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10 CFB Head Coaches Face MUST WIN Games in Week 6 – Coaches and Teams Need To Take It To the Limit!


10 CFB Head Coaches Face MUST WIN Games in Week 6 – Coaches and Teams Need To Take It To the Limit!

Thank You Randy!

Week 6? Can it really be Week 6 of the 2017 college football season already? Yep it is…and no doubt one day far in the future historians will look back and call this the…

Golden Age of Football in America

….and even with all the problems of concussions, cheating, bad officiating and lots of other stuff the Late Great Steve Sabol of NFL Films had it right…

“Life Is Great…Football Is Better!”

Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M vs. Alabama – Now sitting on a record of 4 – 1 on the season the fans of Aggies Football have been quieted a bit BUT a blowout at the hands of Alabama in Week 6 could change things in a hurry and with a +26 point line on the game if A&M can keep the final score around the 30 point mark that might be a victory of sorts for Sumlin and his football team against the Tide. With that in mind one must wonder if Nick Saban won’t run the score up in this game because the last Damn thing Saban needs is someone in College Station winning 10+ games a season which in our opinion the Aggies COULD AND SHOULD be doing on annual basis when you are playing 13 games a season counting a bowl game.

How many times did Kevin Sumlin win 10+ games in the previous 5 seasons?

One Time

If Kevin Sumlin doesn’t win at least 10 games in 2017…which would be ONE 10+ win season in 6 years on the job….we cannot help but wonder if the folks in College Station will continue to accept mediocrity or if they are actually interested in something great for their Aggie Football Team?

Of course, if Alabama does blowout the Aggies Sumlin’s rear-end will be launched right back on the Hottest of Hot Seat in America so coach those Aggies hard Coach Sumlin!

Mike Riley, Nebraska vs. Wisconsin – We here at Coaches Hot Seat love talking to our friends in Great State of Nebraska anytime of the year, but especially during college football season because few folks in America have more passion for the Game of Football than Nebraska fans and with that in mind we got a long-time Nebraska-alum friend on the phone earlier this week and his view of the Mike Riley situation is pretty-straightforward:

“Nebraska may never been a national power again like it was under Coach Osborne but we should be winning 10 games a year when one is playing 13 games including the bowl game.”

We agree Totally and Bo Pelini would have won at least 10 games in 4 of this 7 seasons at Nebraska if he had been allowed to coach the bowl game in 2014 and Pelini was fired because he didn’t hit that 10+ win mark AND because Pelini is a Pompous Ass…at least the Bo Pelini at Nebraska was a Pompous Ass…even if he is a very good football coach which he is and is proving again now at Youngstown State.

With the 10 wins a season idea in mind for the head coach at Nebraska Mike Riley is in his third season at the school and has yet to win 10 games and in our opinion barring the Huskers getting blown-out if Riley wins 9 games for the second straight season at Nebraska and has a chance to win 10 games again in the bowl game Mike will have a decent chance of returning to coach the Huskers in 2018.

With a record of 3 – 2 right now let’s look at the rest of Nebraska’s schedule:

Ohio State
At Purdue
At Minnesota
At Penn State

Damn…with the Buckeyes coming in next week to get to 9 wins it looks like Mike Riley and the Huskers will have to beat Wisconsin in a MUST WIN Game on Saturday in Lincoln so coach those Huskers hard Mike Riley!

Brian Kelly, Notre Dame vs. North Carolina – With Notre Dame on a bit of a roll with 3 wins after the loss to a pretty good Georgia team at home the last thing Brian Kelly and the Fighting Irish need now is a letdown and a loss to North Carolina on Saturday when Notre Dame could very well win out the rest of the games IF they can beat USC at home on October 21.

Let’s look at the rest of Notre Dame’s schedule:

At North Carolina
NC State
Wake Forest
At Miami
At Stanford

A loss to a very average North Carolina team would be a Total Disaster so it is a MUST WIN Game but after the Tar Heels it isn’t exactly a walk in the park for Notre Dame and it could be an Irish win-out scenario or even what…3 to 5 more losses in 2017? Yep!

Just don’t lose to North Carolina Brian Kelly or you know what….

Scorching Hot Seat!

Ed Orgeron, LSU vs. Florida – We love Ed Orgeron here at Coaches Hot Seat and we would do anything for the man…within reason of course….BUT watching a replay of the Troy – LSU game we saw something that is very, very troubling….

A LSU Football Team that Didn’t Give A Damn

….and in our opinion LSU is only a bad break or two and getting behind on the scoreboard against the Florida Gators on Saturday from….

Going Completely Off The Tracks

….which in our opinion would lead to a losing season in 2017 with a team that has Top 10 talent in America AT WORST!

Let’s look at the rest of LSU’s schedule:

At Florida
At Ole Miss
At Alabama
At Tennessee
Texas A&M

Hell..save the Ole Miss game there’s the very real chance LSU loses 6 of its last 7 games which would leave the Tigers with a 4 – 8 record and any losing record in 2017 by LSU would lead to the wholesale firing of everyone in Baton Rouge including Coach O, Joe Alleva, and ANYONE else involved in the hiring of Ed Orgeron including the President of LSU and many of the LSU Board of Trustees who let’s face it…should have already had their asses run right off the board right because they approved that Totally Damn Insane contract for Coach O!

YES…Florida is a MUST WIN Game for Ed Orgeron and LSU!

Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech vs. Kansas – This one is very easy…if Kliff Kingsbury’s football team loses to Kansas at Saturday…It’s OVER for Kingsbury at Texas Tech because if you can’t beat Kansas how in the Hell you going to beat any of what’s left on the Red Raiders schedule?

At West Virginia
Iowa State
At Oklahoma
Kansas State
At Texas

Yep…if you can’t beat Kansas you can’t beat ANY of the teams above so Kansas is a MUST WIN Game for Kingsbury and the Red Raiders!

David Beaty, Kansas vs. Texas Tech – In 3 seasons at Kansas head coach David Beaty has posted records of…

Overall:  3 – 25

Big 12:  1 – 18

….and the 1 – 3 Jayhawks still have to play in 2017….

Texas Tech
At Iowa State
Kansas State
At Texas
At Oklahoma State

We don’t see Kansas winning another football game in 2017 which if that happened would be THREE wins for Kansas football in THREE Freaking Seasons and in Charlie Weis’ 2.5 seasons at Kansas Chubby Charlie won…

SIX Freaking Football Games!

Enough said on the current Total Damn Disaster at Kansas!

Bret Bielema, Arkansas vs. South Carolina – Bret Bielema…BIG buyout or not….has worked himself into one Helluva situation as has Oregon State head coach Gary Andersen with now BOTH of the last two head football coaches at Wisconsin finding their asses on the Hot Seat and Bielema in a situation where if the Hogs don’t get to SIX wins in 2017…

The Entire Damn Arkansas Football Program and Top of the Arkansas Athletic Department is going to get their Asses Run Right Out of Fayetteville!

Bret Bielema’s records in FIVE seasons at Arkansas are a Complete Freaking Disaster…

Overall:  27 – 28

SEC:  10 – 23

….and if the 2 – 2 Hogs loses to South Carolina on Saturday to drop to 2 – 3 with these games then left to play…

At Alabama
At Ole Miss
Coastal Carolina
Mississippi State

…just how in the Hell are these Hogs going to win 4 of their last games to get to 6 wins in 2017? We just don’t see it.

We will be honest….we like Bret Bielema as a Football Coach and Man BUT leaving Wisconsin and the Big Ten West Division which is Easy Like Sunday Morning for the SEC West Division may have been one of the more foolish decisions in recent college football history….as was Gary Andersen’s move from the Big Ten West at Wisconsin to the Pac-12 North at Oregon State!

We hate to write things in the Coaches Hot Seat Blog that we have not directly confirmed with someone as being at least what they thought was the truth at any given moment BUT we will say that last week we got a call from a friend in Little Rock who told us there have been some “rumblings” of what kind of “lift” it would take to buyout Bret Bielema, his coaching staff, AD Jeff Long and couple of other folks to clean the slate in Fayetteville and the folks doing that talking have a number in their minds AND if Arkansas loses to South Carolina on Saturday except those “rumblings” to get a Helluva lot louder next week!

YES…South Carolina is a MUST WIN Game for Bret Bielema and the Hogs!

Will Muschamp, South Carolina vs. Arkansas – Like Bret Bielema…Will Muschamp doesn’t have the greatest of records now in his second season at South Carolina…

Overall:  9 – 9

SEC:  4 – 7

….and the 3 – 2 Gamecocks really need a win over Arkansas at home on Saturday especially when one looks at the rest of South Carolina’s schedule after the Hogs:

At Tennessee
At Georgia
At Clemson

The task for Will Muschamp to keep things rolling at South Carolina is winning at least SIX games in 2017 and with a loss to Arkansas on Saturday the Gamecocks would have to win 3 of their last 6 games and two of those games are at Georgia and at Clemson which we give South Carolina NO chance of winning!

Coach em hard Boom in a MUST WIN Game against Arkansas!

Barry Odom, Missouri vs. Kentucky – Barry Odom is off to a disastrous start now in his second season at Missouri…

Overall:  5 – 11

SEC:  2 – 8

…and the last thing that Mizzou now at 1 – 3 on the season needs is a Kentucky team blowing them out on Saturday which very well could happen AND if it does happen Barry Odom will move his rear-end into some very dangerous territory….firing territory before Santa comes down the chimney in late December kind of territory!

After Kentucky…Mizzou has left on their schedule:

At Georgia
At UConn
At Vanderbilt
At Arkansas

Damn…Mizzou might not match their win total of 4 games from last season so YES Kentucky is a MUST WIN Game for Barry Odom and Mizzou!

Rich Rodriguez, Arizona vs. Colorado – Arizona played Utah tough at home a couple of weeks before getting the loss and dropping the Wildcats record to 2 – 2 on the season with these games still to be played:

At Colorado
At California
Washington State
Oregon State
At Oregon
At Arizona State

We rather doubt Rich Rodriguez can survive TWO straight losing season so the Wildcats will need to win at least…

4 of their last 8 games

….and looking over Arizona’s remaining games we find it hard to believe the Wildcats will win at least 6 games if they don’t beat Colorado on Saturday so YES….

Colorado is a MUST WIN Game for Rich Rodriguez and Arizona!