Post Week 7 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – 11 – 20 Hot Seat Head Coaches – Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell and Give It To Them Straight With the Bark On Johnny Cash


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Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell and Give It To Them Straight With the Bark On Johnny Cash

Post Week 7 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


11.  Ron Turner, Florida International – With FIU’s loss to Middle Tennessee on Saturday the Golden Panthers record in 2015 dropped to 3 – 4 and Ron Turner’s records at FIU in his THIRD year on the job now stand at:

Overall:  8 – 23

CUSA:  5 – 14

Can Ron Turner survive to coach another year at FIU if his football team doesn’t win at least 3 more times out of the below remaining 5 football games to get to 6 wins overall?

Old Dominion
At Florida Atlantic
At Marshall
Western Kentucky

Our guess FIU finishes at 4 – 8 or 5 – 7 in 2015 and we don’t have a clue if that is good enough for Ron Turner to return to coach FIU in 2016 and frankly we don’t really care either!


12.  Mike London, Virginia – Mike London’s Virginia football team got a much-needed win in overtime against Syracuse on Saturday which raises the Cavs record to 2 – 4 on the season and now the CRITICAL question is can Virginia find the FOUR more wins that we believe Mike London will need to return to coach UVA in 2016?

What’s left on Virginia’s schedule:

At North Carolina
Georgia Tech
At Miami
At Louisville
Virginia Tech

Short answer = NO!

Long answer = Not A Chance In Hell!

Good Luck in Chapel Hill this Saturday Mike London because we are pulling for you son!


13.  Mike MacIntyre, Colorado – We believe a good measuring stick on a college football head coach is the following:

Is a team better today than it was when the head coach took over the team and if the answer to that question is YES how much better is the team?

Hell, if a football team is NO better after a couple of seasons under a new head coach more than likely that coach should be fired since a quality head coach will make dramatic and easily recognizable improvements within a few weeks or months of being on a college campus BUT over a couple of seasons a new head football coach better Damn be making his football team MUCH better or his ass will end up on the Hot Seat and eventually he will be fired….PERIOD!

As for Mike MacIntyre at Colorado our sense is that the CU Buffs football team is a little better than it was when MacIntyre took over before the 2013 season BUT we haven’t seen the improvement we were expecting from Mike and we will be interested to see if Colorado can do anything at all the rest of 2015 with the Buffs now sitting on a record of 3 – 4 and still having to play these games:

At Oregon State
At Washington State
At Utah

Our guess Colorado wins 1 or 2 more times in 2015 to finish at 4 – 8 or 5 – 7 with probably either record getting Mike MacIntyre one more season in Boulder BUT we see no Damn reason why the Buffs can’t win at least 3 of their remaining 6 games and finish at 6 – 7 after that opening season and totally Damn unacceptable loss to Hawaii.

Our recommendation to Mike MacIntyre: Beat a Very Average Oregon State team on Saturday son!


14.  Charlie Strong, Texas – No one ever has to worry where we stand here at Coaches Hot Seat because we give out our opinions with the “Bark On” and if we have a serious bias for or against a coach with two examples being…

Lane Kiffin = We Hate the Sorry Bastard

Charlie Strong = We Will Always Pull for Charlie Strong

….we tell everyone up-front and with that being said even with the win over Oklahoma the Texas Longhorns still have a lot of work to do because with a record of 2 – 4 and these games left to play…

Kansas State
At Iowa State
At West Virginia
Texas Tech
At Baylor

…there is a least a 50 – 50 chance that the Longhorns will NOT get to SIX wins in 2015 and that would nothing short of a….

Complete Freaking Disaster

….in Strong’s second year in Austin.

Up next….a very Damn important game for Texas to win over Kansas State on Saturday!


15.  Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech – With Virginia Tech’s loss to Miami on Saturday Frank Beamer’s record in ACC play over the last FOUR seasons has now dropped to….

13 – 14

….and if that will keep you employed in Blacksburg coaching-up the Hokies then where the Hell do we sign-up because our thinking is….

Bozo the Clown could coach Virginia Tech to a .500 record in ACC Conference play!

Larry Harmon

Up next for Frank Beamer and Virginia Tech…

A Better Damn NOT Lose Game at Home against David Cutcliffe and Duke!

Oh by the way…Virginia Tech is a 3 point favorite over Duke in this game so the Hokies really Better Damn NOT Lose This Game against the Blue Devils!

16.  Curtis Johnson, Tulane – With Tulane’s 42 – 7 loss to Houston on Friday night the Green Wave dropped to 2 – 4 on the season and head coach Curtis Johnson’s record in his FOURTH season at the school fell to….

Overall:  14 – 29

CUSA:  10 – 17

Damn…that’s NOT very good and one would have to think that Tulane will need to get 6 wins in Johnson’s FOURTH year at the school to get a FIFTH year coaching the Green Wave….right? Hell…we would think so but we sure the Hell don’t know for sure!

Let’s look at what Tulane has left on their schedule:

At Navy
At Memphis
At Army

Uhhhhh…there is NOT a chance in Hell that Tulane gets to 6 wins in 2015….in our humble opinion of course!


17.  Al Golden, Miami – Miami and Al Golden won their CANNOT LOSE Game to Virginia Tech on Saturday which raised the Hurricanes record to 4 – 2 on the season in a year when Al Golden will need…

9 or 10 wins AND a trip to ACC Championship Game

….to return to coach Miami in 2016 and here is what the Canes have left to play still….

At Duke
At North Carolina
Georgia Tech
At Pitt

Damn…that’s a pretty tough schedule that Miami still has to play and Al Golden is for Damn sure going to EARN that return to coach the Hurricanes in 2016!

Oh…Clemson is Very Damn Beatable and that the Tigers are only a 7 point favorite or so over Miami proves that point to which we can only say..

Give Clemson Hell Al Golden!


18.  Butch Jones, Tennessee – Very few people give Tennessee a chance to beat Alabama on Saturday and no doubt it will take the Crimson Tide being very careless with the football for the Vols to win in Tuscaloosa and with a loss to Bama Butch Jones and UT’s record will drop to…

3 – 4

….on the season with the below games still remaining to be played after Bama:

At Kentucky
South Carolina
North Texas
At Missouri

So if Tennessee loses to Alabama and then runs the table they will finish the season at….

8 – 4

…which is about what we had the Vols pegged at in 2015 BUT and it is a BIG BUT if Butch Jones had coached like a man possessed instead of a meekly Coward the Vols COULD be sitting on a record of…

6 – 0

…right now and headed to Tuscaloosa for a Top 10 match-up!

Let that be a lesson to all the young coaches out there….

Life is Short….Don’t Coach Like A Coward!

How many wins by the Vols in 2015 will it take to get Butch Jones off the Hot Seat?

7 Wins Minimum!

Memo to Butch Jones:  You are 15 point underdogs to Alabama in Tuscaloosa so you have Very Damn Little chance to win this game so why not cut Joshua Dobbs loose and see what the kid can do? Oh, and remember Butch…the very best way to beat a bully…was yesterday, is today and will ALWAYS be…Punch the Bully Right in the Mouth!


19.  Ron Caragher, San Jose State – In our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat by your THIRD season as the head coach at San Jose State you should be winning…

7 or 8 Games Minimum

….and in Ron Caragher’s THIRD season coaching the Spartans he is now sitting on a record of 3 – 4 with these games still be played:

New Mexico
At Nevada
At Hawaii
Boise State

Hell, we see No Damn Reason why San Jose State doesn’t win FOUR of its last FIVE games starting with a win over New Mexico on Saturday!

Come on Ron Caragher….Get Off Your Ass Son or Get Your Ass Fired Son!


20.  Mark Richt, Georgia – We would like to write that the Georgia offense is sputtering because “Self-Appointed NFL Guru” Georgia offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is running some complicated BS offense that Brian ran in the NFL which led to the TWO teams where he was the OC (New York Jets and St. Louis Rams) posting records over NINE seasons of….

71 – 72

….but the Georgia offense has been as VANILLA as a Mark Richt led offense can be in 2015 and it’s obvious to us here at Coaches Hot Seat that the Georgia coaches know they have very little in the QB position to work with and they are now in a Helluva spot with running back Nick Chubb out of action indefinitely.

Call us CRAZY but in a head coach’s 15 th season at a school like Georgia we would expect the Bulldogs to be loaded at the Quarterback position and not having to take-on transfers from a place like Virginia and for Damn sure Georgia should be winning the SEC East in 2015 especially considering the current state of Tennessee and South Carolina and with Florida having a first-year head coach on the sidelines! Instead Georgia is now 5 – 2 on the season and 3 – 2 in SEC play with these games left on the schedule:

Florida on Halloween in Jacksonville
At Auburn
Georgia Southern
At Georgia Tech

Our guess….Georgia loses to Florida, beats Kentucky, loses to Auburn, beats Georgia Southern…MAYBE….and then beats Georgia Tech to finish at…

8 – 4

If the above did happen that would mean Mark Richt’s record in SEC Conference play over the last THREE seasons would stand at…

15 – 9

….which would be a winning percentage of .625 which is good enough for Mark Richt to keep his job but not good enough to get Mark Richt off the Hot Seat BUT then we here at Coaches Hot Seat….

Have A Helluva LOT Higher Standard for Georgia Football than the Fans of Georgia Football and the People Making the Decisions at the University of Georgia Have for Georgia Football…in our humble opinion of course

….but then someone has to be MEDIOCRE Georgia fans…right?


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