Post Week 13 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – 21 – 30 Hot Seat Head Coaches – The Regular Season Is Now Over Johnny Cash and the Millionaire Coaches Are on the Firing Line….This Is No Time To Let Up….Keep Giving Them Hell Mr. Cash!


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Post Week 13 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


21.  Brad Lambert, Charlotte – It’s not easy evaluating the head coach of a college football program playing its first year on the FBS leave as Brad Lambert and the Charlotte 49ers are doing in 2015 and we especially don’t like putting first-year CFB head coaches on the Hot Seat which technically Lambert is NOT since this is his first-year on the FBS level….third year overall as the head coach at Charlotte….BUT when you lose…

10 Straight Football Games

….you are going to get the attention of Coaches Hot Seat and that is what Brad Lambert have now gone and done….

Charlotte lost their LAST 10 football games in 2015

…to end the season at 2 – 10 which leads us to ask:

How is that move to the FBS working out for your Charlotte 49ers?

What exactly the standard should be for a head football coach leading a CFB program into the FBS division relative to finding his ass on the Hot Seat is still not very clear to us here at Coaches Hot Seat BUT until we do figure out the proper protocol on that issue we can only say…

Welcome to the Hot Seat Brad Lambert

….and the ONLY way off the Hot Seat is…

Start Winning Some Football Games in 2016 Son!

22.  Paul Petrino, Idaho – Idaho has announced that Paul Petrino will be returning for a THIRD season as the head coach of the Idaho Vandals after posting a record of…

6 – 29

….in his first TWO years on the job which we guess can be characterized as an “improving” football program with the Vandals moving from…

ONE Win in 2014


FOUR Wins in 2015

…and who the Hell knows….maybe Paul Petrino can lead Idaho to SIX-plus wins in 2016….or maybe not BUT when you are sitting on a record of…

6 – 29

….in TWO years on the job you are on the Hot Seat….PERIOD.

23.  Larry Coker, Texas-San Antonio – The interesting case of Larry Coker continues to unfold in San Antonio with some very interesting yearly win numbers being posted by Coach Coker and his football team starting with Coker’s first year on the FBS level at UTSA when the Roadrunners in 2012 posted a record of….

8 – 4

….which was followed by a record of….

7 – 5

… 2013 and at the beginning of the 2014 college football season on Thursday night game on September 4 Larry Coker’s UTSA football team lost to Arizona by the very close score of…

25 – 23

….in a home game in San Antonio and since that close loss to the Wildcats Coker’s UTSA team has produced a combined record over the last TWO seasons of…

6 – 16!

What could cause a football program that looked like one Helluva football program in the early part of the 2014 season fall completely apart over the last year-plus that was capped-off by losing the last game of the 2015 season to Middle Tennessee by the score of 42 – 7?

We haven’t a Damn clue to the answer to that question But for Damn sure Larry Coker better get things turned around in a Helluva hurry at UTSA or we have no doubt the Roadrunners will be out looking for a new head football coach that can get back the momentum that Coach Coker had going at UTSA just a year or so ago.

Yes…it was 15 seasons ago that Larry Coker led the Miami Hurricanes to a National Championship with a win over Nebraska in the Rose Bowl in the Bogus BSC Championship AND no doubt if Coaches Hot Seat had started one year earlier Coker would have been on the Hot Seat in his last year at Miami in 2006 when the Hurricanes went 6 – 6 which led to Coker’s firing which was just the beginning of a long spiral down of the Miami Hurricanes football program…until the hiring of Mark Richt in 2015?

Only time will tell….only time will tell.


24.  Todd Graham, Arizona State – We give very little leeway here at Coaches Hot Seat for…

Coaches that have EVERYTHING at college football programs especially when they are past their SECOND year on the job and don’t meet EXPECTATIONS

….and in 2015 in Todd Graham’s FOURTH year at Arizona State the Sun Devils who were picked by a few to play in the College Football Playoff before the season posted records of…

6 – 6 overall

4 – 5 in Pac-12 play

….and that has landed Todd Graham on the Hot Seat that ONLY a dominating performance in the upcoming bowl game for the Sun Devils will Graham be able to do anything about.

Interestingly in the TWO jobs where Todd Graham has coached for FOUR seasons….

Tulsa and Arizona State

….Graham has posted remarkably similar records of…

Tulsa: 36 – 17

Arizona State: 34 – 18

….at the end of his FOURTH year on the job which is something we have debated in recent weeks to why that is so especially as Arizona State has collapsed down the stretch in 2015 and the consensus here is…

We don’t have a Freaking Clue why Graham’s records at Tulsa and Arizona State are so similar

…..but then we had the opportunity to see Tulsa play in person a few years ago now sitting right behind the Tulsa sideline AND we have seen Arizona State play several times in recent years and watched the Arizona State sideline from on the field and our general impression….

Todd Graham’s football teams don’t have much fun playing the great game of football!

In 2015….that is a BIG problem and something Todd Graham needs to fix in our opinion in the upcoming offseason because Graham cannot afford another…

6 Loss Season

….because it’s our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that if Arizona State loses SIX games again 2016 Todd Graham will be out of a job a year from today.


25.  Pete Lembo, Ball State – Moving over from Elon for the 2011 college football season to Ball State head coach Pete Lembo came out of the chute on fire posting records of…

2011:  6 – 6
2012:  9 – 4
2013:  10 – 3

….coaching the Cardinals which included trips to two bowls games but in the last TWO seasons Lembo has posted a combined record of…

8 – 16

….and no doubt will be coaching for his job in 2016 because a THIRD straight losing season at a MAC school like Ball State that SHOULD be posting 6 – 6 records at a minimum ever season would NOT be a Good Thing and with that in mind we can only say to Pete Lembo in this spot….

Work Hard Son in the Offseason Son….Work Very Damn Hard!

26.  Chuck Martin, Miami (Ohio) – The case for Miami (Ohio) head coach Chuck Martin to be on the Hot Seat is a very simple one because in TWO seasons coaching Redhawks Martin has posted records of…

Overall:  5 – 19

MAC:  4 – 12

….and it would be just be Damn Wrong of us to NOT put Chuck Martin on the Hot Seat with those kind of records whether Martin agrees with us or not and thus 2016 will no doubt be THE YEAR for Martin which means more than likely….

Either 6 wins or better Son….OR….it’s over for you….at Miami (Ohio) at least!

27.  Chris Creighton, Eastern Michigan – Frankly we know very little about Eastern Michigan head coach Chris Creighton other than he was the head football coach at Drake after Rob Ash who had moved on to Montana State (and who was just fired opening up one of the best jobs on the FCS level in our opinion that FBS assistants wanting to get some experience as a head coach should be going after hard in our opinion since Bozeman, Montana is an awesome place to live and work!) and now Eastern Michigan where Creighton has just completed his second season and has records on the board of…

Overall:  3 – 21

MAC:  1 – 15

…which we would classify as Pretty Damn Bad even considering that Creighton took over a Pretty Damn Bad football program at EMU.

Much like Chuck Martin at Miami (Ohio) Chris Creighton will need to get some more wins in 2016 and get the Eastern Michigan program moving in the right direction or it will be the Hot Seat and IF there are not enough wins….

Maybe the Chopping Block

….because in this age you either perform as a CFB head coach or…

You are on the Chopping Block!


28.  Derek Mason, Vanderbilt – When one looks at what Vanderbilt Football was able to do in 2015 one finds…

4 Wins


FCS Austin Peay

Middle Tennessee by 4 points

Missouri by 7 points

Kentucky by 4 points


8 Losses

….which no doubt is an improvement over the 3 – 9 record that Derek Mason posted in 2014 BUT only a SLIGHT improvement and in 2016 Derek Mason will have to continue that improvement at Vandy and really push for 6 wins and a bowl game next year or the Hot Seat will begin to become very HOT in Nashville!

Keep Working Hard Derek Mason…not that you wouldn’t son!

29.  Chad Morris, SMU – For all the talk about SMU head coach Chad Morris being an offensive genius in Morris’ first year coaching the Mustangs he posted a record of…

2 – 10

…and his last game of the 2015 his SMU football team lost to Middle Tennessee by the score of…

63 – 0

….which makes us wonder here at Coaches Hot Seat:

Just what in the Hell is going on with Chad Morris at SMU?

Well for Damn sure when you are giving up an average of…

48 Points Per Game

….as SMU did this season you are NOT going to win very many football games and we have some new for Chad Morris…

It doesn’t matter what kind of Offensive Genius you are Son….if your football team is going to continue to give-up 45-plus points a game your head coaching run is going to be a short one indeed!


30.  Charlie Partridge, Florida Atlantic – After starting the 2015 season at 1 – 6 we will say that we did see some improvement by FAU in their last SIX games of the season which included….

A Win over Florida International

A Decent Game against a very good Western Kentucky team

A Close Loss to Middle Tennessee

An Overtime Loss to the SEC Eastern Division Champs Florida

A Win over Old Dominion

Now the task for FAU head coach Charlie Partridge who in TWO seasons coaching the Owls has posted records of…

Overall:  6 – 18

CUSA: 5 – 11

….is to win some MORE games and in 2016 we are expecting Charlie…

6 Wins Minimum!

Get Your Ass To Work..Meaning Work Even Harder Charlie Partridge!

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