Bobby Petrino Fired At Louisville – Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Thank You Johnny Cash! – Happy Veterans Day!

Bobby Petrino Fired At Louisville

There is so much that we could write about Bobby Petrino being fired at Louisville which in our opinion was nothing short of…

Bobby’s Second Reign of Terror at Louisville

…which should have never happened since a coach like Petrino that had his agent shopping his wares to every school with a job opening while he was at Louisville the first time, plus his walking out on the Atlanta Falcons during the season, and Petrino having an affair with someone that worked directly for him at Arkansas and riding around on a motorcycle with the girl that was not his wife showed Petrino has…

No Damn Judgment or Even Any Damn Decency At All

….and thus why there really was No Damn Reason for former Louisville AD Tom Jurich to hire Petrino beyond Bobby could win some football games.

Sorry….that’s just not enough and Good Won and Evil Lost on this Sunday with Bobby Petrino now gone from Louisville and let’s hope Louisville finds as solid coach to lead their football team as they have coaching their basketball team in Chris Mack.

We do hope that for Louisville and any ADs out there thinking about hiring marginal people with shady characters like Bobby Petrino….Just Don’t Do It!

That’s not that hard now….is it?

Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

On this day we observe Veterans Day on the day after Veterans Day let’s bring out a Great American who loved our Vets…the Great Johnny Cash to give these Hot Seat Coaches Hell!

Thank You Johnny!

Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Clay Helton, USC – Unlike Bobby Petrino the Head Football Coach at USC Clay Helton is truly a Terrific Human Being and we never take joy in being tough on folks like Clay but from the start we have been doubtful that Helton was ready for a job like USC….which was the same in our opinion with…

Lane Kiffin
Steve Sarkisian

….and now in the aftermath of Pete Carroll leaving USC for the Seahawks after the 2009 season that makes for 3 straight head coaches that USC has hired that was in our opinion….

Hiring Below The Level of the USC Job

…which USC has done a lot of since John Robinson’s first-stint at USC and even a school like Alabama has done a lot of that in hiring…

Ray Perkins
Bill Curry
Mike DuBose
Dennis Franchione
Mike Price
Mike Shula

…in the Post-Bear Bryant era with only Gene Stallings truly up for all that entails being the head coach at Alabama which certainly Nick Saban has proved he can handily easily. We have a former Alabama player that played for Bryant at Alabama who is a member of Coaches Hot Seat and his opinion there about 5 coaches in college football at any given point in time that can handle the Alabama job and the same is true for USC….Hell there might not even be 5 coaches in FBS football today who can handle the USC job!

So in 3 1/2 years on the job at USC Clay Helton has put up records of…

Overall:  32 – 15

Pac-12:  24 – 9

…with one Pac-12 Title which is decent football if you are most anywhere but USC which is not one of those places where 32 – 15 is decent football…it’s Average Football…and the question for the folks at USC thinking about this situation is very simple:

What direction is the USC Football program going and will it better in Year 4 under Clay Helton than it has been in Year 3?

If you cannot answer that question with a strong YES then the folks at USC need to make a coaching change and if they do make a coaching change they need to hire someone…

That is BIG enough for the job in Coaching Ability, Personality, Presence, Recruiting Strength….Freaking Everything!

There are less than 5 coaches in College and Pro Football that can handle the USC job and win in the USC job and when we say WIN that means be in the race for the Pac-12 Title every Damn season!

When you consider someone for a job like USC when you think of the person on the sidelines coaching the Trojans you should say “YES!” as you imagine that in your mind’s eye.

If you make a change….Go Hire That Coach USC!

2.  Chris Ash, Rutgers – With the Rutgers loss to Michigan on Saturday head coach Chris Ash’s records at the school now stand at…

Overall:  7 – 27

Big Ten:  3 – 22

…..and Rutgers still has to play…

Penn State
At Michigan State

…in 2018!

Got 1 – 11 in Chris Ash’s third year at the school and in our opinion when we watch Rutgers play a…

Not Very Well Coached Football Team?

Yep…in our opinion and there’s little doubt the Rutgers football program is WORSE today than it was when Chris Ash took it over 3 years ago. 3 years is a Helluva Long Time and a football team or ANY sports team should look better after 3 years if the coach knows what the Hell he is doing and either the folks at Rutgers will admit that Truth or they can keep lying to themselves.

It really is that simple!

3.  Randy Edsall, UConn – On Saturday UConn hosted SMU which like the Huskies plays very little to no defense and the score of that game was:

SMU – 62
UConn – 50

That sound you hear is us laughing at loud as Randy Edsall in his second stint at the school has his team at 1 – 9 with games still left against…

At East Carolina

Is this UConn football program going anywhere under Randy Edsall?

Just down…that’s it’s…just down!

4.  Larry Fedora, North Carolina – Anyone at Coaches Hot Seat ever gets a FBS head coaching job one of the most important hires will be a solid defensive coordinator because we will be bringing the Bill Walsh playbook and West Coast Offense with us with a target of 35 points a game so if we can get ANY defensive play at all we are going to win a Helluva Lot of Football Games and it’s not surprising THE Problem at North Carolina is that the Tar Heels just play no defense under head coach Larry Fedora and they haven’t played defense since Gene Chizik left the DC position at UNC a couple of years ago.

The last 2 seasons with Gene Chizik gone from Chapel Hill the Tar Heels are sitting on records of…

Overall:  4 – 17

ACC:  2 – 13

…and that is primarily because Larry Fedora doesn’t seem to give a Damn about stopping the opposing teams which is also a problem at a lot of schools in the Big 12 Conference including Oklahoma which has enough talent on the offensive side of the ball to give up 40+ points a game….North Carolina does not and thus why Fedora is sitting on one of the Hottest Seats in America!

With games left against…

Western Carolina
NC State

…it looks like UNC will finish at 2 – 9 in Larry Fedora’s 7 th year at the school and that is Damning….Just So Damning….because in Year 7 you should have things rolling and there are NO excuses to fall back on especially if you don’t coach half the game = Defense!

We haven’t a clue if Larry Fedora will be fired or not after this season but save Gene Chizik coming back or some other defensive coordinator coming to Chapel Hill that knows what the Hell he is doing….Nothing Will Change in 2019….Just Nothing!

5.  Mike MacIntyre, Colorado – With the loss at home to Washington State on Saturday Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre’s record against FBS teams with .500 or better records now stands at…

10 – 41

…and MacIntyre’s overall record at CU is…

30 – 43

You do the math but it isn’t pretty math and now the 5 – 5 Buffs have games left against…

At California

…which looks like 2 losses to us and just make that record against FBS teams with .500 or better records even uglier!

We have no idea what the folks at Colorado are thinking about their head football coach but we do know for the sake of athletic department revenues meaning donations, tickets, merchandise, etc. cannot survive much more Average Football and thus why MacIntyre really needs to win at least 1 of these last 2 games to have a chance to hang on…make that maybe to hang on in Boulder!

6.  Lovie Smith, Illinois – With the loss to Nebraska on Saturday Lovie Smith’s record at Illinois in 3 years on the job now stands at…

Overall:  9 – 25

Big Ten:  4 – 21

..and the 4 – 6 Illini still have to play in 2018 games against…

At Northwestern

Is Illinois better in 2018 than they were in 2017….maybe slightly…but a better question is Illinois better in 2018 than they were in Bill Cubit’s last season as head coach of the Illini in 2015?

No…in FACT Illinois is a Much Worse Football Team today than it was 3 years ago and anyone knows one Damn thing about football knows it!

7.  Willie Taggart, Florida State – We really like Willie Taggart here at Coaches Hot Seat but we don’t have a Damn Clue what Willie is trying to do at FSU and from afar combined with a few FSU-alums in the state of Florida we have known for decades now it’s our opinion…

FSU is one of the Worst Practicing Teams in FBS Football

…and either that will be corrected and quick or Willie Taggart’s coaching career at a BIG school like FSU will forever be over!

The 4 – 6 Seminoles have games left in 2018 against…

Boston College

…which are both homes games and against team that FSU has MORE talent than and should win but do we think FSU will win either of those games?

No…we do not!

Save Florida beating Florida State like 70 – 0 in the last game of the year Willie Taggart is not going to be fired after this season but if the Seminoles do lose their last two games Taggart will start the 2019 season on one of the Hottest Seats in American Football and he will be coaching for his job next season and when we say coaching for his job we mean…

FSU better Damn win 9+ games in 2019 or the Taggart era at FSU will be OVER before next Christmas!

8.  Gus Malzahn, Auburn – When you are paying someone $7 Million Dollars A Year when the average family income in the state of Alabama is around $50,000 a year…

You Better Damn Be Performing ALL The Time

…and yet Gus Malzahn performs at less than 50% of the time and in our opinion he has no Damn business being the head football coach at a place like Auburn that should have no peer in the SEC….including Alabama!

Consider this So Damn Average Football…in Gus Malzahn’s 2 best years at Auburn in 2013 and 2017 his combined record in those 2 years was…

Overall:  22 – 6

SEC:  14 – 2

…but in the other 4 years at Auburn Gus Malzahn’s combined records for the years 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018 now stands at…

Overall:  29 – 20

SEC:  14 – 17

For $7 Million Dollars A Year?

Please….Auburn could have hired the person that makes the milkshakes at the diner at Toomer’s Corner and he or she could have posted at least the above records with all the Talent + Resources + Great Fans of Auburn Football which raises the obvious question:

With Auburn at 6 – 4 and games left against…

At Alabama

…which looks like a 7 – 5 finish which will be the…

4 th Freaking Time

…that Gus Malzahn has lost 5 or more games in 6 seasons on the job we cannot help but wonder…

How much Average Football are fans of Auburn Football willing to tolerate?

It seems like a LOT….a Helluva LOT!

9.  Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State – It seems Mike Gundy and his coaching staff and now along with the OSU football team have woken up from their slumber to actually Give A Damn about the 2018 football season but with yet another loss…this time to Oklahoma in the Bedlam Game….the 5 – 5 Cowboys with games left against…

West Virginia

….may have woken up way Damn too late and might miss a bowl game which should be a Helluva Lesson for young coaches out there and that lesson is…

Don’t Be A Lazy Ass like Mike Gundy

….because if you do your ass might just miss a bowl game where the guy that shines T. Boone Pickens shoes could take Oklahoma State to a bowl game every year just practicing the team once a week!

The Great News for Mike Gundy is that the offseason is almost here and Gundy’s name will probably be up for every job opening around America and maybe this time Gundy will take one of those jobs thinking along the lines of…

If I am a Lazy Ass again next year we might not make a bowl game again and I might get my ass fired!

In our humble opinion as Combat Vets on this Veterans Day that is!

10.  Kalani Sitake, BYU – On Saturday BYU traveled across the country to beat a very mediocre UMass team by the score of…

BYU – 35
UMass – 16

….which improves the Cougars record to 5 – 5 with games left against…

New Mexico State
At Utah

Since there’s no chance at all that BYU will beat Utah in the last game of the season intense rivalry game or not the Cougars really need to beat New Mexico State on Saturday and maybe a 6 – 6 record in his 3 rd year on the job in Provo will be enough to get Kalani another year at BYU….or maybe not.

Consider this…BYU has played 7 FBS teams that have a decent shot of finishing with a .500 or better record in 2018 and the Cougars record in those games is…

2 – 5

Yes…consider that!

This is BYU FOOTBALL after all….right?

Yes….Yes It Is!

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