Les Miles Hired By Kansas = Total Damn Madness – Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Thank You Johnny Cash!

Les Miles Hired By Kansas = Total Damn Madness

There’s a Helluva Lot we could write about Kansas hiring Les Miles as their next head coach but a Coaches Hot Seat member said it all yesterday at lunch when talking about this just makes no Damn sense at all hire by KU and it is…

“Because Jeff Long totally Damn failed at Arkansas and was unable to admit that hiring Bret Bielema was a Total Disaster he was run out of Fayetteville and hired to be AD at Kansas which then leads Long to hiring Les Miles that no other team in college football would hire.”

That’s right…

A Total Failure as the AD at Arkansas just hired a new head coach at Kansas that No One Else Wanted To Hire!

The really cruel irony for fans of Kansas football is if Jeff Long had actually done his Damn job at Arkansas and hired someone to coach the Razorbacks that had a chance to win in the SEC Conference Long would never gotten run out of Fayetteville and had an opportunity to hire someone like Les Miles at Kansas who in our opinion….

Is very close to the Total Damn Disastrous hire of Charlie Weis at Kansas

…which in our opinion is the worst hire in the history of College Football go back to the 1890s!

Here’s the real kicker…in three years when both Jeff Long and Les Miles are fired by the University of Kansas they are both So Damn Arrogant that they will both claim they are not to blame because they did their “best!”

Memo to University of Kansas: Make Damn Sure the next AD you hire actually knows what the Hell he is doing and didn’t just get his ass run out of his last job for Totally Damn Failing at that job!

Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

We need you again Johnny Cash go please now…give these Hot Seat Coaches Hell!

Thank You Johnny Cash!

Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Clay Helton, USC – Taking over for Steve Sarkisian in the middle of the 2015 season Clay Helton’s records at USC are not terribly bad…

Overall:  32 – 16

Pac-12:  24 – 10

….but USC fans are like Alabama fans in that they have seen a lot of winning football over the years and they know from that experience that the Trojans only win a Games + Conference Titles + Championship when they have a coach that can fill up not just a room but the entire city of Los Angeles and Helton….he’s nice guy but he’s just not the guy that’s going to fill up the entire city of Los Angeles which is a city with some pretty amazing football being played at the LA Rams and do you see how many folks are coming to Rams games compared to the USC games now?

A Helluva Lot of Folks!

With the Trojans now sitting on a record of 5 – 6 after a loss to one of the worst UCLA football teams we’ve seen in our lifetimes on Earth only the Irish are left and we cannot see this Trojans team beating Notre Dame so that’s going to be…

5 – 7

…for Clay Helton in Year 4 and how in the world can Helton survive a losing record in his 4 th year on the job at….wait for it….USC?

He Cannot…if USC is still in the Winning Football Business that is!

2.  Chris Ash, Rutgers – No one should be under the illusion that the folks at Rutgers give One Damn Rip about Rutgers Football winning Games and God-forbid Championships because as they talk about Chris Ash is “not on the Hot Seat” when he is now sitting on records of

Overall:  7 – 28

Big Ten:  3 – 23

…..and a record of 1 – 10 in 2018 with only a game against Very Damn Mediocre Michigan State left to play in East Lansing it’s important to know just who Chris Ash has beaten at Rutgers the last three seasons:

Texas State – Losing Team and Head Coach Just Fired

Morgan State – FCS Team
Illinois – Losing Team
Purdue – 6 – 6 Team
Maryland – Losing Team

Howard – FCS Team
New Mexico – Losing Team

That’s right…in three seasons on the job at Rutgers Chris Ash has beaten ONE FBS team with a .500 or better record and in his THIRD year on the job he is now looking right at a record of….

1 – 11

….and with that in mind if Chris Ash is “safe” then Rutgers AD Pat Hobbs is the one should be fired and he…

Should be fired this afternoon if Rutgers is actually interested in winning football games

…but come now….they are not!

Be Proud fans of Rutgers Football….you have a head coach who has beaten ONE FBS team in last 3 seasons with a .500 or better record and an AD that is detached from all reality on Earth!

Memo to the Average As Hell in America:  Go into college athletics because your ass can be both Average As Hell and Detached From All Reality….and would we hire Chris Ash or Pat Hobbs to Shovel Shit in West Texas?

No…but then we are not Damn Morons!

3.  Randy Edsall, UConn – Rutgers may be a football program that is being Totally Destroyed right now by Total Incompetence but UConn is a football program that is being Totally Obliterated on purpose in our opinion as the Huskies are sitting on a record of…

1 – 10

…in 2018 with only a game against Temple left which will make this season a 1 – 11 record in Randy Edsall’s second year back at UConn after he ran from the program to Maryland without even bothering to talk to the UConn players and if you are wondering why it looks as if the Huskies players don’t really give a Damn….in our opinion….it is any surprise they don’t really give a Damn about playing for Randy Edsall at UConn! These kids at UConn are not Damn Morons folks!

Why exactly Randy Edsall was hired back at UConn after he left the program for the Maryland job without talking to the UConn players which in our opinion he would do again if he got a better job offer we don’t really know but we do know if we became the AD at UConn tomorrow the first thing we would do is fire Randy Edsall but then we are…

Not A Damn Moron like Rutgers AD Pat Hobbs who may be one of the Stupidest and Most In Denial Human Beings now alive in America!

4.  Lovie Smith, Illinois – On Saturday in Lovie Smith’s 35 th game as the head coach of at Illinois his football team lost to Iowa…

63 – 0

…and that moves Lovie’s records with the Illini in 3 seasons on the job to…

Overall:  9 – 26

Big Ten:  4 – 22

…and please now is there Someone…Anyone…that can explain to us why Lovie Smith was hired at Illinois who took over a .500 college football program and turned it into a…

Complete Total Disaster

…while being paid $5M dollars a year?

No one can explain that to us because there is…

No Damn Logical Reason why Lovie Smith was hired or should remain employed by the University of Illinois!

4 – 7 Illinois which has wins over…

Kent State – Losing Team
Western Illinois – FCS Team
Rutgers – Losing Team
Minnesota – Losing Team

…has a game left at Northwestern on Saturday which might just be a win since we expect Pat Fitzgerald’s Northwestern team to just Relax and Coast and Quit now they have won the Big Ten West so don’t be surprised if Northwestern lies down and QUITS against Illinois as it gets ready for Big Ten Championship Game!

5.  Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech – Imagine for a moment you were hired as the Athletic Director tomorrow at Texas Tech and you set about evaluating the Tech football program and you looked at Kliff Kingsbury’s records…

Overall:  35 – 39

Big 12:  19 – 34

…when you as Thinking Human Being would know that Mike Leach was the head coach at Tech just a few years ago before being run off by the PC-Police and you would go check Leach’s records at Tech…

Overall: 84 – 43

Big 12: 47 – 33

….and you would think to yourself….Mike Leach could win at Texas Tech so I cannot understand why Kliff Kingsbury isn’t winning at Tech and you would then thank Kliff for his efforts and start looking for a coach that could bring Winning Football back to Lubbock….IF you were a…

Thinking Human Being!

Texas Tech is now 5 – 6 on the season just like they were at this time last year when they beat Texas to get bowl eligible and since this is Texas Tech where…

Average As Hell is Accepted and Celebrated

…there’s a chance again for Kingsbury to beat Baylor at home on Saturday and get “bowl eligible” and since this is Texas Tech after all…

It will be Accepted and Celebrated

…and if you are thinking the folks in Lubbock are…

Total Damn Losers and Sorry Damn Excuses for Americans….You Would Be Right!

6.  Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech – We said in this blog several weeks ago were BIG problems at Texas Tech that in our opinion are being covered-up by the media in Blacksburg which is little different than the media in Russia which gets on its knees and kissing the Precious Ass of Vladimir Putin and that’s still our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that…

There Are Big Problems at Virginia Tech which just lost 38 – 14 at home to a Miami team that is one of the worst Miami teams we have seen in recent years and that’s the FOURTH straight loss for now 4 – 6 Tech with games left against…


What exactly are the BIG problems at Virginia Tech?

Well…we would rather not say but they all go back to…in our humble opinion…of head coach Justin Fuente being a Sorry Ass Leader that does not have the GUTS nor the COURAGE to actually lead the Virginia Tech football program and if you are an AD that had Fuente’s name on a list you might consider to hire at your school…

Take his name off your list unless you want to hire someone with No GUTS or COURAGE

….in our humble opinion that is!

It will be interesting to see if the Virginia Tech football team just Totally Quits in these last two games against Virginia and Marshall….very Damn interesting to see!

7.  Larry Fedora, North Carolina – North Carolina finally got a 2 nd win on Saturday beating FCS Western Carolina at home and now the 2 – 8 Tar Heels end the season with a home game against NC State on Saturday with head coach Larry Fedora now sitting on a record the last two years of…

Overall:  5 – 17

ACC:  2 – 13

….and since we don’t see any way in the world that North Carolina beats a pretty decent NC State team one has to think someone in Chapel Hill will say to themselves something like…

5 wins the last two seasons isn’t so good…it isn’t good at all

…..and if they say that to themselves then they more than likely will be looking for a new head coach at UNC!

8.  Philip Montgomery, Tulsa – We don’t have a clue what has happened to Tulsa the last two seasons after the Golden Hurricane put up 10 wins in 2016 and the last two years head coach Philip Montgomery is now sitting on record of….

Overall:  4 – 19

AAC:  2 – 13

…with 2 – 9 Tulsa only having a game left against SMU.

Whatever is going on at Tulsa….it’s Not Good…it’s Not Good At All!

9.  Gus Malzahn, Auburn – It must be nice to be making $7 Million Dollars a year and post a record of 7 – 4 with only Alabama left on the schedule and…

No One At Auburn Gives A Damn

…and that is the situation Tigers head coach Gus Malzahn has going on The Plains now but come now…we first got to an Auburn game at Jordan-Hare Stadium in the 1980s and we know that…

Auburn Loves and Celebrates Average just like Rutgers

…and Gus could take the Tigers up to Tuscaloosa and get whipped 100 – 0 by Alabama and…

No One At Auburn Would Give A Damn!

Auburn may be a “Family” but it’s a family that…

Does Not Care About Winning
Does Not Give A Damn About Losing
Does Not Mind Being Totally Dominated By Alabama

…and if you are thinking about sending your kids to Auburn…DON’T…unless you want them to be…

Total Damn Losers who are willing to Accept Average and Laugh, and Laugh, and Laugh

Auburn = It’s All About Being Average As Hell and Loving Every Minute Of It!

Be Proud Fans of Auburn Football…Just Be Proud!

10.  Willie Taggart, Florida State – On Saturday Willie Taggart and FSU got their 5 th win of the season at home against Boston College with only a game in Tallahassee against Florida which is a MUST WIN for Willie Taggart and Florida head coach Dan Mullen because the..

Losing Coach Will Be on the Hot Seat the entire 2019 offseason and begin next year on the Hot Seat

….so this is…

Lose and your ass is on the Hot Seat entering the 2019 season Game

…and it will be interesting to see if the Seminoles come out attacking the Gators all over the field or they just lie down and quit against Florida!

Very Damn interesting to see!

Great Luck Willie!

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