming up so they could get a look at legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant and all three remember getting to within “20 feet or so or as close as we dared to get to the Bear” before the game and that image….which is probably something like this….


….will be with them no doubt for the rest of their lives on this Earth.

Below please enjoy the 4 th quarter of the 1977 Alabama – USC game which was one Helluva football game with the Great Keith Jackson on the call for ABC Sports! Recommendation: Watch the game to the end!

OK…let’s get to the # 21 – 30 Head Coaches on the 2015 Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings which means let’s bring in the Great Johnny Cash again!

Give ‘Em Hell Mr. Cash!

2015 Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


21. Willie Taggart, South Florida – It is just our biased opinion but we here at Coaches Hot Seat believe Willie Taggart can be a successful head football coach at the FBS level and in 2015 it’s time for Willie Taggart to prove our faith in him is right.

In two seasons at South Florida Willie Taggart has posted the following records…

Overall: 6 – 18

AAC: 5 – 11

In the offseason we actually went back and watched a few of South Florida’s games from 2014 and there were some encouraging signs for the Bulls in the latter half of last season, but if Taggart is going to get things turned around for USF in the increasingly tough AAC his team will have to make another leap in 2015 which in many ways is already baked in the cake by what the Bulls players and coaching staff have done over the last 6 months.

After tough non-conference games against Florida State and Maryland to start the season Taggart and USF will have to slug it out in the AAC to get to SIX wins which is our target for the Bulls with them more than likely needing to find those SIX wins before playing UCF in the last game of the season in Orlando on November 26!

Come on Willie Taggart….we can pull for you all we want…but if you don’t start winning your rear-end is only going to get hotter!

22. Ron Caragher, San Jose State – Ron Caragher had a decent six year run at San Diego following Jim Harbaugh but his first two years at San Jose State have been average at best and downright awful at worst with that downright awful coming last season with a….

3 – 9

….record that will have to be improved on in 2015 for Caragher to get the heat off his rear-end.

Of course getting things straightened out at San Jose State is not going to be easy with this 2015 schedule…

New Hampshire
At Air Force
At Oregon State
Fresno State
At Auburn
San Diego State
New Mexico
At Nevada
At Hawaii
Boise State

….because with three tough non-conference games against Oregon State, Auburn and BYU that is going to leave very little margin for error if Ron Caragher is going to get his rear-end off the Hot Seat which would take…

6 Wins and a Bowl Game!

Coach ‘em up Ron!


23. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State – Mike Gundy got the Gift of ALL Gifts last season in the Bedlam Game against Oklahoma when Bob Stoops pulled off one of the Stupidest Damn Coaching Moves in College Football History by punting the ball to Oklahoma State twice which basically got Gundy and OSU a win in that game and into a bowl game which led to a bowl win which is just a Damn great lesson for young coaches…

Never Underestimate How Completely Damn Stupid the Opposing Coach Is…Meaning Bob Stoops in Last Year’s Bedlam Game!

Can Mike Gundy get things rolling again after posting that 7 – 6 record in 2015 and get the Cowboys back near the top of the Big 12 Conference?

In our opinion NO and we say NO because of what a former US Navy Intelligence Officer and member of Coaches Hot Seat said last year about Mike Gundy’s appearance, posture and demeanor both during games and press conferences throughout the 2015 football season:

“Mike Gundy has lost it.”

Coaches Hot Seat Member #2: “What?”

CHS Member/Former US Navy Intelligence Officer: “Gundy…he’s lost his fire…his mojo…his competitive spirit…it’s just no longer there and if he doesn’t get it back Oklahoma State football is headed down.”

That was said in the middle of last season and save the Complete Damn Stupidity of Bob Stoops in the Bedlam Game Mike Gundy would have one of the Hottest Seats in the Country right now because if there is something we cannot stand here at Coaches Hot Seat it is…

A Head Football Coach who is making Millions of Dollars a year coaching football who doesn’t have a fire burning within him to win football games and championships!

What then can Oklahoma State do in 2015 if indeed Mike Gundy has lost his fire?

Let’s go to OSU’s 2015 schedule:

At Central Michigan
Central Arkansas
Texas-San Antonio
At Texas
Kansas State
At West Virginia
At Texas Tech
At Iowa State

In our opinion Oklahoma State has enough talent to win…

9 or 10 Games in 2015

…and in our opinion Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State will win a very AVERAGE…

7 or 8 Games in 2015

Will Mike Gundy get fired come December if he only has 7 wins on the board with OSU in 2015?

Of course not…

This is Oklahoma State we are talking about here….right?



24. Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M – In 2014 the Texas A&M defense gave up an average of…


…points per game and in 2014 the Texas A&M offense scored an average of…


….points per game and if new A&M DC Chief John Chavis can cut the amount of points the Aggies defense gives up to around…

21 points per game

…or one touchdown less per game then there is no Damn reason why Texas A&M can’t win 10 games in 2015.

No Damn Reason at All Kevin Sumlin!

Can Kevin Sumlin who rode Johnny Manziel to a FAT $5 million per year contract at A&M get things turned around after posting…

4 – 4 and 3 – 5

…SEC Conference records the last two seasons which now has Sumlin with a…

11 – 13

…overall record in SEC play in three seasons in College Station?

Looking at Texas A&M’s 2015 schedule…

Arizona State (Houston)
Ball State
Mississippi State
At Ole Miss
South Carolina
Western Carolina
At Vanderbilt

….we repeat…IF John Chavis can improve the A&M defense only slightly…

There is No Damn Reason why Texas A&M with the above schedule shouldn’t win 10 games in 2015!

There’s your target Kevin Sumlin = 10 Wins

Oh…if you are making $5 Million Dollars a year you better Damn have a target of 10 Wins Plus so…

Coach up the Aggies Kevin Sumlin and if you stumble…

Your Ass will get lit up by Coaches Hot Seat!

25. Larry Fedora, North Carolina – We don’t watch social media obsessively here at Coaches Hot Seat but we cannot recall pictures of Larry Fedora showing off his six-pack abs from the beaches of North Carolina this Summer so that is a good thing because maybe Fedora is focused on winning football game in Chapel Hill now rather than trying to land a male modeling gig in New York City, Milan or Monte Carlo!

Seriously, Larry Fedora has posted some average records in three years at North Carolina…

2012: 8 – 4
2013: 7 – 6
2014: 6 – 7

Overall: 21 – 17

ACC: 13 – 11

…and Fedora with the addition of Gene Chizik as his new DC better Damn get things rolling in year four at UNC or we are going to start thinking that Fedora is just another Pretty Boy and does Larry Fedora really want the moniker…

PBL = Pretty Boy Larry?

We don’t think so which is why Larry Fedora better Damn start coaching up his Tar Heels in 2015 and we are looking for…

8 Wins Plus this season Larry!


26. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina – Please…so Steve Spurrier was telling anyone that would listen this past offseason that..

“At South Carolina 7 – 6 is a good season!”


Please Steve…two Coaches Hot Seat Members met you for the first time 25 years ago this August in August 1990 on a practice football field at the University of Florida when a former classmate of yours in the 1960s at UF introduced us to you in between practices and we know and you know Damn well Steve that…

7 – 6

…is NOT a good season at South Carolina or Any Other Damn Place on Planet Earth where they play football as long as….

Stephen Orr Spurrier

…is coaching that football team!

You may be able to sell that 7 – 6 is a good season Bullshit to members of the media but to us it’s just that…


…and either Spurrier will get things turned around at South Carolina in 2015 or this very well could be the last season of Steve Spurrier on the sidelines as a head football coach and if that’s the case…

It’s has been a Helluva run Head Ball Coach!

How many games can Steve Spurrier and South Carolina win in 2015?

North Carolina
At Georgia
At Missouri
At Texas A&M
At Tennessee
The Citadel

Let’s see here…an average head coach at South Carolina in 2015 could win around…

6 or 7 games

Let’s see here…Stephen Orr Spurrier coaching South Carolina in 2015 should win with even the very TOUGH schedule above…

9 Games Minimum!

There’s your target for a good season in 2015 at South Carolina Steve…

9 Games Minimum!

Now quit talking about your age and start coaching up your football team….Oh…we’re going to let you in on something Steve…we won’t tell anyone else so this is just between you and us here at Coaches Hot Seat….OK?

(Whispering) to Steve Spurrier: Some of the other teams know your offensive signals and to make matters worse you have gotten lazy with your formation and play-calling and now even our high school age sons can call what play you are going to run when they see what formation you are in and when they know the down and distance. Go back and watch some of your games at Florida in early 1990s before you got lazy there….or even some Duke games…because when you get lazy with your play-calling and predictable with your formations Steve….you tend to lose a lot of football games especially when your defense is giving up…

30.4 points per game

….as the South Carolina defense did in 2015!


That’s why you went 7 – 6 in 2015 Steve…and 7 – 6 at South Carolina or anywhere else you are the head coach is Horseshit and you know it is Horseshit Steve so stop with the Bullshit and coach your Damn football team!


27. Mike MacIntyre, Colorado – No doubt Mike MacIntyre inherited a Helluva mess at Colorado two years ago and has posted records over those two seasons of…

Overall: 6 – 18

Pac-12: 1 – 17

….and either MacIntyre will get things headed upward in Boulder or the folks at CU will have no choice to go and find another head coach that might be able to turn the Buffs around.

Here’s the problem for Mike MacIntyre…the Pac-12 is a Helluva tough league and the Pac-12 South is a Helluva tough division and getting things turned around in Boulder under those conditions is not going to be easy which is why a Herculean effort is needed at CU and that is what we are looking for from Colorado Football in 2015…

A Herculean Effort!

Let’s go to Colorado’s 2015 schedule:

At Hawaii
Colorado State (Denver)
Nicholls State
At Arizona State
At Oregon State
At Washington State
At Utah

Damn…that is one TOUGH schedule for Colorado in 2015!

Our opinion…if Colorado wins 5 Games in 2015 it will be quite an accomplishment….if Colorado wins 6 Games in 2015 will be…

A Herculean Effort by Mike MacIntyre and his Colorado Buffs!

Coach ‘em up Mike!


28. Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern – Yes, even with Northwestern football stumbling the last two seasons with 5 – 7 records in each year we still would gladly…

Go To War With Pat Fitzgerald

….and it is time…no it’s past time for Pat Fitzgerald….to get things going in the right direction at Northwestern again and in our opinion…

There Is No Damn Reason Why Northwestern Cannot Win the Big Ten West Division in 2015!

Oh…you think we are crazy….NOT….the Big Ten West Division is there for the taking for Pat Fitzgerald and Northwestern in 2015 even with this schedule…

Eastern Illinois
At Duke
Ball State
At Michigan
At Nebraska
Penn State
At Wisconsin

…and we see No Damn Reason why Northwestern doesn’t win at least 8 Games in 2015 and win the Big Ten West Division!

Coach ‘em Up Pat and you now know the standard we are holding you to this season =

8 Wins Plus and Champions of the Big Ten West Division!

29. Scott Shafer, Syracuse – Scott Shafer has been the head coach at Syracuse for two seasons and has posted records of…

Overall: 10 – 15

ACC: 5 – 11

…and after stumbling – bumbling 3 – 9 record in 2014 we are looking for the Orangemen to get back to 6 wins in 2015 or at the very least have a chance for 6 wins when Syracuse plays Boston College on November 28.

Can Scott Shafer and Syracuse get back to 6 wins plus in 2015?

We don’t see why the Hell not!


30. Mike Leach, Washington State – There is no joy here at Coaches Hot Seat in putting The Pirate Mike Leach on the Hot Seat but we must do what we must do and when you post 3 – 9 record after going to a bowl game the season before at a place like Washington State that very simply equals…

Hot Seat for The Pirate!

Of course in our opinion the very weak 2014 season for Washington State goes back to the debacle of a bowl game loss to Colorado State at the end of the 2013 season which means that when you count the loss to Washington to end the 2013 season that means that Mike Leach and WSU have a record of…

3 – 11

…over their last 14 games!

Let’s look at Washington State’s 2015 schedule to see what The Pirate and Cougs can do this upcoming season:

Portland State
At Rutgers
At California
At Oregon
Oregon State
At Arizona
Arizona State
At Washington

In our opinion if The Pirate and Cougs win 6 Games in 2015 that will be quite an accomplishment considering how the tough the Pac-12 Conference is these days so…

Get Off Your Ass Mike Leach and Win Some Damn Football Games in 2015!

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