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Coaches Hot Seat Prediction and Analysis of 2012 Season: Boston College Eagles and Head Coach Frank Spaziani

Coaches Hot Seat Prediction and Analysis of 2012 Season

Boston College Eagles

Coach:  Frank Spaziani

Years at Boston College:  3

Hot Seat Position:  #1

Overall Coaching Record:  20 – 19

Overall Won/Loss Record at Boston College:  20 – 19

Overall Conference Record at Boston College:  12 – 12

2012 Boston College Schedule & Coaches Hot Seat Predictions

Sept 1 – Miami – W
Sept 8 – Maine – W
Sept 15 – at Northwestern – L
Sept 29 – Clemson – L
Oct 6 – at Army – W
Oct 13 – at Florida State – L
Oct 20 – at Georgia Tech – L

Oct 27 – Maryland – W
Nov 3 – at Wake Forest – L
Nov 10 – Notre Dame – L
Nov 17 – Virginia Tech – L
Nov 24 – at NC State – L

Coaches Hot Seat 2012 Boston College Predicted Record:  4 – 8

Coaches Hot Seat Analysis: After taking over a football program at Boston College that went…

95 – 53 (.642)

….in the previous 12 years under Tom O’Brien and Jeff Jagodzinski things have not been going so well for Frank Spaziani in Boston because….

Overall: 20 – 19 (.513)
ACC Record: 12 – 12 (.500)

….records are just not acceptable at BC even if current Boston College AD Gen DeFilippo realizes that FACT or not and in 2012 Frank Spaziani is not only coaching for his job but for DeFilippo’s job as well since it was DeFilippo who let Tom O’Brien get away to NC State and fired Jeff Jagodzinski for interviewing for another and BETTER job (head coach of the New York Jets) which is about as Un-American one can get in the American Republic these days (Yes, we always let our employees interview for better or even equal jobs because if they can find a better job with better pay and they want to leave our employment then more the power to them because that is how REAL Americans think….or should think….since there are always people ready to step-in and takeover for anyone that departs in this great country of ours).

The problem for Frank Spaziani in 2012 is that there has been a quiet change underway in ACC country with the level of football on the field improving even as we hear about some ACC schools wanting to go off and do something stupid like joining the University of Texas Conference…..Uhhhh, the Big 12 Conference (which has 10 teams in case they didn’t know it!) which would be about the Stupidest Damn Thing that Clemson or FSU could do right now since the ACC Conference is on the cusp of becoming a power again in Major College Football and who exactly would want join a Conference where everyone has to get down on their knees and kiss the ass of Big Tex? Not us that’s for Damn sure!

The 2012 Boston College schedule is a case in point about the rising strength of the ACC with BC having tough games against Miami, Clemson and Virginia Tech at HOME and very tough road games against Florida State, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest and NC State that will Damn near impossible for the BC Eagles to win.

According to the Coaches Hot Seat predictors 2012 will not be a happy year for the Boston College Eagles with a projected Win/Loss record of…

4 – 8

….which would mean that come December 2012 both Frank Spaziani and Gene DeFilippo will be looking for work and which also means that a very good job in Boston College that is in a very good conference in the ACC Conference will be opening up and there will be plenty of coaches standing in line to interview for a job that pays in excess of $1 Million Dollars a year to work in the Revolutionary city of Boston, Massachusetts! Hell, if Frank Spaziani gets run out of BC come December the powers-that-be at Boston College might call up New Englander and current Oregon coach Chip Kelly and make him an offer that he cannot turn down to come “home” to Boston! The folks at BCS can just send the below video out to Chip Kelly and he might just jump at the opportunity to get out of 420 land where it seems most of football team is high most of the time! (“We smoked it all!, Sam Alpour, ESPN the Magazine)

We have never used the words and singing voice of the Great Dandy Don Meredith before a football season has even started but unless Boston College football elevates its game A LOT in 2012 over 2011 you can….

….which means Spaziani and DeFilippo should go ahead and get their resumes updated and start putting out some feelers for new jobs because without WINS change-is-a-coming to BC football.

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