Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – 11 – 20 Hot Seat Head Coaches – Hell….We Know These Hot Seat Coaches Are Crying Johnny….That Doesn’t Mean We Shouldn’t Keep Giving These Millionaire Crybabies Hell Though Mr. Cash! Sing It Johnny!


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Hell….We Know These Hot Seat Coaches Are Crying Johnny….That Doesn’t Mean We Shouldn’t Keep Giving These Millionaire Crybabies Hell Though Mr. Cash! Sing It Johnny!

Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


11.  Trent Miles, Georgia State – Georgia State played Arkansas State tough for about three quarters before losing 48 – 34 on Saturday and with that loss head coach Trent Miles records in THREE seasons coaching the Panthers dropped to…

Overall:  3 – 28

Sun Belt:  1 – 17

…..and in words of the Great Jed Clampett that is…

“Pitiful….Just Pitiful!”


Now at 2 – 5 on the season here is what Georgia State has left on their schedule:

La. Lafayette
At Texas State
South Alabama
At Georgia Southern

Our guess: Georgia State finishes at 2 – 10 in 2015 and the Panthers are looking for a new head football coach come December and Hell we would be interested in a job coaching an FBS program in Atlanta, Georgia and we know a few very good head coaches a level or two below the FBS level that would be interested in that job as well!

Keep coaching them up Trent….just keep coaching them up son!

PaulRhoads83883 (1)

12.  Paul Rhoads, Iowa State – You have to give Paul Rhoads and his Iowa State football team credit for continuing to play hard and beating a decent and much more talented if not admittedly arrogant Texas football team that is full of more Prima Donnas than we could possibly count BUT the win over the Longhorns doesn’t change Rhoads’ records by much in SEVEN seasons coaching the Cyclones:

Overall:  32 – 51

Big 12:  16 – 41

Even worse is Paul Rhoads records at Iowa State over the past THREE seasons….

Overall:  8 – 24

Big 12:  4 – 19

…which points to a declining football program especially when benchmarked against the rest of the Big 12 which is how Paul Rhoads is ultimately measured which is how we are all measured in this world today:

How did you do against your closest peers?

Answer for Paul Rhoads at Iowa State:

Not very Damn good over the past THREE seasons which brings us to another point if one goes back to the 2011 and 2012 seasons one will remember that was about the time that the Big 12 teams started to really rev-up their offenses and that was the exact spot where a head coach like Paul Rhoads needs to recognize what is happening…

Namely that it’s going to take a Helluva LOT more points to win games in the Big 12 meaning probably north of 30 points per game

….and adapt accordingly by finding a way to score more points whether that be running the ball, throwing the ball, or doing a combination of running and throwing BUT whatever the method if you are going to compete in the Big 12 Conference today in the game of football there is one very simple rule:

You MUST score points….meaning a Helluva LOT of points!

Now at 3 – 5 on the season after the win over the Pitiful Texas Longhorns….who the more we think about put up one of the most DISGRACEFUL performances in 2015 in the game against Cyclones….Iowa State has wins over…

Northern Iowa

….(that’s some great company to hang with their Charlie Strong!) and the Cyclones have left on their schedule:

At Oklahoma
Oklahoma State
At Kansas State
At West Virginia

With Paul Rhoads saying after the win over Texas that he deserves to remain the head coach at Iowa State…

Paul Rhoads after beating Texas: Iowa State shouldn’t beat Texas, Zach Barnett,

“Rhoads then immediately transitioned into his pitch why, at 32-51 overall and 16-41 in the Big 12, he’s the right guy to lead the Iowa State football program. “Because the program’s moving in the right direction. I’ve got great coaches and I’ve got unbelievable players that care and play (with) passion in the cardinal and gold jerseys that they wear.

“We’ve always believed, and I still believe, we have a good football team. We have played five opponents that we’ve lost to that had a combined record of 33-3 going into today,” Rhoads explained. The Cyclones lost to undefeated Iowa 31-17, undefeated Toledo 30-23, undefeated TCU 45-21 and undefeated Baylor 45-27, with games against one-loss Oklahoma and undefeated Oklahoma State in the next two weeks. Only their 66-31 loss at 5-4 Texas Tech (with losses to TCU, Baylor, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State) stands outside the top 25. “We’ve been playing really good football teams. We’ve improved in the process. We had one loss that was embarrassing to us, humiliating to us. Other than that, our football team has fought, prepared and done the things we’ve asked of them.”

….if we were the AD at Iowa State after reading the above comments we would call Paul Rhoads into the office realizing we would have already told him that it was either a .500 record or better and a bowl game in 2015 or he was out of a job come December and say to Paul on this Tuesday morning:

“OK Paul. Nice win over Texas. Your team is 3 – 5 and has 4 games left on the schedule. You win 2 of those games and you can return to coach this team in 2016 BUT 4 wins will not do it because that would be 4 wins in your SEVENTH year on the job. Also it’s clear to me that the rest of the Big 12 is leaving us in the dust and that if I don’t make this move now we will just fall further behind the coming years and I need a full stadium for every Iowa State home game to make my athletic budget work. Now good luck to you Paul and I am hoping you can find 2 more wins which I remind you is 1 win less than I said you would need before the season to keep your job. Now give them Hell Paul!”

OK…Paul Rhoads has been warned that he needs to win 2 of his last 4 games to return to coach at Iowa State in 2016 BUT that leaves on the table the most important question that any AD must ask and answer before he fires a head coach and that question is this:

“If I fire my head football coach will I be able to hire a BETTER head coach to replace him?”

Now this is obviously a very subjective question since a head coach that is not posting winning seasons is ALWAYS at risk of being fired BUT each school is different and Iowa State is a very tough place to coach at because it sits in a touch place to recruit to and it plays in a very tough conference in the Big 12 which is full of teams and head coaches that are bound and determined to win games and championships and that is just a Helluva tough neighborhood for a head coach of the Cyclones to operate in.

The obvious answer to the above question is that…

OF COURSE Iowa State can hire a better head coach than Paul Rhoads but WOULD Iowa State hire a better head coach than Paul Rhoads if Rhoads was fired?

Certainly Tennessee COULD HAVE hired a better head coach than Phillip Fulmer after Fulmer was fired after the 2008 season but the Tennessee AD then Mike Hamilton hired Lane Kiffin and then Derek Dooley who by any measure we can think of…

Were NOT even close to being BETTER head coaches than Phillip Fulmer

….and that takes us back to Iowa State AD Jamie Pollard who at this moment should have a list of 5 to 7 current head coaches or assistant coaches on the FBS and FCS levels that he believes would consider the Iowa State job if offered that would be BETTER at winning games and championships than Paul Rhoads at ISU.

Frankly…we have a list here at Coaches Hot Seat of the Top 25 College Head Coaches and Top 25 College Assistant Coaches that are Ready for Bigger and/or Head Coaching Jobs which includes a number of coaches that would LOVE a shot at coaching Iowa State and one FBS AD friend of ours has asked us to post those two lists in the Coaches Hot Seat Blog which we may indeed do next week if we can agree on the last few coaches on both lists actually are in our minds.

Getting back to Paul Rhoads and Iowa State….

Go find TWO wins in your last FOUR games Paul Rhoads because you never know son!


13.  Craig Bohl, Wyoming – It really is too bad that Craig Bohl is still not the head coach at North Dakota State because he would probably be sitting on right now…

FIVE straight FCS National Championships in a row!

….and would be the PRIME candidate to replace the faltering Mike Riley at Nebraska if the Huskers make a…

Chancellor, AD and Head Coaching Change at Nebraska

….later this year which could very well happen if the Huskers get blown out of a couple of games down the stretch of the 2015 season…

After latest loss, NU leaders face tough decisions, Steven M. Sipple, Journal Star

….BUT Craig Bohl is instead at Wyoming and finds his ass on the Hot Seat sitting on records in TWO seasons on the job of….

Overall:  5 – 16

MWC:  3 – 10

Memo to College Head Coaches:  If you are considering a lateral move such as the one that Craig Bohl made going from North Dakota State to Wyoming email us first at to see if it’s a good move or not because more than likely we will know more than you do about what is going on in the coaching profession and what jobs might be open to you 1, 2 or 3 years down the road!

Now at 1 – 8 on the season Craig Bohl and Wyoming have left on the schedule:

Colorado State
At San Diego State

Win 2 of your last 3 games Craig Bohl….alright son…and if you are thinking about making another move to another head coaching job contact us first because whoever the Hell is giving you advice doesn’t have a Freaking Clue what they are talking about….alright son?


14.  Doug Martin, New Mexico State – Congratulations are in order to Doug Martin and his New Mexico State football team which got an overtime win over Idaho….

Hold it a second….they beat IDAHO

….but then what the Hell a Win is a Win even it is over IDAHO and with that Win the Aggies are now…

1 – 7

…on the season and still have to play games against…

At Texas State
At La. Lafayette
Arkansas State
At La. Monroe

Damn….well Hell that Win is still a Win and now it’s on to Texas State!


15.  Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech – Plenty of Coaches Hot Seat members are old enough to have played football in the 1970s and 1980s for coaches like Paul Johnson who spends most of his time…

Chewing out and running down his players

….and we are also smart enough to know that in today’s world just as it was when we were growing up if you do as the Late Great Paul “Bear” Bryant said was the wrong thing to do…

“If you whoop and holler all the time, the players just get used to it.”

…then you will end up with a very inconsistent football program and that is what Paul Johnson has in his EIGHT seasons at Georgia Tech as shown by the yearly records below:

2008:  9 – 4
2009:  10– 3
2010:  6 – 7
2011:  8 – 5
2012:  7 – 7
2013:  7 – 6
2014:  11 – 3
2015:  3 – 6


We are going to let everyone in on a secret of coaching that we got from a member of Coaches Hot Seat who played for Paul “Bear” Bryant at Alabama in the 1970s who has given us a tremendous amount of valuable information based upon what he learned from Paul Bryant on how to lead people, motivate people, and generally create winning organizations that we use all the time in our REAL day jobs and one of those things that this former player for Bryant told us was an incredible insight that coaches like Paul Johnson that spend a Helluva lot of time yelling at their players should take to heart. The below conversation happened in 2013 in Atlanta at the home of a Coaches Hot Seat member as we were sitting around talking about what this former Alabama player had learned from Paul Bryant:

Coaches Hot Seat: “Tell us about Bryant’s demeanor on the sidelines during games and how it was different from other coaches you played for or saw first-hand in your life.”

Former Bryant Player: “Something that I hardly noticed when I was at Alabama but which really stood out to me as I thought about my days of playing for Coach Bryant and seeing how other coaches interacted with their players is that Coach Bryant on the sidelines during games rarely yelled at players unless they did something really stupid but he sure the Hell would light up his assistant coaches all the time who would then get onto the players about specific things. That small thing which I didn’t give two seconds thought to when I was at Alabama really hit home when I got out into the business world and realized that chewing out front-line employees that were almost always doing their best not only made me look bad and even small, but also undermined the managers in the company who were charged with managing the front-line employees and who resented it when I went straight to their employees to chew someone out or to get an answer to something. Coach Bryant most of all coached his assistant coaches and held them accountable for the play of their individual units and players and that kept Coach above the fray so to speak and because he wasn’t involved in chewing out players directly gave him more power over the entire team in a strange sort of way that I cannot really explain but most importantly the approach that Coach Bryant took made all of us want to play that much harder for him.”

Now as you take in all of the above one must believe that Paul Bryant told his assistant coaches when he hired them that he was going to hold them responsible for the area of the team they coached at that there may indeed be times when he would get on his coaches in a very direct way during practices and in games when he probably should be getting after the player who did something wrong so the assistant coaches shouldn’t take what he says to them personally but instead should take it as a message for the assistant coach to get after his players.


On a related note we once heard former Auburn head coach Pat Dye say in a radio interview that he fired his offensive coordinator Pat Sullivan several times each game only to hire him back quickly and no doubt Dye learned a Helluva lot in how to be a head coach in the NINE seasons that he spent on Paul Bryant’s staff at Alabama.

Memo to Paul Johnson:  Not only is it bad form to be yelling at your players all the time it’s hindering your football team’s chances to win more games and that’s what football is all about…

Winning Football Games

….and when you go to Charlottesville and lose to a Virginia football team that has won FIVE ACC Conference football games in the last THREE seasons then you have a Helluva mess on your hands and that is what Paul Johnson and the…

3 – 6

….Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have on their hands right now….A Helluva Mess!

To get bowl eligible which is a borderline DISGRACE at Georgia Tech they will have to win their last THREE games against…

Virginia Tech
At Miami

Damn….looks like Paul Johnson’s ass will be on the Hot Seat for a Helluva long time going forward!


16.  Mike MacIntyre, Colorado – We are reticent to criticize Mike MacIntyre with the Stanford football team headed to Boulder along with several dozen Coaches Hot Seat members this coming Saturday for a game between the Cardinal and the Buffs BUT there is no getting around the FACTS that now in his THIRD season at CU Mike MacIntyre is sitting on records of…

Overall:  10 – 23

Pac-12:  2 – 21

….and has a 4 – 5 record on the board in 2015 and we are still wondering how in the Hell that Colorado lost to Hawaii in the opening game of the season when having ONE more win on the board this season would have been HUGE for the CU Buffs!

Now with the 4 – 5 record in come Stanford to play Colorado as 16 points favorites which looks like a HUGE line to us with the Buffs playing a lot better football in 2015 BUT if Colorado does lose to Stanford they will face these remaining games needing TWO more wins to get to a badly needed bowl game:

At Washington State
At Utah

Damn….coach hard Mike MacIntyre…coach hard Son!


17.  Steve Addazio, Boston College – With the Boston College loss to Virginia Tech on Saturday the Eagles continue their falling to pieces routine in the 2015 season because that is FIVE straight losses and an 0 – 6 record in ACC play this year and which leaves Addazio’s records in his THIRD season at BCS at:

Overall:  17 – 18

ACC:  8 – 14

Damn….that is BAD and getting WORSE and the Eagles still having to play these games this season:

NC State
Notre Dame at Fenway Park
At Syracuse

Hell….Boston College could be 3 – 8 when they head to play at Syracuse on November 28 with Steve Addazio coaching that game for his job….well…probably not…but certainly sitting on one of the Hottest Seats in the country in 2016 if the current trend continues!


18.  Bret Bielema, Arkansas – We asked our Arkansas-alum buddy who lives in the Ft. Smith, Arkansas area recently what the mood around Arkansas will be this coming offseason if the Razorbacks have a losing season in 2015 and his response was….

“Pissed-Off with a Capital PO!”

Are you thinking what we are thinking that if Arkansas does end up with a losing season in 2015 that when Bret Bielema goes out in the next 10 months or so anywhere in public in the state of Arkansas that he is going to get his ass lit up?

Yep…that’s what we were thinking and with the Razorbacks now sitting on a record of 4 – 4 and with these games left to play…

At Ole Miss
Mississippi State

….if Arkansas loses its next THREE games you will be able to yell SooooooooooooPig as loud as you Damn want in that game against Missouri in Fayetteville and NO ONE will hear you because there will be NO ONE in the stadium!

Damn…could Bret Bielema who was feted by everyone in Arkansas country over the last 10 months actually post record in his THIRD year on the job of…

5 – 7 overall

3 – 5 in SEC play

Yep….and if that happens Arkansas fans will be….

“Pissed-Off with a Capital PO!”

Oh by the way Arkansas fans…you are paying Bret Bielema…

$4 Million Dollars A Year

….and if he wins FIVE games in 2015 with two of those wins coming over teams that Bill Clinton could have coached Arkansas to wins over that will work out to…

Freaking $800,000 Per Win!

Got “Pissed-Off with a Capital PO?”


19.  Mike London, Virginia – Congratulations to Mike London and Virginia for not quitting and continuing to play and getting that nice win over Georgia Tech on Saturday which raises UVA’s records in 2015 to…

3 – 5 overall

2 – 2 in ACC play

….with these games still on the board to play:

At Miami
At Louisville
Virginia Tech

Can Mike London win THREE of their last FOUR games to get to SIX wins a bowl game?

We don’t see why the Hell not!

20.  Paul Haynes, Kent State – Uhhhh…Paul Haynes….head coach at Kent State….your team just got its ass whipped son by the score of…

48 – 0

…by Bowling Green that drops your records in 2015 to…

3 – 5 overall

2 – 2 MAC play

….and Paul Haynes records at KSU in his THIRD year on the job to…

Overall:  9 – 22

MAC:  6 – 13

Memo to Paul Haynes:  How about beating Buffalo Thursday son or at the Very Damn Least don’t get your team’s ass blown out by the Bulls….is that really too much to ask Paul?

Didn’t think so!


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