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Post Week 7 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny Cash!

Post Week 7 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Give these Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny Cash!

Thank You Mr. Cash!

Post Week 7 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Jeff Scott, South Florida – The Hits or rather the Losses keep coming for Jeff Scott at South Florida who after the Bulls loss to Tulane on Saturday is sitting on records of >

Overall:  4 – 24
AAC:  1 – 17

That’s No Damn Good where we come from or where anyone comes from and with what the Bulls got left to play in 2022 >

At Houston
At Temple
At Tulsa

We see maybe 1 more win in 2022 and with that let’s bring in Dandy Don!

2.  Bryan Harsin, Auburn – It’s not that Dandy Don is singing for Bryan Harsin at Auburn but that Dandy Don sang a long time ago and has already left town to head to the next Monday Night Football game and that was weeks ago now!

With the Auburn loss to Ole Miss on Saturday the Tigers are now 3 – 4 on the season and have left to play >

At Mississippi State
Texas A&M
Western Kentucky
At Alabama

Hell Harsin and the Tigers could get a couple of wins down the stretch here and if they beat the Aggies on The Plains on November 12 that will for sure end Jimbo Fisher’s time in Aggieland so Hell there’s something to play for here!

3.  Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M – Talk about a BIG Football Game that means Nothing Damn At All in the Big Picture but means a Helluva Lot to both Head Coaches and you got the >

Texas A&M at South Carolina game this coming Saturday!

If the Aggies lose in this spot to fall to 3 – 4 on the season with these games left >

Ole Miss
At Auburn

The Aggies might not get 6 wins in 2022 and even if they did >

Cue Dandy Don on the Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M!

Don’t lose this game Jimbo but Hell if Jimbo does lose and the Aggies $$$ Boys and Girls had to run Jimbo they will owe him >

$86 Million Large!

Oh here’s Jimbo Fisher’s Buyouts after the coming seasons courtesy of the folks at CBS Sports >

2022: $85,950,000

2023: $76,800,000

2024: $67,550,000

2025: $58,200,000

2026: $48,750,000

2027: $39,200,000

2028: $29,550,000

2029: $19,800,000

2030: $9,950,000

With No Offsets!

Whoever negotiated Jimbo Fisher’s contract on behalf of Texas A&M or anyone that signed off on it that works in or around Texas A&M >

Is not qualified to run a lemonade stand!

4.  Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern – No doubt the Biggest Candy Ass in the Midwest >

Patrick William Fitzgerald

Got in Lots of Tea Parties and Pillow Fights in during the Northwestern Non-Fighting Wildcats bye week and now it’s back to Pillow Fight Football for these 1 – 5 Cats who have left in 2022 >

At Maryland
At Iowa
Ohio State
At Minnesota
At Purdue

Will the Candy Ass Non-Fighting Wildcats win another game in 2022?

Not Damn Candy Ass Likely!

Anyone wants to find these Candy Ass Northwestern Cats we recommend checking out the Patisserie Coralie French Bakery + Coffee Shop in downtown Evanston where these Non-Fighting Cats can get High Tea and All the Crumpets they want from hopefully an NIL Deal that Candy Ass Patty Boy has put together for his Cats who will need plenty of Crumpets with all the Ass Kickings coming their way!

5.  Marcus Freeman, Notre Dame – Coming into the Notre Dame game the Stanford Defense had given up points wise in 2022 against the 4 FBS Teams they played >

USC – 41 Points
Washington – 40 Points
Oregon – 45 Points
Oregon State – 28 Points

And the Irish scored >

14 Points on the Stanford Defense?

Got Marcus Freeman doesn’t have a Damn Clue what he is doing and is about to get his ass run right out of South Bend?

With the Disastrous Loss to Stanford the Irish are now 3 – 3 with these games left >

At Syracuse
Boston College

Hell the Irish might not get to 6 wins in 2022 and if that happens Notre Dame will have a New Head Coach in 2023 because Bozo the Clown coulda won 8 Games coaching this Irish team drunk from a Motel 6 just on the outskirts of South Bend!

6.  Ken Niumatalolo, Navy – Navy lost at SMU with a first year head coach on Friday night to drop to 2 – 4 on the season and Kenny Boy and the Non-Fighting Sailors at Navy have left on their 2022 schedule games against >

At Cincinnati
Notre Dame

Geez….a normal Navy team win 4 of these games minimum but will this Navy team even win 2?

Who the Hell knows and that’s the Damn Problem here!   

7.  David Shaw, Stanford – David Shaw and the Stanford Cardinal got just what they needed on Saturday >

A Notre Dame Football Team that isn’t really a Football Team but just a collection of Worthless Prima Donnas who love Prancing around and acting like Football Players but reality is the Notre Dame Chess Club could whip the Hell out of the Stanford and Notre Dame teams and make em both like it!

Stanford is now 2 – 4 on the season with wins over Colgate and Notre Dame = 2 Worthless Prancing Candy Ass Teams and the Cardinal has left in 2022 >

Arizona State
Washington State
At Utah
At California

Will Stanford even get to 4 wins in 2022?

Who the Hell knows and does anyone really care?

Not really since all of the Passion, Fire, and just Simple Human Decency has been driven out of this Stanford Football Team by David Shaw and his Coaches who easily hold the >

Most Disgraceful Non-Football Practices in America!

8.  Will Healy, Charlotte – With the loss to UAB on Saturday Charlotte Head Coach Will Healy’s records now stand at >

Overall: 15 – 23
CUSA: 10 – 13

Not Good Son

Not Good At All

Charlotte now at 1 – 6 has left in 2022 >

At Rice
Western Kentucky
At Middle Tennessee
La. Tech

Geez…Charlotte will be lucky to get 3 Wins this season!

9.  Butch Jones, Arkansas State – With the loss at Southern Miss on Saturday Butch Jones records at Arkansas State now stand at >

Overall:  4 – 15
Sun Belt:  2 – 10

The folks, fans, alums, and administration at Arkansas State take their football seriously and they will run your ass with those kinds of records and with ASU now at 2 – 5 on the 2022 season with these games left >

At Louisiana
South Alabama
At Texas State

We recommend Butch Jones win 4 of these last 5 games or cue Dandy Don!

10.  Brent Venables, Oklahoma – It was nice to see Oklahoma actually show up and play football on Saturday against Kansas and now it will be fascinating to see if the 4 – 3 Sooners can keep this going with these games left where OU has a Better or at worst Equal roster against all the remaining teams on their schedule >

At Iowa State
At West Virginia
Oklahoma State
At Texas Tech

The Sooners SHOULD Win at least 3 of their remaining 5 games but will they even win 2 of them?

Let’s Find Out and if the Sooners don’t get 6 Wins in 2022 = Total Freaking Disaster!

Post Week 2 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny! – Thanks Mr. Cash!

There’s a lot we could write here about Nebraska firing Scott Frost but in 4+ seasons Frost was…

16 – 31  .340

….and Mike Riley in 3 seasons at Nebraska had a record of…

19 – 19  .500

By all rights Frost shoulda been fired after last season but he had a $20M+ buyout and now his buyout $16M+ after getting run and clearly…

Scott Frost had to be fired!

…for lots of reasons but mainly because watching the Huskers play their first 3 games in 2022….

They look hardly coached at all!

What a Helluva Week and for all those Damn Morons who claimed that NIL + Transfer Portal was going to benefit the…

Biggest Most Powerful Football Programs

…and what your Damn Moron Asses got to say about..

Marshall over Notre Dame
Appy State over Texas A&M

…not to mention a few other upsets that raised our eyebrows and for those you don’t know…

Coaching > Roster Talent

….which maybe one day your asses will wake-up too because lots these College Football Head Coaches…

Don’t Have A Damn Clue what they are doing!

Come on out Mr. Cash and give these Hot Seat Coaches Hell!

Thanks Johnny!

Post Week 2 Coaches Hot Seat Ranking

1.  Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M – If you want to see a football team that has Totally Tuned out their Head Coach + Assistant Coaches put on tape of the Appy State at Texas A&M game from Saturday and you will see…

Lots of Aggies players playing at 50% or Less Effort who don’t give 1 Damn Rip what Jimbo Fisher says, does, or Damn anything else for that matter!

We been telling anyone that will listen that Jimbo Fisher has created a Helluva Problem in Aggieland by becoming King Jimbo and not being involved with Players on a daily basis and that reality has now reached Gameday and we could be looking at a Total Tailspin and Massive Crash & Burn with the Aggies if they lose another game and….

Here comes the Miami Hurricanes under new Head Coach Mario Cristobal to Aggieland which gonna pop the Aggies in the mouth and make em like it!

Lose to Miami in this spot with Arkansas in Dallas on deck and then this schedule…

At Mississippi State
At Alabama
At South Carolina
Ole Miss
At Auburn

…Jimbo and the Aggies be Damn Lucky to win 6 games in 2022 and Jimbo wins less than 8 Wins this season according to our Aggies alum buddies…

“We are going to run Jimbo’s ass right out of the State of Texas forget about just College Station!”

Most Amazing Thing about Aggies loss to Appy State on Saturday is that was…wait for it…

Jimbo Fisher’s 50 th Freaking Football Game Coaching Texas A&M and that is what he has built in 50 games…what he put on the field against the Mountaineers?

How can Jimbo Fisher even go into work and collect a paycheck after that Total Horseshit Crapola he and the Aggies Coaches put on the field Saturday?

Shameful comes to mind but it’s worse than that…this is Borderline Flat-Out Quitting As Coaches!

If the Aggies don’t show up against Miami on Saturday then Jimbo and the entire Aggies staff should be fired and bring in some Pee Wee Coaches to coach the Aggies who actually Give A Damn and will get A&M ready to play football games!

We may just have 2 College Football Programs passing each other at Kyle Field on Saturday….

Miami headed UP

Texas A&M headed back to the Dumpster on Fire going down river!

Dumpster Fire GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

2.  Jeff Scott, South Florida – With a Win over Howard on Saturday Ole Jeff Scott has now won….wait for it…4 games at USF in 3 seasons and Ole Scott may not win another game for awhile >

At Florida
At Louisville
East Carolina
At Cincinnati
At Houston
At Temple
At Tulsa

We be stunned if USF won more than 1 more game in 2022….Totally Stunned!

3.  David Shaw, Stanford – If not for Lincoln Riley calling off the Trojans Offense against Stanford in the 2 nd half USC would have easily scored 100+ points on David Shaw’s Cardinal which really is no longer a…

Football Team or Football Program

It’s just now….Damn Nothing!

Disgraceful come to mind

Pitiful comes to mind

But what really comes to mind is that the Super Duper Tea Party Candy Ass Football Program that David Shaw has allowed Stanford Football to become is a…

Total Disgrace to Stanford University and to the Game of Football in America!

This isn’t Football that is Stanford is playing….it’s Sub Tiddly-Winks with Candy Asses everywhere you look that couldn’t punch there way out of a wet paper sack on the best Damn day of their lives!

Now at 1 – 1 Shaw and Stanford have left…

At Washington
At Oregon
Oregon State
At Notre Dame
Arizona State
Washington State
At Utah
At California

Geez…what now…Stanford might win 4 games total in 2022? Maybe…if they are Damn Lucky!

It’s Just A Damn Freaking Disgrace!

4.  Karl Dorrell, Colorado – On Saturday Karl Dorrell coached his 20 the game as the Head Coach at Colorado against Air Force and…wait for it…

The Buffs got TOTALLY DESTROYED by the score of 41 – 10!

Why exactly Karl Dorrell was hired at Colorado we will never know because the hire made…

No Damn Sense if your ass actually watched Karl coach at UCLA


Your ass has a 2+ IQ!

Karl Dorrell is a terrific guy and human being and we wish his ass was winning at Colorado but this….

Is A Damn Disgrace to the University of Colorado and Football in America!

Now at 0 – 2 on the season the Buffs have left in 2022…

At Minnesota
At Arizona
At Oregon State
Arizona State
At Washington

Geez…the Buffs might not win a game in 2022!

We’ll go 2 – 10 record for Colorado in 2022 as a guess and our humble opinion!

5.  Scot Loeffler, Bowling Green – With the loss to FCS Eastern Kentucky on Saturday Bowling Green Head Coach Scot Loeffler’s records in 4 seasons at the school are now…

Overall:  7 – 24
MAC:  4 – 17

Nothing else needs to said or written on Loeffler!

6.  Marcus Freeman, Notre Dame – We have been watching Notre Dame Football since the early 1970s and since the Irish play USC and Stanford every season we have seen lots of Notre Dame games in person in South Bend, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, and at bowl games and here’s what we know about Notre Dame Football!

No one with a 2+ IQ and/or has watched 1 Down of Football in their lives on any Damn level would hire…

Someone to be the Head Coach at Notre Dame unless they have been a SUCCESSFUL College Head Coach before!

Hiring an Assistant Coach at Notre Dame who never even sniffed a Head Coaching Job forget about being SUCCESSFUL in that job is…

Total and Complete Stupidity and Level of Human Ignorance that goes beyond the 2003 Iraq War which only a…

Total Damn Moron would have launched and George W. Bush is one of the Stupidest Bastards we ever run into and we known W since the early 1980s!

Memo to Marcus Freeman since your ass knows NOTHING about being Head Coach Son >

Your ONLY JOB Son is to deliver your football team to Gameday….wait for it…


We are not talking about having a Great Gameplan and making sure your football team is ready on the physical side to play the game….Any Damn Moron Coach can do that if he has a 2+ IQ…we are talking about something far more important Son…

Making Damn Sure Your Football Team is READY To Play the Game!

The Irish on Saturday were…

NOT READY TO PLAY Marshall and that…

WAS YOUR ONLY DAMN JOB KID which your ass is being paid Millions of Dollars to do and if you can’t do that Son guess what…

Your Ass Is Going To Get Run…and after Season 1!

This is the Damn Leagues Son not Podunk U so Get Off Your Damn Ass and Coach the Notre Dame Football Team and don’t you dare lose to California on Saturday….or your ass might get run right after the game!  Kidding of course now…but highly recommend you don’t lose to Cal because if you do Son the folks with the $$$ around Notre Dame gonna start talking about putting a pot of $$$ together to buy you and Jack out!  

7.  Ken Niumatalolo, Navy – The Complete Destruction of Navy Football continues under Ken Niumatalolo with a loss to Memphis by 3+ touchdowns on Saturday and in the last 3 seasons Kenny Boy has put up records of…

3 – 7
4 – 8
0 – 2

…and we don’t see any end in sight of this Total Damn Madness and Complete Destruction of Navy Football…until Ken and his Candy Ass Football is…

Banished from the US Naval Academy….FOREVER!

End This Damn Idiocy already!

8.  Butch Jones, Arkansas State – With the Arkansas State loss to Ohio State by score of 45 – 12 on Saturday Butch Jones records at ASU now stand at…

Overall:  3 – 11

Sun Belt:  1 – 7

…and the Sun Belt just proved it’s No Damn Joke on Saturday so with these games left…

At Memphis
At Old Dominion
La. Monroe
James Madison
At Southern Miss
At Louisiana
South Alabama
Texas State

…..it ain’t gonna be easy to get the Red Wolves to 6 wins in 2022 and the Arkansas State folks are exactly patient with coaches that don’t get them to at least 6 wins every season!

9.  Geoff Collins, Georgia Tech – The Yellow Jackets beat Western Carolina on Saturday which is Geoff Collins…

10 th Win in 4 seasons at Georgia Tech

…and with these games left on the schedule…

Ole Miss
At Pitt
At Florida State
At Virginia Tech
At North Carolina
At Georgia

….it ain’t exactly like there are lots of Wins left on Tech’s schedule now!

We’ll guess 4 – 8 and see if Collins can beat our guess!

10.  Steve Sarkisian, Texas – Sometimes you gotta wonder about a Coach like Sarkisian calling pass plays from inside the 5 yard-line with a Freshman QB on the field that ends up getting the Freshman QB injured and out of a game where he’s playing some good football, but these are things that…

Great Coaches Think About and A Great Coach

…is not Damn throwing the ball from the 2-yard line and getting his Freshman QB hurt when playing Alabama when you had to know Bama would be coming after his ass!

We really also don’t have Damn Clue what Alabama OC Bill O’Brien was doing on Saturday who easily called one of the…

Worst Offensive Games in recent College Football History

…throwing the ball lots when Alabama could have used their running game to pound Texas and hang onto the football but…

Arrogant Asses have to prove their Ass can do something and Billy Boy called lots of pass plays to prove what exactly…that his ass could?

In a game Alabama should have won by 2+ Touchdowns on Billy Boy with Little Nicky listening in on the headset called Dumb Play after Dumb Play and if Texas could tackle as well as Aunt Mildred they easily beat Alabama or if Sark would just…

Run the Damn Ball at the Endzone he doesn’t get his Freshman QB hurt and Texas wins the game!

Stupid…Just Plain Stupidity on both side of this Bama – Horns game!

Now at 1 – 1 when Texas should be 2 – 0 and rolling with a win over Alabama the Horns have left in 2022…

At Texas Tech
West Virginia
Iowa State
At Oklahoma State
At Kansas State
At Kansas

Texas could easily lose to UTSA at home and the rest of those games are No Damn Joke either including at Kansas so don’t think that just because Sark and Texas gave Alabama a good game…remember now..

Billy Boy O’Brien Dumber than Anyone on Earth…well not as Dumb as George W Bush now

….that they will roll rest of the 2022 because their asses could easily lose 5+ games this season and that happens…

Watch Out Now because Sark’s ass is getting run!