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Coaches Hot Seat Prediction and Analysis of 2012 Season: Florida Gators and Will Muschamp

Coaches Hot Seat Prediction and Analysis of 2012 Season: Florida Gators and Will Muschamp

Florida Gators

Head Coach: Will Muschamp

Years at Florida:  1

Hot Seat Position:  #23

Overall Coaching Record:  7 – 6  (.538)

Overall Won/Loss Record at Florida:  7 – 6  (.538)

Overall Conference Record at Florida:  3 – 5  (.375)

2011 Florida Record: Overall:  7 – 6 – SEC:  3 – 5

2012 Florida Schedule & Coaches Hot Seat Predictions

Sept 1 – Bowling Green – W
Sept 8 – at Texas A&M – L
Sept 15 – at Tennessee – L
Sept 22 – Kentucky – W
Oct 6 – LSU – L
Oct 13 – at Vanderbilt – W

Oct 20 – South Carolina – L
Oct 27 – Georgia – L
Nov 3 – Missouri – W
Nov 10 – La. Lafayette – W
Nov 17 – Jacksonville State – W
Nov 24 – at Florida State – W

Number of Cupcake Teams Played by Florida in 2012:  1 Cupcake (Jacksonville State)

Coaches Hot Seat 2012 Florida Predicted Record:  7 – 5

Coaches Hot Seat Analysis:  In May at the Players Championship golf tournament in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida we drove from our hotel to the home of a Florida alum that several Coaches Hot Seat members have known for almost 25 years now that now lives right on the Atlantic Ocean….

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……and after waving us in, making us some cold concoctions from one of these machines….

…..we sat down around his pool overlooking the Atlantic and asked the question that was on everyone’s mind:

“What do you think about the upcoming season?”

With the “upcoming season” being the unsaid Florida Gators 2012 football season because in this particular group of people there was no reason to even mention Florida or Gators or Gainesville or anything else because this Florida alum friend of ours was in school at the University of Florida in the late 1960s during the head coach Ray Graves era which of course means he was on campus during Steve Spurrier’s time as the Gators QB from 1963 – 1966.

In other words our Florida alum friend has seen it all as it pertains to Florida Gators football from the depths of disaster in the aftermath of Charley Pell’s time as the Gators head coach to return of Spurrier to Gainesville and rise of the Florida football to the top of the college game up through the Urban Meyer era in Gainesville to today with Will Muschamp now running things in GatorLand.

Our Florida alum friend let that question….

“What do you think about the upcoming season?”

…hang in the air for as few seconds as he looked around at us and might have been thinking how the Hell did I ever get mixed up with this band of pirates who were sure to piss-off his wife off that night since no doubt he would be dropped off late at his house after imbibing in a few too many beers as the nearby Ragtime Tavern while having way too much Damn fun!

Finally our Florida alum put down his cigar took a long drink from his cold concoction and says…

“I’m worried boys…..very Damn worried.”

Uh – Oh flashed through the heads of a few Coaches Hot Seat members because the last time we had heard our Florida alum friend say something like…

“I’m worried boys…..very Damn worried.”

…was before Ron Zook’s second year at Florida in 2003 which led to Ron Zook’s last year at Florida in 2004 with Zook putting up records of…

Overall: 23 – 14
SEC: 16 – 8

…..in three seasons as the head football coach of the Gators.

Our Florida alum friend continued….

“Muschamp has plenty of passion and he has the pedigree having worked for Saban, but the SEC is a tough place and it just got tougher with the addition of Texas A&M and Missouri both of which the Gators have to play this year. The difference between being a winning and championship coach in the SEC is now razor thin but the difference between Spurrier and Meyer and Zook and Galen Hall is BIG and where exactly Muschamp falls in relation to the recent head coaches at Florida is right now very hard for me and my Gator friends to determine.”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “What does Muschamp have to do in 2012 to quiet the doubters?”

Florida alum friend:  “He needs to beat Georgia, he needs to beat Spurrier and he needs to beat Florida State because those are the three games that make or break Florida coaches right now and Muschamp lost all three of those games last season. What scares the Hell out of me is that if we lose to Texas A&M and Tennessee on the road in the second and third weeks of the season then we might be 2 – 5 heading into the Cocktail Party game against the Dogs.”

Coaches Hot Seat – Looking at the Florida schedule:  So you are saying that Florida could beat Bowling Green, lose to A&M and Tennessee on the road, beat Kentucky at home, lose to LSU at home and then lose to Vandy and Spurrier which adds up to 2 – 5 heading into the Georgia game?”

Florida alum friend:  “Yes and if I worry about that schedule at night can you imagine what Muschamp must be thinking about it?”

Coaches Hot Seat:  “We only see four for-sure wins for the Gators in 2012: Bowling Green, Kentucky, La. Lafayette…which won’t be an easy game by the way and Jacksonville State. The other 8 games could go either way.”

Florida alum friend:  “Now you know why I am very Damn worried.”

Our Florida alum friend’s worries were soon forgotten as we “prepared” for our night out in Atlantic Beach, Florida of drinking great handcrafted cold beer and listening to some music from our younger days….

….BUT there is no getting away from the FACT that the 2012 football season is Very Damn BIG for Will Muschamp’s coaching career because as everyone saw in the Ron Zook years at Florida it doesn’t take much for Gators AD Jeremy Foley to get out the hook if he feels that Florida football is falling even slightly behind the rest of the SEC Conference.

Will Muschamp and his Florida Gators could and should be 4 – 0 when the LSU Tigers visit Gainesville on October 6, but that means beating Texas A&M and Tennessee on the road and Kentucky at home….BUT…if the Gators do lose their first two road games then the line-up of games against….

at Vanderbilt
South Carolina
Georgia in Jacksonville

….could be a disaster for Florida football and with that end of the year game against FSU at Tallahassee this season the margin for error for Muschamp and the Gators in 2012 is very small indeed.

Florida football COULD win 10 games in 2012


Florida football COULD lose 8 games in 2012

We have the Gators in 2012 coming in at 7 – 5 overall and 3 – 5 in SEC play which will make NO ONE in the Gator Nation happy and will make our Florida alum friend “worried as Hell” about 2013 which would then be the “make-or-break” year for Will Muschamp in Gainesville so to Will Muschamp…

Coach Hard my Boy…Coach Very Damn Hard!

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