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The 2022 College Football Season Will Be Coaches Hot Seat 16th Season Covering the Great Game of College Football – Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny Cash!

It’s hard to believe it but the 2022 College Football Season is upon us and Coaches Hot Seat is back for a 16 th year of covering the CFB Hot Seat Coaches and everything else that comes to our minds! 2021 was a tough year here at Coaches Hot Seat losing a couple of folks and one of the Heart + Souls of Coaches Hot Seat going back to early days back in the Fall of 2006 when a few of us came up with the idea of Coaches Hot Seat at The Balboa Café in the Marina District of San Francisco but we are re-energized for the 2022 CFB Season and with that let’s bring out the Great Johnny Cash!

Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny!

Thanks Johnny!

1.  Scott Frost, Nebraska – Hell…we thought by Year 2 that Scott Frost would have Nebraska Football rolling again but the Nebraska Wonder Boy has fallen flat on this face in Lincoln and in 4 seasons on the job is sitting on records of…

Overall:  15 – 29

Big Ten:  10 – 25

….and if that isn’t Total Failure we don’t know what Total Failure and so far Scott Frost at Nebraska has been a…

Total Failure!

The Cornhuskers get things rolling early in 2022 with a game in Dublin, Ireland against Northwestern and talk about…

A Helluva Must Win Game

…this is a Helluva On Steroids Must Win Game for Scott Frost because lose in this spot with these games left…

North Dakota
Georgia Southern
At Rutgers
At Purdue
At Michigan
At Iowa

…there ain’t a Chance In Hell or Highwater or Lincoln that Frost finishes with a Winning Season and Frost at a bare minimum to stay employed in the Great State of Nebraska has to have…

6 Wins in 2022….Hell he probably needs 7+!

Give Em Hell Scott!

2.  Jeff Scott, South Florida – Talk about a Total Failure look at what Jeff Scott has done at South Florida in 2 seasons on the job >

Overall:  3 – 18

AAC:  1 – 14

Bozo the Clown’s pet dog could have posted a better record than what Scott put up the last 2 years at USF and either the boy will get things righted in 2022 or it will over in Tampa!

South Florida 2022 Schedule >

At Florida
At Louisville
East Carolina
At Cincinnati
At Houston
At Tulsa

So a kid that has won 3 games in 2 seasons at USF is gonna win 6 games with that schedule in 2022?

Got Not A Chance In Hell?


3.  Geoff Collins, Georgia Tech – We are not sure what the folks at Georgia Tech expected when they hired Geoff Collins 3 seasons ago but it ain’t this…

2019:  3 – 9
2020:  3 – 7
2021:  3 – 9

Overall:  9 – 25

ACC:  7 – 18

This is very simple for Geoff Collins…either get to 6+ wins in 2022 with this schedule…

Western Carolina
Ole Miss
At Pitt
At Florida State
At Virginia Tech
At North Carolina
At Georgia

…or it’s Dandy Don Turn Out the Lights the Party’s Over Time!

Got Georgia Tech will have a new head football coach by Christmas?


Merry Christmas!

4.  David Shaw, Stanford – The Stanford Folks at Coaches Hot Seat count themselves lucky to have seen the decade long roll that Stanford Football got on between 2009 and 2018 under Jim Harbaugh and David Shaw but now you ask any of them what the Hell is going on on The Farm they will sigh and say…

“It’s a Damn Disaster!”

One Stanford alum at Coaches Hot Seat has gotten to see both Stanford and USC practice in the month of August and his evaluation is…

“USC looks like they are ready to light up the Pac-12 and unleash Hellfire on the Pac-12 and College Football under Lincoln Riley”


“Stanford looks like the Biggest Group of Candy Ass Cotton Candy No Damn Hit Anyone Tea Party Holding Lightweights this side of Pee Wee Herman! Check that…Pee Wee Herman is Tough as Nails compared to these Candy Asses and the last few year’s Stanford team that would be lucky to punch out a hole in a wet In-n-Out bag holding the hamburger and fries that I ate in disgust after seeing Stanford Football practice!”

It Be True…Stanford Football has gone from Winning the Pac-12 and Rose Bowl and 2015 to only 7 years later…

The Biggest Bunch of No Tackling and No Hitting and No Football Playing Candy Asses in America and we have no doubt we could take..

Dozen 50+ year olds down to The Farm and whip the Hell out of David Shaw’s Not A Damn Football Team in a game and in a physical fight after the game and make David and all his Cardinal Candy Asses like it!

The last 3 seasons David Shaw has put up records of…

Overall:  11 – 19

Pac-12:  9 – 15

…and the Cardinal has to face in 2022…

At Washington
At Oregon
Oregon State
At Notre Dame
Arizona State
Washington State
At Utah
At California

Got there is No Damn Chance of Stanford finishing with 6 wins in 2022?

Yep…and if Lincoln Riley and USC comes to The Farm and whips the Cardinal in Week 2 the Damn Team may just flat-out quit on Shaw and Shaw will find his ass fired from his alma mater before the 2022 season is over and if that happens the entire Damn Stanford Athletic Department Leadership will be fired as well because they have let Shaw turn Stanford Football into the…

Biggest Joke West of the Mississippi River in the American Republic that will only get a lot worse in 2022!

5.  Steve Sarkisian, Texas – The Texas Boosters have cranked-up their NIL Machine to help Sark to start landing some talent in Austin but will Sark make it to coach the 2023 season at Texas whether the latest Manning Boy is coming to Texas or not?

Maybe…Maybe Not!

Sark was 5 – 7 in his only season on the job at Texas and No Texas Head Coach has survived 2 straight losing seasons in the modern era of college football and we really doubt that Sark could survive it either so on to the Texas 2022 schedule >

La. Monroe
At Texas Tech
West Virginia
Iowa State
At Oklahoma State
At Kansas State
At Kansas

Geez…7 wins….maybe for Texas in 2022!

We could easily see Texas winning only 5 games again in 2022 and how in the Hell could Sark be retained at Texas if he posts losing seasons in his only two seasons on the job?

Not a Chance in Hell Sark could or would coach Texas in 2023 if that happens!

6.  Dino Babers, Syracuse – Dino Babers has 1 Winning Season in his 6 seasons coaching Syracuse and we really doubt that Dino be able to have another losing season coaching the Orange and keep his job so on to the Syracuse 2022 schedule…

At UConn
NC State
At Clemson
Notre Dame
At Pitt
Florida State
At Wake Forest
At Boston College

Damn…that’s a HARD football schedule and if Syracuse is not 4 – 1 when NC State shows up to the Carrier Dome on October 15 there’s not a Chance In Hell the Orange get to 6 wins in 2022!

Get Yourself Together Dino!

7.  Butch Jones, Arkansas State – We don’t have any idea why the Arkansas State folks hired Butch Jones a year ago but they did and Butch in Year 1 put up a record of…

2 – 10

Another losing season and Butch is done at Arkansas State so let’s go to the Red Wolves 2022 schedule >

At Ohio State
At Memphis
At Old Dominion
La. Monroe
James Madison
At Southern Miss
At Louisiana
South Alabama
Texas State

Come on Butch…Bozo the Clown win 6 games with this schedule coaching Arkansas State even if he started 1 – 3!

8.  Jedd Fisch, Arizona – We are still not sure why Jedd Fisch was hired at Arizona but somehow he was and in Year 1 on the job Jedd put up a record of…wait for it…

1 – 11

Let’s look at the Wildcats 2022 schedule to see how long this Fisch Experiment is going to last in Tucson >

At San Diego State
Mississippi State
North Dakota State
At California
At Washington
At Utah
Washington State
Arizona State

2 Seasons…that’s how long the Jedd Fisch Experiment will last in Tucson!

9.  Tim Albin, Ohio – Taking over a solid Ohio Football program from Frank Solich Ole Tim Albin promptly in Year 1 coaching the Bobcats put up a record of…wait for it…

3 – 9

Just ain’t no way Albin survives if he has another season like that in 2022 and looking at the Ohio schedule…

Florida Atlantic
At Penn State
At Iowa State
At Kent State
At Western Michigan
Northern Illinois
At Miami (OH)
At Ball State
Bowling Green

…just no way Albin is coaching Ohio in 2023!

10. Karl Dorrell, Colorado – In 2 seasons at Colorado Karl Dorrell has posted records of…

Overall:  8 – 10

Pac-12:  6 – 7

…and in what has become a Very Weak Pac-12 Conference and that’s…

Not So Good Karl!

Let’s go to the Buffs 2022 schedule >

At Air Force
At Minnesota
At Arizona
At Oregon State
Arizona State
At Washington

No idea how Colorado gets 6 wins in 2022…just no idea!

Well we are off and running for the 2022 College Football Season and…

Let’s Play Football!