There Was Some BIG College Football Coaching News Brewing This Past Week….That Didn’t Happen….So Onto The Post Week 13 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Thank You Johnny Cash!

There was a pretty BIG potential happening in the world of college football coaching this past week that hasn’t happened yet and may never happen that did not make into the news or public domain which was one of the reasons we delayed the Post Week 13 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings Analysis of the Top 10 Hot Seat Coaches but now that the Blockbuster News has been put off…at least for awhile…let’s get at this Johnny Cash!

Thank You Mr. Cash!

Post Week 13 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Tom Herman, Texas – We are not quite sure what the folks in Texas thought they were getting with Tom Herman as the Head Coach of the Texas Longhorns but these records….

Overall:  23 – 15

Big 12:  16 – 10

….cannot possibly be it especially with a game left against Texas Tech on the board.

Even more troubling is Tom Herman’s record against FBS teams with .500+ records which is the Ultimate Way To Measure A Power 5 Head Coach >

10 – 8

This is Texas Football and a record of 10 – 8 against FBS teams with .500+ records is just Not Damn Acceptable at Texas and if Herman fools around and loses to a team like Texas Tech….he just better Damn watch out because there’s lots of folks with plenty of $$$ around the Republic of Texas that don’t like 7 wins a year forget about just 6!

2.  Kevin Sumlin, Arizona – With the Total Destruction of Arizona by Utah on Saturday Kevin Sumlin’s records in Tucson are getting Ugly…make that Damn Ugly!

Overall:  9 – 14

Pac-12:  6 – 11

With only a game at Arizona State left on the schedule one has to wonder what else can go wrong for Arizona Football and we have some news for the folks that care about the Wildcats….it’s gonna get worse….much worse!

Oh…Kevin Sumlin’s record against FBS team with .500+ records = 3 – 14

Worse…it’s gonna get much much worse!

3.  Barry Odom, Missouri – We watched the Tennessee – Missouri football game last Saturday interested to see just what in the Hell is going on with Mizzou and we found the problem >

The Tigers Offense is a Damn Joke and the Defense…which is Barry Odom’s side of the ball….looks like the players are playing without Any Damn Coaching At All!

Barry Odom is now in his 4th season at Missouri and has records on the board of…

Overall:  24 – 25

SEC:  12 – 19

…but most Damning of All is his record against FBS teams with .500+ records >

4 – 10

The Real Question when evaluating a Head Football Coach is >
Just who in the Hell have you beat and Barry Odom…has hardly beat anyone at all!

Next up for Mizzou…Hapless Arkansas in Fayetteville and if for some reason Mizzou should lose this game then Odom should be fired on the field before he leaves the stadium!

4.  Gus Malzahn, Auburn – It seems Crazy that Gus Malzahn is coaching for his job against Alabama on Saturday with an 8 – 3 record on the board and with those 3 losses coming…

At Florida

…but there is just no getting around Gus’s below numbers against Auburn’s main rivals >

Against LSU = 2 – 5
Against Georgia = 2 – 5
Against Alabama = 2 – 4

If Auburn loses to Alabama on Saturday and that last number against Bama moves to 2 – 5 which totaled all three together would be…

6 – 15

….and with that you can put a fork in Gus….because he’s Done!

With all of the above in mind we will go….the Auburn Tigers to win the Iron Bowl over the Alabama Crimson Tide!

5.  Steve Addazio, Boston College – It’s Highly Hilarious to hear news reports this past week that Steve Addazio is interested in the Rutgers job but when your ass is about to get run out of Boston College with these records on the board…

Overall:  43 – 44

ACC:  21 – 34

…we can see why Addazio might be looking for a way out and that would be Peak Rutgers to hire a coach that is currently sitting on the Hot Seat not that we would hire Addazio to coach a Powder Puff team whether his ass was or was not on the Hot Seat!

Memo to Rutgers:  Go hire a Current Winning Head Coach! There are plenty of FBS + FCS Current Winning Head Coaches that would love a shot at the Rutgers job and a bonus is they are not Worthless Animals like Greg Schiano….at least it’s our opinion that Greg Schiano is a Worthless Animal…rather make that Schiano is a Pompous Arrogant Ass Pig who would not hire to slop pigs in New Jersey or any other American state!

Getting back to Addazio who is 5 – 6 with a game left at Pitt so that is probably going to be a loss to finish at 5 – 7 on the season and Boy that sounds just like the kind of coach we would love to hire to coach our football team….Not A Chance In Hell!

6.  Derek Mason, Vanderbilt – Derek Mason may have gotten the support of the Vanderbilt Athletic Director for another year as the Head Football Coach at Vandy but if these records are acceptable to the folks in Nashville….

Overall:  27 – 46

SEC:  10 – 37

…then there really is no reason for anyone to buy Vanderbilt Football Tickers in 2020 or anytime in the near future because the Vandy Football Program no longer exists….it’s now just a place that….

Totally Accepts Total Damn Failure

…and that’s a shame…that’s Damn shame!

7.  Mark Dantonio, Michigan State – It’s not just that Mark Dantonio has posted the following records over the past 4 seasons…

Overall:  25 – 24

Big Ten:  16 – 19

….but that against FBS teams with .500+ records it is Dantonio’s Spartans that have fallen to pieces against Average to Better Teams with a record of >

13 – 22

Michigan State Football is now on the front-end of going down into a very ugly place and if the folks making the decisions in East Lansing want Spartans Football to actually play for Championships then they have some hard decisions to make or if they are satisfied with…

Sub-Damn Average

…they can keep Dantonio around for a few more years who is Too Damn Stubborn to make any changes since Mark believes in our opinion that his ass is God on Earth and you don’t get on your knees and kiss his Precious Ass you are Worthless!

Sorry…we would not employ someone like that and nor should Michigan State University….in our humble opinion!

8.  Will Muschamp, South Carolina – We first met Will Muchamp a long time ago even before Nick Saban did at some coaching clinic somewhere in Georgia…we thin…but it’s been so long ago it’s hard to remember and Will is a nice enough of a guy but what Boom has done at South Carolina is a lot like what he did at Florida…

A Whole Lot of Nothing

…in our humble opinion!

Looking at Muschamp’s records at South Carolina….

Overall:  26 – 24

SEC:  15 – 17

….they look a lot like his records at Florida…

Overall:  28 – 21

SEC:  17 – 15

….and Florida is Helluva lot easier place to win than South Carolina!

What is really disturbing about Muschamp at South Carolina is his record against FBS teams with .500+ records….

11 – 23

…which means that Muschamp has 24 losses in 4 seasons at South Carolina and 23 of those losses came against FBS teams with .500 or better records!

Oh most of those 11 wins against FBS teams with .500+ records came against teams that finished…wait for it….6 – 6 or are Group of 5 Schools which at a place like South Carolina is not optimum to the extreme!

Now would South Carolina Athletic Director Ray Tanner have the ability to find out that Will Muschamp’s record against FBS teams with .500+ records is…

11 – 23

….and/or would he even care…or is Tanner’s support for Muschamp all wrapped-up in the idea that Tanner’s ass has in our opinion NEVER been wrong about anything and that if the South Carolina Football program has to go down in flames to avoid Tanner having to admit he was wrong then it will Dammit go down in flames…in our humble opinion?

It’s the latter….in our humble opinion.

Oh…the 4 – 7 Gamecocks host Clemson on Saturday and if Dabo Swinney is smart he will keep this game within 30 points so AD Tanner will maybe give Muschamp a lifetime contract at South Carolina for keeping the game with Clemson within 30 points which be the best Damn news Dabo Swinney ever heard!

9.  Joe Moorhead, Mississippi State – Joe Moorhead got a boost of sorts by winning the Egg Bowl over a Mississippi football team that looks hardly coached and for Damn Sure is not being controlled at all by Ole Miss head coach Matt Luke who has surely got to be almost out of a job by now….but getting back to Joe Moorhead his records now at Miss State stand at…

Overall:  14 – 11

SEC:  7 – 9

…which ain’t very Damn good but Fordham Joe is 2 – 0 in the Egg Bowl which isn’t saying much since the Rebels look hardly coached at all these days!

We haven’t a clue what is going on in Starkville relative to Joe Moorhead’s job status but if we were the AD at Mississippi State we would be asking ourselves >

Is Joe Moorhead the very best coach we can get to coach the football program here at Mississippi State?

If not and there is a coach better that the school can get then they should fire Moorhead and hire that coach!

It really is that simple!

10.  Randy Edsall, UConn – We really don’t have a clue why Randy Edsall is still the head coach at UConn who in this last stint at UConn the last 3 seasons has posted records of….

Overall:  6 – 29

AAC:  2 – 21

….and we never really understood why UConn hired Edsall back after the way he left the school for the Maryland job a few years back after taking UConn to the Fiesta Bowl.

Such are the mysteries of life but this is truly something unexplainable and if Edsall is brought back to coach UConn in 2020….we have no words at all!