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17 College Football Head Coaches Facing CANNOT LOSE Games In Week EIGHT – “They got a name for the winners in the world….I want a name when I lose…they call Alabama the Crimson Tide….call me Deacon Blues…Deacon Blues.” – Enjoy the GREAT Steely Dan performing Deacon Blues!


“They got a name for the winners in the world….I want a name when I lose…they call Alabama the Crimson Tide….call me Deacon Blues…Deacon Blues.”

Enjoy the GREAT Steely Dan performing Deacon Blues!


1.  Mark Richt, Georgia vs. Florida – Since the last time the Georgia Bulldogs won the SEC Conference Title under Mark Richt….2005…the following SEC teams have won a National Championship…

2006 – 07 – Florida
2007 – 08 – LSU
2008 – 09 – Florida
2009 – 10 – Alabama
2010 – 11 – Auburn
2011 – 12 – Alabama
2012 – 13 – Alabama

….and if that in black & white doesn’t piss off fans of Georgia football then NOTHING WILL but then now we here at Coaches Hot Seat have to wonder…

Is Georgia football’s ultimate goal to win the National Title each season?

Maybe it’s a stated goal at Georgia but we have spent a decent amount of time around Athens, Georgia the last couple of years and we don’t think Mark Richt will lose one nanosecond of sleep if he retires without a National Championship on his resume which raises another question:

How driven is Mark Richt to win a National Championship at Georgia?

Our guess….whether Mark Richt wins a National Championship at Georgia or not is probably not real high on what Mark Richt thinks is important to be worried about in life which raises another question:

If you are NOT driven to win a National Championship at a place like Georgia and we mean REALLY driven to win a National Championship should you be the head coach at Georgia?

NO is the very easy answer to that question which brings us to the World’s Largest Cocktail Party against Florida on Saturday which is clearly a…

CANNOT LOSE Game for Mark Richt and the Georgia Bulldogs

…but is this a CANNOT LOSE Game in the deep recesses of Mark Richt’s mind?

That we have to even ask that question says a Helluva lot doesn’t it now?

Come on Mark Richt…you aren’t going to lose to a Florida team with a first year head coach that took over a Gators team that won 10 games in Will Muschamp’s last two seasons in Gainesville…are you?


2.  Mike Riley, Nebraska vs. Purdue – Not that we think the 8-point favorite Nebraska Cornhuskers can possibly lose on the road to 1 – 6 Purdue Boilermakers BUT if Nebraska did fool around and lose to Purdue on Saturday Mike Riley would wake-up on Monday morning on one of the Hottest Seats in the American Republic!

We really don’t want to see Mike Riley lose this game so Good Luck Mike!


3.  Gus Malzahn, Auburn vs. Ole Miss –The reality of the very Damn tough situation that Gus Malzahn now faces is defined by two different things…

Gus Malzahn’s record at Auburn in his last 10 SEC Conference Games = 3 – 7

….and what the now 4 – 3 Auburn Tigers have left on their 2015 schedule:

Ole Miss
At Texas A&M

YES…with a loss to Ole Miss there is a very Damn good chance Auburn finishes with a losing record in 2015 and with $50 Million Dollars Plus being spent on the Auburn football program we cannot imagine in our wildest dreams how Gus Malzahn could survive posting a losing record especially after beginning the season with clearly enough talent on his roster to win the whole Damn shooting match!

YES….Ole Miss is a CANNOT LOSE Game for Gus Malzahn and the Auburn Tigers!


4.  Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss vs. Auburn – Based upon the losing that has happened to Hugh Freeze at Ole Miss in his first THREE years at the school that is heavily tilted towards the back-end of the regular season….

2012 – Lost 5 of their last 8 games
2013 – Lost 5 of their last 9 games
2014 – Lost 3 of their last 5 games

….we have a working theory here at Coaches Hot Seat that coming from as we do the “Bill Walsh…let’s call and execute the right play boys” school of football that Hugh Freeze’s “Hocus-Pocus” wears-off the Ole Miss players somewhere around the middle of the football season and right on schedule in 2015 at the first of October Ole Miss has now…

Lost 2 of their last 4 games

…and here comes a critical game at Auburn and we cannot help but wonder:

Will the Rebels show up for this game or will they fade like they have in EVERY season under Hugh Freeze at Ole Miss?

Based upon what Ole Miss has left on their schedule….

At Auburn
Mississippi State

…we are thinking…

FADE AWAY Ole Miss will AGAIN!

Hell, let’s just go ahead and say it…..IF Ole Miss loses to Auburn on Saturday that will leave Hugh Freeze’s record in SEC Conference play in his FOURTH year at Ole Miss at..

14 – 15

…and appropriately Hugh Freeze will then find his rear-end on the Hot Seat with a loss to the Tigers!

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

Good Luck Hugh!


5.  Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M vs. South Carolina –A Coaches Hot Seat member checked-in with his Houston area Texas A&M big money alum relative this past week and asked one simple question:

Coaches Hot Seat: “Is there anyway Kevin Sumlin could lose his job this season?”

Texas A&M Alum: “If he has a losing record in SEC play he is done before Christmas.”

Hmmmm….let’s see here….Texas A&M is right now….

2 – 2

….in SEC Conference play and they have these SEC games left on their schedule:

South Carolina

Now we know why that Texas A&M alum said that Kevin Sumlin is DONE if the Aggies have a losing record in SEC Conference play in 2015….

Larry Harmon

Bozo the Clown could with A&M’s roster win at least THREE of A&M last FOUR SEC games so if Sumlin finishes at…

3 – 5

…then of course his ass should and will be run out of College Station….right?


Good Luck Kevin!


6.  Butch Jones, Tennessee vs. Kentucky – Talk about a pressure cooker game for a head coach the Kentucky game for Vols head coach Butch Jones is the…

CANNOT LOSE Game of the Year

….so far because there are TWO teams that a Tennessee coach can NEVER lose to….

Kentucky and Vanderbilt

…and right now Butch Jones holds a…

3 – 1

…record in the FOUR Kentucky and Vanderbilt games played so far and a loss in this spot to Kentucky would be nothing short of a…

Complete Freaking Disaster

…for Butch Jones and would send him rocketing up the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings and put the Vols in serious danger of not making it to a bowl game in 2015.

YES…YES…YES….Kentucky is a CANNOT LOSE Game for Butch Jones and Tennessee!


7.  Mark Stoops, Kentucky vs. Tennessee – After starting the 2015 college football season on the Hot Seat Mark Stoops was able to slide down the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings with 4 wins in the Wildcats first 5 games BUT with a loss to Tennessee on Saturday Stoops football team will drop to…

4 – 4 overall

2 – 4 in SEC play

….with these games still to be played:

At Georgia
At Vanderbilt

It’s all very Damn simple for Mark Stoops….

BEAT Tennessee =Stay off Hot Seat Mark Stoops!

LOSE to Tennessee = Welcome back to the Hot Seat Mark Stoops!

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

8.  Derek Mason, Vanderbilt vs. Houston – If there ever was a man that needed a win its Vandy head coach Derek Mason this Saturday against Houston in Houston because with a win in this spot Vandy would be…

4 – 4

…on the season and moving forward…BUT…with a loss the Commodores would be…

3 – 5

…and fighting for their lives the rest of the season and of course that means…

Houston is a CANNOT LOSE Game for Derek Mason and Vanderbilt!


9.  Charlie Strong, Texas vs. Iowa State – Texas has what…THREE…maybe FOUR times more talent on its roster than Iowa State and thus there is NO DAMN EXCUSE for Longhorns to lose to the Cyclones on Saturday and thus…

Iowa State is a CANNOT LOSE Game for Charlie Strong and Texas….PERIOD.


10.  Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech vs. Boston College – Frank Beamer’s record in his last 28 ACC Conference Games at Virginia Tech now stands at….

13 – 15

…and thus why Frank Beamer now finds his future College Football Hall of Fame Member ass on the Hot Seat and NO it would NOT be a good look for the Hokies to lose Saturday to a Boston College team that is sitting on a 3 – 5 record and is falling to pieces before everyone’s eyes!

One of our long-time Virginia buddies made a very good point to us this past week relative to Frank Beamer’s future at Virginia Tech:

“You have to think that Coach Beamer really wants to coach in that game next season against Tennessee at Bristol Motor Speedway.”

Oh yea…the Battle at Bristol on September 10, 2016 at Bristol Motor Speedway…yes, one would think that Frank Beamer REALLY wants to coach in that game to which we can only respond to by saying….

You need to win some Damn football games Coach Beamer starting with a WIN over Boston College!

11.  Steve Addazio, Boston College vs. Virginia Tech – With Steve Addazio now sitting on records in his THIRD season at Boston College of…

Overall:  17 – 17

ACC:  8 – 13

…..and records in 2015 of…

Overall:  3 – 5

ACC:  0 – 5

….which includes FOUR straight ACC Conference losses there is NO doubt that…

Virginia Tech is a CANNOT LOSE Game for Steve Addazio and Boston College!


12.  Mike London, Virginia vs. Georgia Tech – With Virginia now sitting on a record of 2 – 5 and Mike London needing 6 wins and a bowl game trip to hang onto his job at UVA what is left on the Cavs schedule is particularly important right now and those games left are…

Georgia Tech – Winnable
At Miami – Winnable
At Louisville – Kind of Winnable
Duke – Probably Not Winnable
Virginia Tech – Winnable

Hell…Virginia has FOUR Winnable or Kind of Winnable Games left on its schedule starting with a home game against Georgia Tech on Saturday so…

Get Off Your Ass Mike London and WIN this football game over the Yellow Jackets!


13.  Kyle Flood, Rutgers vs. Wisconsin – We will admit we haven’t had the best grasp of the situation at Rutgers and head coach Kyle Flood in the Complete Freaking Disaster that is Rutgers athletics these days BUT a Coaches Hot Seat member remembered this past week that he worked on Wall Street with a Rutgers alum in the early 1990s in Manhattan and tracked that person down and after some chit-chat about what each had been doing the past 20-plus years the CHS Member asked about Kyle Flood’s status and the response was:

Rutgers Alum: “It’s a Damn mess over there…always has been it seems. From what I have been hearing if Rutgers doesn’t go to a bowl game this season Flood is finished because the bottom would drop out of the support for the football program and also because it might be possible to rehire Greg Schiano at Rutgers if he doesn’t take another job first.”

Well…there you have it. Kyle Flood needs to take Rutgers to a bowl game in 2015 to save his job and sitting on a record of 3 – 4 with these games left…

At Wisconsin
At Michigan
At Army

…if Flood can win 3 of the above last 6 pretty tough slate of game maybe he should hang onto his job….less than 6 wins though…it looks like That’s All Folks for Kyle Flood at Rutgers:

14.  Mike MacIntyre, Colorado vs. UCLA – Not that we give Colorado any chance at all of beating UCLA at the Rose Bowl on Saturday BUT it will be interesting to see the final score of this game to get a gauge on the difference that exists between the Bruins and the Buffs which the Vegas Boys peg at around 21 points or so which sounds about right to us.

YES..it would be GREAT for Mike MacIntyre and Colorado to beat UCLA on Saturday..but hey Mike…how about keeping the game with two touchdowns son….ok?


15.  Charlie Partridge, FAU vs. FIU – In his SECOND season as the head coach at FAU Charlie Partridge is sitting on the very ugly records of…

Overall:  4 – 15

CUSA:  3 – 9

…and if there is a head coach that needs a win MORE than Charlie Partridge on Saturday in this annual Shula Bowl Game against FIU then we don’t know who that coach would be so here’s a thought….

Get Off Your Ass already Charlie Partridge and beat FIU!

16.  Todd Berry, La. Monroe vs. La. Lafayette – Sooner and a Helluva lot more than Later Todd Better MUST stop the bleeding at La. Monroe and there would be no better spot for the now 1 – 6 Warhawks to turn things around than with a win over cross-state rival La. Lafayette on Saturday.

No, La. Monroe is not one of the more attractive coaching jobs on the FBS level BUT it is a FBS job and there would be coaches lined-up around the block to get the La. Monroe head coaching job if the losing continues for Todd Berry so how about this….

Get Off Your Ass Todd Berry and BEAT La. Lafayette!

Norm Chow

17.  Norm Chow, Hawaii vs. Air Force – In his FOURTH season as the head coach at Hawaii Norm Chow is sitting on a record in Mountain West Conference play of…

4 – 24

…and if that can keep you employed in The Islands then Damn we clearly went into the wrong line of work!

YES…Air Force at home is a CANNOT LOSE Game for Norm Chow and Hawaii!

Coaches Hot Seat Quotes of the Day – Friday, October 30, 2015 – Frank Leahy



“Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.”


“Give me a lead of 14-0 at halftime and I will dictate the final score.”


“There are no shortcuts in life – only those we imagine.”


“When the going gets tough, let the tough get going.”


“A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall.”


“Lads, you’re not to miss practice unless your parents died or you died.”

Wikipedia: Frank Leahy