Post Week 7 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – 21 – 30 Hot Seat Head Coaches – Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell and Give It To Them Straight With the Bark On Johnny Cash


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Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell and Give It To Them Straight With the Bark On Johnny Cash

Post Week 7 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

21.  Trent Miles, Georgia State – Trent Miles and Georgia State got a nice win on Saturday on the road against Ball State and now the Panthers get to live in the glow of their 2 – 4 record during a bye in Week 8 before they head to play Arkansas State on Halloween!

Uh – Oh….Arkansas State just beat La. Lafayette 37 – 27 so the Halloween road trip might not end in a win BUT Hell Georgia State got their first win of the year over a team not named New Mexico State so Congratulations to Trent Miles and Panthers and have a nice bye week and don’t give one Damn thought to your records at Georgia State Trent Miles because it’s time to be in your Happy Place!

Overall:  3 – 27

Sun Belt:  1 – 16

22.  Paul Petrino, Idaho – Paul Petrino got a win on the road against a rapidly imploding Troy football team under first year head coach Neal Brown and now it’s up to Petrino to keep the wins rolling in with a game against La. Monroe at home on Saturday in what is a…

Very Damn Winnable Game!

Idaho is now 2 – 4 on the season and still has to play these games…

La. Monroe
At New Mexico State
At South Alabama
Appalachian State
At Auburn
Texas State

Hell, the Vandals might be able to get to 4 wins in 2015 but then the Vandals might need 6 wins in 2015 to save Paul Petrino’s job!

Bob Stoops

23.  Bob Stoops, Oklahoma – In the wake of Oklahoma destroying Kansas State by a score of 55 – 0 on Saturday we here at Coaches Hot Seat and hundreds of thousands of fans of OU football must have been thinking something like:

“What in the Hell was that Bob Stoops? Your football team doesn’t show up against Texas BUT you do show up to play against Kansas State? What the Hell is your problem Stoops?”

It has been our opinion for years here at Coaches Hot Seat that Bob Stoops like his good buddy Steve Spurrier has become a Part-Time coach and not putting in the effort he did during his first TEN seasons on the job in Norman which ran from….

1999 season to the loss to Florida in the January 2009 BCS Title Game

…which means in our opinion Bob Stoops has been giving less than FULL EFFORT for 7 years now counting this season which saw Part-Time and Big Choke Bob Stoops strike again with the Sooners loss to a Very Damn Average Texas team in Dallas two weeks ago.

Oh, we have no doubt at all that if Oklahoma plays like they did against Kansas State the Sooners will be 9 – 2 when they travel to Stillwater for the Bedlam game against Oklahoma State on November 28 which has always been an impossible game for us to predict but then just imagine fans of OU football:

What IF…Oklahoma had played with FIRE against Texas and the Sooners were 6 – 0 and in the Top 5 right now?

Oh, don’t think about that for too long because you will be incredibly pissed-off and besides you better Damn be worried about which Oklahoma team will show up this week to play against Texas Tech….

The Unmotivated and Not Giving A Damn Sooners


The Playing Like Men Possessed Sooners?

Hell, we don’t have a clue to the answer to that question and THAT is the problem with Bob Stoops.


24.  Gus Malzahn, Auburn – With lots of people trying to explain just what in the Hell happened to the 2015 version of the Auburn Tigers in Gus Malzahn’s THIRD season as the head coach at AU we here at Coaches Hot Seat see the Tigers with a record of 4 – 2 on the season with their 3 wins over FBS wins coming over teams with a combined record of….

9 – 10

….and then 2 losses to LSU and Mississippi State.

In other words Auburn has beaten NO ONE in 2015 in the grand or lower than grand scheme of things and thus why it’s so Damn important for the Malzahn and the Tigers to beat an Arkansas team on Saturday that is sitting on a record of….

2 – 4

….which REALLY makes his a HUGE game for Gus Malzahn because a loss in this spot and it will be…


…with these games still on the slate after the Razorbacks:

Ole Miss
At Texas A&M

Damn….if Auburn loses to Arkansas they are looking right at records in 2015 of…

Overall:  5 – 7

SEC:  1 – 7

And just think who those 5 wins would have been over….

Louisville, Jacksonville State, San Jose State, Kentucky, Idaho

Hell…the bright side is Auburn could claim to be the Champion of Kentucky!


25.  Charlie Partridge, Florida Atlantic – Charlie Partridge is now in his SECOND season as the head coach at FAU and after the loss to Marshall on Saturday Charlie has records on the board of….

Overall:  4 – 14

CUSA:  3 – 8

…..and in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat it’s time for Charlie Partridge to start winning some Damn football games starting with Saturday’s game at UTEP.

Memo to Charlie Partridge:  TIME is EVERYTHING Charlie and TIME is now working against you so start winning some Damn football games and QUICK son!


26.  Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech – Consider the below FACT for a moment in the wake of Georgia Tech starting the 2015 college football season off with a record of 2 – 5 overall and 0 – 4 in ACC play:

Over the past SIX seasons Paul Johnson has posted an ACC Conference record of…

25 – 19

…..and there is a decent chance that Johnson’s ACC mark over the past SIX seasons will be hovering near the .500 mark when the Yellow Jackets play Georgia in Atlanta on November 28 with these games still left to play:

Florida State
At Virginia
Virginia Tech
At Miami

YES….there is at least a 50 – 50 chance that Georgia Tech does NOT go to a bowl game this year which would give Paul Johnson a 100% chance of finding his ass on the Hot Seat for the foreseeable future!


27.  Mark Helfrich, Oregon – Several Coaches Hot Seat members were at the Oregon – Washington game on Saturday night at Husky Stadium in Seattle and the most striking thing as we watched the Ducks sideline closely was how much of the swagger that used to radiate from the Oregon Ducks players is now GONE and in our opinion that swagger is GONE because Mark Helfrich just does not have the “It” and gravitas that Chip Kelly had when coaching the Ducks.

With the win over Oregon the Ducks are now at 4 – 3 on the season and still have to play games against…

At Arizona State
At Stanford
Oregon State

…and in our opinion IF Oregon loses to Arizona State a week from Thursday the Ducks have a tough time making it to a bowl game and if Oregon doesn’t go to a bowl game in 2015 Oregon will be looking for a new head football coach come December.

28.  Craig Bohl, Wyoming – Craig Bohl finally got his Wyoming football team off the mat on Saturday with a win over Nevada getting their FIRST win of the year and now it will be up to Bohl to keep the ball rolling this week in a tough game against what suddenly what looks like a very vulnerable Boise State team.

With these games left on the schedule….

At Boise State
At Utah State
Colorado State
At San Diego State

….we see no reason why the Cowboys don’t win at least THREE more games in 2015 so keep coaching up the Cowboys Craig Bohl!


29.  Mike Riley, Nebraska – Nebraska dominated a stumbling, bumbling Minnesota football team that now looks hardly coached at all and it will be up to Husker head coach Mike Riley to keep things moving forward with a Week 8 game at home against a Northwestern football team that now looks like it’s hardly coached at all and is falling to pieces after a 5 – 0 start to the season.

Mike Riley has ONE task for the 2015 season….making Damn sure that the now 3 – 4 Huskers get to a bowl game and with these games left to play…

At Purdue
Michigan State
At Rutgers

….if Nebraska can’t win 3 of their last 5 games then Mike Riley SHOULD be fired in December along with anyone else that thought hiring Mike Riley was a good idea in Lincoln, Nebraska!

30.  Derek Mason, Vanderbilt – Vanderbilt looks like an improved football team over 2014 in Derek Mason’s first year coaching the Commodores BUT with Vandy now 2 – 4 after their loss to the Spurrier-less South Carolina Gamecocks it will be up to Mason to find a couple more wins AT LEAST from the SIX games left on Vandy’s schedule:

At Houston
At Florida
Texas A&M
At Tennessee

YES…..Vanderbilt should win AT LEAST 4 Games in 2015 starting with a win over a Very Damn Average Missouri team on Saturday!

Come on Derek Mason….it’s time NOW to start winning some football games at Vanderbilt!

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