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#19 Hot Seat Head Coach – David Bailiff, Rice – #20 Hot Seat Head Coach – Steve Addazio, Boston College – #21 Hot Seat Head Coach – Barry Odom, Missouri


#19 Hot Seat Head Coach – David Bailiff, Rice

It’s hard to believe that David Bailiff has coached TEN years at Rice taking over the Owls about the time that Coaches Hot Seat was launched in January 2007, but here it is 2017 and Bailiff is entering his ELEVENTH year on the job so let’s take a look back at those last TEN years:

2007:  3 – 9
2008:  10 – 3
2009:  2 – 10
2010:  4 – 8
2011:  4 – 8
2012:  7 – 6
2013:  10 – 4
2014:  8 – 5
2015:  5 – 7
2016:  3 – 9

Overall:  56 – 69

CUSA:  39 – 41

Rice is not the easiest place in the world to building a winning football program, but the Owls do play in Conference USA where Rice should have roughly equal talent to most of the other teams in the conference and yet David Bailiff has 6 losing seasons in 10 years on the job thus taking the Owls to bowl games in 4 of the other seasons.

If we were the Athletic Director at Rice our expectations for Owls football would be very simple:

.500 or better record EVERY YEAR

Players Graduate with Degrees from Rice

Players Act Right On and Off the Field

Win or Be In Contention to Win C-USA Conference Title at least ONCE Every Five Years

Now in our opinion, the above expectations for Rice Football are not out of line and with the following achieved by Bailiff…

1 C-USA Title in 10 years

6 Losing Seasons in 10 years

…if the other expectations about players graduating and their behavior are being met then still in our opinion….

David Bailiff is NOT meeting expectations at Rice

….and thus why we have Bailiff on the Hot Seat!

Let’s go to Rice’s 2017 Football Schedule:

Stanford (Australia)
At Houston
At Pitt
At Texas San Antonio
La Tech
Southern Miss
At Old Dominion
North Texas

Opening in Australia against Stanford is no easy task and playing Pitt on the road out-of-conference will not be easy either BUT we see No Damn Reason At All why Rice doesn’t win at least…

6 Games in 2017

…with the above schedule, and if the Owls fall short of that 6 win mark we are confident Rice will be looking for a new head football coach come early December because that would be THREE straight losing seasons and if that is tolerated at Rice it will tolerated in America and why in the Hell would we want to start tolerating losing in America?


#20 Hot Seat Head Coach – Steve Addazio, Boston College

With an out-of-conference schedule as SOFT as a dewy meadow on a Spring morning after an entire night of rain showers Boston College and Steve Addazio bounced-back a bit in 2016 with a 7 – 6 record that included wins over…


…and when you include the bowl game win over Maryland the BC Eagles posted a…

3 – 5

…record against teams with .500 or better records in 2017 and that leads us Steve Addazio’s win/loss records now in FOUR seasons at Boston College:

Overall:  24 – 27

ACC:  10 – 22

Now call us stupid if you like but shouldn’t a coach in FOUR years on the job that doesn’t have winning records Overall or in the ACC have .500 or better records have his ass sitting on the Hot Seat?

YES…and that is why Steve Addazio is on the Hot Seat which got a little hotter in recent days with Boston College naming a new athletic director, Martin Jarmond, who came over from Ohio State and who we have No Damn Doubt will NOT tolerate a head football coach posting a sub .500 record in his FIFTH year on the job….and 2017 will be Steve Addazio’s FIFTH year at BC!

Let’s go to Boston College’s 2017 schedule:

At Northern Illinois
Wake Forest
Notre Dame
At Clemson
Central Michigan
Virginia Tech
At Louisville
At Virginia
Florida State
NC State
At Syracuse

Geez…that’s a pretty tough out-of-conference schedule for BC in 2017 assuming that UConn will be improved under Randy Edsall, and there’s a chance that if the Eagles lost their opening game at Northern Illinois they might be 0 – 4 when Central Michigan arrives in Boston for a game on September 30.

Whatever games that Boston College wins or loses in 2017 we have a recommendation for head coach Steve Addazio:

Get SIX wins minimum Son or your head coaching days at BC will be over before the 76 th Anniversary of those Bastard Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941!


#21 Hot Seat Head Coach – Barry Odom, Missouri

After an Average to Mediocre first SIX years at Missouri now former Tigers head coach Gary Pinkel did what many would call remarkable by posting…

FIVE 10-plus wins

….in his last NINE years at Mizzou with THREE seasons of 11 wins or more.

In his last season at Missouri Gary Pinkel posted a 5 – 7 record in the middle of some personal health problems and race issues at the University of Missouri that no doubt in our minds has impacted Mizzou football recruiting in the last couple of years which leaves current Mizzou head football coach Barry Odom in a Helluva hole that he will either find his way out of or get fired while still in it.

In Barry Odom’s first year as the head coach at Missouri he posted a record of 4 – 8 which included wins over…

Eastern Michigan
Delaware State

….that saw the Tigers lose a close game to Georgia at home and lose a Totally Inexcusable game to Middle Tennessee at home which in our opinion added up to about…

1 worse loss than we had Mizzou pegged for in 2016 which was a 5 – 7 team.

Now as we look towards 2017 Barry Odom is tasked with finding a way to SIX wins in his second year on the job and with SIX wins in mind let’s go to Missouri’s 2017 schedule:

Missouri State
South Carolina
At Kentucky
At Georgia
At UConn
At Vanderbilt
At Arkansas

That’s a pretty tough schedule for Barry Odom and Mizzou in 2017 with a very tough ending at UConn, Florida, Tennessee, at Vandy and at Arkansas which means that the Tigers better Damn be at least…

4 – 3

…when they travel to play at UConn on October 28 because getting TWO wins in those last FIVE games is not going to be easy especially since both Vandy and Arkansas will probably be fighting to get to SIX wins themselves down the stretch of the 2017 football season!

It probably does help that Barry Odom played football at Mizzou and is thus an alum because it’s not going to be an easy ride in the next few years if as we expect in the SEC East…

Georgia Gets Better
Florida Keeps Getting Better
Tennessee At Least Holds Its Ground
South Carolina Gets Better
Kentucky Keeps Getting Better
Vanderbilt Keeps Getting Better

…which if the above happens to become a .500 plus team every year Missouri will have to raise its game even more because all of the competition in the SEC East seems to be getting Better or is Holding Its Ground.

Good Luck to you Coach Odom and you will need it Son!