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On Tim Tebow: Life Is Short and People Need to Quit Worrying About “What If” – It Is the BCS Boys and Their Enablers In the Media That Are To Blame For “Style Points” – Boise State Has a Very Good Team and If They Finish at 13-0 They Should Be in the Bogus BCS Title Game, Maybe Against An Undefeated Cincinnati, TCU or Houston Team – Deal With That OR Demand A Legitimate System To Determine the National Champion in College Football – Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Power Playoff Poll and First Round Games in 16-Team Postseason Tournament

We here at Coaches Hot Seat got a taste of what many college football teams have had to deal with in recent weeks as a bad cold or flu has ravaged CHS in recent days.  Being around all these folks at college football games and having lots of school age children means double the exposure for us, but such are the risks of living life.


Before we get to the Post-Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Power Playoff Poll, speaking of the risks that come with living life, some of the stuff we have read about Tim Tebow being in the game against Kentucky when the outcome of the game was not really in question almost defy belief.  If someone is of the opinion that Tebow shouldn’t have been in the game then they are also implicitly arguing that it would be OK if the backup Gator QB Brantley had been in the game instead and taken the same hit and gotten injured.  All of life is a risk and one takes a chance just getting out of bed in the morning, but that is the very nature of life and a head football coach or an individual cannot make decisions on what “might” happen no more than a human can decide not to take on the challenges of life if he doesn’t want to be judged “not to have lived.”  If you are constantly worried about “what if”, “might”, “should of or could of” then you are not living life to the fullest and since no one knows what is just around the corner it is a waste of breath to worry about anything but future as you make plans and this very moment as you live.  If the doctors say Tim Tebow is healthy then he should play against LSU and every other game this season, but if they are not 100 percent in him returning to that game then he should stay on the sideline and let the backup QB play.  It really is that simple.    


As for Urban Meyer having Tim Tebow in the game when the Gators had the game well in hand against Kentucky, the very misguided people that support the Bogus BCS are really to blame because they are the one’s that have set up a system that rewards “style points” rather than just winning or losing games or even conference titles.  Implicit in supporting the Bogus BCS is not supporting sportsmanship, because if a head coach wants his team to get a shot at coming out on top of the “roulette wheel” that is the BCS polls and computers then he has to beat teams as bad as possible.  There is just no getting around that fact and the bastards that created and perpetuate the BCS are directly responsible, and in our belief personally liable for injuries to the starters at the end of games that are no longer in questions  These evil and greedy bastards, and that’s what the conference commissioners, ADs and bowl executives that support the BCS really are, have set-up a system that requires a head coach to beat teams as bad as possible and there is just getting around that fact. 


Be proud BCS Boys and supporters of the Bogus BCS, you have created a system that actually rewards unsportsmanlike behavior and treats one group of American citizens as second-class citizens.  Is there really an American citizen that understands what his country is founded upon, that “All Men Are Created Equal” that can support this Bogus BCS?  Sadly, there are such folks and that is because if you stuff enough money into someone’s pocket they will support ANYTHING.


On this treating of some Americans as second-class citizens, the modern
“Scarlett Letter” is not “A” but rather “Non-AQ”, which in BCS lingo translates to Non-Automatic Qualifying teams.  Isn’t that special that this group of evil bastards running the BCS and their enablers in the media think it is OK to treat one group of student-athletes in a sub-human way compared to another group of student-athletes just because the school they attend.  We would love to know what kind of parents raised these BCS Boys and their enablers in the media, because there is not a chance in Hell that they were raised by parents and went to a school that understand what the United States of America was founded upon and stands for today.  In fact, with this “Non-AQ” bullshit it is amazing that these BCS Boys and their fans in the media even have the guts to call themselves Americans, because to do so is outrageous in a country that is founded upon all Americans being equal.  Some student-athletes are designated “BCS” and others are “Non-AQ” according to these BCS bastards.  Is there really an American that thinks that is right?  If so, then we have people in this country that don’t have a clue to what the United States of America stands for and to those people we can only say what we say to the discriminators and racists in American history and today:  To Hell With You Evil Bastards!


Houston has beaten two BCS schools, TCU has as well, Boise State beat Oregon in a very convincing manner and there are “Non-AQ” teams across the country that are beating supposedly better “BCS” schools on regular basis, but there are still people that will stand up and support the bogus BCS?  These BCS Boys and their supporters should be ashamed, but we all know the BCS is not really about crowning a national champion as it is about a very small group of incredibly un-American bastards holding onto power and keeping as much of the money as possible that is generated from the game of college football in their own greedy hands.  Hey, these Greedy Bastards on Wall Street taught these BCS Boys well and just like the media that covers Wall Street, which is really in bed and owned by the Wall Street Boys, much of the media that covers the BCS will go to any lengths to keep this bogus and Un-American BCS system propped up. 


The BCS media is now only 4 weeks into the season and they are worried to death that a Top 5 ranked Boise State team could get into the Bogus BCS national title game, as Tony Barnhart proved with his column this morning:  Why Boise State can’t play for the BCS championship. 


Memo to Tony Barnhart:  Tony, we love your column and your TV show on CBS College Sports but you have to know that the BCS is Bogus and is based upon the fraud that you can put together one poll from the coaches that is completely bogus, another poll full of people that watch less games than Aunt Edna, and several computer polls that are run by dweebs in dark rooms that has nothing to do with real men playing the game of college football.  Tony, you need to quit worrying about Boise State getting into a Bogus BCS title game and start questioning the system that your are so worried about, because if we play by the rules that have been set down by the Greedy Bastards that run the BCS and Boise State runs the table they will be in the title game, and there is nothing that can be done about that unless….the humans voting in the polls have a bias against Boise State….which from past history this evil system may just have such a bias.


On the bias, that brings us to the Coaches Poll which may be the most fraudulent thing going in America today.  Let’s see how this works:  The college head coaches voting in the coaches poll spend all week preparing their team for one opponent and then on gameday they are focused on their game and if they are lucky they might get to see a set of highlights on ESPN on Saturday night about the other top teams and then by Sunday morning they are supposed to submit a Top 25 poll on teams they often have never seen play.  Does that make any sense?  Of course not, but that is just an example as how incredibly stupid the BCS is and it is a joke that anyone actually talks about the BCS without laughing out loud, because the BCS is easily the stupidest thing going in America today.  In fact, if someone asked us to put together a group of Americans that saw the least amount of college football games it would be college head football coaches, because they see less football than your Aunt Edna because she only sees the football games when flipping from the Food Network to the E Channel.  No wonder that Grant Teaff wants to make the final coaches poll secret, because as we have all seen this year and in past seasons the coaches no less about where the top teams in college football really stand than about anyone else in America, even Aunt Edna.  Shame on Grant Teaff for the gutless move to hide the final coaches poll, but can you really blame him after what we have seen out of the coaches poll so far this season?  Yes, the BCS is sham, but it is also evil because it runs counter to everything that our country supposed to stand for and yet there are still people that talk like the BCS is actually legitimate.  As we said, stuff enough money in people’s pockets and they will say ANYTHING!    


Yes, that is our opinion and dammit it’s about time that other Americans stand up and state theirs instead of being cowed by these evil BCS Bastards running the BCS.


There is so much more we could write about but the flu is taking its toll and there is much real work to do!


Now let’s get to the Post-Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Power Playoff Poll:


Coaches Hot Seat Power Playoff Poll, Post-Week 4


1.  Texas*

2.  Alabama*

3.  Florida#

4.  Boise State*

5.  LSU#

6.  Cincinnati*

7.  Virginia Tech*

8.  Ohio State*

9.  TCU#

10. USC*

11.  Houston*

12.  Oklahoma#

13.  Kansas#

14.  Iowa#

15.  Oregon#

16.  BYU

17.  Georgia

18.  Michigan

19.  Miami

20.  South Florida


*Conference Champs

#At-Large Teams


Other Conference Champs

MAC – Western Michigan


We now use the above Power Playoff Poll to seed a 16-team college football postseason playoff tournament, although we would prefer that a committee similar to the committee for the NCAA basketball tournament be used to pick the 7 wild card teams and then seed the 9 conference champions and 7 wild card teams in the postseason tournament.  Below are the First Round Games if the season had ended after Week 4.


Link to Power Playoff Poll and Postseason Tournament at Coaches Hot Seat


First Round Games – Friday/Saturday December 19-20, 2009


Texas – Big 12 Champion

Western Michigan – MAC Champion


LSU - #2 At-Large Team

Cincinnati – Big East Champion


Virginia Tech – ACC Champion

Kansas - #5 At-Large Team


Oregon - #7 At-Large Team

Florida - #1 At-Large Team


Iowa - #6 At-Large Team

USC – Pac-10 Champion


TCU - #3 At-Large Team

Oklahoma – #4 At-Large Team


Boise State – MWC/WAC Champion

Ohio State – Big Ten Champion


Houston – CUSA/Sun Belt Champion

Alabama – SEC Champion


Yes, those are some great First Round football games and for anyone to compare a legitimate postseason like the one detailed above with the Bogus BCS is just beyond all belief.

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