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Jim Mora Hired by UCLA – Why the Hell Did UCLA Hire Jim Mora? – There Is Only One Legitimate Answer To That Question – A Notre Dame Alum Friend Calls….If Only Bernie Machen Had Not Taken the Univ. of Florida President’s Job….There Would Have Been NO Charlie Weis Era at Notre Dame Because Urban Meyer Would Have Taken Over the Irish – A Texas Alum Friend Calls…..At Texas 7 Wins Have Become Acceptable Even With A Head Coach Making More Than $5 Million Dollars A Year! – Maybe Charlie Weis Arrived in the Big 12 at Exactly The Right Time With Brown and Stoops No Longer Coaching Their Football Teams!

Jim Mora Hired by UCLA – Why the Hell Did UCLA Hire Jim Mora? – There Is Only One Legitimate Answer To That Question

A few of us here at Coaches Hot Seat have crossed paths with Jim Mora on a couple of occasions, when Jim was playing football at Washington in the early 1980s and when Mora was on the San Francisco 49ers staff under Steve Mariucci in the late 1990s and there is no doubt that Jim Mora has the potential to be a very good football coach….BUT….”potential” is the key word and UCLA at this moment in its history needed a lot more than just…


….which leads us to the inescapable conclusion that the folks running UCLA athletics don’t have a clue what the Hell they are doing at least when it comes to hiring football coaches.

There at least 100 head and assistant coaches in the game of college football that are more importantly coaching in college football RIGHT NOW that we would have hired before we ever got to Jim Mora and that assumes that Jim Mora would have ever been on any list we would have ever drawn up for the head coaching job at UCLA and the FACT is Mora’s name would have never been on that list.

Does Jim Mora know about the game of football?  Yes.

But, lots of Damn people know about the game of football.

Is Jim Mora a good football coach or an even better question…Is Jim Mora a good head football coach?

We don’t have a clue to the answer to that question and if that question cannot be answered in the Affirmative then how in the Hell can anyone possibly hire that coach for a head coaching position especially at a school like UCLA that needed the Best Damn Coach they could hire at this very critical moment in UCLA football history?

Is this the order of things at UCLA now?

Chris Petersen, Al Golden, Kevin Sumlin…..Jim Mora who is not coaching football and is working as an analyst for the NFL Network?

What the Freaking Hell is going on in Westwood?

We don’t have a Freaking Clue is the answer to that question!

Jim Mora’s Win/Loss Record in the NFL as a Head Coach

Atlanta Falcons (3 seasons): 26 – 22
Seattle Seahawks (1 season): 5 – 11

Total Win/Loss Record: 31 – 33

Jim Mora was fired from both the Atlanta and Seattle jobs and it seemed that he wasn’t really all that fired up about coaching the Falcons when during a radio interview with a Seattle radio station during his time in Atlanta he was practically begging the University of Washington to hire him as their head coach.

All of the above leads us to only one question:

Why the Hell did UCLA hire Jim Mora to be their head football coach?

We could say that we Don’t Have a Freaking Clue to the answer to the above question but the answer seems obvious….

No Legitimate Coach would take the job.

No, that’s not quite right:

There are at least 100 Legitimate College Head and Assistant Coaches that could win big at UCLA that would have taken the UCLA job but the folks at UCLA didn’t bother talking to any of those 100 Legitimate Head and Assistant Coaches once they got past their reported initial “dream list” of Petersen, Golden and Sumlin.

Here’s the thing about the UCLA head coaching job:

UCLA AD Dan Guerrero could drive down to Manhattan Beach and hire the very first surfer he bumped into coming out of the Pacific Ocean and hire him to coach the UCLA Bruins and over 5 years that surfer would average….

6 wins a year.

Will Jim Mora beat the random surfer’s 6 wins per year?

We don’t have a clue.


That is the problem with UCLA hiring Jim Mora.

Of course, the good news is that the hiring of Jim Mora by UCLA was better than UCLA hiring….

Howdy Doody

The same cannot be said for the folks in Lawrence, Kansas

So at least the folks at UCLA have that going for them!


A Notre Dame Alum Friend of Ours Calls….

A Notre Dame Alum Friend of ours called us on Sunday about our blog post on Urban Meyer being hired by Florida in 2004 and he only wished that Bernie Machen had not taken the president’s post at the University of Florida because there is no doubt in our Notre Dame Alum Friend’s mind or in our minds that Urban Meyer would have taken the job with the Irish in 2005 and that would have also meant that…

The Charlie Weis era at Notre Dame would have never happened.

….which would have saved our Notre Dame Alum Friend and Countless Millions of other Notre Dame fans lots of hardship that was brought on by….

“Decided Schematic Advantage” Man!

Our Notre Dame Alum Friend then made a very good point about Kansas hiring Charlie Weis:

“We agreed to pay Charlie Weis over $15 Million Dollars to Get the Hell Out of Town and Go the Hell Away from the Notre Dame football program and now only 2 years later Kansas has agreed to pay Weis $12 Million Plus Dollars to run their football team. Do the people in Kansas not understand that $15 Million Dollars is a Helluva lot of money to pay someone to Go the Hell Away and not coach a football team? Have those people in Lawrence lost their Damn minds?”

To which we could only say…..

“Stupid Is…..As Stupid Does!”

Lastly, our Notre Dame Alum Friend laments that Urban Meyer was not coaching the Irish since 2005 which no doubt would have produced much better results than the 51 – 36 record that Weis and Kelly have put up over the last 7 seasons which is an average of….

7.29 wins a year!

Which is….

.29 wins more a year than what the Common Ground Squirrel could have achieved at Notre Dame!

Yes, Urban Meyer would have done a lot Damn better than the Common Ground Squirrel in South Bend!


A Texas Alum Friend of Ours Calls…..

On the other side of the Charlie Weis coin a Texas Alum Friend of ours called us and said….

“Hey, Charlie Weis may be coming into the Big 12 at just the right time. With Mack Brown and Bob Stoops no longer coaching their teams and just sitting back and laughing about how someone would pay each of them over $4 plus Million Dollars a year to field average football teams ‘Ole Charley might be able to rack up a few wins over the Sooners and ‘Horns.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “We have been thinking about putting Bob Stoops on the Hot Seat along with Mack. What do you think?”

Texas Alum Friend: “Do you think Mack Brown or Bob Stoops give two rips if their teams win another game? Hell, both are multimillionaires and if UT and OU lost all their games next year Bob and Mack would still be laughing all the way to the bank.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “Now losing all their games next year might get Brown and Stoops on the Hot Seat among their fans.”

Texas Alum Friend: “You think. What did you guys say about Your Dogs being able to coach the Gators to 7 wins?”

Coaches Hot Seat: “Yes, Our Dogs coaching Florida equals at least 7 wins.”

Texas Alum Friend: “Hell, my Lab could coach Texas or Oklahoma to at least EIGHT WINS next season!”

Coaches Hot Seat: “Can’t disagree with you there!”

Texas Alum Friend: “Hell, I don’t blame Mack for coming back for another year to bank the easiest 5 Million Dollars that will ever be made on Planet Earth, but Damn I would much rather have a young, hungry coach that didn’t have millions in the bank right now leading Texas because we are looking at another 7 – 5 season in ’12.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “Did you catch Mack after the A&M game? He seemed thrilled that Texas had gotten to 7 wins and then they went out and got whipped by Baylor.”

Texas Alum Friend: “I’m just thankful that the Aggies choked that game away or we would have lost our last 4 games and Mack would be telling us that 6 wins is a mighty Damn improvement over last season. Hell, Mack, we were in the national title game just two Damn years ago and now 7 wins is an improvement?”

Coaches Hot Seat: “What is that $750K per win for Mack this season?”

Texas Alum Friend: “Well, I paid for about 1/4 of one win then this season! Make sure you keep Mack on the Hot Seat….not that Mack gives two rips about anything but seeing that big direct deposit hit his bank account every two weeks!”

Coaches Hot Seat: “Come on…Mack must have some pride left.

Texas Alum Friend: “I guess you didn’t see the Baylor game.”

Coaches Hot Seat: “We saw it…..good point.”

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