Jim Harbaugh AGAIN Shows He Has No Damn Common Sense – Steve Sarkisian and the Idiocy of the Modern Age – Post Week 7 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – 1 – 10 Hot Seat Head Coaches


Jim Harbaugh AGAIN Shows He Has No Damn Common Sense


Fans of Michigan football got a taste of something on Saturday night with their new head football coach Jim Harbaugh what fans of Stanford football and now former fans of the San Francisco 49ers learned several years ago:

Jim Harbaugh has NO DAMN COMMON SENSE!

Let’s amend the above statement for the folks here at Coaches Hot Seat that have either been at or around Stanford University for over 40 years now….

Jim and his Daddy Jack Harbaugh have NO DAMN COMMON SENSE!

We can’t speak for John Harbaugh mind you BUT in our opinion Jim Harbaugh and his Daddy Jack Harbaugh have NO DAMN COMMON SENSE and that reality was on display for everyone to see at the end of the Michigan State – Michigan game on Saturday.

Let’s leave the Complete Idiocy of the Harbaugh’s Black and White view of EVERYTHING in a world that is nothing but Grays for as far as the eye can see for another day and get right to the point here which was the final play of the Michigan State – Michigan game which we will set-up by reminding everyone it was…

4 th down and 2 on the Michigan State 47 yard line

…and now quickly look at the below punt formation on the video understanding that Michigan State had NO ONE back to receive the punt and Michigan had Two Gunners in the formation with Michigan State rushing 10 men.

OK…let’s assume for a moment that Jim Harbaugh had….


…the obvious punt formation that Michigan should have been in was…

Max Protection

….but then someone that actually had…


…and one Damn iota of FOOTBALL SENSE would have of course done the following and which over a dozen Coaches Hot Seat members were screaming for Jim Harbaugh to do watching this game while tailgating near Husky Stadium in Seattle on Saturday before the Oregon – Washington game:

Michigan should have lined-up in a normal offense formation with perhaps two receivers as if about to run a running play with the QB under center and forced Michigan State to defend an offensive play on 4 th and two instead of a punt and then quickly shifted into a….


….formation with the QB dropping back several yards and then QUICK KICKING the football and the game would have been over!

Instead what did Jim Harbaugh who has NO DAMN COMMON SENSE do?

He gave Michigan State a chance to set-up a MAX punt rush overloaded to the right-side of the formation rushing a rugby punter who punts the ball on the move and who was already in motion when he DID NOT catch the ball properly which led to of course Michigan State picking-up the muffed snap and scoring the winning touchdown.

One also has to wonder did Jim Harbaugh or the Michigan special teams coach John Baxter tell their punter to just fall to the ground with the ball if he mishandled the snap?

Our guess probably not but then again Jim Harbaugh has…


….and Jimmy’s Idiocy tossed away the Michigan State game just like Jim Harbaugh’s Idiocy blew-up the San Francisco 49ers organization when he allowed then 49ers defensive end Aldon Smith to practice the same day that he got a DUI and then play in the next game before someone within the 49ers finally stepped-in and made Aldon Smith go to rehab to try and get his personal problems resolved taking the Idiotic decisions away from Jim Harbaugh on Aldon Smith for good which was a smart move considering that Jim Harbaugh has….


Jim Harbaugh is a very good football coach who is passionate about what he does for a living which we ALWAYS admire here at Coaches Hot Seat whether one is coaching football or doing anything else in their short life on this Earth BUT Jim Harbaugh’s view of the world in what are very stark Black and White terms blocks Harbaugh from seeing what is obvious to many others beyond just the dozen-plus Coaches Hot Seat members screaming at a television outside Husky Stadium on Saturday night a couple of thousand miles away from Ann Arbor, Michigan who were yelling….

“Quick Kick the Damn Ball Jimmy!”

Yes…it was just one loss that Jim Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh alone cost the Michigan football program and all its fans on Saturday night BUT it was a loss that will live on long after Jim Harbaugh and we here at Coaches Hot Seat are gone from this Earth and with that in mind we can only say one thing to Jim…

THINK Jim….actually THINK….before you do something STUPID again!

Steve Sarkisian and the Idiocy of the Modern Age


When in Seattle the last few days on business and to attend the Oregon – Washington game on Saturday night at Husky Stadium a few Coaches Hot Seat members stayed with one of our long-time Washington-alum friends at his stunning and MASSIVE house in Medina, Washington which is just down the street from Bill Gates and less a mile from where former Washington and USC head coach Steve Sarkisian used to live when he was head coach of the Huskies.


A couple of years back we were sitting in our Washington-alum’s backyard which fronts beautiful Lake Washington and discussing then Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian who was in the middle of rebuilding the Huskies and was on his run of winning 7 games a year, after year, after year. After much discussion about some of the games that Washington should have won under Sarkisian our UW-alum friend stopped the entire conversation cold by saying some odd things about Steve Sarkisian’s drinking of alcohol and behavior and even wondered aloud if Sark should remain on as head coach at UW. Our Washington-alum friend then went into detail about exactly what he had heard from friends about what Steve Sarkisian had been up to around town including frequenting bars filled with college age students near the campus at the University of Washington and we remind everyone in this spot that Sarkisian was married and had three young children when he was the head coach at Washington and was doing these things our UW-alum friend was telling us about. The Coaches Hot Seat members sitting in that backyard that day looked at each other as our Washington-alum basically described a man out-of-control and one of us finally said:

“I just cannot believe it. A head coach at the University of Washington that has a wife and kids at home and is making Millions of Dollars a year is hanging out and getting drunk at college-age bars around the University of Washington? What kind of Damn sense does that make? No Damn sense is the answer to that question.”

Our Washington-alum friend then said something like:

“Well, it’s true and sooner or later Sarkisian’s behavior will cost him his job.”

As everyone now knows the LATER has arrived and our Washington-alum friend was exactly Damn right in what Steve Sarkisian was up to at Washington which the Los Angeles Times ferreted-out after doing some old-fashioned news reporting in the Seattle area with this story on Steve Sarkisian from last week:

Documents, former players point to Steve Sarkisian’s alcohol use at Washington, Nathan Fenno and Lindsey Thiry, Los Angeles Times

“Patrons and staff recognized Sarkisian at Seattle-area establishments such as The Ram near campus, Edgewater Hotel, 520 Bar and Grill, Roanoke Inn, Joey Bellevue as well as the Duchess. He was also said to be a frequent presence at two establishments that are now closed: Citrus and Joey Lake Union.

Two former Washington players said they encountered Sarkisian at the Edgewater on Seattle’s waterfront during a 2011 concert by local musician Tess Henley.

One of the players, who worked as a bartender at another establishment, said they bumped into Sarkisian and a team staffer in the packed bar. The player described the coach as “clearly … wasted.” The other player said Sarkisian hugged him, offered to buy him a drink and was “definitely drunk.”

The same player said Sarkisian drank “copious amounts of Patron” amounting to “between eight and 10 shots” over several hours during weekly visits to Citrus on Lake Union.”

Unbelievable….just Un-Damn Freaking Believable…which brings us to the Idiocy of the Modern Age with members of the media and lots of other people saying last week that people shouldn’t be hard on Steve Sarkisian because he had a “problem” that he was now dealing with which we can only respond to by saying:

When you have a wife and young children at home and you are the public face of the University of Washington football program and in many ways the public face of the University of Washington itself and you are frequenting and getting drunk in bars around UW and the Seattle area you don’t have a “problem” but rather you are…

A Sorry Damn Excuse for a Husband, Father and Football Coach

…who clearly on a regular if not daily basis CHOSE to go to college-age bars and drink like a Freaking Fish and in our opinion make a Damn fool of himself, his family and his employers at the University of Washington and Southern California who clearly placed way Damn too much trust and allowed to go on for too Damn long things that if they did know was going on…Shame on their asses….and if they did not know was going on…Double Damn Shame on their asses!

Yes…Steve Sarkisian has a PROBLEM and clearly LIED to himself and the world in his press conference after making a fool at himself at the Trojans event a few weeks back before the season when he said if he didn’t know if had drinking PROBLEM or not when in our opinion Sarkisian knew he had a PROBLEM and a Helluva lot of other people in and around USC knew Sarkisian had a PROBLEM.

Please….don’t tell us that Steve Sarkisian didn’t voluntarily drink like a Freaking Fish and frequent college age bars in Seattle while he was the head football coach at Washington and had a wife and three young children at home and for Damn sure don’t tell us that poor little Steve Sarkisian has a “problem” and thus everyone should just kiss Sarkisian’s ass because after all Sark has a “problem” and thus his Outrageous Actions as the Head Football Coach at Washington and USC can’t be judged which we are calling….

Bullshit On

…and saying in this spot that we wish Steve Sarkisian well BUT it is Steve Sarkisian’s selfishness and total stupidity that has gotten his ass into a rehab center…PERIOD.

YOU are the PROBLEM Steve Sarkisian and it’s YOU that bears responsibility for the PROBLEM not alcohol because it’s YOU that went to those bars and made a Damn fool of yourself as a father and the head football coach of TWO major universities!

Geez…in America in the early part of the 21 st Century you can say you have a “problem” and you can get away with Damn anything!


The other night a few Coaches Hot Seat members tried to remember the first-time that anyone here had met USC AD Pat Haden and we believe the earliest was when one CHS Member met Haden in one of his last two years in the NFL in 1980 or 1981 when Haden was playing quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams. In the intervening 25-plus years dozens of Coaches Hot Seat members have run into Pat Haden at hundreds of different events and football games over the years and beyond Pat being arrogant at times, an elitist at times, almost never wrong most of the time, and a bit of an ass at times, we really don’t have anything bad to say about Pat Haden…BUT…we are hoping Pat Haden is getting the necessary help right now in making what will be the BIGGEST decision in his time as AD at USC which is hiring the next head football coach at USC who better Damn be a GREAT one in every sense of the word GREAT!

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

OK…let’s get to the Post Week 7 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings and that means let’s bring on the GREAT Johnny Cash to give these Hot Seat Coaches Hell!

Post Week 7 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – 1 – 10 Hot Seat Head Coaches


1.  Darrell Hazell, Purdue – With Purdue’s loss to Wisconsin on Saturday the Boilermakers dropped to 1 – 6 on the season and 0 – 3 in Big Ten play and head coach Darrell Hazell is going to need to start winning some games soon starting with a home game against Nebraska on Halloween after a bye week off.

In his THIRD season as the head coach at Purdue Darrell Hazell has posted records of…

Overall:  5 – 26

Big Ten:  1 – 18

….and if that’s good enough for the folks at Purdue then Fine and Dandy that is good enough for us at Coaches Hot Seat although Darrell Hazell still sits on the Hottest Seat in Major College Football!


2.  George O’Leary, UCF – The Total Disaster that has become UCF football continued its march forward on Saturday with UCF’s loss to a fast-improving Temple team and now the Knights are…

0 – 7

….on the season and still have to play:

At Cincinnati
At East Carolina

Got 0 – 12 for George O’Leary and his UCF football team in 2015?

YES….more than likely the UCF Knights will go 0 – 12 in 2015 and what is the lesson here?

If you want to be an athletic director…..be a Freaking athletic director.

If you want to be a head football coach then for Damn sure you also CANNOT be an athletic director nor would anyone with a working brain won’t to be a head football coach AND an athletic director!

PaulRhoads83883 (1)

3.  Paul Rhoads, Iowa State – Iowa State hung on for awhile against TCU but in the end lost to the Horned Frogs by a score of 45 – 21 and that leaves the Cyclones record at…

2 – 4

…on the season and Paul Rhaods’ ass on one of the Hottest Seats in the American Republic!

Iowa State still has to play this season games against….

At Baylor
At Oklahoma
Oklahoma State
At Kansas State
At West Virginia

….and we have been told by one of our good friend in the state of Iowa that anything short of 6 wins and Iowa State will be looking for a new head coach come December.

Good Luck against Baylor Paul Rhoads!

Oh by the way…Paul Rhoads took over the Iowa State football program starting in the 2009 season and in 2009 Baylor under second year coach Art Briles posted a record of 4 – 8 and in 2009 Iowa State beat Baylor by a score of..

24 – 10

…and if you are thinking like we are that since 2009 the Baylor football program went FORWARD and the Iowa State program has been STAGNANT or GONE BACKWARDS you and we here at Coaches Hot Seat think alike!


4.  Doug Martin, New Mexico State – Last week we reached out to a friend of ours who knows a very Damn good football coach who coaches a team below the FBS level and asked him to ask the coach if he would be interested in the New Mexico State head coaching job if it came open in the next few weeks and that coach’s response was:

“Maybe….if they would let me coach the team in the way I wanted to coach the team and I would need someone raising money like Hell in the athletic department helping me out.”

The lesson of the above comment in the wake of New Mexico State’s loss to Georgia Southern on Saturday by a score of 56 – 26 which dropped Doug Martin’s record at NMSU at….

4 – 26

…is that New Mexico State could hire Very Damn Good head football coach if it knew which coach to target either on a level below FBS or a strong assistant coach BUT we here at Coaches Hot Seat have to wonder:

Do the folks at New Mexico State realize what a valuable commodity they have in being one of the less than 130 FBS schools in America that plays football and do they have a clue who to target if they are going to be looking for a new head coach in the next several weeks?

In our opinion the answers to the above questions would be a….

NO…and another….NO!

Up next for Doug Martin and New Mexico State….


….which is a Very Damn Winnable Football Game!

Norm Chow

5.  Norm Chow, Hawaii – With Hawaii’s loss to New Mexico on Saturday the Warriors dropped to 2 – 5 on the season and head coach Norm Chow’s records at Hawaii now in his FOURTH year on the job stand at….

Overall:  10 – 34

MWC:  4 – 23

….and if that is good enough for the folks in The Islands then that is good enough for us BUT there are Helluva lot of young and aggressive football coaches that would LOVE to live in Hawaii and coach the Warriors like men possessed and one of those young and aggressive football coaches may just get a chance to do that come December if the Warriors keep losing football games under Norm Chow!

Up next for Hawaii….

At Nevada

….which just lost to Wyoming so Hell maybe the Warriors can win this game!


6.  Bret Bielema, Arkansas – With Arkansas having a bye in Week 7 one of our Arkansas buddies joined us in Seattle for the Oregon – Washington game for a few days and learned how the sophisticated-elitist set go about living their precious lives in the Great American Northwest and while sipping strong coffee and having way Damn too much fun we asked our Razorback buddy about the current state of Arkansas football and his response was:

“Oh, Hell it’s a Damn mess. Hell, the best case scenario is we beat Auburn, UT Martin, Mississippi State and Missouri at home to finish at 6 – 6 in Bielema’s THIRD year at Arkansas and Hell Petrino went 10 – 2 and took us to the Sugar Bowl in his THIRD year on the job! I mean if you go 6 – 6 in your third year on the job and you have the Mississippi schools getting better, A&M looking tough, LSU revitalized now, and Alabama and Auburn and you are not getting a Helluva lot better you will be left looking like you are standing still and I am afraid that is where Arkansas football is right now…it’s getting a little better but because the other SEC West teams are getting better at a faster rate Arkansas looks like it is going backwards.”

Damn….but then what IF Arkansas doesn’t get to SIX wins in 2015 with the Hogs now at 2 – 4 and these games left on the schedule?

UT Martin
At Ole Miss
Mississippi State

Damn indeed…but then what IF Arkansas finishes SEVENTH again in 2015 in the SEC West division which would be the THIRD straight year that Arkansas has finished SEVENTH in the SEC West division under Bielema?

Oh…these are dark times for Arkansas football which believe it or not over the past FOUR football seasons under John L. “Smile” Smith and Bret “I never saw a brisket I could pass up” Bielema is sitting on an SEC Conference record of…

5 – 22!

Damn Indeed!

Memo to Bret “Could you pass that spicy BBQ sauce please” Bielema:  Don’t lose to Auburn son if you know what’s good for you!

Signed: Coaches Hot Seat and an Arkansas alum from west Arkansas


7.  Kevin Wilson, Indiana – Consider this for a moment….

Indiana led Rutgers by the score of 52 – 27 with 5:25 left in the third quarter

….and the Hoosiers lost to Rutgers 55 – 52 on a last second field goal!


Memo to Kevin Wilson:  If you can’t protect a 25-point lead with 20 or so minutes left in the game son you have some Damn serious problems on your hands and Indiana has some Damn serious problems on its hands now at 4 – 3 on the season and headed to play Michigan State in East Lansing this coming Saturday.

With the loss to Rutgers Kevin Wilson’s record in Big Ten Conference play in his FIFTH season at the school dropped to….

6 – 29

….and now one really has to wonder…

How long can this losing continue for Kevin Wilson at Indiana?

Our guess: Anything less than 6 wins in 2015 and Kevin Wilson is DONE at Indiana come December and only needing 2 more wins and with these games left to play….

At Michigan State
At Maryland
At Purdue

….if Kevin Wilson cannot win at least 2 of the remaining 5 games above then he should be fired come December.


8.  Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia – The most troubling numbers for Dana Holgorsen’s tenure as the head coach of the West Virginia’s Mountaineers is….

11 – 19

…which is West Virginia’s record in Big 12 Conference play since WVU joined the Big 12 for the 2012 season. Maybe even worse considering all the Cupcakes that dominate the schedules of so many of the Power 5 teams in out-of-conference games is West Virginia’s overall record since joining the Big 12 in 2012:

21 – 23!


Let’s look at that again….Dana Holgorsen’s records since West Virginia joined the Big 12 in 2012:

Overall:  21 – 23

Big 12:  11 – 19

Yep…that EQUALS Hot Seat for Dana Holgorsen in every Damn sense of the worse EQUALS!

Up next for West Virginia which is now 3 – 3 on the season….

At TCU on Thursday October 29!

Damn…we have a feeling that Halloween 2015 is NOT going to be a very pleasant one for Dana Holgorsen in those hills and hollows of West Virginia!

Trick or Freaking Treat Dana?

We are thinking Trick for Damn sure!

Memo to the kids of Morgantown, Virginia:  If West Virginia loses to TCU on Thursday October 29 STAY FAR AWAY from Dana Holgorsen’s house on Halloween night!

9.  Todd Berry, La. Monroe – After La. Monroe 59 – 14 loss to Appalachian State on Saturday that is the Warhawks FOURTH straight loss and FIFTH loss overall in 2015 with ULM’s only win coming over FCS Nicholls State.

Todd Berry is now in his SIXTH season as the head coach at La. Monroe and is staring straight at a SECOND straight losing season at 1 – 5 on the season and with these games left to play….

At Idaho
At La. Lafayette
At Troy
Arkansas State
At Texas State
At Hawaii
New Mexico State

….and with only TWO home games left on the schedule finding five more wins in their last seven games isn’t going to be an easy thing to do.

Good Luck Todd!

10.  Chuck Martin, Miami (Ohio) – Chuck Martin is in his second season at Miami (Ohio) where he has posted records of….

Overall:  3 – 16

MAC:  2 – 9

…which is about what the previous Miami (Ohio) head coach Don Treadwell posted at the school in 2.5 years on the job…..

Overall:  8 – 21

MAC:  6 – 11

…..and thus we here at Coaches Hot Seat have to wonder:

What does it take to get a football coach at Miami (Ohio) that can win some football games?

Oh the Late Great Terry Hoeppner in SIX seasons coaching the Redhawks posted records of…

Overall:  48 – 25

MAC:  37 – 11

…..so indeed a head coach can win some football games at Miami (Ohio) but NOT Chuck Martin….as of yet!

Up next for Miami (Ohio)….

At Western Michigan!

Good Luck with that Chuck!

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