Clay Helton Fired for Being Amazingly Inconsistent….Finally! – David Ogilvy Says USC Should Hire A Freaking Giant….And He’s Right! – 8 Habits of Highly Creative Communities

Since Clay Helton was named the USC permanent Head Coach during the 2015 football season we have estimated he spent about 90% of the last seven years on the Hot Seat and that’s because has been so amazingly inconsistent at a place like USC where Bozo the Clown can be amazingly inconsistent and the Trojans better have someone that can do better than Bozo the Clown as their Head Coach!

All the Heltons are Great Folks and we wish nothing but the best for Clay, but USC is not a job where you learn how to be a Head Football Coach and therein lies the problem at USC in recent times…

Hiring Coaches who are Flat-Out Not Qualified for the Head Coaching Job!

A few Members of Coaches Hot Seat worked at the Ogilvy Ad Agency early in their careers and the founder of Ogilvy one David Ogilvy had a great quote about who we all should be hiring for jobs in this world…

“If you always hire people who are smaller than you are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. If, on the other hand, you always hire people who are bigger than you are, we shall become a company of giants.”

Amen to that David!

The Mighty USC Football Program which a few of us first saw play in person at the LA Coliseum in the mid-1970 has become a…

Football Program of Dwarfs

….and what USC AD Mike Bohn MUST do in this spot…

Hire A Freaking Giant and USC Football will become a Giant once again!

Perhaps the best example of Lots of Worthless Rich Damn Morons controlling a college football program and hiring a string of Totally Un-Qualified Head Coaches was Alabama Football between the passing of Paul “Bear” Bryant in January 1982 and the hiring of Nick Saban in 2007. Sure Gene Stallings won 70 games in 7 season and a National Title during that time, but that is what EVERY Alabama Head Coach should be doing at a….

Freaking Minimum

…and the same applies to USC Football and now all of us get to sit back and see if Mike Bohn is able to so something that hasn’t been done in quite a while now at USC…

Hire A Freaking Giant!

Now we have various opinions on who the next USC Head Coach should be from Bob Stoops, to Chris Petersen, to James Franklin, to Luke Fickell, to Hugh Freeze, and all the way down to an up-and-coming Head Coach at Fresno State Kalen DeBoer who a few of us think is going to be a Superstar Head Coach at a Power 5 School very soon…but…mainly what the folks at USC need to do whether they hired an Experienced Head Coach or someone way down the line they have got to….

Hire A Freaking Giant!

Speaking of the Late Great David Ogilvy below is a video by Ogilvy Health PR on the…

8 Habits of Highly Creative Communities

….and every company can build an Organization…or Football Team…of Giants if you follow these 8 Habits!

Thanks David!