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Coaches Hot Seat Prediction and Analysis of 2012 Season: Maryland Terrapins and Randy Edsall

Coaches Hot Seat Prediction and Analysis of 2012 Season: Maryland Terrapins and Randy Edsall

Maryland Terrapins

Head Coach:  Randy Edsall

Years at Maryland:  1

Hot Seat Position:  #3

Overall Coaching Record:  76 – 80 (.487)

Overall Won/Loss Record at Maryland:  2 – 10 (.200)

Overall Conference Record at Maryland:  1 – 7 (.125)

2011 Maryland Record: Overall:  2 – 10 – ACC: 1 – 7

2012 Maryland Schedule & Coaches Hot Seat Predictions

Sept 1 – William & Mary – W
Sept 8 – at Temple – L
Sept 15 – Connecticut – W
Sept 22 – at West Virginia – L
Oct 6 – Wake Forest – W
Oct 13 – at Virginia – L

Oct 20 – NC State – L
Oct 27 – at Boston College – L
Nov 3 – Georgia Tech – L
Nov 10 – at Clemson- L
Nov 17 – Florida State – L
Nov 24 – at North Carolina – L

Number of Cupcake Teams Played by Maryland in 2012:  1 Cupcake (William & Mary)

Coaches Hot Seat 2012 Maryland Predicted Record:  3 – 9

Coaches Hot Seat Analysis:  Yes, Virginia, it really was only 17 months that Randy Edsall was riding high with his UConn team in the Bogus BCS Fiesta Bowl against the Oklahoma Sooners, but after OU thrashed the Huskies 48 – 20 in a bowl game that meant NOTHING AT ALL on January 1, 2011 it was only two days later on January 3, 2011 that Edsall was hired by the Maryland Terrapins and after putting up a 2 – 10 record with the Terrapins in 2011 this is a spot where Dr. Phil might ask Randy Edsall…

“How’s that working for you Randy?”

Uhhhhh….. “Not so well Dr. Phil!”

As we said in the days after Randy Edsall was hired at Maryland if you are going to fire Ralph Friedgen at Maryland after he put up records of….

Overall: 34 – 30
ACC: 18 – 22

….in his last 5 seasons in College Park which in many was justifiable since over Friedgen’s last 5 years with the Terrapins the Maryland football team often played with little fire or passion, then you had to do ONE THING and that ONE THING was hire a BETTER coach than Ralph Friedgen and the problem with hiring Randy Edsall to replace Friedgen is that Edsall is NOT a better football coach than Ralph Friedgen.

Yes, Ralph Friedgen had allowed the Maryland football program to become stale and even lazy after starting off in College Park with three straight 10-win seasons (see today’s Thomas Edison quote to understand why Ralph Friedgen got complacent)….

“Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.”

….but if the decision by the powers-that-be at Maryland was that Ralph Friedgen had to go then hiring Randy Edsall because he took UConn to a Bogus BCS bowl game was very stupid indeed because winning the Big East Conference and getting to a Bogus BCS bowl game is about as big of an accomplishment as walking over a crack in the sidewalk and when UConn and Edsall did get to the Bogus BCS Fiesta Bowl they promptly got throttled by the Oklahoma Sooners who have proved in recent years under Bob Stoops that they are not normally ready to play once the Bogus BCS bowls roll around in early January which really makes that UConn loss to OU in the Bogus BCS Fiesta Bowl look Very Damn Bad indeed!

Of course, all of the above is “history” and Henry Ford always believed that “history was bunk” so that means what is going to happen in the 2012 football season after Randy Edsall coached Maryland to a 2 – 10 record in 2011 is the most important thing because when people like John Feinstein of the Washington Post is writing things like this during last year’s football season…

Randy Edsall should be stopped before he hurts Maryland any worse, John Feinstein, Washington Post

…it means Randy Edsall is coaching for his job and future in the coaching in 2012 and if that want motivate someone then nothing the Hell will!

Here’s the problem though for Randy Edsall and it’s the same problem that Frank Spaziani has going for him at Boston College:

ACC Conference football is surging and will field in 2012 THREE teams that will able to beat any team in college football….

Clemson, Florida State and Virginia Tech

….and THREE more teams that would give every team in college football a good game…

NC State, Virginia, Georgia Tech

….and TWO more teams that are getting off the mat and would be pesky to play against for any team in college football…

Wake Forest and Miami

….and ONE team that we would not want to play in the coming years under new head coach Larry Fedora…

North Carolina

With that reality facing Randy Edsall as we look at Maryland football’s 2012 schedule we see only ONE Cupcake game and 11 other games in which Maryland will have a tough time in winning and that adds up for us to a….

3 – 9

….Win/Loss record for Randy Edsall at Maryland in 2012 and if Randy Edsall goes 3 – 9 in 2012 and Byrd Stadium in College Park is mostly empty for the second half of the season the powers-that-be at Maryland that hired Randy Edsall in January 2011 may just have to pull the trigger and fire Randy Edsall in December 2012.

No, 2 – 10 + 3 – 9 Win/Loss Records at Maryland DOES NOT EQUAL solid job security and may very well lead to another head football coaching change in College Park.

With that in mind is there ANYTHING that Randy Edsall can do to get the Maryland football program moving again and thus save his coaching career?

Well, Maryland opens the 2012 season against William & Mary, at Temple, UConn (Oh, that should be an interesting game!), at West Virginia and at home against Wake Forest and even as depleted as the Maryland football program is right now the Terrapins have more talent than all but West Virginia among those first 5 games and a 4 – 1 start to the season against those 5 teams would at least give Edsall and Maryland a fighting chance to have a decent year as they head to Charlottesville in the middle of October to play Virginia.

We would normally say COACH HARD in this spot to Randy Edsall but surely Edsall already knows that he is coaching in 2012 for his coaching future and if he and his team come up short that celebrated trip to the Bogus BCS Fiesta Bowl in January 2011 will be a long forgotten memory that Edsall will probably come to think was only a mirage in the desert that convinced him and his current employers at Maryland that he was a great football coach when in fact Randy Edsall taking UConn to a Bogus BCS bowl game was like your children bringing home “C’s” on their report card from school which as every parent with a lick of common sense knows is very Damn pitiful work in a world where even a modicum of effort can produce straight A’s.

Such is the life in the Age of the Candy Ass in America where Mediocrity and Being Average is celebrated which makes people that actually accomplish REAL and HARD TO DO things almost God-like which is the REAL reason we need to get rid of the Bogus and Un-American BCS and this “6 wins” gets you to a postseason bowl game Crapola because that is the exact kind of BS that is destroying and will take down the American Republic in the future if a course correction is not taken soon.

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