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It Looks Like It Will Be Confirmed Later This Week That SEC Does Not Stand for Southeastern Conference But Rather SEC Actually Equals Southeastern Cupcakes! – No, the SECupcakes Are Not MAN Enough To Handle A NINE Game Conference Schedule So Keeping As Many CUPCAKES On the Schedules As Possible For Those SECupcake Teams Is Now the Candy Ass Order of the Day – Meanwhile Mr. College Football Talks With SECupcake Commish Mike Slive and Dennis Dodd Details Why the American Republic Is Doomed….We Are Being Led By MORONS!

With Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports continuing his Beaches of the Sunshine State Tour and reporting on Tuesday afternoon that…

SEC to announce 12-year conference schedule, Brett McMurphy, CBS Sports

“When the Southeastern Conference’s new football schedule begins in 2013, it will consist of six divisional games, one permanent cross division rival and another game against a rotating cross division team.

SEC consultant Larry Templeton told the Birmingham News on Saturday that the league would go with a 6-1-1 scheduling model.

Sources told CBSSports.com that the SEC is expected to announce the league’s scheduling opponents for the next 12 years and that the rotating cross division game will be a one-year rotation instead of a two-year home and home rotation. However, commissioner Mike Slive said “we’ll see what emerges with the schedule.””

….we can confirm that with the SEC sticking with an EIGHT Game Conference schedule that….

SEC DOES NOT = Southeastern Conference


SEC DOES = Southeastern Cupcakes

As detailed here at Coaches Hot Seat the SECupcake Teams love playing lots of…


….and in the 2012 college football season the 14 SECupcake Teams will play out of….

168 Regular Season Games


…which gives EVERY SECupcake Team and Head Coach TWO Guaranteed Wins which means if you are a Head Coach in the SEC and you can’t win 5 of thee 10 Legitimate games you play then you sure the Hell shouldn’t be going to a postseason bowl game which means we need that…

Minimum 7 Wins for a Postseason Bowl Game

….worse than EVER!

Meanwhile along the Florida Gulf Coast Mr. College Football Tony Barnhart has a very interesting Q&A with SECupcake Commish Mike Slive….

Q&A with SEC commissioner Mike Slive: A sit down with a strong voice, CBS sports

…and CBS Sports Dennis Dodd details how the Grand Poo-Bahs of Major College Football are turning what would take any Red-Blooded Group of REAL Americans about 5 minutes to figure out…

A Postseason 4-Team Playoff for Major College Football

….into a Kabuki exercise where every Candy Ass from Miami to Los Angeles is trying to figure out a way to turn the future college football postseason into something that is even MORE Bogus and Un-American than it is now and that is saying something since the current college football season is something that our elementary age daughters believe is something that only Complete Morons that couldn’t defend the American Republic on the Very Best Day of Their Lives could have possibly dreamed-up!

Coaches Hot Seat Elementary Age Daughter upon hearing that Oklahoma State would play Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl last year:

“Dad, what is the point of that game?”

Damn good question Daughter that has no logical answer except that Oklahoma State vs. Stanford last season in the Fiesta Bowl….


….and that the bowl games do little more than…

Massively Rip-Off America’s Colleges and Universities

While at the same Damn time they promote…

Mediocrity and the Very Communist epithet: “Everyone’s a Winner!”

Oh, Lenin and Stalin would have worshipped at the alter of the Candy Ass Losers behind the current Bogus college football postseason and they would have put anyone promoting the Bogus and Un-American “Plus-One” in the Politburo immediately!

Below is Dennis Dodd’s latest on these Idiots which no doubt a historian….probably a Chinese historian….will read 100 years from now and completely understand why the American Republic was destroyed by its so-called “leaders” that evidently forgot the Principles that the American Republic was Founded upon which sure the Hell is not….”Everyone’s a Winner!”

Read and understand why YOUR country is going down because it is obvious that America is now led by MORONS!

Another playoff format proposal pushes playoff even further away, Dennis Dodd, CBS

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