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SEC Conference’s New Media Policy = George Orwell’s 1984 or Animal Farm? No, Much Worse, The SEC Is Trying to Control the Media & Fans, Joseph Goebbels (German Propaganda Minister Under Hitler) Style! – Shame on SEC Commish Mike Slive! Yes, Especially A Damn Shame Mike Slive! – Memo to Mike Slive and the SEC: Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech in the United States Are Still US Law! – 2009 WAC Coach and Team Predictions

Before we get the meat of this blog post, our Coach and Team Predictions for the WAC Conference, we must comment on the recent media policies put out by the SEC Conference.  The story on the SEC’s new media policy was first written up by Jason Morton of the Tuscaloosa News, and then John Clay of the Lexington Herald Leader, Cecil Hurt of the Tuscaloosa News, Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (below are links to those stories) commented on the issue:


SEC plans to enact new media policy, Jason Morton, Tuscaloosa News


Two big stories you need to know about, Cecil Hurt, Tuscaloosa News


Controlling SEC is digitally distancing itself, John Clay, Lexington Herald-Leader


The SEC wants you to stop reading this blog, John Clay, Lexington Herald-Leader


SEC gets grabby, Mark Bradley, Atlanta Journal-Constitution


 And here is a .pdf link to the SEC’s new media policy – SEC Conference Media Credentials


Also, here is an audio link to Tuscaloosa News columnist Cecil Hurt discussing the new SEC media policy (among other issues) on Paul Finebaum’s radio show on Monday of this week:  Cecil Hurt on Finebaum discussing new SEC media policy


Now one can read for him or herself the above stories and come to their own conclusions, but from where we sit these new media policies by the SEC are outrageous and even worse, terribly un-American.  All of the schools in the SEC, save Vanderbilt, are supported by the taxpayers of the individual states and by US taxpayers as well in the form of federal grants and federal student aid, and we believe it is outrageous that the SEC would try to restrict members of the media, many that have covered and supported the SEC for years, in the above described manner.  To that point, the only question we have for the SEC commissioner is……




Frankly, we here at Coaches Hot Seat don’t really have a dog in this hunt because we have never in the past and never will in the future ask for a media credential.  We pay for our tickets for every game that we attend and we buy through DirecTV the rights to watch college football games, and then we give our opinion on what we see, and thus we don’t rely on the SEC or any conference for squat.  That is not the case though for local TV stations, newspapers, regional channels, radio stations, bloggers, etc., and that the SEC is trying to restrict media coverage in such a draconian way actually says a lot about Mike Slive and the people at the SEC and what they really think about the media and the fans that pay the salaries, bonuses and perks for these SORRY ASSES in the SEC offices in Birmingham, Alabama.


In fact, with the above new SEC media policy, it is now very clear that Mike Slive and the folks are the SEC are Pompous Asses that don’t seem to have a clear understanding of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.  In fact, it is much worse than that, not only do these Pompous Asses at the SEC offices believe they can trounce on the First Amendment Rights of the media and even of common fans, Mike Slive and Company are moving into very dangerous, but not unprecedented territory in the history of the world


The new SEC conference media policy strikes us as something straight out of a George Orwell novel, like 1984 or Animal Farm, where individual rights and freedom of expression have been stamped out by powerful forces and the government.  In fact as we read through some of the outrageous restrictions being put on the media by the SEC, we even get a whiff of what the Germans did before World War II.  How proud Mike Slive must be, the new media policy of the SEC reminds us of something that Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda would dream up, and that comparison is one that we are very confident, and we mean are very, very confident that Mike Slive is not going to be comfortable with.  Wikipedia does a nice job of summing up what Joseph Goebbels was all about:  He exerted totalitarian control over the media, arts, and information in Germany.”


Now the SEC wants to do the same thing that Goebbels did to the German media to the media that cover SEC sports teams, and yes, even to the very fans that pay the salaries of these POMPOUS ASSES.  To that we can only say, EVERYONE THERE AT THE SEC CAN GO TO HELL!


Mike Slive and Joseph Goebbels, two men with the same goal:  Control of the media for their own or their organizations gain.


Yes, how damn proud Mike Slive should be of the SEC media policy!  No, Mike Slive should be embarrassed, ashamed and outraged that something so stupid was ever put out by the SEC, because this new conference media policy is nothing less than a direct attack on the media, the ticket buy and TV watching college football fan, and the general public.  But…Mike Slive is not embarrassed, because he is a POMPOUS ASS that believes he has become so powerful that he can just steamroll the media and fans and have them kiss his ass….  Well, we shall see about that…..


Yes Mike Slive, it is our opinion, that you and Joseph Goebbels are two peas in a pod and how you can sleep with yourself at night is beyond us. 


Yes, that is our opinion, and the last time we checked giving our opinion is still protected by the US Constitution.


As for the local and regional media, the fans, and everyone else down there in the South, we say fight these bastards at the SEC, because this new media policy runs counter to everything the United States of America stands for.  As Edmund Burke wrote over 200 years ago:


“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”


This new SEC media policy is “evil” because it undermines the principles that the United States of America was founded upon and good men will fight these bastards.


As for Mike Slive all we can say is:




Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech are precious and vital components to what makes the United States of America so great, and we will be damned if we are going to sit by and let the SEC conference take away the right of the media and of Americans to cover something like SEC football.  If you don’t think that Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech is very damn important, then just watch the bastards below that took it away from people and then inflicted tremendous carnage on the world.


These are especially for you Mike Slive.  Yes, especially for you Slive, because better than anyone, YOU should know better than to promulgate such outright BULLSHIT!:



Goebbels – film and propaganda





Joseph Goebbels Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda









2009 WAC Coach and Team Predictions


WAC Conference – The WAC Conference has been playing some pretty good football in recent years with the performances of Hawaii, Boise State and Fresno State, but really the only team in the conference that can take on the Big Boys and beat them is Boise State.  Boise State just seems to have a lot more talent and to be measurably better coached than the other WAC teams and with Chris Peterson winning 35 games in his first three years at Boise, the Broncos are right now in the midst of a historic run.  Going forward the WAC needs Hawaii and Fresno State to again beat some of the teams they play out of conference, especially against BCS conference teams, because Boise State is hurt by the overall weakness of the WAC and in the insanity that is the BCS and the foolishness that is using opinion and outright bullshit instead of what actually happens on the field of play to determine the National Champion, the Broncos will probably be cast aside again in ’09 even if they put up another undefeated season.  How proud WAC commissioner Karl Benson must be, because Boise State might put up its THIRD undefeated regular season in 4 years and everyone knows that the Broncos will not get a sniff at the bogus BCS title game.  Yes, how damn proud must Karl Benson be?  Disgraceful is all way can say about Karl Benson and we would love to  know just where in the United States of America that he was raised where he was taught that a championship in sports can be earned anywhere but on the field of play……but alas, Benson continues to defend the bogus BCS.  Where do the college presidents find these people?  Between the new SEC media policy and Karl Benson defending the BCS, the college presidents must be scouting Cuba and North Korea to find these commissioners, because there IS JUST NO DAMN WAY IN HELL THESE FOLKS WERE RAISED IN AMERICA!   


2009 WAC Predicted Conference Finish


Boise State – 13-0

Nevada – 8-4

Fresno State – 7-5

La. Tech – 7-5

San Jose State – 4-8

Hawaii – 3-10

New Mexico State – 3-10

Idaho – 2-10

Utah State – 2-10



Boise State

Head Coach:  Chris Peterson – In putting up a record of 35-4 (.897) in three seasons at Boise State, Chris Peterson has established himself as one of the best coaches in the game of college football.  The upset of Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl was the coming out party for Boise State football, but for anyone that has been paying attention the Broncos have been playing very good football for years now.  A pro-style offense that features an attacking passing game and power running is only part of the story, because the Boise State defense is about as tough as they come.  Watching Boise State practice is like watching USC, Oklahoma, or Alabama, because the Broncos are almost as big and certainly as aggressive as any team in college football, and it is our opinion that they are also one of best coached teams in the game as well.  With 2 undefeated regular seasons in the last 3 years, Boise State is poised to run the table again in 2009 and if they can get by Fresno State, Tulsa, and La. Tech on the road, the Broncos will be sitting at 13-0 come December.   


2009 Coaches Hot Seat Schedule & Predictions



            Miami (OH) – W

            @ Fresno State – W

            @ Bowling Green – W

            UC Davis – W

            @ Tulsa – W

            @ Hawaii – W

            San Jose State – W

            @ La. Tech – W

            Idaho – W

            @ Utah State – W

            Nevada– W

            New Mexico StateW


2009 Predicted Record:  13-0

Chris Peterson back for 2010?YES



Louisiana Tech

Head Coach:  Derek Dooley – La. Tech head football coach and athletic director Derek Dooley has done a very credible job with the Bulldogs program and from the first snap under Dooley, La. Tech has looked like well coached team and they have proved that they can beat any team on their schedule, even SEC teams, ala Mississippi State.  One of the most interesting intersectional games of the year is the opener for La. Tech when they travel to play at Auburn, because they might just beat another SEC team in 2009.  Dooley is doing such a good job at La. Tech that he interviewed for the Auburn head coaching job last year and we have no doubt that he will get a few more interviews at BCS schools in the future.  Our only suggestion to Derek Dooley is to maybe not jump at the first BCS job that comes along.  Yes, Auburn is a job he should have taken if offered, but Dooley should think long and hard about any BCS job if offered, because all BSC schools are not the same.  Since Derek Dooley played football and holds a degree from Virginia and the Cavaliers might have a job opening come December, Dooley might very well get another chance to not only coach at a BCS school, but also at his alma mater.  The only question concerning UVA:  Is Virginia a school that a head coach can consistently win at with their high academic standards?  Derek Dooley is probably one of the few people around that can honestly answer that question, because we aren’t sure or not.


2009 Coaches Hot Seat Schedule & Predictions


            @ Auburn – L

            @ Navy – W

            Nicholls State – W

            Hawaii – W

            @ Nevada – L

            New Mexico State – W

            @ Utah State – W

            @ Idaho – W

            Boise State – L

            @ LSU – L

            @ Fresno State – L

            San Jose State– W


2009 Predicted Record:  7-5

Derek Dooley back for 2010?YES




Head Coach:  Chris Ault – Chris Ault has already had an incredible career in his 24 seasons at Nevada, by putting up a record of 198 – 91 – 1 (.684), but Coach Ault is not done, yet.  Since Coach Ault returned in 2004 after taking 8 years off from coaching, he seems almost to be more energized and he continues to innovate by putting things into place like his “Pistol” offense.  Nevada has been very competitive in almost every game they have played in the last couple of seasons and if Ault wants to jump the Wolfpack to the top of the WAC they are going to have to start winning some of those close games.  The opening game of the 2009 season for Nevada is at Notre Dame and the oddsmakers have made the Wolfpack about a 14 point underdog in South Bend.  Can Nevada beat Notre Dame and shock the college football world on the opening weekend of the ’09 season?  Probably not, but they score more than 30 points, watch out! 


2009 Coaches Hot Seat Schedule & Predictions


            @ Notre Dame – L

            @ Colorado State – L

            Missouri – W

            UNLV– W

            La. Tech – W

            @ Utah State – W

            Idaho – W

            Hawaii – W

            @ San Jose State – L

            Fresno State – W

            @ New Mexico State – W

            @ Boise State– L


2009 Predicted Record:  8-4

Chris Ault back for 2010?YES




Head Coach:  Greg McMackin – Already teetering on the edge of the Hot Seat, Greg McMackin didn’t do himself any favors by insulting gay folks and the Notre Dame football team, and we believe that McMackin’s comments at WAC media day may have an impact on his job status come December.  In his first season replacing June Jones at Hawaii, McMackin ended up at 7-7 including losses to San Jose State and Utah State, and we don’t think the people at Hawaii are going to tolerate for long the Hawaii program going in the wrong direction.  In fact, we believe McMackin will need a .500 record or probably better to keep his job, and with the schedule the Warriors have to play in ’09, we find it very hard to believe that UH will be able to meet that goal.  We shall see…..


2009 Coaches Hot Seat Schedule & Predictions


            Central ArkansasW

            @ Washington State – L

            @ UNLV – L

            @ La. Tech– L

            Fresno State – L

            @ Idaho – L

            Boise State – L

            @ Nevada – L

            Utah State – W

            New Mexico State – W

            @ San Jose State – L

            Navy – L

            Wisconsin – L


2009 Predicted Record:  3-10

Greg McMackin back for 2010?NO



Fresno State

Head Coach:  Pat Hill – Pat Hill has done a very good job in his 12 seasons at Fresno State in putting up a 92-61 (.601) record, but something just doesn’t seem right between Hill and Fresno State AD Thomas Boeh.  Pat Hill has 2 years remaining on his contract at about $560 K per season, but Hill could be in danger if he doesn’t get Fresno State back in the upper echelon of the WAC soon.  A big game for Hill could very well be the Boise State game at home in the third week of the season, because with trips to Wisconsin, Cincinnati and Hawaii, every win will be important in ’09.  We have Fresno State projected with a 7-5 record in ’09, and it will be very close if Hill will return if indeed that is the kind of record the Bulldogs put up this season. 


2009 Coaches Hot Seat Schedule & Predictions


            UC Davis – W

            @ Wisconsin – L

            Boise State – L

            @ Cincinnati– L

            @ Hawaii – W

            San Jose State – W

            @ New Mexico State – W

            Utah State – W

            @ Idaho – W

            @ Nevada – L

            La. Tech – W

            @ Illinois – L


2009 Predicted Record:  7-5

Pat Hill back for 2010?YES



San Jose State

Head Coach:  Dick Tomey – Dick Tomey has done a pretty good job at San Jose State, which is a very tough place to win a lot of games at, but the Spartans have not been able to get over the hump with a really big win in recent seasons.  SJSU has a very difficult schedule in ’09, opening at USC, then Utah at home, and then at Stanford, followed by trips to Fresno State, Boise State and La. Tech in the WAC.  Even a .500 record will be very difficult to achieve for San Jose State in ’09 and then it will come down to the folks at SJSU deciding if the program is moving the right direction or not.  We shall see….


2009 Coaches Hot Seat Schedule & Predictions


            @ USC – L

            Utah – L

            @ Stanford – L

            Cal Poly – W

            Idaho – W

            @ Fresno State – L

            @ Boise State – L

            Nevada – L

            @ Utah State – L

            Hawaii – W

            New Mexico State – W

            @ La. Tech – L


2009 Predicted Record:  4-8

Dick Tomey back for 2010?YES



Utah State

Head Coach:  Gary Anderson – Anderson had a very nice run as the defensive coordinator at Utah, but now he takes on the very difficult job of trying to turn Utah State into a winner.  Anderson’s predecessor at Utah State, Brent Guy, won only 9 games in 4 seasons and it is not going to be easy for Anderson to move the Aggies towards respectability, but we certainly wish him all the luck in the world!  Anything more than 3 wins would be a great achievement for Anderson at Utah State this season.


2009 Coaches Hot Seat Schedule & Predictions


            @ Utah – L

            @ Texas A&M – L

            Southern Utah – W

            @ BYU – L

            @ New Mexico State – L

            Nevada – L

            La. Tech – L

            @ Fresno State – L

            @ Hawaii – L

            San Jose State – W

            Boise State – L

            @ Idaho – L


2009 Predicted Record:  2-10

Gary Anderson back for 2010?YES



New Mexico State

Head Coach:  DeWayne Walker – DeWayne Walker coached up some very good defenses at UCLA in recent years, including shutting down the mighty USC offense a couple of seasons back, but now he has a whole another challenge in front of him in trying to make New Mexico State a winner.  A tough place to recruit to, a tough place to win games, a tough place to gain traction, New Mexico State is a tough place all around to win at, and Walker will have pulled of a minor miracle if he gets NMSU into a bowl game within the next 4 years.


2009 Coaches Hot Seat Schedule & Predictions



            Prairie View A&M – W

            UTEP – L

            @ New Mexico – L

            @ San Diego State – L

            Utah State – W

            @ La. Tech – L

            Fresno State – L

            @ Ohio State – L

            @ Hawaii – L

            Nevada – L

            @ San Jose State – L

            @ Boise State – L 


2009 Predicted Record:  3-10

DeWayne Walker back for 2010?YES




Head Coach:  Robb Akey – Robb Akey has won 3 games in two seasons at Idaho and we don’t see the Vandals getting a whole lot better anytime soon.  The WAC is just a very difficult place to win at for a school like Idaho that is not near a large metropolitan area, and if you throw in games against Washington, Northern Illinois, San Diego State and Colorado State, then the wins are indeed very hard to find.  It looks like it could be another very long year for Akey at Idaho, and eventually these tough years must end, or Idaho will be looking for a new head coach again.


2009 Coaches Hot Seat Schedule & Predictions


            @ New Mexico State – L

            @ Washington – L

            San Diego State – L

            @ Northern Illinois – L

            Colorado State – L

            @ San Jose State – L

            Hawaii – W

            @ Nevada – L

            La. Tech – L

            Fresno State – L

            @ Boise State – L

            Utah State – W


2009 Predicted Record:  2-10

Robb Akey back for 2010?YES



From the above results one can see that we expect one head football coach in the WAC to lose his job at end of this season:


Greg McMackin, Hawaii

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