Post Week 8 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – 11 – 20 Hot Seat Head Coaches – “I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down, down, down and the flames went higher And it burns, burns, burns, The ring of fire, the ring of fire.” Yep…that’s what college head coaches on the Hot Seat HATE to hear Johnny Cash BUT give it to them anyway!


A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

“I fell into a burning ring of fire,
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire.”

Yep…that’s what college head coaches on the Hot Seat HATE to hear Johnny Cash BUT give it to them anyway!

Post Week 8 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


11.  Curtis Johnson, Tulane – With Tulane’s loss to Navy on Saturday the Green Wave fell to 2 – 5 on the season and head coach Curtis Johnson’s records at Tulane in his FOUR seasons as a head coach now stand at…

Overall:  14 – 30

CUSA:  10 – 18

….and call us CRAZY if you like but we think Tulane football can win more games than that and thus why Curtis Johnson’s ass is now on the Hot Seat.

Here’s what Tulane has left to play in 2015 with 2 wins on the board:

At Memphis
At Army

Damn…those are some pretty tough games as we head down the stretch to the college football season especially when Curtis Johnson probably needs to win 4 of his last 5 games to return to coach the Green Wave in 2016.


12.  Butch Jones, Tennessee – Tennessee gave a seriously struggling Alabama team that has no idea what it wants to do on the offensive side of the ball…

Well…Lane Kiffin wants to do one thing and Nick Saban wants to do another!

….BUT whatever it was another UT loss and with yet another loss Butch Jones’ records at Tennessee in his THIRD year on the job fell to….

Overall:  15 – 17

SEC:  6 – 14

….and the last Vols head coach Derek Dooley who got run out of Knoxville had after 32 games at UT posted records of….

Overall:  14 – 18

SEC:  4 – 16

….which puts Butch Jones slightly ahead of Derek Dooley after 32 games at Tennessee which is the ultimate…

Big Damn Whoop

….since Bozo the Clown could have been slightly ahead of Derek Dooley’s record after 32 games at Tennessee!

With records for Tennessee 2015 now standing at…

3 – 4 overall

1 – 3 SEC play

…and these games still to be played…

At Kentucky
South Carolina
North Texas
At Missouri

….and we would recommend Butch Jones find a way to win at least 3 of the Vols last 5 game and Oh…we would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that Butch Jones not lose to Kentucky in Lexington on Halloween….Oh a Tennessee loss in this spot to Kentucky would make a….

Complete Freaking Disaster

…..look like the best day of Butch Jones life on this Earth!


13.  Gus Malzahn, Auburn – With the loss to Arkansas on Saturday the most stunning number relative to Malzahn at Auburn is his record in SEC Conference play in his THREE seasons at the school which now stands at…

12 – 8  (.600)

…..and with these games still left on the schedule….

Ole Miss
At Texas A&M

…there is the Very Real Chance that Gus Malzahn’s record in SEC play will stand at…

12 – 12

….when Alabama leaves the Loveliest Village on the Plains on Saturday November 28!

Geez…is it really possible that Gus Malzahn could be sitting on a .500 record in SEC play after THREE seasons at Auburn after taking the 2013 Auburn team Bogus BCS Title Game which over the past TWO seasons would leave Malzahn’s record in SEC play at….

5 – 11

Damn! Our recommendation to Gus Malzahn….

Don’t lose to Ole Miss on Saturday Gus or things will get HOTTER than an August day on The Plains down Auburn way!


14.  Mike Riley, Nebraska – With the loss to Northwestern at home on Saturday the Nebraska Cornhuskers 2015 record now stands at….

3 – 5

…and with these games left on the schedule…

At Purdue
Michigan State
At Rutgers

….there is the very REAL chance that Mike Riley’s first year at Nebraska will end without a bowl game trip… NEBRASKA….while playing in the Big Ten Conference!

YES…things are bad right now for Mike Riley in Lincoln…BUT…if Nebraska loses on the road at Purdue on Saturday we would recommend Mike Riley and Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst start looking for real estate agent because they are going to need to put their homes on the market…AND FAST! Hell…maybe if both Riley and Eichorst used the same real estate agent they could get a deal on the commission!

Memo to Mike Riley:  Don’t lose to Purdue Mike or…IT’S OVER before it ever began!


15.  Mark Richt, Georgia – Even with an overall record in 15 seasons as the head coach at Georgia of…

141 – 60

…..the status of Mark Richt’s future is in doubt whether Mark Richt decides he has had enough or Georgia football fans finally get tired of Richt losing games like this weekend’s one to Florida which yet another…

CANNOT LOSE World’s Largest Cocktail Party Game

….that very simply….Mark Richt CANNOT LOSE!

Now at 5 – 2 on the season with the Georgia offense only mustering 9 measly points against a Missouri team that just lost to Vanderbilt over the weekend one has to wonder what is going to happen to Georgia’s offense under the un-relenting pressure that the Florida defense is playing with in 2015 and that raises the specter of Georgia….

Getting Run Out of the World’s Largest Cocktail Party by the Gators

…which if it happens….a 2-touchdown or more win by Florida….with a first-year head coach in the sidelines in Jim McElwain will be IT for Mark Richt because how could the Bulldogs possibly rebound and do anything this season if they get run by the Gators on Saturday?

It’s just our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat but the former US Military Intelligence people here who were trained in the art of watching face reaction and body movement have detected something new in Mark Richt in 2015 and they see it as something like….

Mark Richt is almost over the idea of coaching football and the pressure that comes with coaching at a place like Georgia

…and with Richt making something north of $25 Million Dollars over his past 15 seasons coaching at Georgia this might be the end for Mark Richt whether the Bulldogs beat Florida or not.

Could Mark Richt really walk away from Georgia with 2 SEC Titles and NO National Championships in 15 seasons in Athens?

Maybe so but this Florida game will be very telling….Very Damn Telling!

16.  Trent Miles, Georgia State – After a bye in Week 8 Georgia State gets back to playing football in Week 9 with a game at Arkansas State and with the Panthers record now standing at 2 – 4 and head coach Trent Miles needing at least…

TWO More Wins in 2015

…to have ANY chance to return to coach Georgia State in 2016 with these games left on the schedule…

At Arkansas State
La. Lafayette
At Texas State
South Alabama
At Georgia Southern

….finding TWO More Wins in 2015 is not going to be an easy thing to do!

Good Luck Trent!


17.  Charlie Partridge, Florida Atlantic – In TWO seasons at Florida Atlantic head coach Charlie Partridge has now posted records of….

Overall:  4 – 15

CUSA:  3 – 9

….after the Owls loss to UTEP on Saturday which brings us to the Shula Bowl game against FIU in Boca Raton on Saturday which is a game that Charlie Partridge really needs to win because we don’t see a lot of wins left on FAU’s schedule…..

At Western Kentucky
Middle Tennessee
At Florida
At Old Dominion

Damn Charlie….you better Damn beat FIU son!

18.  Craig Bohl, Wyoming – Not surprisingly Wyoming lost to a very good Boise State team on Saturday which leaves the Cowboy’s records at…

1 – 7 overall

1 – 3 in MWC

….and still having to play games against…

At Utah State
Colorado State
At San Diego State

…Cowboys head coach Craig Bohl who had a Helluva record at North Dakota State could finish his second season at Wyoming with a record of…

1 – 11!

Wyoming = The place where very good football coaches go to destroy their coaching careers!


19.  Bret Bielema, Arkansas – The Good News is that Bret Bielema and his Arkansas team beat Auburn on Saturday but the Bad News is that Arkansas has beaten THREE teams in 2015….


….and those THREE teams have a combined record of…

11 – 11

…and all THREE of those teams will have tough time making it to a bowl game in 2015 so that means that in reality….

Arkansas has beaten NO ONE in 2015

…but the Razorbacks do have a chance to beat SOMEONE with these games left to be played:

UT Martin
At Ole Miss
Mississippi State

How many wins will the now 3 – 4 Arkansas Razorbacks finish with in 2015?

We would HIGHLY recommend they finish without AT LEAST 6 Wins because a losing season in one’s THIRD year as the head coach at Arkansas will bring a level of HEAT that Bret Bielema and Arkansas AD Jeff Long have never seen or dealt with before and both of those men can ask former Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt what that HEAT feels like and no doubt Nutt would tell them something like…

It isn’t fun boys…no Damn fun at all!


20.  Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M – The most interesting and revealing record to keep an eye on as it pertains to A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin is the record that the “money boys in Texas” are watching very closely right now and that is the Aggies record in SEC Conference play under Sumlin which now in his FOURTH season at the school stands at…

15 – 13

….with A&M still having games in 2015 against:

South Carolina
West Carolina
At Vanderbilt

The last two head coaches at Texas A&M….Mike Sherman and Dennis Franchione….who both got run out of College Station after what was nothing less than MEDIOCRE football posted conference winning percentages of…

Mike Sherman:  15 – 18  (.455) Conference Record

Dennis Franchione:  19 – 21  (.475) Conference Record

….and right now Kevin Sumlin is sitting just above the very dangerous .500 level mark in Conference Play and why it’s so Damn important for the Aggies to finish strong starting with a…

Better Damn NOT Lose Game at Home against South Carolina on Saturday

Memo to Kevin Sumlin:  If you lose to South Carolina on Saturday son you are going to be in a Helluva spot and will be coaching the November 7 home game against Auburn for your job so for Damn sure….Don’t Lose to South Carolina Kevin Sumlin…take our word on that son!

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