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03/03/2017 4:04 am  

The real question is NOT why is Brad Lambert on the Hot Seat...the real question IS why did Charlotte spend tens of millions of dollars on a sorry excuse for an FBS football program?  Silly alumni bought into that foolish concept that "if you build it, they will come".  

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02/09/2017 6:16 am  

Are they having attendance problems at Charlotte? I am a Marshall fan and many in Huntington were pissed off over last season's 3-9 finish. And upset that Doc Holliday and his staff were retained. I can see the Herd attendance dropping to 15,000 average. I think we will visit you this season. I am going to the Herd-NC State game. Brad Lambert he used to coach at Marshall when Jim Donnan was here. Best wishes.

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