Post Week 6 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell Mr. Johnny Cash!

Let’s bring out the Great Johnny Cash to show these Hot Seat Coaches about the reality of life on the Hot Seat!

Thank You Mr. Cash!

Post Week 6 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Jeremy Pruitt, Tennessee – It’s hard to underestimate the Total Disaster of a start that Jeremy Pruitt is off to at Tennessee but look at the below records of Vols Head Football Coaches going back to Bowden Wyatt in the 1950s to see just how bad things are in Knoxville right now:

After 17 Games Tennessee >

Phil Fulmer = 14 – 3
Bill Battle = 14 – 3
Bowden Wyatt = 13 – 3 – 1
Derek Dooley = 9 – 8
Doug Dickey = 8 – 6 – 3
Butch Jones = 7 – 10
Jeremy Pruitt = 6 – 11
Johnny Majors = 5 – 11 – 1

Of course, Johnny Majors played football at Tennessee and had won a National Championship at Pitt before he went back to coach at his alma mater in the mid-1970s but we haven’t talked to anyone in Knoxville that thinks >

Jeremy Pruitt has a Damn Clue what he is doing as a Head Football Coach!

With the loss to Georgia the Vols are now 1 – 4 on the season and have left to play in 2019 >

Mississippi State
At Alabama
South Carolina
At Kentucky
At Mizzou

If the Vols cannot beat Mississippi State on Saturday then they might not win another game this season including that season ending game at home against Vandy, and even if Tennessee wins 2 or 3 more games to finish at 3 – 9 or 4 – 10 does anyone think that this thing is going in the right direction in Knoxville?

No one with 2+ IQ could possibly think that!

2.  Lovie Smith, Illinois – Things just get Stupider and Stupider at Illinois and with the Illini’s loss to Minnesota on Saturday Lovie’s Smith records now stand at:

Overall:  11 – 30

Big Ten:  4 – 25

4 Big Ten Conference Wins in 4 seasons!

You just cannot make-up this Damn Stupidity and…wait for it…Lovie Smith got a contract extension in this past offseason!

Got that these are just Very Damn Stupid People in Champaign, Illinois?

Oh So Yep!

Now at 2 – 3 on the season Illinois has left to play in 2019 >

At Purdue
At Michigan State
At Iowa

Will Illinois win another game this season?

It might be able to beat Purdue and Northwestern since both teams have barely showed-up to play in 2019 but beyond that > NO!

Get ready for Lovie Smith to get another contract extension!

3.  Chad Morris, Arkansas – We are still waiting for Chad Morris to show us and everyone else that he has a Damn Clue what he is doing as a Head Football Coach and the reason for that is Morris’ head coaching records at SMU and Arkansas now stand at >

Overall:  18 – 35

Conference:  8 – 26

As Jed Clampett used to say > “Pitiful…Just Pitiful.”

Arkansas had bye in Week 6 and are now 2 – 3 with these games left on the schedule >

At Kentucky
At Alabama
Mississippi State
Western Kentucky

There is a very good chance Arkansas does not win another game in 2019 and if that happens >

Arkansas will be looking for a new head football coach shortly after the Mizzou game!

4.  Chip Kelly, UCLA – Chip Kelly’s fall from his time at Oregon when Chip walked out of the Oregon Football offices with a backpack heading off to coach the Philadelphia Eagles is one of the Great Falls in American Sports History and the obvious question is > Why?

It’s just our opinion but our opinion is that Chip Kelly will only thrive in very specific environments that are somewhat closed off from the rest of the world and have small media markets = Not much spotlight on the football coaches.

New Hampshire and Oregon are just those kinds of small markets and Chip thrived in both but Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are Exact Damn Opposite of small spotlight markets and thus it is seems inevitable that Chip will be fired at UCLA unless things get turned around and turned soon in Westwood.

Save a miracle 2nd half against Washington State the Bruins would not have won a game this season and at 1 – 5 with that one miracle win UCLA has left in 2019 >

At Stanford
Arizona State
At Utah

That game against Stanford is on Thursday night and is a MUST WIN and Stanford is very beatable since the Bruins will have a chance to outscore them, but lose to the Cardinal and we rather doubt the Bruins will win another game this season and if that happens they will be looking for a new head coach in Westwood come late November.

5.  Clay Helton, USC – Now at 3 – 2 on the season USC head coach Clay Helton has very little margin for error if he hopes to be coaching the Trojans in 2020 and here’s what’s coming up for USC >

At Notre Dame
At Colorado
At Arizona State
At California

We don’t think Clay Helton can survive if he loses more than 3 games in 2019 so beating the Irish on Saturday is important but even more important will be for Helton to run the table if USC does lose to Notre Dame and the chances of that happening > Next To Zero!

Wouldn’t that be something if both USC and UCLA were looking for a new head football coach in a couple of months?

It might just happen!

6.  Will Muschamp, South Carolina – The Gamecocks had a bye in Week 6 but get back to football in Week 7 at Georgia and at 2 – 3 on the season we are wondering if there is a path to 6 wins for South Carolina this season >

At Georgia
At Tennessee
Appalachian State
At Texas A&M

Surely South Carolina can beat Tennessee and Vandy which would make 4 wins but Appy State is TOUGH so we be surprised if Gamecocks get to 6 wins in 2019 and that would be in Will Muschamp’s….

4th Season in Columbia

That’s Not Good Will….Not Good At All!

7.  Kalani Sitake, BYU – Our expectations for BYU when the football team not playing in a conference…and BYU Athletics including football and basketball should be in the Mountain West Conference and it’s incredibly foolhardiness that the AD at BYU doesn’t take BYU back into the MWC…is that the Cougars should win…

8+ Wins A Year

Kalani Sitake’s yearly records at BYU >

2016:  9 – 4
2017:  4 – 8
2018:  7 – 6
2019:  2 – 3

Sitake has hit our expectations for BYU one time in his first 3 seasons at BYU and now 2 – 3 on the season and these games left to be played…

At South Florida
Boise State
At Utah State
Idaho State
At UMass
At San Diego State

…we be surprised if BYU won 6 games in 2019 forget about 8!

8.  Willie Taggart, Florida State – Willie Taggart records at FSU now stand at…

Overall:  8 – 9

ACC:  5 – 6

…and since this is Florida State Football we are talking about here we are expecting a Helluva Lot More than Willie Taggart’s average wins per year as a head football coach at Western Kentucky, South Florida, Oregon, and FSU of >

5.78 Wins Per Season

With the win over NC State the Seminoles are now 3 – 2 on the season and have left in 2019 >

At Clemson
At Wake Forest
At Boston College
Alabama State
At Florida

Our guess is that FSU finishes at 6 – 6 or 7 – 5 in 2019 and we haven’t a clue if that will be good enough for Willie to keep his job and reality is it could go either way!

Now if FSU finishes at 5 – 7 in 2019 then Willie is DONE in Tallahassee!

9.  Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech – Virginia Tech beat a Very Average Miami team on Saturday which launched Hurricanes head coach Manny Diaz onto the Hot Seat mainly because if Canes not going to play Defense against a Pitiful Hokies Offense then there’s no reason for Diaz to be the head coach at Miami, but getting back to Fuente the Hokies now at 3 – 2 on the season have these games left to play in 2019 >

Rhode Island
North Carolina
At Notre Dame
Wake Forest
At Georgia Tech
At Virginia

With 3 Cupcake Games of Old Dominion, Furman, and Rhode Island out of conference in 2019 we have it on good authority that if Hokies don’t win at least 6 games this season…maybe 7….Justin Fuente will be fired come late November and Should Be Fired since this is his 4th season at Virginia Tech…this is Virginia Tech Football we are talking about here after all is a place where…Bozo the Clown could win 7 games a year!

10.  Steve Addazio, Boston College – Looking at Steve Addazio’s records in 7 seasons at Boston College…

Overall:  41 – 41

ACC:  19 – 32

…we cannot help but wonder >

Why in the Hell is Steve Addazio the Head Football Coach at Boston College?

19 – 32 in ACC Conference Play = A Damn Joke at BC!

Boston College is now 3 – 3 on the season and have these games left to play in 2019 >

NC State
At Clemson
At Syracuse
Florida State
At Notre Dame
At Pitt

Can Steve Addazio survive not posting a winning record in his 7th season at BC?

NO…not in our humble opinion!