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Coaches Hot Seat Prediction and Analysis of 2012 Season: Ohio State Buckeyes and Urban Meyer

Coaches Hot Seat Prediction and Analysis of 2012 Season:  Ohio State Buckeyes and Urban Meyer

Ohio State Buckeyes

Head Coach:  Urban Meyer

Years at Ohio State:  1

Hot Seat Position:  #117

Overall Coaching Record:  104 – 23  (.819)

Overall Won/Loss Record at Ohio State:  0 – 0  (.000)

Overall Conference Record at Ohio State:  0 – 0  (.000)

2011 Ohio State Record: Overall:  0 – 0 – Big Ten:  0 – 0

2012 Ohio State Schedule & Coaches Hot Seat Predictions

Sept 1 – Miami, Ohio – W
Sept 8 – UCF – W
Sept 15 – California – W
Sept 22 – UAB – W
Sept 29 – at Michigan State – L
Oct 6 – Nebraska – L

Oct 13 – at Indiana – W
Oct 20 – Purdue – W
Oct 27 – at Penn State – W
Nov 3 – Illinois – W
Nov 17 – at Wisconsin – L
Nov 24 – Michigan – W

Number of Cupcake Teams Played by Ohio State in 2012:  1 Cupcake (Miami, Ohio)

Coaches Hot Seat 2012 Ohio State Predicted Record:  9 – 3

Coaches Hot Seat Analysis:  Since a couple of Coaches Hot Seat members that were then in the US Navy moved in next door to a big Florida alumnus in Jacksonville, Florida in the summer of 1990 which was Steve Spurrier’s first year at Florida we have had an unique insight into what is going on within the Gators football program and the time period that involved….

Florida’s loss to Alabama in the 2009 SEC Championship Game, Urban Meyer being rushed to the hospital, Urban Meyer “briefly” retires from football, Urban Meyer returns to football, the Gators go 8 – 5 during the 2010 season after the departure of OC Dan Mullen to Mississippi State and then Urban Meyer’s retirement from football, and Urban Meyer working for ESPN

….was a time of uncertainty and even chaos in Gainesville that was never really fully reported in the news media and the question that now must be asked is…

“Is Urban Meyer ready to be a head coach again especially at a place with a BIG spotlight like Ohio State?”

Damn good question.

We also have a couple of people here at Coaches Hot Seat that go to Salt Lake City for business on a regular basis and they got to see Meyer transformation of the Utah football program during his two seasons with the Utes and realizing that Meyer spent…

Two Years at Bowling Green:  17 – 6
Two Years at Utah:  22 – 2
Six Years at Florida:  65 – 15

….we cannot help but think of the words of one our favorite authors Jack London when thinking of Meyer:

“I would rather be ashes than dust!

I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot.

I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.

The function of man is to live, not to exist.

I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.

I shall use my time.”

Urban Meyer both in watching his coaching career from afar and the few times we have seen him up-close and in person where the passion for life and football practically pours out of the man strikes us as a prime example of London’s “superb meteor” and that is something that the people running Ohio State should keep in mind, because if Meyer brings the same passion and drive he brought to his other jobs then he will NOT be at OSU for the long-term since it would impossible for any man to keep up that kind of intensity over the long-term especially if things go even slightly wrong because very passionate coaches are also the one’s that hate to lose the most and Urban Meyer hates to lose on the level even with or higher than a Paul Bryant, Bo Schembechler, Vince Lombardi or Woody Hayes.

The BIG difference between Bryant, Schembechler, Lombardi and Hayes and Urban Meyer is that Meyer takes losses in a much more personal way and he has a harder time getting over losses than the greatest coaches in the history of football and that being able to “let go” of losing games and begin focusing intently on the next game which great athletes and coaches figured out is the best way to move forward, because beyond learning lessons from losing and why one lost there is little to be gained from wasting one’s precious time on what has happened when the present and what is going to happen next in the future is so Damn important.

In Jim Tressel’s 9 seasons at Ohio State the Buckeyes won 10 or more games in…

7 of 9 seasons

….and lost either 1 or NO Big Ten games in…

6 of 9 seasons

….which means the expectations for Urban Meyer are going to be very high at Ohio State and that means right out-of-the-gate in the 2012 season the Buckeyes are expected under Meyer to be competing for the Big Ten title and rightfully so since there is plenty of talent for Meyer and his coaching staff to work with in Columbus.

With a manageable out-of-conference schedule, Miami – Ohio, UCF, California and UAB, the Buckeyes 2012 season of success, mediocrity or failure will hinge on five key games:

at Michigan State
at Penn State
at Wisconsin

If Ohio State goes 5 – 0 in the above games they will have a GREAT season

If Ohio State goes 4 – 1 in the above game they will have a VERY GOOD season

If Ohio State goes 3 – 2 in the above games they will have a GOOD season

If Ohio State goes 1 – 4 in the above games they will have a MEDIOCRE season

If Ohio State goes 0 – 5 in the above games they will have had a FAILING season

We would recommend that Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes win at least 3 of the above five games and that they beat Michigan or Meyer will be heading back to where he was in his last season at Florida….

On the Hot Seat!

Coach Hard Urban Meyer…..BUT keep it all in perspective!

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