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Post Week 2 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Jeremy Pruitt Has Never Been Wrong and He’s The Exact Opposite of Paul “Bear” Bryant – Why Tennessee Football Is In Deep Trouble – Johnny Cash: The Last Great American

With Week 2 of the college football season in the books let’s get right to the Great Johnny Cash to tell these coaches on the Hot Seat what it’s all about!

Thank You Mr. Cash and for anyone that hasn’t seen the following great documentary on the Man in Black Johnny Cash made by the BBC it is well worth your time which produced this terrific quote from Roseanne Cash >

“Johnny Cash is a two-word answer for why it’s still good to be an America.”

Post Week 2 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Jeremy Pruitt, Tennessee – Every Summer several of us at Coaches Hot Seat get together for a Great American Road Trip with our RVs and in the Summer of 2018 we drove from San Francisco to Boston and back with our wives and kids along for the ride at least part of the time. We always try to stop along the way at college towns or cities related to Coaches on the Hot Seat and last year we got to two places related to Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt >

Birmingham, Alabama

Knoxville, Tennessee

Now, we have been to both of these cities many times for business and football games in the past, but this time we were interested to learn what we could from people that that knew Jeremy Pruitt when he was an assistant coach at Hoover High School in the suburb of Hoover, Alabama about 20 miles south of Birmingham and learn a lot we did. Over two days we had a couple of lunches at Taziki’s Mediterranean Café (Great Greek Food!) and Jim N’ Nick’s BBQ both only a few miles from Hoover High School.

What we learned in those two lunches about Pruitt and the guy he used to work for at Hoover High School, head coach Rush Propst, was interesting indeed and we carried with us to Knoxville where we were to meet our kids for a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Dollywood, a theme park owned by the Great Dolly Parton, an opinion of Pruitt we did not have before our trip to Hoover. In Knoxville we met with people that had only known and watched Pruitt since he got to town only a few months earlier to take over the Tennessee football program and they had some very definite opinions of Pruitt that have sharpened a good bit in the last year and who we touched base again with on the Sunday after the Vols lost to BYU.

A question that we posed to all of these people in 2018 and in the last few weeks has been >

Who exactly is Jeremy Pruitt and what do you think of him?

Very interesting is that not one person, in Hoover, Alabama or Knoxville, Tennessee had anything remotely positive to say about Jeremy Pruitt and they also didn’t have a ton of negative things to say about Pruitt with most of it being boilerplate in nature, but almost every one of them said something along the lines of (and we are paraphrasing here) >

“Jeremy has never been wrong and he never will be wrong.”

“It is not within Pruitt to admit he is wrong…about anything.”

“Jeremy tends to blame others when things go wrong and takes the credit when things go right.”

Now the above are the opinions of American Citizens who shared those opinions with us without fear or favor and we also got some very strong opinions on the man Pruitt worked for at Hoover High School, Rush Propst, and we can characterize those opinions along the lines of Propst being one of the most arrogant human beings we have ever heard described by others, but then most in and around the game of football know the backstory on Rush Propst who is now out of football after being suspended from his last high school job in Georgia. Now related to Rush Propst and Hoover High School Football many years ago when a couple of Coaches Hot Seat members were in Birmingham on business we went out to Hoover High School to watch Propst coach his football team in practice and Jeremy Pruitt was on those practice fields and one thing that really stood out to us from watching that practice very close to the field with someone that played at the school decades before was that it was never-ending of running down the players by almost all the Hoover coaches. Yes, that is something we will never forget, which is something we would not tolerate from anyone coaching our kids because we know there’s a way to coach kids without running their asses down all day.

Getting back to Jeremy Pruitt we have a Coaches Hot Seat member who played for Paul “Bear” Bryant at Alabama in the 1970s and he always talks about how Coach Bryant would “give credit to the players when we won and take the blame when we lost” and actually Coach Bryant had a quote along those lines that we really believe in here at Coaches Hot Seat >

“If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. That’s all it takes to get people to win football games for you.”  Paul “Bear” Bryant

Now, we tried to remember Jeremy Pruitt ever taking blame for anything in his stops at Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, Alabama, and in his second season at Tennessee and we could not remember or find one on the Internet and in fact we found the exact opposite of Pruitt blaming his players when things go wrong and taking credit when things for right.

Case in point to what we have written above below you will find a video of Jeremy Pruitt’s press conference right after the lost to BYU on Saturday night and we ask that you watch this press conference and tell us if you see Pruitt taking blame for the loss or do you see as we do Pruitt immediately blaming his players for not performing, and we remind folks that Pruitt has been paid $7 Million Dollars over the last two years to get his football team ready to play in games and yet when the team fails it’s not Pruitt’s fault….it’s the players’ fault:

Sorry Jeremy Pruitt….but you are Sorry As Hell and we are not sure exactly where you learned to blame players as the Head Coach instead of taking responsibility for YOUR team’s play since YOU are the Head Coach, but we have some good guesses and both are in Alabama where you worked for two head coaches in Rush Propst and Nick Saban who also….have never been wrong…and when things go bad both blame others in our opinion which Saban did the entire offseason blaming other assistant coaches and the team not playing up to the “Alabama standard” in the loss to Clemson…whatever the Hell that is Nick!

It’s seems clear to us that Jeremy Pruitt is never wrong and he’s working for an athletic director in Phil Fulmer who also is never wrong and it’s just our opinion that Pruitt and Fulmer will burn down the Tennessee Football program totally before either would admit they have been wrong about anything meaning Pruitt in how he is coaching and getting his football team ready to play games and Fulmer ever admitting he made a mistake in hiring Pruitt.

What you have fans of Tennessee Football is a potentially disastrous situation where there are two people in positions of power over the Vols football program who in our opinion will…

Destroy It Totally Before They Ever Admit They Were Wrong!

Just our humble opinion.

As for the BYU – Tennessee game let’s just be honest here >

It was two teams that played hard but were only mediocrely coached with both teams making lots of mistakes on the field and in coaching decisions, but in the end BYU made a play or two and won a game they had no Damn business winning and at the end of that game as you can clearly see >

Jeremy Pruitt blamed his players instead of taking personal responsibility for what happened on the field which he is paid Millions of Dollars to do and for that Jeremy…

You Are Worthless As Hell and Not Fit To Call Yourself A Member of Any Alabama Family Associated with Paul “Bear” Bryant because the Bear would kick your Sorry and Worthless Ass for being the Total Damn Prick that you are, and we know at least one former Alabama football player that played for the Bear who calls your behavior “below shameless and selfish as Hell!”

Jeremy Pruitt’s Records at Tennessee >

Overall:  5 – 9

SEC:  2 – 6

Now at 0 – 2 on the 2019 Tennessee has left to play on their schedule >

At Florida
Mississippi State
At Alabama
South Carolina
At Kentucky
At Mizzou

Our guess is Tennessee wins 4 games this season and the only way that Pruitt gets fired after a 4 – 8 season is if Phil Fulmer gets fired first because Fulmer is not admitting he made a mistake hiring Pruitt no matter what happens in 2019 or anytime in the future which means eventually Fulmer will be fired and the Tennessee President/Chancellor will then fire Pruitt and then maybe the next AD will hire someone like Mike Leach who Tennessee fans….you could have already had in his second season in Knoxville who be WINNING BIG!

2.  Chip Kelly, UCLA – After the loss to San Diego State at the Rose Bowl on Saturday by the Bruins in front of a crowd that looked like 10,000 or so people we are not quite sure what Chip Kelly is doing in Westwood but for Damn sure it doesn’t look like he is coaching this UCLA football team!

Chip Kelly is running an offense that will not work in today’s game even if he had more talent at QB and elsewhere on the field so we don’t know exactly where this is going but we do know that following >

Chip Kelly’s Record at UCLA >

Overall:  3 – 11

Pac-12:  3 – 6

UCLA remaining schedule >

At Washington State
At Arizona
Oregon State
At Stanford
Arizona State
At Utah

The Bruins will be lucky to win 2 games in 2019 and we are quite confident that Kelly cannot survive a 2 win season and that athletic director Dan Guerrero will be fired first and then the next AD will hire a new head coach for the Bruins who might be the current offensive coordinator at USC if he’s interested in the job!

3.  Willie Taggart, Florida State – Willie Taggart stole a win over La. Monroe on Saturday in what can be called nothing but Another Damn Pitiful Performance by the Florida State Football Team under Taggart which there have been a Helluva Lot of the last two seasons.

Sitting on these records….

Overall:  6 – 8

ACC:  3 – 5

….Taggart has very little margin for error since the Seminoles at a minimum will need 6 wins and probably 8 for Willie to coach FSU in 2020 and with that in mind let’s look at what the 1 – 1 Noles have left to play in 2019 >

At Virginia
NC State
At Clemson
At Wake Forest
At Boston College
Alabama State
At Florida

If you can’t beat Boise State and care only barely beat La. Monroe on your homefield then for Damn sure you are not going to 5 of your last 9 games playing the above schedule so we fully expect the FSU job to open up shortly after the Florida game in early December big buyout for Willie or not because this Horseshit FSU now playing….we nor anyone else can stand it for another season!

4.  Will Muschamp, South Carolina – South Carolina played well against Charleston Southern which is like saying the Coaches Hot Seat Flag Football Team looked good against the Masons, who we regularly score 100+ points a game on, so what’s ahead for the Gamecocks is what’s important and now at 1 – 1 USC has left >

At Mizzou
At Georgia
At Tennessee
Appalachian State
At Texas A&M

South Carolina should beat Vanderbilt and Appalachian State at home so that’s 3 wins….they should beat Tennessee in Knoxville so that’s 4 wins….but we don’t see another win on the schedule and anyone that thinks Will Muschamp can post a 4 – 8 record in his fourth year in Columbia and keep his job is either drunk on whiskey, high on Gunja, or kissing AD Ray Tanner’s ass!

5.  Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech – The Hokies beat Old Dominion on Saturday and up next for Va. Tech is another Powerhouse in Furman so the team should be…we repeat…should be 2 – 1 when they host Duke on Friday, September 27 but then after the Blue Devils what’s left is >

At Miami
Rhode Island – Another Powerhouse
North Carolina
At Notre Dame
Wake Forest
At Georgia Tech
At Virginia

Geez…whoever put together the 2019 Hokies out-of-conference schedule must have thought he has a Total Damn Loser as a head coach who will need 3 sure-wins that even Bozo the Clown could produce but even with those 3 wins how many games will Va. Tech win this season?

Our guess…5 games for a 5 – 7 record in Justin Fuente’s fourth year at Va. Tech and with TWO sure-wins!

Got if the Hokies go 5 – 7 in 2019 that Justin Fuente’s should be run out of Blacksburg?

Yep…in our humble opinion…because Captain Kangaroo could have gotten the Hokies 5 wins coaching them with this Total Horseshit schedule!

6.  Charlie Strong, South Florida – We are not quite sure why USF has Totally Collapsed under Charlie Strong over the last 8 games going 0 – 8 from the Houston game forward from last season and losing the first two games of 2019, but it is a Stunning Collapse which should come to an end when the Bulls play South Carolina State this coming Saturday…we say it should!

0 – 2 on the season with these games left to play….

South Carolina State
At UConn
At Navy
At East Carolina

….we really cannot see USF getting to 6 wins in 2019 even with wins over South Carolina State and UConn on the road. Can Charlie Strong post a 5 – 7 or worse record in his third season at USF and return to coach the Bulls in 2020? Probably, but why is South Florida Totally Collapsing….that is by far the more important question!

7.  Chris Ash, Rutgers – Chris Ash’s Rutgers team got Totally Destroyed by Iowa by the score of 30 – 0 on Saturday with the Hawkeyes only half-awake for the game and that Total Destruction game in…wait for it….Ash’s 38th game at the school in his fourth season on the job!

Chris Ash’s records at Rutgers now stand at >

Overall:  8 – 30

Big Ten:  3 – 25

Rutgers has left to play in 2019 >

Boston College
At Michigan
At Indiana
At Illinois
Ohio State
Michigan State
At Penn State

We don’t see Rutgers winning another game this season and we rather doubt Ash will make it to end of the 2019 season but then he should have been fired after the 2018 season…in our humble opinion….because Rutgers was a worse-off football program after 3 seasons of Ash coaching them than when Ash took over the program in 2016.

8.  Lovie Smith, Illinois – Lovie Smith and the Illini were able to get 2 wins to start the season against Akron and UConn and most any Powder Puff team would be 2 – 0 right now as well playing those 2 games and in Week 3 here comes another team most any Powder Puff team would beat >

Eastern Michigan

Got the AD at Illinois knew he would have a Total Disaster on his hands so he loaded up the out-of-conference schedule with Cupcakes to get 3 easy wins on the books?

Yep….in our humble opinion!

Lovie Smith’s record at Illinois now stand at….

Overall:  11 – 27

Big Ten:  4 – 23

…and the Illini have left in 2019 >

Eastern Michigan
At Minnesota
At Purdue
At Michigan State
At Iowa

Mary Tyler Moore coaching the Illini could win 4 games in 2019 but how many more wins will the team get?

Our guess…maybe 5 wins….maybe just 4 wins….but with 3 Cupcakes + Rutgers = Super Big Ten Cupcake Gilligan could have led the Illini to 4 wins in 2019!

9.  Kalani Sitake, BYU – BYU got a nice win on the road in Knoxville on Saturday and not surprising the Cougar players played hard throughout as they always have done in our four-plus decades of watching BYU football play and right there is why we are so hard on BYU Head Coaches >

We have been watching BYU football for decades and a couple of us knew Coach LaVell Edwards who was just a Helluva Coach and Man and thus we expect a lot out of BYU Football….A Helluva Lot!

Kilani Sitake played for LaVell Edwards at BYU between 1997 – 2000 where he was a three-year starter at fullback and after the wins over the Vols Sitake’s record now stand at:

Overall:  21 – 20

That’s not good enough for BYU…at least in our humble opinion…and now at 1 – 1 on the season the Cougars have left to play in 2019 >

At Toledo
At South Florida
Boise State
At Utah State
Idaho State
At UMass
At San Diego State

In our opinion having seen USC in person last week at the Coliseum against Stanford the Trojans are beatable and watching Cal beat Washington we believe that UW is beatable and certainly there are at least beyond those two games another 5 games at least on the schedule so 7 – 5 is very doable this season…Very Doable!

10.  Kevin Sumlin, Arizona – Arizona beat Northern Arizona by the score of 65 – 41 on Saturday and now the 1 – 1 Wildcats have left to play this season games against >

Texas Tech
At Colorado
At Stanford
Oregon State
At Oregon
At Arizona State

Can Arizona win 5 of its remaining 10 games?

Not if they don’t beat both Texas Tech and UCLA in the next couple of weeks!