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We are deep into the 2018 college football season now and have a Helluva football game coming right at us this coming Saturday in Baton Rouge with the Alabama Crimson Tide playing the LSU Tigers and if you are thinking living in America is Great Fun you would be right!

Let’s get to the Post Week 8 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings which means bringing out the Late Great Johnny Cash!

Thank You Johnny!

Oh…you ever want to watch a great documentary on Johnny Cash you can’t go wrong with this one >

Johnny Cash: The Last Great American

Post Week 8 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Chris Ash, Rutgers – Rutgers had a bye in Week 8 and it’s a good thing because the Scarlet Knights are coming off 7 straight losses after opening up the season with a win over lowly Texas State and with these four games still on the schedule for a 1 – 7 team:

At Wisconsin
Penn State
At Michigan State

Wisconsin looks Hardly Coached At All right now so maybe Rutgers can beat the Badgers in Madison, but we don’t think there’s a chance in Hell they can win any of those last three games so there’s at least a 50 – 50 chance that Rutgers head coach Chris Ash will finish his THIRD season with a record of…

1 – 11

….and in the four seasons before Ash took over at Rutgers in 2016 this football program under head coach Kyle Flood posted an overall record of…

27 – 24

Is there anyone on Earth that believes Rutgers is getting better or even holding level under Chris Ash?

No one we can see that Knows His or Her Ass From the Side of a Barn!

2.  Lovie Smith, Illinois – On Saturday in head coach Lovie Smith’s 32 nd game as the head coach of the Illini his team lost to a Maryland team dealing with Total Chaos that has an Interim Head Coach and lost to the Terps by the score of…

63 – 33!

That loss now leaves Lovie’s Big Ten Conference record in 3 years on the job at…

3 – 20

…and the Illini still have to play in 2018 games against…

At Nebraska
At Northwestern

Maybe Illinois can beat Minnesota at home…..but then the Vegas Folks have the line at…

Minnesota -9.5

…so maybe not but for Damn sure there’s not a chance in Hell that Illinois beats Nebraska, Iowa, or Northwestern!

What if Illinois finishes at 3 – 9 in Lovie Smith’s THIRD year on the job making $5M a year with a $12.6M on December 1, 2018 when he took over a football program that went to a bowl game in 2014 under Tim Beckman and almost went to a bowl game in 2015 under Bill Cubit…is there a chance in Hell that Lovie Smith will return to coach the Illini in 2019?

Not if we were making the hiring and firing decisions at Illinois but then we here at Coaches Hot Seat actually interested in…

Winning Games and Championships

…not Horseshit PR which this move to hire Lovie Smith at Illinois was…

Just Horseshit PR!

3.  Randy Edsall, UConn – On Saturday UConn lost to lowly UMass to drop to 1 – 7 on the season and Randy Edsall’s records at UConn since he returned to coach the Huskies last season now stand at…

Overall:  4 – 16

AAC:  2 – 10

….and we were wondering if there is ANYONE in America that can claim this isn’t just going to worse from here with Edsall at UConn, because if there is someone that can claim that we would love to meet that person and make sure they are escorted to the closest mental hospital because that person is a danger to themselves and any nearby community!

4.  Larry Fedora, North Carolina – An interesting record for Larry Fedora is that in North Carolina’s last 23 games under Fedora the Tar Heels are…

5 – 18

….and UNC the last two seasons are sitting on an ACC Conference record of…

2 – 11

What in the Hell went wrong at North Carolina would be an interesting thesis for someone to write but what it really boils down to is….North Carolina’s rankings on Defense:

104 in Scoring Defense giving up an average of 34.3 points per game

100 in Rushing Defense giving up an average of 191.3 yards per game

83 in Total Defense giving up an average of 413 yards per game

60 in Passing Yards Allowed giving up an average of 221.7 yard per game

North Carolina no longer plays any Damn defense under Larry Fedora and if you are not going to play Defense then your ass is going to lose a lot of football games like…

18 of the last 23!

With 1 – 6 North Carolina still having to play in 2018 games against…

Georgia Tech
At Duke
Western Carolina
NC State

…we would recommend maybe Larry Fedora spend Oh let’s say…

30 minutes a week maybe coaching Defense at North Carolina!

Is that really too much to ask…a college football team playing a little defense which begins and end with…

Actually Tackling the Opposing Players which takes EFFORT!

Why has North Carolina lost 18 of its last 23 games you ask?

There’s Precious Little EFFORT among these North Carolina players and when there’s Precious Little EFFORT that is always a Helluva Lot of QUIT!

5.  Clay Helton, USC – After the home loss to Arizona State to drop the USC record to 4 – 4 in 2018 with games still left against…

At Oregon State
Notre Dame

….it’s not surprising that head coach Clay Helton shook-up his offense staff and took over offensive play-calling duties because Helton more than likely has to…

Run The Table and win the last 4 games of the 2018 season

…to return to coach the Trojans in 2019 and that begins with beating Oregon State on the road on Saturday which just beat Colorado in Boulder, and if Helton isn’t worried about his future now his ass better start worrying because he is sitting on one of the Hottest Seats in America at USC where 4 – 4 starts will get your ass fired even if you did win the Pac-12 Title last season!

We don’t know all the Big Money Players at USC but we know a number of them and doing a quick survey on Sunday with em we didn’t find one that was in support of bringing Clay Helton back for the 2019 season even if it would cost “X” Millions of Dollars to buy out Clay and his staff + hire a new head coach and instead every single one of them asked something to the effect of….

“Who do you think we should get to replace Helton?”

You look back at the coaches that won BIG at USC…

John McKay
John Robinson
Pete Carroll

…they all had the ability to motivate and move players and they had BIG personalities and Clay Helton at this moment doesn’t seem to be able to motivate and move his players and Helton blends so much into the background in Los Angeles you hardly know he is there!

One thing for sure….USC loses to Oregon State this coming Saturday you can…

Turn Out The Lights on Clay Helton at USC!

6.  David Beaty, Kansas – Head Coach David Beaty and Kansas got a nice win over TCU on Saturday but come now….this TCU football team is falling to pieces as it collapses in on itself with Gary Patterson losing control of anything and everything in Ft. Worth (a situation that is about get a Helluva Lot worse in our opinion) and with that win Beaty’s records in 4 seasons on the job now stand at:

Overall:  6 – 38

Big 12:  2 – 30

The 3 – 5 Jayhawks have games left in 2018 against…

Iowa State
At Kansas State
At Oklahoma

…and if David Beaty can win 3 of those remaining 4 games then he will probably hold onto his job at KU but anything short of 6 wins total in 2018 and Kansas will be looking for a new head football coach in late November.

7.  Bobby Petrino, Louisville – The Total Meltdown in River City Louisville continued this past Saturday with the Cardinals losing to Wake Forest at home by the score of…

56 – 35

…and now 2 – 6 Louisville has games left to play against…

At Clemson
At Syracuse
NC State

Got 2 – 10?

Good because so will Louisville in a few weeks and $14M buyout or not we haven’t a Damn Clue how Louisville can keep Petrino around for another season unless the folks at Louisville…

Just don’t give a Damn about the Louisville Football Program!

8.  Gus Malzahn, Auburn – After a week off in Week 8 the 5 – 3 Auburn Tigers get back at it in Week 9 with a home game against Texas A&M in a game that Auburn should win but could easily lose because the reality is…

No one has a Damn Clue what Auburn team will show-up against Texas A&M on Saturday!

It’s our humble opinion that there is some infighting going on within the Auburn football program that has divided the team along offensive and defensive sides which culminated in the home loss to Tennessee and luckily the Tigers had a game against Ole Miss the next week which looked like a team that was hardly coached at all by Matt Luke and the Rebels coaches will led to an Auburn win in what was probably a job saving win for Gus Malzahn even with a $30M+ buyout on the books!

5 – 3 Auburn has left in 2018…

Texas A&M
At Georgia
At Alabama

…so that looks like best case scenario a 7 – 5 record for Gus Malzahn in his…

6 th Season at Auburn

…and if there is a fan of Auburn football that thinks a head coach in his 6 th season on the job should be posting records like 7 – 5 then that is an Auburn fan that is a…

Total Damn Loser!

Of course lose to the Aggies on Saturday and Auburn + Malzahn looking right at 6 – 6 in 2018 which would lead to the firing of Gus Malzahn $30M+ buyout or not in our humble opinion!

Who have we heard might be interested in the Auburn job if it should open?

We are not going to say the coach’s name but he’s having a GREAT 2018 season!

9.  Kalani Sitake, BYU – Just when you thought BYU might be able to put together a decent 2018 season sitting on a record of 4 – 3 after a win over Hawaii the Cougars host Northern Illinois at home and scored only…

6 Points

…in losing to what is an average MAC Conference team in Northern Illinois and when you are BYU and you can only score 6 points against a MAC team you have a head coach that is in a Helluva Lot of trouble and that’s where Kalani Sitake finds himself now with games left against…

At Boise State
At UMass
New Mexico State
At Utah

Utah will DESTROY BYU in that final game and you can forget about BYU beating Boise State in Boise so if the Cougars lose at UMass or at home to New Mexico State it’s our opinion BYU will be looking for a new head football coach in late November and this time around maybe BYU should considering hiring a Non-Mormon but still a committed Christian to be their head football coach because there’s one just up the road in Logan, Utah in Matt Wells who is doing a Helluva job at Utah State.

10.  Willie Taggart, Florida State – We are not quite sure what Willie Taggart was hoping for from his Florida State football team against Clemson but we were expecting a decent game that saw the Tigers pull away in the second half but instead we got…

A Sloppy, Undisciplined, Often Playing Out of Freaking Control, Sometimes Quitting, Sometimes Loafing, Almost Always Looking Un-Coached FSU Team on Saturday

…and that reality has lit-up Willie’s backside as his now 4 – 4 Seminoles have games left against in 2018…

At NC State
At Notre Dame
Boston College

Hell…Florida State is not going to win another game and finish at 4 – 8 on the season and make 2019 a…

Make Or Break Season for Willie Taggart’s Coaching Career

…with Willie entering 2019 on one of the Hottest Seats in College Football after lots of coaches ahead of him in the rankings get run from their jobs!

The Late Great Woody Hayes once said…

“There’s nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the Hell kicked out of you.”

…and if that’s True then Willie Taggart and the Florida State Seminoles football team should have…

Very Damn Clean Souls right now

….because they got their ass whipped by Clemson!

Now the question is will Florida State just Give Up and QUIT or will they FIGHT?

Our guess and opinion is that FSU will Give Up and QUIT because there’s just no heart or soul or anything in these Florida State players and when you combine that with almost nonexistent coaching you have a Helluva mess on your hands and…

FSU Football is now a Helluva Mess!

…very similar to what Tennessee was under Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley, and Butch Jones so SMILE fans of Seminoles football…

You only have a about decade of Horseshit football ahead of you and LOTS of coaching changes….YES….lots of coaching changes coming unless Willie Taggart gets ahold of and change things and quick!

Come on Willie!

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