Post Week 8 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – 1 – 10 Hot Seat Head Coaches – Coaches on the Hot Seat Know What’s Up When They Hear This Song Mr. Cash But Send Them Into the Ring of Fire Anyway Johnny!


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Coaches on the Hot Seat Know What’s Up When They Hear This Song Mr. Cash But Send Them Into the Ring of Fire Anyway Johnny!

Post Week 8 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Darrell Hazell, Purdue – The Purdue Boilermakers had a bye in Week 8 but get after it again in Week 9 otherwise known as…

Halloween Showdown Week

…here at Coaches Hot Seat with a game hosting Nebraska and if Darrell Hazell’s football team is going to get a Big Ten win in 2015 the games against Nebraska this week and/or Illinois in Week 10 might be its best shot!

As for Darrell Hazell’s records now in his THIRD season at Purdue they still stand at:

Overall:  5 – 26

Big Ten:  1 – 18

A friend of ours in Big Ten Country tell us that relative to Darrell Hazell’s future job status….

“If Hazell can win 2 Big Ten games this season then he will probably return for 2016.”

There’s your charge Darrell Hazell…win TWO Big Ten games this season with these games remaining on Purdue’s schedule:

At Northwestern
At Iowa

Hell…in your THIRD season on the job at Purdue which has a pretty rich football history you for Damn sure as the head coach should be able to win TWO out of EIGHT Big Ten Conference games…in our humble opinion!

PaulRhoads83883 (1)

2.  Paul Rhoads, Iowa State – In a monsoon at times Iowa State played Baylor pretty tough for the last two quarters and left Waco with a 45 – 27 loss which runs the Cyclones records in 2015 to…

Overall:  2 – 5

Big 12:  1 – 3

….and Paul Rhoads’ records over the past THREE seasons at ISU to…

Overall:  7 – 24

Big 12:  3 – 19

…and thus you now know why Paul Rhoads’ ass is sitting on one of the Hottest Seats in American football.

We have heard the charge for Paul Rhoads in 2015 was very simple:

Make it to a bowl game or Turn Out the Lights the Party’s Over

If that’s true then Iowa State MUST WIN 4 of its last 5 games against these opponents:

At Oklahoma
Oklahoma State
At Kansas State
At West Virginia

Hell…as one of our favorite college professors used to say a long time ago now…

“Hell…Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic and discovered the New World in 1492 so you can Damn sure get your ass prepared to take test in the 20 th Century!”

Do you think the Candy Ass kids on college campuses today would go crying home to their Mommas if a college professor told them that in 2015?

Why Hell yes and that is why a former Stanford dean wrote a great book on how helicopter parents are destroying their own kids’ and America’s future!

Former Stanford dean explains why helicopter parenting is ruining a generation of children, Emma Brown, Washington Post

How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success, Julie Lythcott-Haims,


Getting back to Paul Rhoads and Iowa State…

Win 4 of your last 5 games Paul or Turn Out the Lights the Party’s Over for Paul Rhoads at Iowa State!


3.  Doug Martin, New Mexico State – After watching football for 40-plus years and the college coaching closely over the last decade or so we here at Coaches Hot Seat have some very strong opinions on how an athletic director would go about turning around a struggling football program which begins and ends with hiring a…

Great Football Coach and Leader

….but beyond hiring that Great Football Coach and Leader there also needs to be a strong support system and physical/mental infrastructure constructed behind a head coach and football program for a college football program to truly be successful.


We are going to let everyone in on a closely guarded secret at Coaches Hot Seat….we have a very special mole….well…we have moles across the game of college football in and around university athletic departments that are more than willing to spill some inside info in exchange for an nice lunch but then that’s how a few of us here at Coaches Hot Seat were taught to gather information while serving in the US Military and of course is the bedrock of all great reporting….BUT….getting back to our very special mole who has gone by the name…


….for the obvious reason that he has been at the University of Alabama before Nick Saban landed in Tuscaloosa in January 2007 and he is still at The Capstone today. CrimsonThroat has given us a tremendous amount of insight into Nick Saban and the Alabama football program for the past NINE football seasons (99% of which has never made it into the Coaches Hot Seat Blog) and just what Saban did to rebuild an Alabama football program that was only a few clicks away from a Complete Freaking Disaster when Saban arrived in T-Town and that information plus what we have seen first-hand with Jim Harbaugh at Stanford, Pete Carroll at USC and saw a Helluva long time ago with Steve Spurrier at Florida has led to our strong opinions on just what the Hell MUST be done to rebuild a college football program and that brings us to New Mexico State which lost 52 – 7 to a very average Troy team on Saturday and is deep need of a…

Complete and Total Rebuild of the NMSU Football Program

….starting with New Mexico State hiring the very best one of these they can find…

Great Football Coach and Leader

….once they fire Doug Martin which has to be a certainty in Las Cruces now after the beatdown the Aggies took from Troy.

We can tell everyone and especially our author and media friends in the world…a GREAT book that would sell a Helluva lot of copies would be titled something like…

How To Build A Great and Self-Sustaining College Football Program

…with a subtitle something like…

What Nick Saban, Jim Harbaugh, Pete Carroll, Steve Spurrier and other Great Football Coaches Taught the World About Building A Great Football Program or Any Great Organization For That Matter

Hmmmmm….maybe that is a book that someone here at Coaches Hot Seat should take on!


As for CrimsonThroat when Coaches Hot Seat members are in Tuscaloosa for a football game we usually meet CrimsonThroat on the Friday night before the game at the base of Denny Chimes where all the hand and footprints of former Alabama captains are embedded into the concrete and then we take a walk around the beautiful University of Alabama campus before wandering on down to The Strip for some dinner. One thing that people that work in Intelligence are taught is that sometimes when you have a contact that is feeding your information the contact might indeed be feeding you lots of great info BUT he also might be taking what he is learning about you back to someone higher up in their organization so one night after walking around the Alabama campus with CrimsonThroat and having dinner on The Strip we went our separate ways as usual…but this particular time we followed CrimsonThroat and where did he go to that night?

Right back to the Alabama Athletics building.

Hmmmmm….we thought….is CrimsonThroat in the Alabama Athletics building talking to Nick Saban right now about those Sorry Bastards from Coaches Hot Seat?

We placed the call with one of our cellphones and CrimsonThroat answered the call and said in a very nervous and hushed tone….

“Hey…I can’t talk right now….call me back in the morning…OK?

…and then hung up!

The good news is CrimsonThroat met us the next time we were in Tuscaloosa for a football game on Friday night at Denny Chimes but it’s make one wonder….doesn’t it?

Norm Chow

4.  Norm Chow, Hawaii – With Hawaii’s loss to Nevada on Saturday Norm Chow’s records coaching the Warriors in his FOURTH season at UH now stand at…

Overall:  10 – 35

MWC:  4 – 24

…and Hawaii still has to play this season:

Air Force
Fresno State
San Jose State
La. Monroe

What does Hawaii win….1….maybe 2 more games in 2015?

Talk about a place that could use an experienced head coach with a great offensive track record Hawaii is that place because the losing that Norm Chow is now posting which is unmatched in recent years of Warriors football certainly cannot allowed to be continue and we just happen to know a few experienced head coaches with very strong offensive credentials that would love to take a shot at the Hawaii job and have a Helluva lot of fun while doing it!


5.  Kevin Wilson, Indiana – Indiana played Michigan State tough for about a half on Saturday but in the end the Spartans overwhelmed what looks like a “spent” Hoosiers football team who fell to 4 – 4 on the season and 0 – 4 in the Big Ten play and leaves head coach Kevin Wilson with only one goal left in 2015:

Somehow get to SIX wins in 2015 or it’s OVER for Kevin Wilson at Indiana

As we just said Indiana is now 4 – 4 on the season and the Hoosiers still have to play these games….

At Maryland
At Purdue

….AND Kevin Wilson needs to win TWO of the above last FOUR games…PERIOD!


6.  Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia – For all the talk of Crazy Boy Dana Holgorsen being an “offensive genius” when you get down to BRASS TACKS and we are all about BRASS TACKS here at Coaches Hot Seat if you look at West Virginia’s records under Holgorsen since WVU joined the Big 12 beginning in the 2012 season those records are not very pretty:

Overall:  21 – 23

Big 12:  11 – 19

Hell…if the above records can keep someone employed at ANY Big 12 school save…

Kansas and Iowa State

…then one has to wonder just what in the Hell has happened to the couch burners in Morgantown who have seemed to fallen down on their asses drunk and are willing to allow….

Way Damn Below Average Football

….to be played in the hills and hollars of the Great State of West Virginia!

Sorry West Virginians….we are just flat-out NOT going to tolerate…

Way Damn Below Average Football

….at West Virginia and either Crazy Boy Holgorsen gets off his ass or his ass will be sent packing with no doubt Crazy Boy walking his ass out of those hills and hollars of West Virginia and back down Texas-way where Crazy Boy should be able to get a job or Hell Crazy Boy could join Pirate of the Palouse up in Pullman, Washington!

Getting back to 2015 Crazy Boy Holgorsen his team’s records now stand at…

3 – 3 Overall

0 – 3 Big 12 play

….and the Mountaineers still have to play….

Texas Tech
At Kansas
Iowa State
At Kansas State

Hell…if Crazy Boy Holgorsen can’t win at least THREE of his last SIX games then Crazy Boy should be sent packing because Hell this is West Virginia football we still talking about here…right?


7.  Todd Berry, La. Monroe – The Complete Freaking Disaster that is La. Monroe’s 2015 football season got a little uglier on Saturday with a loss to Idaho which leaves the Warhawks record this year at…

1 – 6

…and Todd Berry fighting for his job with these games still on the docket:

At La. Lafayette
At Troy
Arkansas State
At Texas State
At Hawaii
New Mexico State

Hell…there’s at least FOUR very Damn winnable games left on La. Monroe’s schedule and to that point all we can say in this spot is….

Get Off Your Ass Todd Berry!


8.  Mike London, Virginia – The Virginia Cavaliers lost to North Carolina on Saturday and that dropped the Cavs records in 2015 to…

2 – 5 Overall

1 – 2 ACC play

…and head coach Mike London’s record in ACC play in SIX seasons at UVA to:

12 – 31

Damn…that is BAD with a capital B – A – D!

Up next for Virginia a home game against….

Georgia Tech

….but then will the Yellow Jackets even show up to play the Cavaliers after their last second win over FSU?

We sure the Hell don’t know the answer to that question but for Damn sure we would love to be playing Georgia Tech this week!

Come on Mike London….DON’T QUIT NOW SON!


Speaking of “Don’t Quit” there was a great article in the San Francisco Chronicle last week about Cal Football legend the Late Great Joe Roth who has one of the GREAT stories in college football history that very few people know about and we hope that a few more will know about a Helluva Man Joe Roth was from us and many others telling Joe’s story.

Cal football hero Joe Roth comes back to life in documentary, Sam Whiting, San Francisco Chronicle

Don’t Quit: The Joe Roth Story –


As always RIP the Great Joe Roth!

9.  Chuck Martin, Miami (Ohio) – The losses just keep coming for Chuck Martin at Miami (Ohio) and we here at Coaches Hot Seat cannot help but wonder….

Just what in the Hell is going on at Miami (Ohio) Chuck Martin? You are too good of a football coach for his Crapola football son! Get off your ass already Chuck Martin!

Up next for the 1 – 7 Miami (Ohio) Redhawks:


Damn Chuck Martin….Got 1 – 8?

You are about to have it Chuck if you and your football team doesn’t get off your collective asses!


10.  Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech – Yes, Virginia Tech played a pretty good Duke team tough on Saturday before losing in overtime but to that we can only say….

Yada, Yada, Yada…because this is Freaking Virginia Tech Folks

…and that was the Freaking Duke Blue Devils that just be the Hokies on Their Home Freaking Field when Virginia Tech has at LEAST DOUBLE the talent of the Blue Devils!

It’s not easy for us to say this since we have a lot of respect for future College Football Hall of Fame member Frank Beamer who has forgotten more about football than we ever collectively know here at Coaches Hot Seat but the TRUTH is right now…

Virginia Tech is a very poorly coached football team

…especially with the amount of talent on the Hokies’ roster which has consistently had Top 25 Recruiting Classes over the past SIX seasons and plays like it has Below Top 50 Recruiting Classes which is sure Damn sign of a…

Very Poorly Coached Football Team

Hell…..there’s no Damn shame in realizing it’s over….and if Virginia Tech cannot get to SIX wins in 2015 now sitting with THREE wins with these games left to be played…

At Boston College
At Georgia Tech
North Carolina
At Virginia

….the TRUTH is…

It’s Over For Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech

…and someone else can take a shot at following the legendary Frank Beamer and getting the Hokies back on top which we know for Damn sure is what Frank Beamer wants more than worrying about his own Damn job status in Blacksburg!

Go Beat Boston College Frank Beamer!

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