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Post Week 8 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – 21 – 30 Hot Seat Head Coaches – Yep…that’s what college head coaches on the Hot Seat HATE to hear Johnny Cash BUT give it to them anyway!


A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

“I fell into a burning ring of fire,
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire.”

Yep…that’s what college head coaches on the Hot Seat HATE to hear Johnny Cash BUT give it to them anyway!

Post Week 8 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

21.  Paul Haynes, Kent State – Now in his THIRD season as the head coach at Kent State and after a Saturday whipping of the Golden Flashes by Bowling Green by the score of 48 – 0 KSU head coach Paul Haynes is now sitting on records of…

Overall:  9 – 22

MAC:  6 – 13

…and things don’t get any easier with these games still left on the 2015 schedule:

At Ohio
Central Michigan
At Akron

Can Paul Haynes and Kent State find THREE more wins out of the above FOUR games to get bowl eligible or will Haynes and the Golden Flashes post…

The THIRD losing season in Paul Haynes THIRD season at Kent State?

The latter….PERIOD….in our humble opinion of course!


22.  Mark Helfrich, Oregon – Having taken over the Oregon Ducks football program in 2013 and having been on the Ducks staff on the offensive side of the ball since the 2009 season head coach Mark Helfrich certainly has had a influential hand in recruiting at Oregon in recent years and yet….

It seems that without the transfer of Vernon Adams into the Oregon football program this past offseason the Mighty Oregon Ducks did not have even ONE quarterback that could play on the FBS level on their roster not that the performance of Adams has been anything to write home about!

Please…how in the Hell is it possible with Mark Helfrich and now Oregon OC Scott Frost to be on the offensive coaching staff at one of the hottest college football programs in the country and the Oregon Ducks don’t have a FBS quarterback on their roster once Marcus Mariota left for the NFL?

Of course, there is a Helluva lot more wrong with Oregon Ducks than just the quarterback position because under close inspection the Ducks are coming apart at the seams with cracks forming on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball and even in the special teams and when a team is breaking down across the board that is the fault of one person and one person only…

The Head Coach Mark Helfrich

A great question was recently posed to us by an Oregon-alum about Ducks head coach Mark Helfrich:

“Assume for a moment in Chip Kelly’s last season that Mark Helfrich or his agent had made it known they were interested in then Oregon OC Mark getting a head coaching job on the FBS level away from Eugene would have ANY FBS program have hired Mark Helfrich?”

The obvious answer to the above question is “NO” but then Oregon football hasn’t been for years in the past or is now about Oregon hiring the best available football coach but rather finding a coach that can be approved by the very tiny Politburo that runs things in Eugene which gets its ass-kissed on any and everything and any academic-type that was interested in doing a study on what it’s like to work in a Major College Athletic Program where people spend most of their waking hours kissing the ass of one man then head to Eugene, Oregon….which is of course our humble opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat!

Getting back to Mark Helfrich after the Ducks win over Washington Oregon now sits on records of…

4 – 3 overall

2 – 2 in Pac-12 play

…and still has to play in 2015:

At Arizona State
At Stanford
Oregon State

Damn…could Oregon really not make it to a bowl game in 2015 needing TWO more wins to just get bowl-eligible and will the Politburo that runs Oregon Athletics tolerate the Mighty Oregon Ducks not making it to a bowl game or just getting to 6 wins without rising up and telling the peons to “do something” because the Great One is pissed-off?

Who the Hell knows but we are damn sure about one thing:

There is NOT enough money on Planet Earth that would entice us to take a job working in the Oregon Athletic department!


23.  Tim DeRuyter, Fresno State – After getting a nice home win over UNLV Tim DeRuyter and his Fresno State football team got run by Air Force in Week 8 by a score of 42 – 14 which dropped the Bulldogs records to…

2 – 6 overall

1 – 4 MWC play

…and make it next to impossible for Fresno State to get to 6 wins in 2015 with these games still left on the schedule with the Bulldogs needing to win ALL of them!

At Hawaii
Colorado State

TWO years ago in the 2013 season Tim DeRuyter led Fresno State to records of…

11 – 2 overall

7 – 1 in MWC play

…which was the second straight Mountain West Conference Title for the Bulldogs and in 2015 Fresno State will have a tough time even making it to a bowl game and the lesson here is….

If you let up for a second it can all be gone in a minute.

A few years ago a former college head coach with a “name” that most that follow the game of football would recognize who got fired from a “name” college football program for not winning enough games told us…

“The thing you don’t realize when you are a head coach is how close you always are to losing everything and I am not talking about the money and perks but rather the job….the job of being a head coach at the highest level of college football…and why if I had to do it over again some of things I wasted my time doing that had nothing to do with building a winning program would be eliminated and I would focus like crazy on recruiting, coaching, and selling the program to recruits and anyone else that would listen every second I was awake.”


As Bill Dooley (the brother of the Great Vince Dooley) who was the head coach at North Carolina, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest once said about being a college head coach:

“You have to fight the tendency to let up. You just can never let up.”

Amen to that Bill Dooley!

Getting back to Tim DeRuyter we see no reason why Fresno State cannot beat Nevada and Hawaii in its next TWO games so…

Coach ‘Em Up Tim!


24.  Steve Addazio, Boston College – A fascinating move that Boston College head coach Steve Addazio pulled a couple of years back was landing the BC job after posting a record of…

4 – 7

….at Temple and in the last THREE seasons at BC Addazio has now posted records of…

Overall:  17 – 17

ACC:  8 – 13

…and frankly those records don’t feed the bulldog or us here at Coaches Hot Seat and thus why Steve Addazio finds his ass now on the Hot Seat!

Now at 3 – 5 on the season BC still has to play games against….

Virginia Tech
NC State
Notre Dame
At Syracuse

….and if Addazio is going to take the Eagles to another bowl game then for Damn sure BC better win its next TWO games before Notre Dame shows up in Boston on November 21!


25.  Ron Caragher, San Jose State – There are many Coaches Hot Seat members that have all kinds of different connections to San Jose State University so we were very excited a few years ago when Ron Caragher, former UCLA quarterback behind Troy Aikman and a boy that grew up in Peninsula/South Bay area of the San Francisco Bay area, got the San Jose State head coaching job especially since Ron posted a very impressive 44 – 22 record in SIX seasons coaching at University of San Diego following in the footsteps of Jim Harbaugh BUT by his THIRD year on the job at SJSU we were frankly expecting more from Ron Caragher…MUCH DAMN MORE! Besides Ron Caragher’s family is there is NO ONE on Planet Earth that wants to see Ron succeed at San Jose State than us here at Coaches Hot Seat and San Jose State did get an important win over New Mexico on Saturday to raise their records in 2015 to…

4 – 4 overall

3 – 2 in MWC play

….but now the Spartans need to keep things rolling through the bye week and into their final FOUR games against…

At Nevada
At Hawaii
Boise State

….with the Spartans really needing to find TWO more wins to get bowl-eligible after posting a 3 – 9 record in 2014.

Yes…each college head coach has a personal backstory that are each fascinating in their own right and since there are a decent amount of ex-US Navy folks here at Coaches Hot Seat we knew that Ron Caragher lived on Coronado Island when he was the head coach at the University of San Diego and below is a story from a Coronado website that details the unique backstory on Ron Caragher and his family….now get off your ass and start winning some games Ron!

Farewell Caragher Family, Until We Meet Again, Kellee Hearther, eCoronado.com

26.  Scott Shafer, Syracuse – After posting a 7 – 6 record in his first season at Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer has posted records over the past two seasons of…

Overall:  6 – 13

ACC:  2 – 9

…and with the Orange now in the midst of a FOUR game losing streak Scott Shafer better stop the bleeding soon or he might just find himself out of a job.

With Syracuse now at…

3 – 4 overall

1 – 2 in ACC play

….and with these games left on the schedule…

At Florida State
At Louisville
At NC State
Boston College

…..it’s not going to be easy for Syracuse to find many more wins unless the Orange start playing a Helluva lot better football and in Helluva hurry!

Good Luck against Florida State Scott!


27.  Jeff Monken, Army – In his second season at Army Jeff Monken is plodding along at a pretty pitiful pace just like a lot of Army coaches have plodded along at West Point in recent years….make that for two-plus decades…and frankly…

We are sick of Army football being PITIFUL!

With Army’s loss to Rice on Saturday that dropped the Black Knights record to…

2 – 6

…on the season with these games still left on the schedule:

At Air Force

Damn Jeff Monken….you need to win your last FOUR games to get bowl-eligible and THREE of your last FOUR games are against teams better than the team you just lost to in Rice!

Come on….Coach up Army Jeff Monken!

28.  Paul Petrino, Idaho – Paul Petrino and his Idaho football team got a second straight win on Saturday this time over a severely slumping La. Monroe football team and now the question is for the 3 – 4 Vandals can they find THREE more wins out of their last FIVE games….that are below….

At New Mexico State – Should Be A Win = 4 Wins
At South Alabama – Probably Not = 4 Wins Still
Appalachian State – Probably Not = 4 Wins Still
At Auburn – NO – 4 Wins Still
Texas State – Maybe – Let’s Call It 5 Wins for Idaho in 2015

The Good News…5 Wins for Paul Petrino and Idaho in 2015 would be THREE wins more than Petrino got in his first two years on the job and would get Petrino’s ass off the Hot Seat but more immediately a THIRD straight win over New Mexico State in Las Cruces on Halloween would get Petrino’s ass off the Hot Seat come Monday morning!

OK Paul Petrino….it’s up to YOU to get YOUR own ass off the Hot Seat by beating New Mexico State!


29.  Mike MacIntyre, Colorado – Mike MacIntyre and his Colorado football team got a nice Pac-12 win on Saturday at Oregon State which runs MacIntyre’s Pac-12 Conference record now in his THIRD season at CU to…

2 – 20

….and now the Buffs need to keep things going to get Mike MacIntyre off the Hot Seat completely with a win at UCLA on Halloween!

Oh…don’t see that happening but then that’s why we play the games so Good Luck to Mike MacIntyre and Colorado on Halloween against the Bruins!


30.  Charlie Strong, Texas – The Very Best Thing about the Texas Longhorns win over Oklahoma and Kansas State in their last TWO games was that the Texas players played with….


…something that was lacking in some of Charlie Strong’s earlier games at Texas over the last TWO seasons and if there is something that can have a more dramatic impact upon a football game than players playing with…


….then we don’t know what it is because when you are really Damn motivated NOT to lose then guess what…you often WIN!

Up next for Charlie Strong and the now 3 – 4 Longhorns is a Very Winnable Game at Iowa State which also happens to be…

Better Damn NOT Lose Game for Charlie Strong

….because a loss in this spot would be WORSE than the GOOD that came from Texas beating OU and KSU and would destroy the modicum of goodwill that Charlie Strong is starting…if very slowly….to build in Austin.

Here’s the thing…if Texas plays against Iowa State like it did against Oklahoma and Kansas State it will beat the Cyclones and then Texas will most certainly beat Kansas in Austin on November 7 which will run the Horns record to….

5 – 4

…and leave these games on the schedule to be played:

At West Virginia
Texas Tech
At Baylor

Our opinion…if Texas plays the rest of its games like they played against Oklahoma and Kansas State the Horns will finish at…

7 – 5

…in 2015 which will be ONE win more than last season and then with a bowl win Charlie Strong could start to build some REAL momentum in Austin but first things first Charlie…

You MUST BEAT Iowa State on Halloween!

Good Luck against the Cyclones Charlie!